RAYA OS : Meant To Be Together Will Always Find Their Way Back To Each

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It was saturday night and Priya was alone in her big house she was changing the channels and trying to look for something worth watching but vainly she sighed and got up from the couch in living room she went to her balcony and watched those beautiful in the moonlight It reminded her of him the one person she trully loved Ram Kapoor

If she loved anything about spring it were those moments she spent with Ram in his arms watching everything blossom the nature being an artist itself all those colours and smells reminded me of the most beautiful moments she had shared with him nd the moon itself reminded her of Ram's breathtaking beauty and his kindness that lit her heart

she wanted him to be with me at that exact moment so badly her whole body was aching needing the touch of his so desperately but he wouldn't come back in awhile he was on a tour far from home and she didn't know when to expect him or should she expect him at all? that thought scared the hell out of her the thought of missing him made her whole body shiver and her eyes fill with tears come on Priya he's fine and he'll come back you know it she tried to comfort herself and closed her eyes she could see his beautiful eyes brown like the itself and his smile that always turned her on life with him was like drifting through the ocean in the most beautiful sunny day It made her feel calm it made her eyes glow her lips form into a smile and her heart fill with joy and happines

she was smiling and daydreaming about the man she loved when the phone ringing brought me back to reality she sighed nostalgically and went back in room to answer the phone


Hey Priya What's up? It was Vikram he always had to call at least twice a day to check on her while Ram was gone

Hey Vikram How's Neha? Priya sighed and he could clearly notice she was annoyed she know he was worried about her well-being but him calling her all the time could really irritate her sometimes

She's fine he said cautiously listen Neha and I thought we could take you out tonight what do you say ? the three of us going out for a drink and having some good chatting party?

Priya sighed at that Vikram seriously?

Yes come on Priya you're sitting alone in that house worrying and having nothing else to do

she didn't really feel like going out with Vikram and Neha but he was right there was no point in sitting on that couch and grieving ok I'm with you where and when are we going?

That's the spirit listen we're going to that 1950's Party dress up a bit she couldn't believe what Vikram said You can't be serious

But I am come on loosen up a bit Neha and I are both gonna get dressed up in that style too nd you have that dress Ram gave you It'll be fun

Sure why not Priya sighed

Great be there in about forty minutes bye

Priya hung up and rolled her eyes at his silly idea what was he up to now?

She went to take a shower and she did her hair she had the light curls falling over her shoulders and pulled them back a bit attaching them with a beautiful hairclip made of white gold Neha had given her on her birthday she went to bedroom and got out a beautiful narrow red dress and a beautiful necklace of white gold Ram had bought her she got dressed and put some light make up on she put on her shoes and white silk over her shoulders

She finally got to the Party and when she entered Vikram and Neha were already there Neha was wearing a silky white cocktail dress and had her hair pulled up in a gorgeous bun and Vikram was wearing a grey suit with a red tie and a hat on top of his head they looked great Vikram was sitting in a chair by a bar holding a glass of whiskey  and Neha was standing in front of him smiling Priya walked towards them to meet them when they finally noticed her Prita you look beautiful Neha said and hugged her thank you Neha Priya smiled You too look beautiful Neha giggled at the compliment Priya  gave her she looked so innocent nd harmless Vikram got up and smiled at Priya Priya I'm glad you joined us me too Priya returned the smile

The old music was playing and people were dancing laughing and enjoying the moment what will you have for a drink? Vikram asked her a glass of orange juice would be nice the bartender was smiling and winked at her good for him Vikram never saw that but she wasn't interested anyway

Priya is just continued chatting with Neha and Vikram about all the things in our lives that made us happy That actually made her smile and frown at the same time

The time had passed and we still sat there listening to music and drinking Priya was thinking of leaving already when her eye cought a man in the distance that seemed so familiar he was wearing a black mafia suit and a hat a red tie and a white scarf he looked like wait It can't be Ram?

Ram Priya screamed and the ran to him while all those people in the Party stared at her astonished she hugged him tightly and laughed he smiled and touched Priya's chin with his fingertips I missed you so much I can't even begin to describe you how much I wanted you back he chukled at what I said Priya you look absolutely beautiful Ram gave her that smile I loved so much he looked so hot in that suit

How did you know where to find me anyway? Priya looked at him amazed nd then it occured to her she looked back at Vikram and he smiled looking guilty you three have planned this all along haven't you? she looked back at Ram yes Ram laughed Priya wanted to be angry because she was worried sick and they did this behind he back but she couldn't help but laugh It was actually really sweet of Vukram and Neha Priya looked at them and smiled Vikram and Neha both smiled back and waved at her she looked back at Ram and he started kissing her softly he took a breath and asked her for a dance of course Priya giggled he grabbed her around her waist and she put her head on his shoulder Priya could feel his warmth as he pressed her to his body firmly they were slowdancing like that and Priya wanted it to last forever she was finally in his arms again

Hey jaan you wanna go home? Ram asked quietly sure Priya said they wished goodnight to Vikram and Neha and went back home when they got there Priya took of the silk from her shoulders and went to the balcony Ram went after her and grabbed her shoulders from behind he then removed the necklace Priya was wearing and kissed her neck softly Priya closed her eyes and smiled how are you feeling baby? Ram asked her like the happiest woman on earth he chukled and hugged her

They once again stood there on the balcony of there room in each others arms looking at the in that beautiful spring night

The End

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superb yaar prajakta.

thanks for pm.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-06-20T07:55:57Z
Beautiful story...
Thanks for pm...
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Posted: 2015-06-20T09:31:47Z
Superb OS!!!
Thanks 4 pm!!!
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Posted: 2015-06-20T09:58:25Z
Superb and beautiful os.
Thanks for pm. Edited by Sakshiashu - 2016-07-28T07:49:19Z
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Posted: 2015-06-20T13:36:02Z
So cute ..
but too short 
thank u for ur pm 
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Posted: 2015-06-20T14:45:06Z
Very cute os n thanks for pm
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Posted: 2015-06-20T20:22:26Z
Very very beautiful os :-)
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