Happy Birthday Mukti

Posted: 2015-06-19T12:12:09Z

hey friend..welcome
today we are here to celebrate 
our dear friend mukti's birthday
as Deepsel is going for vacation thats why posting it early so that we can celebrate it

if u don't know who is muktiConfused
which i think it's hard not to know her
anyways i'll tell u something abt her
she is a big Parud fan

she drools over SRKEmbarrassed

enjoys watching 50 shades

 loves arrow & Oli

Drools over my Jensen tooAngry

and our very own GH is her boyfriend

I hope you have a wonderful day 
and that the year ahead is filled with much love
many wonderful surprises 
and gives you lasting memories 
that you will cherish in all the days ahead.

I wish you loads of happiness,
To greet you every morning.
I wish you laughter and joyous moments,
To make you feel like a king and make you want to sing.
I wish you years of friendship,
And all the excitement that your birthday can bring.

May your birthday and every day 
be filled with the warmth of sunshine the happiness of smiles, 
the sounds of laughter, 
the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer
Wish you a Happy Birthday!

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Posted: 2015-06-19T12:20:05Z

Auru- guys we have to do lots of preparation

Deeps- we know auru

Nishu- yes off course we all r ready

Auru- wow that's cool so u've done all da preparation???

Nishu/deeps- yes off course

After few hours


Auru- guys u said sab preparation ho gaya

Nishu- ha hogaya

Auru- toh cake decoration gifts kaha hai?

Deeps-cake decors gift sab hoga lekin baad mein

Auru- baad mein kyu..birthday aaj haiDead

Nishu/deeps- BIRTHDAY????Shocked

Auru- ab yeh mat bol k tumlog bday k bare mein baat nahi kar rahe the

Deeps/nishu-ha nahi karrahe the

Auru- ShockedShockedShockedOuch


Auru/deeps/nishu preparing for the partyDeadDeadDead

Deeps- where r himu  susmitha and ruchi

Nishu- no idea

Auru- sab kamchor aur sabse bade tum donoAngry

Himu- hi guys ..Auru wht happened ???

Auru- deeps/nishu plz explain

Deeps- himu  today is mukti's days n dwe hv not done anything

Nishu- yes we all wr busy with sanz nd jdj

nd giving galis to ur nalayek ka rangeela

Auru- ab kya kare bata??

Himu in mind phas gayi main

 Himu-mujhe thoda kaam hai  Me aati huSmile

Auru- kaha ja rahi hai ruk kaam karna hai


Ruchi- hey guys I heard mukti ka bday hai

Auru- ha nd u hv to help us

Ruchi- toh mein susmitha ko bula k aati hu

Auru- dekho himu deeps nishu kitni help karrahi hai ruchi...

Ruchi in mind

Mein bolungi susmita mili hi nahi aur late hogayi

Susmitha- hi girls

Nishu- lo susmitha bhi aa gayi

Ruchi- gaya mera plan

Auru- toh bolo plan kya hai??

Himu- bday celebrate karna hai

Nishu- ohh really..

Deeps- auru u say do u hv any plan

jaldi bol mujhe honeymoon pe jana hai

iss bar 3rd kid le k hi ayungi

Auru- no yaar jab se sanz ka news aaya hai

My mind is not working

Deeps /nishu/ himu- hamara bhiDead

Susmitha- guys someone is talking nonsense abt sanz

Deeps- chalo sab ki class lete haiAngry

Nishu- no guys hamein waise nahi karna chahiye

If they r bad it does not mean hum bhi waise hi kare

Deeps- yes concentrate on voting

Auru- like really???

Himu- guys concentrate on bday party

Auru- jab baat sanz ki hoti hai hum concentrate kaha karpate hai

Deeps/nishu/ruchi/susmitha- yesss...

Sushmitha- ohk chalo sab chori kar k late hai nd Deeps cake bana degi

Auru- chalo oli ko kidnap kar k laye( me rakh lungi)Embarrassed

Sushmitha-usse accha GH ko bolte hai woh kar lega sab

uss ka nd Mukti ka bd bhi toh same month mein hai

Ruchi/ Deeps/ Auru/ Nishu-wah kya pyar hai

chalo chalte hai jiju sa k ghar

Himu- yup such is life


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Posted: 2015-06-19T12:21:34Z

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Posted: 2015-06-19T12:22:24Z

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Posted: 2015-06-19T12:23:33Z

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Posted: 2015-06-19T12:27:23Z
Awsm thread hai re ROFL Love u a lots for this Hug

MS see I came before getting into the flight Wink

I wish you Many many many more happy returns of the day MSHug...Well saying you in advance.

What to do when you cry like a baby that I would miss your special day..tho advance me celebrate karna padega naa..after all you are my cutiepie Sis.EmbarrassedLOL

How can I miss this special post especially when you are one of those special person who has been with me in my ups and downs in the recent times..

How can I forget all the bataking times we roamed in CC and MF along with SS doing our favorite thing:  Bakwaas 

How can I miss your constant support by my side like a guardian angel whenever I needed the most..

I am ever grateful for all the love you have showered upon me Sis...You and SS have been my lovable sisters who beared all my craziness and pampered me like a spoiled brat..Thank you for letting me into your small world which I will cherish for my life...

May you always have that beautiful smile forever and may the merciful Lord shower his wonderful blessings on you for many more years to come..

OK done..me tho essay likhdiyaShockedShockedShocked maaf kardo..choti hain naa ROFL...erhmm erhmmm... now running for the flight 

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Posted: 2015-06-19T13:03:24Z
I came in search for Sanaya's Jhalak promo and got a surprise..
DS.. you started my birthday celebration 3 days in advance. 
Auru...you joined her

Auru for this wonderful surprise.
Enjoyed the food and presents.

To the Auru, Nishu, Deepa, Himu, Susmitha, Ruchi enjoyed your conversation.  I know how hard it is pry yourself from any Sanaya related news, but you'll came to help Auru out.

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Posted: 2015-06-19T13:03:47Z

Aurubut Auru kya kahu aapko...loved you got PaRud, SRK, Ollie, and Christian to wish me for my birthday but GH us nalayak ko kyu include kiya.  I told you na I dumped him.
Now I was going to leave Jensen for you but since you want GH in my life, I am off to drool on Jensen.

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