Written update 19 June 2015 thapki pyaar ki

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Posted: 2015-06-19T08:58:58Z
The Episode starts with Vasundara bringing Thapki and Sunil to Dhruv. She tells about hosting the show from home. Dhruv asks them are they joking when Sakshi sas arranged everything in office. Vasundara says its not joke, they know the show belongs to you. She convinces him and he agrees. Vasundara talks to Thapki and Dhruv says we have less time to prepare now. Vasundara asks is he happy now and talks about his dad. She asks him to wear a good shirt and he refuses as its bought by his dad. She convinces him and smiles. Rachna and Suman talk to their husbands and also make them measure the home by chilli. Sanjay asks his wife why did they misbehave with Vasundara.

Krishnakant reads paper and says these days they print any news. Aditi comes home and talks rudely to Shubh. She says she gave many interviews, and did not get job, she is angry. Poonam calms her and says she will also get a good job like Thapki. Thapki calls Sakshi and Sakshi says she does not have time to listen to her. She says she is going for imp show. Thapki says I just want to inform that Dhruv... Sakshi ends the call. Suman and Rachna get tired and Thapki gives them tissues. Thapki stammers and says she is Thapki. They laugh on her and start acting like her. They send her and forget the count. Thapki looks on and they blame Thapki for this. Their husbands come and they complain about Thapki. Suman says we will say anything random.

Thapki calculates seeing the chilli size and the home. They ask how did she know. Thapki explains the cm into metre conversion. They don't agree and leave. Nimmi comes and meets Poonam and everyone. Krishnakant thanks her for taking care of Poonam and Thapki. Nimmi pulls Shubh's cheek and says she met Aditi in morning. She says Aditi is lucky, she got proposal for her son, she will arrange everything is its all well, she came to say this, she will leave now.

Vasundara says guests are coming at home for shooting. Rachna and Suman come home and look tired. Vasundara asks the measurements. Suman says wrong, but Sanjay says Thapki's answer. Vasundara says right and they get stunned. Vasundara says she did not expect this from them. She asks them to help in the shooting. She smiles and says the house will glow up today.

The servants help Thapki. Poonam calls Thapki and asks when will she come. Thapki says she is at Dhruv's home, the show will be hosted from home and ends call. Dhruv comes and she asks did he have any work. He says I have come to see is everything done. He explains her the work. She tells the same to the servants. She apologizes to him and says all this is for her mistake. Vasundara tells Suman and Rachna that Thapki will manage things here, help her and don't spoil anything. She smiles seeing Thapki.

Suman and Rachna get ready and Vasundara says they look pretty and they will serve the guests, all the guests are special, and treat Thapki well, this is happening because of her. She shows Dhruv's shirt to her and asks her to give this to Dhruv, she does not trust anyone except her for this. Thapki gets busy in work and she keeps the shirt, as there is still time. Suman and Rachna see the shirt and think to break Vasundara's trust on Thapki by spoiling the shirt.

Sakshi goes to newsroom and asks Vivek where is everyone. He says Dhruv is hosting show at home. Thapki did all this. She gets angry. Suman and Rachna put sauce on the shirt.
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Posted: 2015-06-19T23:06:29Z
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