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Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sunil and Thapki coming to Dhruv's house. He shows her the house and asks her to think again, is she sure. She asks is he sure that show can be telecasted from here. He says yes. She says then she will do this work, being responsible for his state. Suman and Rachna look for their phones and go to ask Vasundara. They see a new mobile and asks is this hers. Vasundara says she has sold their phones and bought this one. Suman says my phone was new. Vasundara scolds them for breaking her phone and fooling her, instead of apologizing. She says the phone had imp pic, else she would have not been angry.

She asks them to do her work. They agree to do anything. Vasundara shows them a red chilli. Suman says we will eat this. Vasundara says when did I say you have to eat this. They praise Vasundara. Vasundara punishes them to measure their home with the chilli and tell her. Thapki sees Bau ji feeding the cows. Sunil says he is Dhruv's dad. She gets a chocolate from her purse. She goes to Bau ji and asks him to give the grass. She puts the sweet in it and feeds the cow. Bau ji says great, what magic you did. He laughs. She says like they want different things to eat daily, they also want something else in food, when I added Aam papad in it. He asks does she stammer. She says yes.

He says Amla and Kali mirchi will relieve her from stammering and asks her to try. He asks does she have more Aam papad and feeds the cow. He asks who is she. Sunil says she is our new intern, we came to talk to Dhruv. Bau ji says its good he has some sensible people in his office, and sends her to meet. She smiles and goes. Bau ji says she smiled and went, lets see how she comes out after meeting Vasundara.

Thapki sees the home and says its such big house, like palace, we can do the show easily. Sunil says we should get permission. She sees Vasundara talking to doctor. Vasundara recalls her and smiles. Thapki and Sunil greet her. Vasundara asks did they come to meet Dhruv, she is glad to see their worry. Sunil says they have to tell Dhruv that they can host the show from home. Vasundara gets angry and says he is hurt and not able to walk, can't you let him rest, can't anyone else do the work. She says he will not do the show. She smiles and asks Thapki to have water and go. She leaves.

Aditi hugs Poonam. Poonam says you will also get good job like Thapki. Aditi leaves for the interview. Sunil and Thapki come out. Sunil says forget this. She says no, Dhruv will do the show. He says we will lose job. She says she will talk to his mum. He asks how, she is angry. She says if we message her or send a letter.

Suman and Rachna talk about measuring the home and dividing the work. Bau ji comes and asks what are they finding. Suman says Vasundara has punished us to measure the house by this chilli. He says its tough. She asks him to ask Vasundara to forgive them. Vasundara gets Thapki's letter that she will take care of Dhruv and not make him tired by the show. She asks permission for the show, else Dhruv will be sad.

Dhruv sees the news about Ghanshyam's bail cancelled. Vasundara comes to him and talks to him. He says he is against his dad, he is similar to Ghanshyam. She realizes Dhruv is sad being at home. Sunil says he will go office, its waste to stay here. He takes the auto and says Vasundara will not agree. He asks her to come. Thapki walks away and Vasundara stops her. She asks why are they going, she came to call them to do Dhruv's show. She smiles and asks them to do the show at home. She asks them to come fast, they have less time. Thapki smiles and thanks Lord.

Thapki and Sunil ask Dhruv to host the show, they can shoot the show at home. Dhruv says Sakshi did all arrangements at office and they are joking here..

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