Software Symphony 29 :) Chinese & Coke on 76 - Page 49

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Posted: 6 years ago
Vaniji... Welcome back!! 
Good to hear you had an awesome trip!!! 

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by NSB7

Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

<font color="#FF00FF">noufi sogayi? see this is when i enter the thread on a weekend and find nobody...29 pages ho gaye.. i cant keep up LOL
Nammu beautiful thought!!!see Ranjan actually looks like he has an official poet too jaise tulsidas,soordas ClapClapClap

Symbolic and short page 21
<font color="#0000FF">
Actually i feel like II on one side Ranjan and one side I feel yeh nomad kya kar raha hai..
and seriously a 31 year old woman as not fair..too real ..

Nisha i want RaIIRa to win like sooo bad, like i want to eat chaat in Delhi please please please for once can we have chachu clan be put down by MM vaasi's please di.
500+ updates that robber has been gloating ab humari baari.

Can II do in her career what we couldnt ,just quit KMPG cause its not fair , she deserved the promotion has been killing herself..

I sooo want II to resign actually just go to Ranjan and say please do you have any opening for me , i am fine with a lateral move PLEEEAAASE,</font>
<font color="#0000FF">tell KMPG folks give me a sr role or I quit</font>.

If she is ambitious I wouldnt expect her to just lie low and take anyone as her boss and luckily for her she has a 1000 crore company so why not, if it makes II selfish why not Let manny go to H*ll and Appa squirm like she committed a sin but its not ,about time Mrs II stepped her game

<font color="#0000FF">I want II and Ranjan to join hands face the issues and the two to work so hard that R&B cant get hold of her..Big smile

I want II to stop crying like today and just get down to her reckless self,
and as much as i have loved BAlly he is a smart guy and we Iyer woman were the fools, Angrynormally a good mentor pulls u along , when they move they make sure u move along with them.. here nothing of that sort happened.. kya kiddo, kya rubbish sab selfish LOLLOL

PHEW and now that felt good LOLROFL

Back seat warmer
<font color="#ff00ff">thought will update in this :-)</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">I aint liking Ritu LOLLOL and madam II agar u let her dabaofy you or u cry because she was mean to you i will come and spank you so hard ...Wink</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">this is not a middle school gym where kids are mean and u will come home crying you will fight back in ur smart double masters/1 cpa brain.. i get so mad when kids are mean to my kids and they come home and complain or cry now its getting better..</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">no point being veetla puli and vellila eli (ghar mein sher bahar chooha LOLLOL)</font>

<font color="#ff00ff">Next karo Mr R&B get her a bike ride or do whatever but me not in ur team yet.. u sold the shares to spite ur dad sooo not done..karma will come back.Angry</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">Find him guilty and send him to jail but this is hitting a 68 year old below his belt ..</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">you have a lot of growing up to do and remember post a certain age ,haven't you heard people just die in their sleep because of a massive heart attack.. i know 3 uncles after their 60th bday died just like that..</font>
<font color="#ff00ff">do NOT take things for granted ..</font>
I just heard my friends mom in Delhi just died :-( she was asthmatic and had pnemonia ,very week and then one morning spoke to my friend said she was week, my friend was to pick her up and bring her to Bangalore .. then put the phone down, mom wanted to go to the restroom ,dad was helping and done no more..Cry
<font color="#ff00ff">all around me i am in that phase of life where i am hearing parents dieing /aging/sick and people are having inter continental marriages to take care of parents so what R&B is doing is sooo wrong.Angry bhagwan use achi budhi de .</font>

<font color="#ff00ff">chalo very long day ahead will catch u guys later..</font>

ayyyooo...!! It's such bitter reality in life that all their life parents live for us...from teaching us to walk talk and holding our tents when we face life's big failures and problems...we just pack our bags and head towards the life waiting for us and our drama...forgetting the backstage support...and they?? They just stand smiling and when they limbs give away they still smile..we don't even want to be their crutches... Whereas they are the ones who carried us on their shoulders half our life!!!
No wonder shravan Kumar is such a star in folk tales today..!Cry

Nammu and Anu see the coincidence. I got an email from my Danish client manager that his 73 year old mom died on Friday. She used to stay alone 150 miles away from his place in Denmark. And the home nurse found that his mother died and informed these people.

She was mother of 4 kids. 2 guys and 2 gals. But no one was there with her in few last secondsUnhappy. My heart broke into thousand pieces. No parents should die this deathAngry
Posted: 6 years ago
vibhu vibhu vibhu...


u posted it in spcl thread too na??

Posted: 6 years ago
Putti that's so sad no!!
Next post only after update
Edited by NSB7 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Private FantasiesEmbarrassed

He slithered like a snake, it semmed like to her her insides slid to one side or the other depending on which turn he made

"DONT do that da" she begged lifting the fibreglass shield up, he lifted his up "U need to hold tight" he said smugly

"Once we get off I am going to kill you" she promised hissing

"Understood" he nodded
He sped, he weaved he flew over speed bumps and landed like those Hollywoodmovies
The 7 PM traffic a bitch... he took by lanes to get to the Expressway and then accelrated, people rolled down car windows to drink in the sounds of the motorcycle
It was thrunderous and attention seeking

For a man that would live in a cave in the middle of the woods his whole life... go unnoticed, his car and bike choice screamed "look at me"

He just kept going on Rao Tula Ram Marg, turning left on Saket Rd after IIT, taking the long way home?
And then turned left on Ring Road at Andrews Ganj, and turned right near Safdarjung

"I want to go home" she sulked
He sped... heading towards Lodi Road and Jor Bagh.. onwards to the massive tree lined avenues and estates of Aurangazeb Rd and Tughlaq Rd... doing the roundabouts extra sportily, almost grazing his knee and hers on the street as he circled them
"U are a speed demon" she cursed and as an afterthought kissed his shoulder back area buring her lips into it

He felt it, he half smiled but didnt ask why
"This is fun" she said softly, relaxing beginning to enjoy

"I want to do this in winter... the air is too warm now, I want to do it without a helmet, with fields on both sides, that would be so fun. BUT U ARE TOO FAST"

He let her speak... she did that well. He knew how to ride bikes, so he did that part

"I have a new boss now" she said and stopped

"Umm I" she began again and stopped...
"whats going on II?" he asked

"Nothing" she said as he paused at the Parliament Street intersection
"She seems nice" he said casually

"She is" II reassured herself, she wanted to tell him



He lifted his front wheels up and soft landed after a speed bump

"rakshasan!!" she cursed returning to her bike ride

"I am not trusting u with my life riding this to Punjab" she cursed, BLURTING HER FANTASY

"Do u want to go to Punjab?" he asked

"Not anymore" she accused

He chuckled

He wove around outer circle and turned left into Barakhamba Rd... and slowed at the first intersection reducing his speed to 20 kms

And then pulled over on the left to the sandy gravely sidewalk of Modern School Barakhamba
Her belly lurched

The school looked darker than usual the Dholpur red sandstone facade, and the hundreds of massive shady trees the founders had planted 60? 80? years ago
The school always seemed very "posh" because of the structure and color, she would wonder what it was on the inside when Appa and her drove by from Gole Market
Or sometimes when they brought Periappa to RML they would take this Rd...
Now she was married to someone that studied there...
She held him as she got off, shaky and weak from the impact of the ride, he got off as if he was seated on a couch unfazed he helped her unstrap her helmet and took it
He stared intensely

"I probably look like a drowned rat" she muttered

"I was going for a hairy squirrel" he chuckled

She punched him
There were atleast 4 Nepali guards at the gate with their signature hats

He looked in his wallet for his school ID and his Driver's license and handed it

One man was older in his late 50s  "Lambu something" he said in Nepali

R&B chuckled nodding

Many in the school were so and sos few as wealthy as Bhallas

She stood by the low fence peering inside

One guard accompanied them, opened the door and and left

It was summer so no cars of stragglers either

He held her hand firmly

"Since its my first day?" she joked softly
He smiled at her quick wit

And they entered the grand lobby, he inhaled trying to recollect the scent from 12 years ago
The floors were clean, no broken windows the air conditioning was shut, but nevertheless it was rich and elaborate

"where do u want to begin?"

1st standard?" she teased

He pulled her closer.. and wandered left... and they walked down many hallways to the "Junior section" and in between was a courtyard with huge jacaranda
trees the smoggy grey night sky peeked through the almost dyed in black leaves.. like a blanket with grey patterns hundreds of birds screeched as if they had been violated by two the two

He leaned her on the tree

She knew what was coming.. going dry in the mouth, her heart leaping like motor cycle wheel

"Was ur first kiss under this tree?" she demanded huskily

"Our first kiss (at the school) will be under here" he said, bending down, claiming it fully
First her lower lip then the uper and then the lower waiting... for the tip of her tongue that came reluctantly like a teen home alone answering the door after the 10th knock
He grabbed it... uttering steamy things that aroused her

She held on to him tight, hiding her face eventually on his chest

"U are way out of my league" she told him, moaning in arousal
 he plundered her neck in familiar ways...
focussed on his task like he was 10 and was building a model airplane
Kissing a boy in modern school after riding some fancy bike with him?

Where were the catty girls of her KV Andrews Ganj now? Evil SmileGosh!! Wish they could see her now, her private fantasy was coming true

They would mock and ridicule her for her well oiled braid and the fact she sang only Hindi songs, and she was "AMMA's beti"
(some North Indians used the word Amma for maid)
She was too tall and skinny, had no boobs...
To be continued...

Posted: 6 years ago

I am not falling in the trap!!!! 

ANU!!! Where are you????????? 

Come save me... Knock somw sense inside me!!!! 
Posted: 6 years ago
SmileAmazing as always...who would have dreamed that the date would be at Dude's school...Love the way you bring out the way others perception weighs so heavily on II's mind and heart...the dude as Akka once said will dispel her fears, her insecurities and the inhibitions...worth the wait and await the continuation:)

Posted: 6 years ago
I hate it when northies call maids AMMA
It irks me to the core! 

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