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Posted: 6 years ago
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Random.. Out of the blue question
Why do actors freak out at the name of consummation in their shows?
They make it a BIG issue... As if WW 3 is impendung
They start overacting with limiting the number of people in the room etc

The creatives blow up the whole sequence like its some carnival

I get so irritated!!

Don't know what happened to consumtion in YHM? It was long time pending. Hope the hero will not sleep with his ex again to produce the third.

Ashu please don't freak out.
Miss Ek freaks out
u know with being unmarried and all seeing such stuff happen reminds her she can't find a man to marry Nd do it
what she can't get nobody can not even in a show
gets satisfied looking at leads married for years and not doing it telling herself she's better

According to me she is psycho and sadist.
She has mowed down values of marriage, divorce and infidelity.
Let us not burn pages for her. But once in s while making fun of her, her protagonists and her shows is good for health.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Off to write the next one, Dahi Bhalla chapter

mutlab comfort food or comfort?

Big smileBig smile

Posted: 6 years ago
Back Warmer=Girl on the back of your motorcycle

Monday went in all sorts of meetings. II was basically unaware at this point of the opinion formed about her
She was quite oblivious, everytime she looked at Ritu, in the hallways, "getting a tour",  by the elevator, twice at the Daily Perk

She was reminded of the opportunity she was deemed incapable of holding
As a person she quite liked Ritu, she was charming and stylish, way more than II as far as work clothes

She  dressed like some chicks in Forex and many in Taxation. Young 20 something CPAs that gave up on modeling to pursue careers in public accounting

It was like Ritu "belonged" with those cliques
Chanchal was like her drowing in her own personal drama to focus on what she wore to work

Bally was a great bridge between the girls, admitting to all the limitations
clearly, expressing his honest opinion of TransPro as a product, giving II a SOLID recommendation

Ritu smiled slowly... but she did

II again missed noticing that, frantically taking notes on her laptop about some "review deadlines" Bally shared

"She took it on and ran with it... I was sporadically involved right from the beginning. It wasnt a big deal for her to fill in my shoes, I was never there to begin with" Bally was gracious

"She drove the thing with IS, Testing, Ashwini, Tax folks, Bansal, keeping the client in the loop...
tiding over road blocks, knocking them down one inch at a time" Bally appreciated generously

"Ur access to Mr B helped a lot"II said smiling warmly

"Oh! yes, Gurti... my predecessor quit to join a manufactirung company as a Controller in Bangalore, we need more Sikhs so we just let him go" Bally said with a straight face

Ritu was stumped

"Hes kidding... he has a great sense of humor... and STRONG shoulders" II gushed

Bally slapped his shoulders.. "suman nahi maanti yaar" he winked at II

As Ritu observed

"I will tell her..." (Saturday when I see the boys for a sleepover)II stopped
Thinking its a bad idea to display too much closeness with a guy two levels up in front of a newbie

"This is a great team Ritu, I am happy and so is the whole deployment team... let kick this ball to the finish line and show em" he raised his hand for a high five
II waited for her turn, Ritu went first... the first of many firsts Ritu would be "entitled" to


At 6 ish, she was clearing emails from the morning, having the "daily reports" strewn all over, she hadnt gone to Uttam Nagar or the other one

rohini, Naraina and Lajpat Nagar were next

Mayur Vihar, Krishna Nagar & Vishwavidyalaya/Old Delhi

Then the out of state ones

They were going to meet on Gurgaon showroom and workshop failures this week but it was only Monday so it was OK

II filled her calendar up for the rest of the week

quietly went to her Paris honeymoon pictures... no, no selfies from Eiffel or Louvre... random pictures inside the apartment, him chopping tomatoes, seasoning with olive oil

reading a book on the couch, the bedroom window, the pigeons in the neighbor's terrace... even a picture of his ipad with the Ganesha & Lakshmi image

Her seat on the plane... a paperback cover he was reading then.. AND AN IMAGE OF HIM SHAVING!!!
Some selfies.. of them in bed.. fully clothed but flirty, cuddling
Casual unpretentious pictures that would never be awarded by any photo mag, but priceless to her

She quickly shifted to another screen when she heard foot steps

She looked at her Friday... and then her Monday... there were two days in between when she would have Rakshasan all to herself... except for the golf game
Friday would be the end of her "Delhi newly wed life"

sat & Sunday would be the Kerala houseboat ride in the backwaters (she hadnt taken any but had heard from a bunch of young people that it was spectacular)

Monday? Monday the 15th, she would return to work after he left for the airport at midnight Sunday night...
HOW would Monday be?

Will he ever come back?"

"ready to go?" he asked as she scrolled Outlook Monday with her mouse

"tum?" she smiled spontaneously

He wore navy cargos and a white Lacoste.. and NO North Face flip flops

North Face was all about clothing for Arctic weather, who wore flip flops in Arctic??

My Rakshasan!!!
Umm... Dude... ya that sounds better

He wore some expensive loafer kinda shoes... she didnt know what kind they were, sporty heavy.. with some logo on his socks
she knew where he kept his socks, his shoes

she knew what he looked like when he stripped; when he made love
She whistled excited..  as her face heat up

I know which side of the wallet the Driver's License is, India's is on top, when he is overseas the French...

""whattt?" he asked softly staring at his feet

"Kya?" she said

"Do u insist people take ur shoes off outside the cube?" he mocked

"Jerk!!!" she cursed

she turned to her monitor

"Lets go II"

"Were u at "Work?" she asked


"Why?" he asked

"Slime ball" she cursed again

Ritu walked in or... um paused...

He turned and smiled

"5 minutes II" he said tapping his Swatch

"Hey can I have reports for three days in a row?"

"Sorry" she said to II's husband

"Oh! no.. I was hoping she can leave"

"Hey Ritu, this is my husband.. Raman Bhalla (Author's Note: Arghhh!!
saying that brings back visions of the show for me Sorry!!, unavoidable... had to say it tho)he goes by R&B

"Oh! really?" Ritu extended her hand

"And THIS is my new Manager Ritu Madaan" Ii said warmly

II stacked up three days' reports and handed a pile to her

And unplugged her laptop... and shoved her things in, HE bent down and pulled the plug off the socket for the wife

"Leaving?" ASKED Ritu

"Ya" nodded II smiling

"Have a great evening... I am excited II... this is going to be good" Ritu said politely

"I look forward to being on your team" Ii said graciously

"I am excited with the TEAM I INHERITED"Ritu said BUT SMILED

She looked on as the couple left II's cube...

"Yenn phone irukka?" II asked as usual, he pulled it out of his pocket
"Oh! OK" II smiled

Ritu would peek out of the cube and look at the man


He would go to his spot where his Ferrari would be parked but she would find a MOTORCYCLE, "Vyrus" it said

"YOU RODE THIS FROM HOME?" she shrieked terrified

He nodded amused

"U ARE MAD" she yelled

Stepping back

"Its a long drive da... please... Ggaon Expressway is not the Carpathian Mtns its WORSE"
He wore his helmet held hers, took her purse and laptop bag and tucked..

"THERE IS NO ROOM FOR ME TO SIT" she blushed furiously

He leaned on the bike arms across his chest waited for her tantrum to pass, like a cloud burst...
 he was used to it, it was the same routine, he ducked, found shelter and waited...
"i am taking a cab... ITS TOO SKINNY" she complained, measuring the seat with her thumb and pinkie

"I cant believe Sam would let u drive this?"  "Did u sell the car?" "U DID DIDNT U?" she yelled punching
"I didnt" he said removing his helmet his scalp was gettin sweaty

"II" he begged

"Like I am a teenager" II mumbled

"If u wanted to get rid of me u had cheaper options" she pointed to the motorcycle
He threw his head back and laughed, wearing his sunglasses slowly

"shut up" she ordered

"Appa will kill u if something happens to me" Evil Smile

He nodded with a glint his eyes... the familiar sexy glint... the glint before the kiss, the glint before the second base, the glint before third base the glint before home run
The glint before the motorcycle ride was added to the list...

He turned wore it back again, kicking the stand and igniting the engine, the parking attendants loved him for a reason and he gave them more reasons to love

"I am embarrassed... but u might give up on the idea after I make a fool of myself" she hissed in his ear, lifting his helmet up, he moved a lil so her lips would graze his cheek

She wore her helmet and sat down, wrapping herself around him securely, thank God for the helmet her eyes were closedBlushingDay DreamingCool

Atleast 25 people gawked as he sped out of the underground parking causing a sonic boom like the otherwise quiet underground parking garage

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Posted: 6 years ago
 I didnt have to add a "feminist" alert on the title for this chapter
since I pretty much know you all... and have nothing to fearLOL

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by ishruhi

God!i had secretly derived this one!!!
Nouf!!! I am unable to use the rofl emoticon but hi 5 while im doing that

god i just couldn't not reply
my moun vrath threatening to fly out of the window
Posted: 6 years ago
Oh my god Nisha!

Do you read our minds? I had a wish II to ride a bike with our dude. And you granted oneSmile
Posted: 6 years ago
Sleepless in Vancouver!!! How can you do this just before I am about to hit the sack man! This is dahi Bhalla ka baap! 
Yeh kya cheez hai RB????!!!!! Uff he does stuff like this and expects II to be ok when he leaves. Making it sooo difficult for her...unless it's his that she follows him instantaneously...
Already she is killing herself seeing pics of him SHAVE! On the motorcycle is like all the bases trolled into one! 
Rakshasan TIMES infinity!!!!
Posted: 6 years ago
My motorcycle wala request!!!!!! 

I love you Nisha!!!! 
That was hawwttt

I dont wanna get backto loving this man ever again... But you are tempting me to!!!!! 

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