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Posted: 7 years ago
Credit - Arya Smile
Hello Fellow Follower's of Nisha's Software Symphonies,

This thread is to be able to make a compilation of all the books, articles, music, videos, etc. that are mentioned in Software Symphonies.

You can all comment here with any of the stuff that fits this criteria. 

Pride and Prejudice

Moh moh ke dhaage
Idhayathil etho onru
Jaadu hai nasha hai
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Posted: 7 years ago
As requested, I'm posting the collection of all SoSy inspired poems that I have written.

Voh bhari kitaab na keh paayi,
jo chaar shabd ne bayaan kiya.

Chaar shabd na bataa paaye,
jo teen aansoo ne dikhaa diya.

Teen aansoo na samjhaa paaye,
jo do sparsh mein mehsoos kiya.

Do sparsh na jataa paaye,
jo ek dhadkan ne sunaa diya.

Voh dhadkan bhi kum lagi,
jab aakhir voh ehsaas hua.

Voh ehsaas bhi chhup gaya,
chehre ki gehrayi ke peeche.

Nadi milti hai sagar se,
ye sangam bhi hua kuch aise.

Raat ke maun mein gunji aahat,
samundar mein beh jaati hai dhaara.

Saanson hi saanson mein,
tu meri, main tumhara.
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Posted: 7 years ago
Ek ishaara maanga tha,
bahaara mil gaya.
Ek jhalak chahiye thi,
pura nazaara mil gaya.
Ek pal churaana tha,
zindagi bhar ka lamha mil gaya.
Voh ankahi muraad thi,
jo aaj puri ho gayi.
Jeevit toh the kal bhi,
par aaj jeene ka sahaara mil gaya.
Posted: 7 years ago
Kohl-lined eyes, 
Diva red lips,
A hidden half smile,
A breathless kiss.

A push, a pull,
A twist, a turn,
Fingers laced together,
A teasing burn.

Painted hands,
Stained deeply with love,
A longing caress,
A lasting rosy blush.

A quiet melody,
A soft hymn,
Unbreaking glances,
Secrets buried within.
Posted: 7 years ago
My mind in darkness,
Every touch lingers.
My body a canvas,
Painted with your fingers.
With each stroke you leave a new mark,
Such ecstasy fills my heart.
Color my body with your brilliance,
Follow the outline, fill in the distance.
All else forgotten,
Your passion unharnessed,
My body a canvas,
Your desire the artist.

Posted: 7 years ago
I'd trade any day 
Just to be with you
Can we run away
Seulement moi et tu? (Just me and you?)

Far from here
Into the horizon
Without a fear
Completely brazen.

A tombee de la nuit (At dusk)
Let the darkness close in
The air smelling sweet
Your luscious locks I'm twirlin'

We'll trace the stars
Under the moon's crest
Try to find Mars
Towards the northwest.

Let's share midnight memories 
Name a constellation
Leaving behind these worries
It'll be our greatest elation.

So what do you say
Should we follow it through?
Can we run away
Seulement moi et tu?
Posted: 7 years ago
Feeling smug about its certainty,
evening anticipates day's demise.
And as scattered shades of grey gather,
blue finds sanctuary in your eyes.

As crimson flames melt a stained-glass sky,
sol's scarlet orb reluctantly sinks.
And night absorbs the essence of light,
sketching silhouettes with blackened inks.

As vermilion tints the horizon,
fantasy seems to be everywhere.
And dusk ignites flickering fireflies,
flashing love signals while in the air.

Darkness descends like a shroud of smoke,
extinguishing last lingering light.
And in the fabric of time and space,
stars confetti an ebony night.

A liquid moon pools in a black sky,
gilding waters of a wishing well.
And silence mutes the beat of two hearts,
held captive within love's magic spell.

Holding hands they embrace happiness,
letting both hearts and souls intertwine.
For when two fledgling hearts fall in love,
each moment is savored like fine wine.
Posted: 7 years ago
We fight, 
we yell,
we hurt,
we brood.

Having had enough,
we flee,
most unexpectedly.

I push,
you pull.
I pull,
you push.

A tug of war, 
always cycling.

But even in this,
lies an innocent beauty,
very much reminiscent,
of the ocean truly.

The cycle of waves,
rocking back and forth,
there's nothing more loving on this Earth.

Kissing the shoreline,
the water moves.
but it's always sent back,
by the sand's many moods.

The tug of war continues,
the cycle never ends.
They don't stop loving,
they just learn to make amends.

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