Symphony 28 - Page 110

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Posted: 6 years ago
now they and u r preparing us for separation!!!
why do i feel he is saying all those options to us too???
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by ishruhi

now they and u r preparing us for separation!!!
why do i feel he is saying all those options to us too???
wont be like that for long
we will see what twist the author has on mind
Posted: 6 years ago
Arshi i agree paaavam ranjan
Posted: 6 years ago

This was inevitable. Dude didn't want to address the issue before marriage. II was head over heels in love and just wanted to be with Dude so they got married at given opportunity without addressing the issues lurking on their face. 

And we all knew this all along but still there is so much of anxiety about impending separation. Will they / won't they. This is power of your writing. 

Nisha, really have well planned and have intentionally done all these to keep the story intriguing. Hat's off to you. If we knew what they are going to do post marriage wouldn't get peek in their hearts this way. You are master story teller. You really keep your cards closed till last moment we are busy banging our head what happens next. 

Marvelous you are. 

Posted: 6 years ago
Amazing update nisha poor things they are thinking of ways to keep In touch 
Posted: 6 years ago
Good work Nammu the budding poetessSmile
Posted: 6 years ago
Wonderful update Nisha.
They are planning to face the separation Smile
Waiting for separation and permanent reunion.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by NSB7

Just a try
dont hit me if its pathetic
it can be nothing like nivi's or nisha's
defiantly inspired by them

i woke up to the life of everyday
not knowing it wont forever stay this way
walked out of as my job would call
running into a man slender and tall

he would stare and i would never notice
helping his dad make his choice
unknown to the his intentions within
i would fight for my gratified win

not sure why he would pay for my food
i would return the favour to only be gone for good

the kiss that would bring me alive
i forget my past that would now seem to naive
there began the journey with my cure
not a shinning armour but tormentor for sure

now in the arms of the frustrating man
i stay gathering his essence as much as i can

cause he would wake up and leave
exactly like my appa would always believe

all the fight the begging and pain
everything to i did to marry him going in vain

would he stop and give it another chance
will he give me a second glance ?


I like it Nam! Really should write some more, whenever inspiration strikes. Smile

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