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SmileHello guys i am writing another story hope you like it.Please tell me weather you like it or not.I am writing this in college track.
Here is character sketch for my story:
Ram Kapoor :Son of business tycoon,hate his father very much,not interested in studies.
Amarnath Kapoor and Krishna Kapoor : Parents of Ram.
Priya Sharma : A Beautiful and Intelligent middle class girl.  
Sudhir and Shipra Sharma : Parents of Priya.
Kartik : Brother of Priya.
Juhi,Ashwin,Rajat,Isha are RaYa's classmates.
Vikram and Neha are Ram's best friend.
                                           Part 1
Here is story enjoy reading:
Ram is sitting in canteen with his friends.He go to counter to buy snacks.A girl is coming from opposite side Ram is seeing toward his friends and collide with a girl and both loss their balance and fall on ground.Girl is on top of Ram.For some moment both lost in each other eyes.They come into sense and get up.
Ram : dekh kar nahi chal sakti kya.
Girl : mein to dekh kar hi chalti hu.
Ram : tabhi to mujhse aakar takrai.
Girl : 1 min Mr...
Ram : Ram Kapoor,
Girl : ya whatever,mujhe apse takrane ka koi shauk nahi hai ap hi mujhse takrai.
Ram : oh hello miss...
Priya : Priya Sharma,
Ram : ok,mujhe tumse takrane ka koi shauk nahi hai.
Priya : ok then say sorry to me and finish this matter.
Ram : why should i say sorry you should say sorry to me.
Priya : no ways i will not.
Ram friends call him and he go from there.
Priya to herself bada ajeeb ladka hai galti khud karta hai aur sorry duskro se mangwata hai and go from there.
After sometime priya enter in class.
Neha : Hiii,what is your good name.
Priya : hello,i am Priya Sharma.
Neha : i am Neha,come sit here with me.
Priya sit there with neha.
After 2 min Ram and vikram enter in the class.
Neha :call them ram and Priya share share angry eye contact.
Ram : ha bol kya hai.
Neha : Meet Priya our new friend.
Vikram say hii to Priya and Priya response him.
Neha : Ram wish her.
Ram : with atitude,hiii
Neha : Priya ye Vikram hai aur ye...
Priya : Ram Kapoor.
Neha : Arrey wah tum ise janti ho.
Vikram : Neha isme konsi badi baat hai Ram ko to sab ladkiya janti hai he is the dream man of all girls.But Don't know who is his dream girl.
Professior come in class and everybody sit on their place.
Professior is teaching and he is working on board his back is facing the class.
Ram(very slowly) : Vikram yaar chal na canteen chalte hai coffee pee kar aate hai.
Vikram : tu pal hai,sir se kya bolega.
Ram : yaar vo padha rhe hai chal na.
Ram and vikram very slowly move toward gate.Priya see them.
Priya : intensionally,Sir i can't undestand this one can you please explain it again.
Sir : turn toward class and see Ram and Vikram,yes where are you going.
Ram look angrily toward Priya and she ignore his glare.
Sir : kuch bole nahi tum.
Ram : inocently,koi bhana hi nahi mil rha sir.
Sir : koi nahi sach hi bol de.
Ram : sir apka period bhaut boaring hai hum canteen ja rhe the.
Sir : seeing toward vikram,ye to hai hi batamiz tum bhi iske sath aise hi ho gye ho..
Sir : Get out of the class aur jab tak lacture khatam nahi hota bhar hi khe raho.
Priya is enjoying Ram see her from the corner of his eyes and say.
Ram : Sir ap ye lacture ise achi tarh samja do kuch jayda hi confused rahti hai.
Sair : Get lost.
Ram and Vikram come out from class.
One week passed.there was a exam held today is the day of result declaration.
All students are sitting in the class.Professior enter.He give papers to all students except Ram.
Professior : Mr.Ram Kapoor stand up please.
Ram stand up on his place.
Profesior : class i want to specially mention about ram.he got zero marks in Econmics because he write story of "Titanic" film.
All class start laughing.
Ram : sir 4-5 marks to milne chaiye the.It is nice movie.
Sir : sut up.
And in this Priya Sharma top the class she get 99 out of 100.
Sir : anybody want to ask something.
Ram : sir i want.
Sir : yes.
Ram : If you don't like Romantic Movies,i can write Action movies story.
All class start laughing again.
Sir : Get out of class.
Ram come out from class.
In next Class
All students have to make a assignment and it is a assignment which has to prepare by two partners.
Neha and Vikram,Rajat and Isha,Ashwin and Rajat are partners.When proffesior announce that Ram and Priya will be partners.Both are shocked.
after announcing all the partners professior ask anybody want to ask something.
Ram : Sir i will not complete with her.
Sir : Why?
Ram : I Don't want.
Except Priya nobody is there to make assignment with you.You have to make it with her.
Ram : not convinced,Ok sir.
after clases Ram and Priya meet in canteen.

Guys hope you like it.Hit like amd do comment please.
tell me i should continue or not.
Waiting for your response.Tongue
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Posted: 2015-06-07T04:25:03Z
Beautifulstart pls continue soon
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Posted: 2015-06-07T04:33:25Z
Very nice ss
Continue soon
Thanks for pm
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Posted: 2015-06-07T05:00:19Z
Wow. Interesting title and very interesting story.
Raya ki pehli mulakat mein hi nok-jhok chalu...
Why Ram hate his father:-/?...
Ram priya partners.. Jald hi life partners vi ban jayenge;-)
plz continue soon
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Posted: 2015-06-07T07:16:45Z
its very very beautiful story.
thanks for pm.
do continue.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-06-07T07:18:03Z
Interesting story...
Pls update soon..
Thanks 4 pm...
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Posted: 2015-06-07T07:36:00Z
Superb update
Continue soon
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Posted: 2015-06-07T07:46:21Z
cute one...
continue soon
thanks for pm..
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