Software Symphony 27 Hot & Peppery 500th Chapter on 57 - Page 7

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by jyothi_cool

Tell me when you want me to do the index I will do it 

I guess rule just changed.

now its race for next thread first post.

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Mr.PsychoTech

Originally posted by jyothi_cool

Tell me when you want me to do the index I will do it 

I guess rule just changed.

now its race for next thread first post.

who grabs it will do index


Humse mat pucho
Grab the first post on the next thread and you will do the index Big smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Luscious Lasya
(This one is for Ashu (didnt have to say itWink I know)LOL

"It was about Paris, and I am hoping I can go" he wanted to say and didnt

Manya and Vik walked in "Sab IDHAR ho?" she said accusingly

"u didnt go for poker either? Mihir must feel bad" II said

"We just returned, there is no one at home" Manny said accusingly, trying to grab a startled Lasya

Sam returned "Tu bhi idhar aa gayi?" she asked

"whats wrong with u people?" Manny asked angrily

Vik asked her if he could use a PC, Sam sent him upstairs

"Arey gussa kyon karti hai?"

"Ther was NOBODY at home" she said shuddering

Sam looked at R&B meaningfully

"The house looks and feels strange agar khali hota hai to, I wanted to see Mahavir's shaqal, even he was missing" Manya was upset

"Get used to it" Sam said somberly

"KYON?" Manya asked shocked

"Umm u know... people could be busy, they all have a life, Dad has work, isko bhi" Sam said making room for the help to lay out the snacks

"Inke liye bourbon laayen, tumhe?" "Red white wine?" Sam asked

Dad will always be home na?" Manny looked for reassurance "Aur yeh bhi, she is usually home after she returns from work" Manya pointed to II

In her moment of loneliness she was willing to include II in the folds of the family

"Keeping the doors open, waiting for u to show up once a year, once in 18 months?" Sam asked bitterly

"Phir se AGM ka gussa?" Manya said "arey dude I told u Vik planned it that way, ho gaya ATM, Dimpal sold its all over"

II gently turned around trying to leave the lounge

"Oh ya, its sold, everything's squared away" Sam said

"Kab ja raha hai waapis?" Manny asked matter of factly

"She knew?" Sam was offended

"Knew what?" Manny asked

"That he wants to go?" Sam said shocked

"Well ab bechkar IDHAR kya karega?" Manny said smugly, proud of herself at having guessed R&B's motive

"thats why I said get used to loneliness and sannata" Sam's turn to be smug and gleeful

It sank in for Manya, eventually, the tubelight that she was...

"Umm... I never thought of that, I should be used to an empty house by now, its been 4 years since Ma's been gone, Dad would take a day or two off..." she sat down wearily

"She is from Delhi, kaise maan gai?" Manny decided to be mad at her favorite punching bag of recent times, II

"He told her today, she is not happy"

"She will be here na" Manny looked happy

"Ya she will be here, for the one week a year you visit" Sam chuckled cynically

"there is nobody for us" Manya said philosophically

R&B was listening to the entire exchange

Not saying a  word.

"I wont say stop going to Malcha Marg, start coming over here, but I know u will do that like last time, ultimately in all this Dad has nobody" Sam said

"I feel so bad"

"Tru I feel ya, tabhi toone AGM miss nahi ki na?" Sam asked

"We are all looking out for ourselves, he cares about his company, u care about ur life with Vik, I care for my husband and kids." Sam said conclusively

He got up, went to look for his wife
It was almost 10, he hadnt left for poker

She was upstairs in Nandu's room on the floor on a play rug , Lasya practicsed rolling over from back to belly at a distance, giving the colorful Lego pieces longing looks
She placed two Caterpillar trucks at a distance so the lumpy one could reach for it, and so will take her first leap forward
For now, she went on her back and sucked her toes, and complained, every time II rolled her back. the Legos being a HUGE temptation

"Ur sister is very greedy for ur toys"

"She will drool all over it chithi I am not letting her any where near my things"

She smiled fondly at Nandu

"U were like that too do u know?"

"But I DID NOT DROOL" Nandu said sternly

"No, the teeth just appeared magically" II giggled

"The round silver ones are my favorites" Nandu said, as II helped him build a disc like space ship like Star Trek

"U should take her home, she annoys me" he said pointing to Lasya

"acchocho yenn da?" she asked worried

"She always lunges for my things, she always wants what I am holding in my hands" he rolled his eyes patronizingly

"Cho chweet"

"YA If you DONT live with her" Nandu agreed

"then may be we should" R&B said sitting down by her on the rug.
The room was every 10 year old's dream come true, with a race car bed, it was a BUNK bed,
though he was the only boy, there were bins and bins of toys model cars, and air planes

Closets full of sports equipment
Walk in closet filled with clothes
The room was as big as Akka's house

"Thats just a ploy to indoctrinate her" II warned her hubby

He nodded

Leaning on the wall, handing her pieces, pushing them in when she didnt use enough strength

"Uncle R, do u remember that Lego land trip?' he asked joyously

"I do" he smiled

"Lego Mindstorms is my MOSTEST favorite" he said passionately

"Do u take vacations with them?" II asked longingly

"Usually a week or two in summer" he smiled, "sometimes for Christmas"

"Where are u going this summer?" II asked

"I dont know Daduji and dadi are here" Nandu said preoccupied

R&B gently picked up Lasya, she was very happy to see him, she slobbered all over his face, he wiped it all off on her lady bugs

"Our Q3 at Argent was awful II" he muttered

"Hmm" she nodded trying to be unaffected

"Q2 wasnt pretty either, the Pune deal wasnt a gold mine either" he said

"And after listening to all that I still dont want u to go" she sulked

They were quiet...

"U just miss Paris, this is just a ploy" she muttered

"Thats partly it" he admitted

"I am half way through deployment, atleast another year" she said

She leaned forward to pick up a piece, and leaned back and hit his chest, she leaned

Lasya moaned "Edukku dee azhare?" she scolded (why are u crying missy?)

"Like I dont have any claims on ur Uncle R, yerkanave, enge enna vittuttu polaam patindrikka (already he is looking for options to go away)" she scolded the fatso in rapid fire Tamil

She listened mesmerzied

"Oooh" she cooed, scooping her lips in a "O"

"Kadaya solren onakku" (Is it a story?)

She smiled joyously

"she is to jealous of me" she complained to her husband

"I see that, looks like I can only have one of u"

"Awww... adorable... u can have her" she hissed

He stretched his legs out on the rug, almost slumped down, she leaned on him as Lasya attemped to to turn on his chest

"she is always jealous of everybody, when Ma holds me at night, she growls from Daddy's lap" Nandu laughed

"U call me, I will come take her away OK?" Ii promised selfishly

She kneaded the oversized ball of dough on her husband's belly, he played with her braid as her head was bent over his belly, traced the back edge of her dress with his index finger

"Anna gets attention only at night, u dont like that? What are u? Diva?" II asked accusingly

She cooed, choking on her own spit
II picked her up and patted her back

"I should just let u go, Lasya will be all mine" II suddenly realized

She turned to look at her husband

"Why am I even stopping u? Mandu (fool)" she cursed herself

He gently teased her bare arms with his finger tips

"dad and I will move in here, I will sleep in her room" she gushed softly

"and me?" Nandu asked

"OK U me and lasya, I thought u loved Ma" II asked

"No I love You" Nandu said

"Pathukko da, they all love me" she turned to gloat

"Intriguing!!" he mocked her smugness, she rained blows on him with Lasya's fat fist, he distracted the tyke with a "Peanut"
she stopped hitting to laugh hysterically


Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by NSB7

Originally posted by SparkleV

Namritha edit your signature Tongue

Off from here.

byee Big smile
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Posted: 7 years ago
Congratulations Nisha on yet another feather on your cap! Keep donning that author hat till forever! The symphony is 27 now and its just marvellous how with each thread how more these characters are becoming ours!

Posted: 7 years ago
Is R&B in two minds? I hope he is! Edited by Seriousreader - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Also i am a thread behind and hope to catch up soon with this one! But while reading the comments on the whole AGM issue this thing really struck me..
RB is sure a selfish guy! And selflessness is according to me just a trait parents possess. We all are selfish and thats why human!
Having said that i am sure RB the father will be the most selfless man but RB the guy might be selfish and its fine!
Similarly, Ranjan the father is selfless but Ranjan the man isnt!
So siding with either of them, i couldnt!
I am invested in both their dilemmas and my heart goes to both!

Ranjan, RB, II, Sam, Tan, Vandu, Bala, Manny, Minion, Amma, Appa, Shravu, Nandu - each of them are like the colours of the colour missing and the rainbow is incomplete..and Nisha, THE WOMAN is that light without which the rainbow could never form!

P.S. The SoSy rainbow has more than 7 colours LOL
Posted: 7 years ago
"He's not perfect. You aren't either, and the two of you will never be perfect. But if he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice, and if he admits to being human and making mistakes, hold onto him and give him the most you can. He isn't going to quote poetry, he's not thinking about you every moment, but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break. Don't hurt him, don't change him, and don't expect more than he can give. Don't overanalyze. Smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad, and miss him when he's not there. Love hard when there is love to be had. Because perfect guys don't exist, but there's always one guy that's perfect for you." -Bob Marley

And you're lucky to have found him II, so fight to stay together...Delhi or Paris, who cares? As long as he's with you and you're with him, it will all be okay.
Edited by nividances - 7 years ago

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