Software Symphony 27 Hot & Peppery 500th Chapter on 57 - Page 41

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada

My image of LDS comes from Big Love. I am guilty of watching it for 2 seasons. I just can't process their life style. So Boy Scouts is out for my boysLOL
I too feel the same way about conversion. I find it amusing when people talk about changing their church. As their belief system has changed. 

Wedding is fun irrespective of culture. Cake sounds yum, I will search for that flavoring.

Posted: 6 years ago
Mmm, I loved the update Nisha (nothing new in thatWink)
I loved the II likes this song, Dude listen to it carefully, and apply to it ur wife and self.
U always select such amazing songs Nisha (nothing new in that alsoWink)

Subbu made an appearance...naming ceremony...yayy..I had asked for orange blouse ?LOL

Dude is indulging keep her in a good frame of mind...or since she is pmsing. I think today he will take to scarf vendors place also, if she askedTongue.

Ok, now i have to go, breakfast prep. time and start yelling for the kids to wake up.
Posted: 6 years ago
Life's tough choices Ouch  eating tikkis seem so much simpler !!!
Does R&B really expect II to just up and fly off with him to Paris ...II is not senior enough at KMPG to work out of home as he did from MM.
It would be really unfair on his part if he did Angry
Iam still not unable to understand why he asked II to speak to Bally about it.
And as for II, she is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea Cry
From what I gather she is mentally prepared for the seperation, but unable to deal with what will happen after that...
I have more than two young couples in my family who live apart in the US as their jobs demand it. Take turns to fly over weekends to be together ...feel so sad every time I hear does one tackle these choices as two incomes in a family are a given in today's day and age...

At least our poor II can get a season's ticket to, if she chooses to and not make a big thing out of using his money for this too...
Enna panna porey Nisha...romba kashtam maa...I feel I got off easy with my life...most of my generation did..., had a career, switched, and right now am at the happiest place...and doing what is most soul satisfying Big smile

Edited by VeeIyer - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
but the jouney is approx  10 hrs from Delhi to Paris.
and two more waiting and other things.
and to and from around  

24 hrs it would be wasted for no part and continuos jounies..
like she gets two days off sat and sun but one day is completely gone in journey only
Posted: 6 years ago
I love that song, just perfect for this update, 
I will be not very surprised when RnB starts talking in TamilWink.
Bally and his phuttas are always superClap

Subbu the joker Confused looking forward to II wearing that blouse suggested by Divanshi.Wink

Nisha u must have a wicked sense of humor. If u write such good phuttas real life mei peop,e must want to hang out with u.Clap
Posted: 6 years ago
Caught up with both the updates. 
What a place to be in! No right answers wrong answers here. What works for them works.

Nisha read you post about LDS and the 11 year old. You are right, Life is tough and inexplicable sometimes. Some of us have egos that have us believe that we will live the way we choose to for eternity.

It has been an emotional weekend here. 6 school kids and 1 teacher ( among other victims)have lost their lives in the earth quake that struck a school camp in Sabah Malaysia. I can't even begin to imagine the horror of parents that have bring home their under 10's home like this after waving them goodbye a couple days ago. There just can't be greater grief..

At almost every corner life knocks into us that we need to live the present but we very rarely do. I'm a big defaulter with that. Never too late to learn I guess. 

life moves on hope and faith I guess. A little gratitude goes a long way.I'm like Anu that way try to get my head around things like this by going to temples and praying longer.

And then again Thanks SoSyland. Awesome club this one!
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Mr.PsychoTech

but the jouney is approx  10 hrs from Delhi to Paris.
and two more waiting and other things.
and to and from around  

24 hrs it would be wasted for no part and continuos jounies..
like she gets two days off sat and sun but one day is completely gone in journey only

Vikas u are taking out the whole romance out of the equation LOLLOL people promise to scale the mountains, swim the 7 seas get the moon etc.LOLLOLLOL don't be too practical nahi too koi ladki ghass nahi daleghi Wink As II realized love makes u do impulsive things. Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada

The last few updates have had a gamut of emotions for II. Bally as usual was a good sounding board. But the ball is in II court. She has to make some decision.  I love her introspective thoughts. Another sign of maturity that she is willing to  acknowledge her doubts. Both RnB and II can't live without each other yet, they will not fully acknowledge it. I think a short separation will make them realize each other's true value. Or she should have full faith in RnB & her love and move to Paris with him.

Yesterday I had stepped out for fundraiser for a hospital room. Women in my neighborhood contribute for an upkeep of a room for parents in the hospital, basically for folks whose kids are in long term care cancer treatment. It was started by a mom who lost her child to the cancer and a husband who was driving back from the hospital who was  very tired and met with an accident. So this room is like  a refuge to parents. It was in one of Neighborhood house, it had a theme of casual chic. So me a deprived soul got an opportunity to dress up. And meet some of the people on my street. I am amazed at how much these women do for the goodwill. 

How nice Shev! 

It's always awe inspiring when people can turn a tragedy into an opportunity to do something good.
Thank you for sharing this. I could do with one visit to the place today!  

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