Software Symphony 27 Hot & Peppery 500th Chapter on 57 - Page 33

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Posted: 6 years ago
Hi Nisha, 
Hope you had a great time at the wedding. How was the khana...indian wedding thi? And what did you wear? 

Back to II's doubts... Loved the way you put it...ghar ghar so simply put. Poor thing tab socha nahin and now this? 
I think RB ke point of view se dekhen then he's totally justified in feeling the way he is. 

Have a feeling there will be a separation...perhaps needed to clear their heads to realize that although they married in a rush it indeed was a right decision. 
Want to see some Rona dhona, maana etc.

Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha when ever I think about ii in Paris I remember amma's advice in the chapter fight or flirt I really want ii to face that where whether ii fights or flirts with him they will have to do it in their Paris house there will be no DII or shantiniketin for her to run away 
Posted: 6 years ago
Even Dude knows it na that she want to become the Director at KPMG...
II was evaluating her Career path..when Ranjan asked her for grandchild...
She is bearing so much of mental pressure Broken Heart
I really want RnB to think on her behalf..
Posted: 6 years ago
party kaisa gaya batana. Especially about your 'Diva' like dress Cool I've been wondering since the morning if you got a floral print oneEmbarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
Im glad II has bally to open up unbiased matured opinion is necessary

looks like II pent up emotions the doubts and insecurity of the marriage surfaced and she said them out loud
introspection and talking out loud put things in different perspectives

i hope all the insecurities are spoken out cos that reduces the size of problems

it was a new chapter to II's side of the story
Posted: 6 years ago
Thank you again for writing this piece which is a subtle commentary on the anxt of contemporary life.  The guy is brought up with very individualist values with politeness and honesty.  Without much thought about family members, given a lot of freedom and independence.  I think socialized that the ultimate decisions should be made in the interest of the self.  The girl on the other hand epitomizes modern, progressive India.  Educated, ambitious, but socially connected absolutely can do anything to make her family happy.  Except for marrying the dude she did what made her family happy 
Like anyone else she wants to make decisions which would be in her self interest.  But unlike the dude where self interest is only about him and what he wants and makes him happy her self is an amalgamation of all her loved ones including his family.
You have been so successful in portraying this difference between these two brilliantly.  Finally I cannot find anything wrong or right about their dilemma, they are just manifesting who they are.

I am not from India, but I have a lot of respect for her culture and traditions.   And Ii represents all that is right with contemporary India.
Kudos to you for such a reflective piece of work.  
waiting for more as always.
Posted: 6 years ago

Dristi, II is very "objective and rational" as an afterthought, she wasnt this way in Feb, she wanted him to have asked his Dad to go talk about their wedding with Mr Iyer, when he said "he didnt" she was devastated.
When he proposed she didnt take a second to process it, she only wanted to retain her last name, that was it!!

She was imagining being his wife way before any such thing remotely even occurred to him
Crazy teenager any one?

NOW she is able to look at everything like a third person

I apologize for causing the dry spell

Hopefully shall inundate with water today
Posted: 6 years ago
Thankyou for the update nisha we missed you

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