Software Symphony 27 Hot & Peppery 500th Chapter on 57 - Page 126

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Posted: 7 years ago
Girl TalkBlushing

This one is for Ashu, Dristi, Nammu and all the ones that hope to have one like her soon.LOL Rest of us with two kids?  can always get the tubes untiedEmbarrassed

"Hey Sam aap kaise ho?" II called her after she hung up Akka's call

"Arey kya baat hai kya baat hai" she chuckled

"main aapko roz karti hoon"

"Achhha?" Sam teased

"Sam mujhe ek help chahiye" she stretched in bed, wearing only a skinny tee over her lacy underthings
Rested and satiated

"Kahiye madam"

"Lasya ko bhejengi aap?"  Pause "Khelne ke liye?"

Sam burst out laughing

"Khelne ke liye kyon woh nahi nahi khelne waala ?"

"Umm... uske saath khel chuki (casual unattentive)


"Kya kheli?" Sam asked conspiratorily

"Ayyo no... I mean... I dont want to play with him... chhey I mean WHO plays with an adult?" "SAMMM!!!"

"Jee?" innocent


"Khel chuki?" she asked again

"I am not going to answer that"

"Theek hai main usko poochh loongi" Sam promised

"Nahiii I mean... no... sure" II mumbled

"Khel chuki ya nahi"

"sam please we went to a baby's birth ceremony, " she explained

"Uske baad kya kiya?"

"I can come get her" II offered

"Nahiii.. kyon?" Sam asked

"OK fine some other time then?" Ii asked

"Abhi bhejti hoon... BTW I spoke to him and he said u were taking a nap, Iyer ladki shaam ko saath baje SOTI HUI?" "ayyo! Rama!" Sam teased

"That was evil BTW"
"Thanks very much" Sam said sincerely

The tyke arrived 30 mins later, Sofia texted from downstairs, she asked her to come up pulling her sheets up

Unwilling to get off the bed, "Dad aa gaye kya?" she asked Sofia sheepishly

"Nahi, gaadi to nahi hai" she smiled

"Main pakdoon she asked Sofia

Sofia was trapped in some teen drama with her life she loved to be on her phone, she would now walk the lawn or sun room talking animatedly

Took the baby, she was dressed in a purple dress with a elasticized scooped neck with a pattern at the edge below

She smiled as II gathered her close, propping a bunch of pillows up for her to sit like a Chinese good luck icon, her belly hanging loose, her double chin sagging on to her chest, he balance off because of her weight
She either slanted left or right, II and her played the game of seating her, she lunged to catch II's pendant, and either fell forward or slid sideways, quickly kicking her legs in spinning motion like she was riding an imaginary bike staring at the fan, it was rotating at the lowest speed

She assumed it was someone that was talking to her , she cooed and smiled and grinned inviting it down from the ceiling, promising great rewards if it came off the ceiling

II planted her on her butt and watched her slide off

"U and I are best friends OK. Neeyum girl, naanum girl, u have long hair I have long hair, U have pretty nails I have pretty nails
I wear diamond studs u do too, u have a fat belly and Mami does too, (she lifted her skinny tee to show her belly)

"U love duddu I HATE it... but we will let that one slide...
She leaned and whispered  "U have Uncle R I DO TOO... I mean hes mine but I can share" she whispered and whistled  a soft tune
"He looked so delish today... we went on a date u know" "Nee poreya date la?" (do u want to go kanna?) she cooed

"When u start dating... NOT NOW... I know u probably got a few suitors out there, but no not now, umm... 18 years from now? I will teach u all about men"

Lasya stared without a smile

"I married a rakshasan!! I KNOW di" she said seriously

Lasya cooed

"FIRST RULE. When u see the guy that turns u on, QUIT, RUN, FLEE, DISAPPEAR, VANISH.
IF u want sanity in ur life, otherwise u bees married to him, and he bees relentless" II blushed whispering in her ear

Lasya giggled thinking II was blowing air

ALWAYS WATCH UR BACK..." she advised

"Learn to breathe when he makes love, exhaling makes it intensely pleasurable"  she counted

"My fingers are all used up, onnoda kutti toes and fingers use panlama?" she asked nibbling the fat toes
(I used all my fingers in counting advice may we use ur fat appendages?)

Her soles were soft and buttery and pink

"Why are u so cute?" she asked the baby

She joined her fists and blew a fountain of spit

"THATS exactly what I thought too" she said, cuddling her ferociously

Lasya grinned a thick river of drool falling off her left side

"acchocho kozhandaiki rivers of drool?" "SO CUTEEE SO CUTEEE" she smothered the lil ball of jiggly fat, she giggled heartily

"Mami bought u some board books, Goodnight Gorilla, let me bring" she jailed her inside 10 pillows and quickly ran to her closet and bought two board books

He came in, and was startled to hear her read then he saw Lasya's fat foot fly up as she teased the ceiling fan blades

II let her touch the book, as she crushed and chewed on the baby's cheeks

"Ive figured out a way to eat u for dinner, I will tempt u and then eat u up" she kissed both cheeks

He walked over and lay down , by her

"Oh! mi gosh!! The enemy is here... run run run, ladooo" she warned

Lasya went on hyperactive mode the moment she saw dude's head... "Gaaa...
and gooo... and unnn" various previously unheard of sounds were released as as mark of honor for Uncle R's appearanceLOL

He gently bent down and planted a kiss on her now exposed moles on her curves

She shrieked scolding

"sorry peanut, I married her" he said smugly

II laughed, "kozhandai da" (its a baby), he nibbled her chest, either Lasya wanted to be picked up by II or by R&B

she just stretched and scooted and rolled over and let out a big whimper  "How DARE u"

She lay back and closed her eyes as the dude and the baby used her for a plaything,
rolling her over and rolling over her... nudging caressing nibbling, the baby slobbered while the man did things he wasnt supposed to with the baby on the bed

"its my playtime" she ordered huskily, curling up on his chest, he was now in the center, Lasya on one side and II on the other

"Whats for dinner?" she asked

"Where do u want to go?" he offered

"I want to lay in bed and chop her up and eat" she said

"U can have me for dessert" he said, taking her hand places...


They went down at 9:30 PMish...

Ranjan was listening to sitar sipping his whiskey

"Aapko betaji?" he asked as R&B walked down with the baby

"I have to practice for the Mayur Vihar gig da" she said

He nodded

"Dad I will quickly go practice Amma signed me up to sign at yet another place" she said angrily

Ranjan laughed "changa puttar, jao jao, home work bahut jaroori haiga" (go practice)

She made a face and left... "Dont play with him too much seriya, thatha is here he can very well entertain u, u dont need Mama for everything
Thatha has the funnest stories to narrate, Mama is clever... Thatha is very nice kanna... once I come back I will show u a toy I have for u seriya, dont get too attached to ur mama"

ALL THIS on the 7th step of the staircase

His phone rang as she walked towards the Mandir, the call would be from his agent confirming his ticket to Paris

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Posted: 7 years ago

Lasya's dress
Posted: 7 years ago
His phone rang as she walked towards the Mandir, the call would be from his agent confirming his ticket to Paris
much as we all know this was due, feel awful...
ippo tiruppiyum ella pakkamum azhugaiyaa Nisha ???after a couple of such happy updates, the heart is not willing to accept the inevitable...

or will you play an ACE Big smile  Nisha pleassse
Posted: 7 years ago
After all the good Girlie Talk you blasted the bomb Nisha.
Dude is going Paris alone? Oh my god!
Posted: 7 years ago
Agent confirming ticket??? Heat beat stopped Cry cute!!! 

All the girl talk read processed and noted LOL

Posted: 7 years ago
Nisha after all that love fest, u dropped the atom bomb!!!! 
As much as I love that city, I am not getting that warm and fuzzy feeling for itOuchOuch
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by VeeIyer

<font color="#0000ff">His phone rang as she walked towards the Mandir, the call would be from his agent confirming his ticket to Paris</font>

much as we all know this was due, feel awful...
ippo tiruppiyum ella pakkamum azhugaiyaa Nisha ???after a couple of such happy updates, the heart is not willing to accept the inevitable...

or will you play an ACEBig smile Nishapleassse

I can see the mini separation.
This will be the testing time for couple.
Posted: 7 years ago
Now that you have exploded the bomb Nisha, will there be a really nice heart to heart between Ranjan and II ( this is a request on behalf of me & Anu !!! )
Both of them would have to deal with the parting and it would be really nice if we could have them how II spoke with Bally...a longish update please !!!

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