An Arranged Love Marriage (AR FF) #2; NEW PART- 04.08.2018(Page 96)

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PART 52(completed)

Totally spent after hours and hours of passion; he pecked her forehead and spoke looking straight in her eyes "Bacha... I am really so glad you actually let your covers of shyness fall for me. I am really touched baby..."
Riddhima cupped his face and spoke earnestly; "Mere liye aap hi mera sab kuch hai Armaan..., aapke liye main kuch bhi kar sakti hu, ye toh bas ek chota sa kadam tha..."
"Don't you say that... I know it wasn't easy for you! I understand ye sab karne ke liye bohot himmat lagi hogi tumhe and I think drinking was a nice way that you chose to boast your courage." She smiled deep at it when he continued; "Jokes apart; I really really know what this must have meant to you Riddhima and I totally appreciate your efforts."
"Pata nahi ye kadam kitna bada ya chota tha... par main itna hi samjhti hu ki aapse badhkar nahi tha mere liye..." He did not waste a minute more as a tear trickled out of her eye kissing it right away and covered her lips with a sensuous kiss turning her under him again. Automatically her hands circled his neck and he was pulled closer. His actions had totally sobered as he started with another trail of kisses over her neckline. She could actually feel him pleasure her skin more than satisfying any of his own desire.
After a tantalizing session he let himself easy on her placing feather light kisses all over the marks he left over her. Pushing her hair off her forehead he rode her gently while his lips took her into a ferocious kiss. She sunk slowly into his love once again while he caressed her cheek soothing her all the while. Diving and rising from the sea of love they reached new peaks of passion letting their souls reunite. Her entire body ached due to the sweet pleasure and they never realized when the dark sky had already started fading bringing in the dawn.
"Hmm?" She was busy staring at him but as he questioned cocking his brow she simply shook her head and rested her head on his chest making him smile and plant a soft kiss over her head. 
"Acha Riddhima; ye night dress aur ye sara plan..." He raised her face holding her cheek and continued; "Sach sach batao; tumhara apna idea tha?"
Her face instantly flushed while she dropped her gaze but somehow managed to reply; "Ye dress mujhe Muskaan ne jabardasti kharidwai; usi red gown ke saath. Par ye sara plan... I mean... vo kal raat sab..."
As she hesitated he purposely nudged her; "Hmm hmm what do you mean tell me; kya sab?"
But she simply bit her lower lip instead of answering as she knew what she was talking about but just teasing her; so he kissed her cheek sparing her anymore tease; "Haan bolo... vo sab bhi Muskaan ne..."
"Nahi..." she instantly cut him; "matlab usne mujhe dress diya tab aisi kuch baatein kahi thi par fir kal aapne kaha na ki aapki fantasy... and you always say I never let myself free around you; toh I wanted to do it for you. For us!!" She looked back into his eyes conveying that she meant each word of it deeply. 
"I know Jaan and trust me it means equally huge as it does for you!" She was rewarded with another sweet kiss over her forehead while he continued; the naught glint returning to his eyes; "But well... you haven't yet answered me?"
Riddhima frowned at him making him roll his eyes; "Your fantasy! You still did not let me know about it. Batao naa..."
"Armaan please... why do you want to know about it; aap jaankar kya karenge. Vaise bhi there's nothing to tell."
Armaan rolled over purposely rubbing his body on her making her instantly moan; "Vohi jo tumne kiya jaankar... And see I am not leaving you so just spill the beans by yourself; or you know I have my ways to make you speak. Now do you wish I use them? Then tell me!... I had immediately oblige you know."
Riddhima knew exactly what he meant and even if she would have not; his eyes clearly depicted the meaning of his words while he purposely rubbed his body against hers making her pull her gaze away; "Armaan I... it's not that great and you might think... I am so filmy."
"I won't think anything baba I promise; you just tell me. Come on... I wish to know yaar. Ek toh it's so rare you speak up about such things; kam se kam ek desire toh jaanne do mujhe tumhari!"
"Acha par pehle aap promise keejiye ki aap mujhe chidhayenge nahi!"
"Ohh woow really I wonder aisi kya fantasy hai tu--" He spoke his thoughts out loud with a smirk but was cut by her glare; "Acha ok nahi chidhaunga... batao."
Armaan smiled as he rested his body weight over his elbow leaning over her; while she played with his other hand that was intertwined with hers tearing apart her gaze as she spoke; "I love reading you know right... so humesha se sare novels mein I have been reading about these romantic confessions that the couple has and well then... they used to kiss. Main jyaada kuch toh jaanti nahi thi tab how things go ahead thereafter par humesha chahti thi ki kabhi aise hi kisi din; when I fall in love toh khuli hawa mein, completely drenched in rain enjoying the weather and the sweet fragrance of wet soil; we share a kiss."
He admired her face as she looked lost as she spoke. He could very well see that she was definitely busy picturing them sharing the exact moment she had just uttered; well so was he. But he realized her fantasy wasn't really a fantasy but a mere romantic encounter that she had always dreamt of with her life partner. And whatever she might have managed to do last night on his wish; she had still remain the same, sweet, naive and innocent Riddhima forever. But he was sure there must be a little more to it... atleast after he came into her life.
"Acha yeh toh in general wali baat ho gayi. Par what about me? I mean mujhe lekar kabhi toh koi desire rahi hogi tumhari." She did look up at him but soon drifted her gaze apart; "Now come on don't tell me I am so undesirable!"
Her cheeks flushed and he knew she had something more to say so he just intertwined her fingers completely stopping her play waiting for her to speak up. "Umm... regarding you?"
She tried to detangle her hand and turn away but he locked her fingers tightly and leaned closer groaning at her attempt of escape; "Uhuh bolo bhi!"
Her gaze shifted down to his arm tattoo and he grinned understanding what she must be wanting to say so he helped her out; "Ahaan the tattoo?"
She smiled covering up her blush and continued with her down casted gaze; "Mujhe vaise toh tattoos khaas pasand nahi aate; par us din... jab pehli baar maine ye tattoo dekha tha..." He frowned for a minute but soon realized she was talking about the very next morning of their confession; how could he forget the cherry red face that she had turned into as he caught her red-hand!
"It looks perfect on you; aap pe kaafi suit karta hai. And it always made me want to... touch it. I wanted to know how it felt against your skin and ..." Her words ended as she found him gazing down at her with an intense look melting her right away. She shut her eyes tightly no more able to finish her words.
Armaan chuckled as she stopped midway blushing hard and hid in her neck nuzzling in the crook; "Well good for you coz the tattooed arm and the owner now completely belongs to you; forever. Tum jab chaho chooke dekh sakti ho; I promise I won't ever complain!" ------------------
Lost in his deep sleep he turned his side and she immediately came out of her sleep as she lost his warmness around her. The room was still dark due to the rolled down curtains but the rays peeping in through the slits let her know that the day had already set in when she looked up at the watch which read 5 a.m! She was really sleepy but his parting warmth really disturbed her and she was up on her elbow pouting at him looking extremely cute but to his luck he had missed the view. On the contrary she got a perfect view to start her day; his forehead covered with his fringes, hair all messed up from their eventful night. She chuckled softly admiring him look so cute in that messy hair look; as otherwise he never allowed anybody touch his hair and they were always perfectly set with not a hair here or there! But maybe last night he wasn't really too bothered to pay attention to that rule of his. A prominent blush crept up on her cheeks as the flashes came back and she melted into a puddle. Riddhima thanked her stars that he was fast asleep or else she knew; he wouldn't leave a single chance of teasing her to death.
But she chucked all her thoughts aside as she got her wish granted after a long time and there was no way she was going to miss on it. Erasing the distance in between; she quickly shifted closer leaning over him and delicately glided her fingers into his soft hair. Had he been awake he had never ever let her play with his hair she could bet her life on that; but this was something her hands always itched to do. Yes of course when lost in their moments she ruffled his hair he loved it to no ends; but otherwise anytime; she wasn't allowed to mess or for that matter play with his hair as she knew he loved his hair equally as much as he loved his ownself. Actually maybe he loved his hair a little more than himself; coz she very well remembered the forever that he took to set them correct every morning. Though they looked pretty much the same to her 15 minutes after his setup session as they looked before the session! 
She startled a little as he frowned in his sleep and dragged her hand back; but soon his arm found her, wrapping her waist tightly and relaxed instantly. Biting her lip hard she stifled her giggle as she got back to her business and continued playing with his hair. Erasing the fringes off his forehead she caressed his forehead slowly but freely as that he definitely did not mind ever she knew. Her other hand guided her towards his cheek as the caresses brought a soft smile to his lips; bringing back his dimple and she instantly touched it turning it deeper. Her light touch had awaken him and the minute he opened his eyes he found her so close to him; leaning over him admiring his face with a look in her eyes that he wished to capture in his heart forever. Tightening his hold against her waist he held her firm since as expected she tried to move away seeing him awake; "Oye hoye... jab jaag raha hota hu tab toh itne pyaar se kabhi mujhe nahi dekhti tum."
"Aap mauka hi kaha dete hai; aapko aise dekhne ke liye aapka paas hona bhi toh jaroori hai na!"
Armaan frowned as she gave a cute pout complaining; "Kya matlab?"
"Matlab ye ki aapko toh mujhse jyaada aapke in six pack abs se jo pyaar hai. Isse pehle ki main aankhein kholu; aap apne morning walk ya work-out pe chale gaye hote hai. Toh main aapko dekhungi kaise?"
He was a little surprised by her tiny confession; she was right indeed. He usually was away by the time she would wake up; but then he never knew she liked to have him by her side as she woke up. "Acha? Matlab you had like it if I stay back in the morning next to you?"
"Acha kyu nahi lagega?" She asked him completely perplexed.
"I don't know. You never tell me what you like; what you want!" She bit her lip guilty as charged and he softly chuckled at her cute face.
"Now that I have discovered this tiny truth; I will make sure to be by your side as you wake up. Tumhe wish kiye begair work out karne nahi jaunga."
"Pakka? Yaad rahegi aapko ye baat; ghar vapas jaane par bhul toh nahi jayenge?"
"What? Neverrr... Infact  mujhe ye baat pehle pata hoti toh ab tak shayad meri work out ki aadat bhi chod ne ke liye tayyar ho jata main! After all you asking me to stay by your side is very rare you know."
She rolled her eyes at his comment and let her head rest against his chest snuggling into him; "Haan mujhe acha lagta hai jab mere din ki shuruuat aapse ho. Sun liya? Toh bas fir decided; mujhe good morning wish kiye begair aap kahi nahi jaoge abse!" Chuckling at her sweet command he planted a kiss over her head giving his approval. Getting back to his business drowned in covering her neckline with warm kisses; enveloping her body under his as the cold winds brushed past his part of bare back that was out of the comforter. He would agree no less that he was an idiot to have been missing on this morning romance in the past. Riddhima was happy that she had all his time to herself which was very well being used! She let her eyes drop shut savouring the moment as his warm palm caressed her cheek while he kissed her neckline softly as if just wanting to leave the imprints of his lips over her. He purposely nudged her as he kissed behind her earlobe; "I guess you had a nice sleep?" Drowned into the moment she never realized when she muttered, "Hmm... best sleep." She only realized it as he chuckled softly against her skin at her unconscious small confession turning her deep red. "Really now?!" It had just been an hour or so that they had fallen asleep but he knew she meant what she said cause he himself had the best sleep ever and nothing and absolutely nothing could take that away. He nibbled her earlobe when she whispered; "It's too cold Armaan."
He moaned a soft "hmm" too lost in his kisses when he noticed it was 7 am already. He thought over her words and suggested; "Bacha; I was thinking of having a hot shower. Do you mind accompanying? It might really help you fight the cold you know!"
"Me?" She looked up at him with the widest stretch of her eyes she could manage making him smile. "I... it's umm..."
Gauging her hesitancy he instantly cupped her cheek; "Itni aage badh hi gayi ho; toh now don't go back to square one."
"Par Armaan vo..."
"Shh..." He made her look up at him and questioned straight forward; "Everything that happened last night; did you feel uncomfortable for a minute of what you did?" She instantly shook her head; "Well then you won't even now, I will make sure of it. Let it go with the flow baby and I assure you; you will only cherish every moment of it! Though the rest is up to you; tum nahi chahti toh--"
"Armaan" She cut his words and raised her hand for him to hold giving in completely trusting his words. Armaan placed a soft kiss against her palm and obliged. Locking her gaze with his he lifted her off the bed and getting into the bathroom shut the door with his feet. Letting her feet down onto the floor he untied the sheet draped against her body and as it slid down her body she shuddered. The next minute he held her chin and took her in a sweet kiss holding her close to his body letting her adjust to their bareness. Escorting her into the bathtub as the hot water filled in; he made her sit on his lap and both of them moaned feeling the hot water touch their bodies amidst the cold winds. Soon she forgot every hesitancy as his hand rounded her waist and his hot lips started kissing her neckline passionately. As he caressed every inch of her body covering it with innumerable kisses she agreed that he was indeed right. She would feel nothing else but ONLY cherish this experience and time forever. With every touch of his it felt the most righteous thing to do. And the minute that he turned her engulfing her in his arms kissing her senselessly to drown into another round filled with love and passion; she was already unknown and unbothered of everything around but HIM and had become an equal participant to his surprise.


Having a hard time to keep his hand all to himself as she looked ethereal in her rich purple outfit; he got down from horse cart and held out his hand for her. She was already too excited about the entire cart ride, it had made her feel like a princess.  Intertwining her arm with his they walked towards the restaurant he had made their reservation in. Having a king style meal as they walked out of the restaurant she couldn't stop her smile even though her cheeks hurt. He had made her feel so special that she felt like she was living in some fairy tale world. And she rested her head against his shoulder thanking him for the evening as she thought it was to end there, he let his arm circle her shoulder pulling her closer;

"That was my pleasure love but who said the day's ended?"
She instantly looked up at him surprised when he simply winked at her in reply. He without uttering a word had then pulled her in... into a club.

DISCLAIMER: Ye pub poori tarah kaalpanik hai, iska Switzerland ya vastavik jeevan se koi taaluk nahi! LOL Wink

 The interiors were of crystal and the place had fluroscent blue lights emitting making the crystals shine. Though the music was a little loud but she definitely liked the place. It looked really cool and the people dancing to their own tunes made the place so lively that the vibes forced her feet to tap.
Armaan smiled at her as she checked the place keenly and her eyes themselves gave away the appreciation no words were needed.  Pulling her further in he escorted her towards the mini bar and leaned in towards her with a smirk; "Up for a drink Mrs.Mallik?"
She shook her head biting her lower lip understanding his underlying tease making him chuckle. He ordered a virgin pomegranate mojito for her and chilled jigger beer for himself. Just as their drinks had arrived she had been watching around, the couples and many other singles who were merrily dancing to the music. She just couldn't imagine him amongst them, an Armaan clad in a full suit and shining boots paired up was imaginable, Armaan dressed up casually in a cool jacket or t-shirt like a young lad was also imaginable after the recent days they had been spending here with no office work, but still... The Armaan Mallik, dancing, was something she couldn't just picture. Seeing her smiling to herself as she turned towards him he cocked his brow puzzled at her laugh;
"Kis baat pe itni hasi aa rahi hai aapko?"

"Armaan... aap mujhe yaha le toh aaye hai, par ab aage kya?"

"Kya matlab?"
He creased his forehead as he could see a mischievous glint in her eye. 

"Matlab yah ape toh log enjoy karne aate hai, DANCE karne aate hai par hum yaha kya karenge? Kyunki aap toh..."
She sipped her drink quietly emphasizing on the word dance and he frowned. Confused at first but he did realize what she meant and narrowed his eyes. He could see her trying hard to hold her laugh looking up at him with a smirk. But he had wiped it off soon as he pulled her in swiftly;
"You underestimate your husband a lot Missy. But no issues let's clear another misconception for you."
The beer was gulped in a shot, he winked at her as he walked a few steps back and then turned around. She straightened herself on her seat as she realized something was up his sleeve. Her eyes widened as she could see him discard his jacket and place it on the nearby chair as he approached a girl. She couldn't hear a word but she could see the girl smile at something he uttered and happily glided her hand into his. Riddhima's jaw dropped down to the floor as he escorted the blonde to the centre. And then the unimaginable happened. She couldn't believe her eyes. This guy definitely wasn't her husband, I mean come on her husband had never even been a bollywood fan. He never watched tv seriously, all she could remember he would watch when home were either news channels, sports channels or some cartoon. He did not know Ganesh Hegde!!She clearly remembered he had asked her about him when they were once watching tv together and he was a judge of some reality show. That day she had concluded there was no way this guy had any connection with dance, otherwise how could he not know who Ganesh Hegde is, but boy he proved her wrong!
His body moved so passionately she couldn't believe her eyes. God; she smacked herself mentally for underestimating him; he was right, she really considered him too less than what he was. He looked like some celebrity dancer, maybe he wasn't a really great dancer coz she had definitely seen well trained dancers being passionate about dance herself, but he definitely had his own style. A great body language, no scratch that, an undeniably desirable body language! The way his body swayed to the music, the way his light feet tapped in perfect rhythm with the music and the way he handled the girl in his arms any girl woul... WAIT WHAT!! The girl... who girl?
She snapped out of her surprise and then realized that he was dancing with some girl who was definitely enjoying all the attention.

Armaan who was watching her all the while rolled his tongue in cheek as he could notice her surprise soon turning into jealousy and she had almost turned green making it hard for him to refrain himself from laughing out loud at her cute face. He purposely turned around swaying the girl in his arms as he saw her approach them. Riddhima stood next to them and cleared her throat to grab their attention but he purposely ignored her making her fume more. So she tapped the girl's shoulder instead and giving her a sweet but fake smile asked her to excuse them when Armaan himself spoke; "Umm excuse me Miss but I am not sure if I am worth dancing with you know. Coz log toh yaha dance karne aate hai na aur main toh... you know?!"
He threw her taunt back at her and she could only huff in anger. Looking to and fro from the blonde to him and noticing his evil smirk she stomped; "Fine... as you wish."

Riddhima turned on her heels but he gripped her wrist holding her in place. She turned around to find him smile at the girl while he whispered; "Thanks Gina, it was nice meeting you"
"Pleasure's all mine, you both really make a great couple."
With that she planted a soft kiss against his cheek, hugged Riddhima and walked away but Riddhima was too stunned to react. How dare she kiss her husband right in front of her. Armaan pulled her hard towards him as she was still staring back towards her retreating figure making her gasp at the sudden pull.
"Ye kya kar rahe the aap?"

"Kyu tumhe nahi pata? Dance hi toh kar raha tha!"

Riddhima rolled her eyes at his lame reply; "Yeah right. Toh jaaiye na usike saath jaake dance keejiye, mujhe kyun pakad rakha hai."

"Pehle ye toh batao tumhara opinion change hua ya nahi? I am sure I dance good enough to change your thoughts. Aur kuch der pehle jaise tum mujhe dekh rahi thi usse mujhe lagta hai ki... you definitely liked what you saw!"

Riddhima's cheeks coloured up but she soon feigned it with her fake anger; "Aur mujhe lagta hai ki baat ko badlna koi aapse seekhe! Chodiye mujhe, vaise bhi it wasn't that great you know. Mujhe toh aap ab bhi vohi poorane boring, workaholic types Armaan lagte hai. "

"Tch tch tch... you shouldn't have said that. Ab tum aisa sochti ho toh mera hi farz banta hai na to change your thoughts."
With that he twirled her out and pulled her in swiftly causing her back bump with his hard chest. She gasped realizing she had unknowingly triggered him and he would now make her pay. As if on a cue the dj changed to a peppy love song. She hastily tried to walk away but he managed to hold her wrists and pull her back this time letting his arms cage her within his arms. His warm hands traced her bare arms all the way down to her finger tips intertwining them with his while he nuzzled her neck. Involuntarily her head was thrown back over his shoulder feeling his hot breath over her soft skin, but soon it was lost as he twirled her again making her face him while his hand rested against her lower back possessively. Her hands had automatically shifted up onto his shoulders and she could feel her steps match his from back to left, ahead and right, on their own accord.  She saw a deep smile on his lips reaching his eyes and before she could predict his next move he had pinned her hands with his behind her back and pushed her slightly making her bend back through her waist, with him towering her. His hot breath tickled her lips arising goose bumps all over her which in turn deepened his smile. Her eyes traced his facial features closely as he stared down deep at her, she smiled slightly as his fringes were out from his perfectly set hair due to the winds playing through them. God he looked hot or what!

Reading her expressions he thought of snapping her out and quickly swayed her all the way from left to right finally pulling her up straight. His hooded eyes looked back into hers and she couldn't believe how smoothly he guided her along into a pretzel swing. She with a sealed mouth followed his lead as she was absolutely enjoying the dance. Gliding his hands around her waist he lifted her up in the air and swirled along with her in his arms letting the winds play with her hair. And once that she landed on her feet he once again twirled her out and her free hand wound around his nape tight as he took her down into a crocodile roll without any warning making her eyes widen with his sudden move. Bringing her back on her feet he pushed her out and with a final twirl pulled her into him with a force making her bang straight into his chest. He chuckled as she panted and her eyes were still round with surprise due to their breathtaking dance, "So Mrs. Mallik... ab bhi mujhe boring kehna chahti hai aap?"

A sweet smile finally broke on her lips and she giggled as he raised his brow in askance; "I think itna bura bhi nahi naachte aap jitna maine socha tha." He narrowed his eyes while his lips pursed at her nonchalant reply but gave in anyways as she chuckled.

Licking her lips, tasting the left over chocolate ice cream over her lips she placed the bowl on the counter watching him still talk over the phone. Tired of waiting she frowned and tugged his shirt sleeve indicating to cut the call soon but instead he just signalled her that it was important and he would just take another two minutes. But just as expected even 15 minutes later he was still on the call and that is when an idea struck her. She slowly went close to him and settled on the counter top next to him as they were still in the kitchen. Very sweetly she intertwined his arm and he pulled her closer thinking of it as her cute attempt to be by his side. But a minute later he shrieked as he realized her intentions while she giggled seeing him jump startled by her move. Well the reason for such reaction was, his sweet little innocent wife who stood by his side was busy tickling his ear while he spoke on the phone.

He widened his eyes warning her to back off and she settled quietly for a minute, but another minute she was back with a bang. Armaan was now having a tough time as earlier she just tickled his ear, but as he grabbed hold of her hands she purposely started planting kisses here and there on his jaw line not only putting him in a difficulty to continue the conversation but at the same time surprising him by her move. He was taken aback by her act but then smiled seeing her initiate for the first time ever, so what if it was meant to only irritate distract him off the phone call. He loved to see this notorious side of his wife, which he knew was only reserved for him. Just when he had thought of cutting the call with a warning "You just wait till I cut the call", but on the other line he was getting Ananya's call. He ended the call that he was busy with and Riddhima walked out of the kitchen stopping her antics as he started talking to Ananya but just within 2 minutes he walked out towards her and purposely told Ananya; "Haan Mom Riddhima yahi hai mere saamne leejiye baat keejiye, aapko bohot miss kar rahi thi, talk to her all you wish; here..." Riddhima's eyes widened understanding how the tables had turned and she smiled at him sheepishly.

He pulled her up from the comfy one seater sofa, handed her his cell and pulled her down onto his lap; "Bohot maja aa raha tha na tumhe, ab karo baat!"
"Hello Mom... kaisi hai aap..." she started speaking to Ananya simultaneously holding her other ear apologizing to him as she knew he would definitely take his revenge now but he simply pulled her hand off her ear and turned her around, completely ignoring her apology and she was no blind to miss that evil smirk on his face. She shut her eyes smacking herself mentally for teasing him as she felt him unpin her hair. She kept talking to Ananya when she sensed all her hair pushed onto one side while he nuzzled her neck. She giggled as he purposely licked a spot behind her earlobe making her feel ticklish and she tried to get out of her hold but he pulled her back. She turned around signalling him to stop but his eyes clearly stated; "Tit for tat" and she had no option but to bear the brunt. Ananya on the other end asked her if she was okay highly embarrassing Riddhima; "Jee Mom... vo kuch nahi, aap boliye kya keh rahi thi aap?"

It was his turn to chuckle as she tried to suppress her giggles due to his tickling kisses behind her earlobe. Using all her strength she pushed him a little away and succeeded to get down from his lap. But the next minute he turned her around and pinned her free hand at her back. She muffled her groan as he jammed her body with his and hid his face in her neck. He himself pitied a little as she tried her best to reply Ananya maintaining her voice and stifling her moans due to his warm kisses and bites.She even made an attempt to cut the call saying she couldn't find her tablet she was supposed to take in the morning when he purposely spoke up loud enough that Ananya could hear; "Arey vo tablet toh maine rakhi hai apne paas Riddhima, tum baat karo na aaram se main de dunga tumhe baad mein."
She pouted at him cutely but instead received a wink from his end before he continued his business trapping her completely not even letting her cut the call. Pinning her back to the wall he made things even more difficult for her. Pushing her strap down, he pinned her hand to the wall and showered her neck with uncountable kisses and bites making her wither under his hold. Finally after a few minutes he let her go and pecked her lips winking at her and all she could manage was a deep blush. Though he stopped kissing her, he still kept her pinned to the wall playing with her hair, caressing her cheek and as soon as she cut the call she smacked his arm.
"Yeh kya kar rahe the aap, Mom kya soch rahi hogi?"

"Par unhe kaunsa phone se dikhayi de raha tha tum yaha kya kar rahi ho?!"

"Armaan!!" She snapped at him at his shameless comment.

"Don't Armaan me... vaise bhi shuruat kisne ki thi?"

"Vo toh aap humesha ki tarah phone pe busy ho gaye the toh main bore ho rahi thi, isi liye..."

He pulled her closer holding her chin; "Acha toh bore hone par tum ye sab karti ho... not bad! I think I can manage with it."
Riddhima's eyes opened huge with surprise at his comment and she hid herself in his neck blushing hard making him smile deep. He hugged her tight in his arms, "Oye hoyye... itna sab hone ke baad bhi tum itna sharma kaise lete ho! Abhi toh kuch der pehle itni shararatein sujh rahi thi aur ab... tum vakai ek eklauta piece ho."

"Armaan!" She once again snapped, pulling away from the hug and pouting at him when he continued; "Par jaisi bhi ho mujhe pasand ho, kyunki sirf meri ho!"

His words brought a million dollar smile on her lips which he quickly covered with a long sweet kiss. Though it was about time to sleep, neither of them was too sleepy so she offered; "Coffee peeyenge?"
"Neki aur pooch pooch!"

As she stirred the contents within the mug she felt his warm hands crawl up slowly around her waist;
"Armaaan... kya hai, coffee banane deejiye na."

"Toh tum banao na, where am I stopping you, main bas apna kaam kar raha hu." He playfully played with her strap; "Armaaan, mat keejiye na." But when he still didn't budge she turned around and placed the sugar sachets in his hands; "Ye leejiye aap khud hi bana leejiye, mujhe nahi banani koi coffee... hump"
Armaan laughed heartily at her pouty face and pulled her back caging her in his arms, letting her back jam against his chest, while he lifted the cup and started stirring the just added sugar with his arms still wound around her leaving her with no option but to stay still as a single movement from her end would spill the coffee.
"Acha theek hai baba nahi chedta... come here."
He placed her on the counter while he stood facing her. But Riddhima still rolled her eyes; "Acha? Aisi baat hai? Hasna toh tumhe padega baby..." and with that he placed the cup aside and started tickling her. Startled at once she broke into peels of laughter; "Ahh... Armaan... stop... enough na please..." He finally stopped as her eyes shed tears out of her hard giggles and she clutched her stomach, "Aap bhi na, uff... mera pet."

She soon got busy playing with his buttons as he sipped his coffee; "Chalo bahar chalke baithte hai aaram se."
But she whined to which he cocked his brows; "Mujhe chalne ka man nahi hai, I am too tired... let's sit here only for some while na."
He narrowed his eye at her; "Too tired hone jaisa aapne kya kiya hai?"
"Tch... bas ab hu tired toh hu na."
"Nautanki!!" He shook his head and picked her in is arms; "Ab madam ka man hai chalne ka?"
"Umm... Yeah I think this will do."

"Ahaan... meri bholi bhali biwi kaafi badal nahi gayi yaha aake?"

"Maybe, sangat ka asar ho!"

"Bohot bolne lagi ho beta, ruko tum jara sab ka hisab rakha hai maine, jawab jaldi dunga main tumhe. Then I will see how much you talk!"
Riddhima flushed at his little threat and hid in his chest as always. He simply chuckled at her act and planted a tight kiss on her forehead carrying her out.

  loved it.plz send me the pm part 51
Posted: 2016-04-30T00:58:16Z

oh well
have to type something or might get deletedLOL
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Abhimanyu judged something was wrong as Armaan's face turned white as a ghost, while Ananya and Billy's attention was grabbed too as he ran upstairs in jet speed. All three of them followed him upstairs understanding something was fishy. 
Armaan opened the door and swore under his breath seeing her sitting by the bed on floor covered in sweat panting hard holding her head. 
He quickly settled down tapping her cheek holding her head as she swayed, unable to sit up straight.
"Baby kya hua... Riddhima?"
"Pata nahi chakkar..."
Riddhima held onto him unable to speak much getting him worried as her skin was cold.
Picking her up he placed her on the bed neatly and called out for Abhi who had anyways just entered as he followed him. He instructed Armaan to open the windows to let some fresh air in and told him to get her medical kit quickly. Ananya and Billy stood by his side while Ananya placed her hand on Armaan's shoulder soothing him though she herself was quite scared. Abhimanyu checked her pulse rate and examined her eyes while Armaan sat by her side rubbing her palms; 
"Riddhima have you been feeling sick or giddy recently."
With some efforts she nodded her head breathing heavily and then looked up at Armaan guiltily as she knew he wasn't going to appreciate her reply;
"Su... subah se I did feel a lit... little dizzy..."
Abhimanyu nodded; "Okay just relax Riddhima, keep taking deep breath."
Opening some liquid injection from her kit, he made her have it orally. Intaking it she lied down quietly for a minute but next moment she sat up feeling uneasy. Abhimanyu instantly sent Ananya and Billy out, while Riddhima tried to move towards the washroom with Armaan's help, however she puked on her way feeling disgusted and helpless at the same time. Armaan accompanied her to the washroom and helped her rinse her face as she could hardly stand on her own. She was completely drained and was on the verge of collapsing but he picked her up in time and carried her back to the bed.
Abimanyu quickly instructed him to get her IV stand and soon she was on saline though she was already unconscious by now. Armaan saw Abhimanyu inject another liquid into her IV bottle while he silently kept staring at her pale face.
Abhimanyu patted his back; "Armaan relax she will be okay. I told you already, cancer is not that easy to just get rid off you know. Bohot jyaaad khayal rakhna padta hai varna kabhi kabhi relapse hone ke bhi kaafi----"
Armaan looked up at him totally dumbstruck when Abhimanyu instantly shook his head; "Nahi nahi, Sorry I did not mean that Armaan. But she's not all fine as yet as well. Use kuch din poori tarah aaram karne de, she will be better. Uske sare medicines kaafi heavy dosage ke hote hai so you know..."
"But she was just fine few minutes ago, aise achanak...?"
"I know Armaan, but nobody can help it. Ye treatment hai hi aisa, in medicines ke kuch side effects bhi hote hai maine bataya tha na tujhe. Aur fir weather is also changing so her body reacted to it that's it. Tu jyada tension mat le, she is okay now. Kal bas ek baar subah use hospital lekar aajaa. Though I am sure everything is just normal, fir bhi kuch tests karve lenge kal, let's just be on safer side."
"Haan main use leke aajaunga. Thank God you were here Abhi... varna pata nahi main----"
"Varna kuch nahi hota Armaan, I would have instructed you over the phone na. That's the reason maine uska sara kit maintain karne ke liye kaha hai tujhe. Just relax, vo abhi thodi der mein hosh mein aa jayegi. Bas ye injection jo hai vo aur do din continue karna hai, but she has to take it orally. Aur haan ise peene pe she might feel a bit uneasy ya fir vomiting bhi ho sakti hai use, but that's okay. Samjh le it's just a cleaning process, haan par agar blood discharge ho toh let me know immediately okay?"
"Hmm... thanks."
"Chal main nikalta hu, take care."
Abhimanyu assured him and went away meeting Ananya and Billy letting them know too that Riddhima was just fine. Both immediately went up to see her and Sophie cleaned up the room quickly while Armaan too changed. As she was still unconscious they just sat by her side for a while assuring Armaan that she will be okay. He let them know that he was fine and sent them away to rest as he knew they were too worried themselves;
"Dad sach, I am okay aap Mom ko leke jaiye and both of you rest. Agar kuch bhi jarurat hogi toh main bata dunga aapko."
Ananya kissed her forehead and they went away wishing him night. He looked up at Sophie who jst placed a glass of water on the side table and kept looking at Riddhima quietly;
"Sophie don't worry, vo theek hai. You also go and sleep now."
"Haan... Jee baba, kuch chahiye ho toh mujhe bula leejiye. Main kuch juice vergera banake rakhti hu, vo uthengi toh de deejiye unhe acha lagega."
"Nahi Sophie it's okay. Vo abhi hosh mein nahi hai na, once she wakes up I'll let you know agar kuch banana ho. Now you go and rest."
"Hmm... Good night!"
Armaan smiled seeing her concern, indeed she had always been a motherly figure but she had gelled up with Riddhima too well. Even Joseph could never hear anything against Riddhima, she had become an apple of everyone's eye in Mallik house and he was glad about it. He sat by her side waiting for the IV to finish and detach it from her so that he coud change her into something comfortable. The saree was definitely quite uncomfortable he could see, but he would have to wait. Riddhima shivered a bit once in a while but did not gain conscious any sooner. Even after he detached the saline she did not gain her senses while he kept patting her head. After a long time she stirred a bit and he caressed her head calling her out softly. With a little difficulty she managed to open her eyes groaning meekly.
"Riddhima?... tum theek ho, are you feeling better?"
Riddima looked around as if trying to judge what's happening and then nodded. Armaan quickly supported her as she tried to sit up though he tried to tell her she should keep lying but she did not wish to. Making her have some water he caressed her cheek while she just sat quietly;
"Tumne to dara hi diya tha hume. Chalo koi baat nahi, tum jara baitho aaram se main kuch lekar aata hu tumhare lieye. Kya lau batao... coffee, juice ya dudh?"
"Na.. nahi it's okay. Kuch khane peene ka man nahi."
"You need to have something, aise kaise chalega? Tum baitho main abhi haldi wala dudh leke aata hu, have a little you'll feel better hmm?"
She wasn't willing a bit but had no strength to retort so she simply nodded resting her head back on the head rest shutting her eyes as she was still dizzy.
"You will be alright na? Main jaau neeche?"
He asked concerned as she did not look all fine but she smiled lightly once again nodding her head;
"Bas ja... jaldi aaiye!"
She replied in a low voice and his heart wrenched seeing her turn so weak. He caressed her head and pecked her forehead; "Main bas 2 minute mein aaya, you sit and relax."
As instructed she stayed in the same position that she was till he returned, anyways it did not look possible for her to move. Through the slit of her eyes she noticed him and lifted her head passing a small smile as he stirred the milk. The uneasiness thanks to her saree was seen clearly on her face as he placed the glass beside her; "Tum ye dudh pee lo fir change karlena. Tumhe chakkar aa rahe hai abhi bhi?"
"not really... par dhu---dhundla sa hai sab."
Her quivering voice and still stammering words weren't helping his already tumbling heart but he showcased a strong face. He passed the glass but her hands were still a bit shaky to handle it, so he helped her holding her hand as she drank the milk part by part slowly.
"Sorry Armaan... meri vajah se aapki shirt... kharab ho gayi. Room bhi ganda kar diya maine... Sophie ko me...meri vajah se sab saaf karna pada hoga..."
She uttered with long pauses with a disgusted face. 
"Shh... Riddhima ab kuch bhi bologi kya? You don't need to think about all this, kuch nahi kiya tumne. Aur aise muh mat banao baby, it's alright... we know tumhari tabiyat theek nahi thi na, koi baat nahi."
With his help she managed to finish the milk and once again rested her head behind.
"Tumhare liye kapde nikal du? Change karke jaldi se so jao."
Armaan got her usual night suit but she denied saying it was too hot.
"Aap mujhe... vo shirt de deejiye na aapki... main vo pehen... leti hu."
"Acha theek hai ruko 1 minute I'll get it."
Grabbing his shirt he walked her slowly to the washroom as she wasn't able to walk by herself. He unlocked the door for her and made her stand with the support of basin counter;
"Tum ho jaogi fresh khudse, main ruku yaha?"
"Umm... nahi I guess... I'll manage..."
He looked at her unsure of her words but anyways left as she turned the valve splashing some water on her face. Walking out he shut the door but stood just there waiting for her. After a few minutes as there was pin drop silence he knocked; "Riddhima are you okay? Need any help?"
But as there was no reply for another minute he entered and found her still at the same place with a towel in her hand. She had clumsily wiped her face with some water still dripping through her strands. She opened her eyes startled s he pulled the towel out of her hands, making him realize she hadn't ever heard him call out. Holding her arms he made her stand straight wiping her forehead neatly. "Armaan...vo main..."
He cupped her face shushing her; "Riddhima... main change kara du bacha? Tum bohot kamjor lag rahi ho..."
Instead of replying she rested her head down on his shoulder and uttered a hmm. Caressing her head softly he placed a tiny kiss on her ear as she relaxed against him;
"Hmm chalo bahar room mein chalte hai, vaha achi hawa chal rahi hai toh tumhe ghutan nahi hogi, come..."
Bringing her out he changed her into his shirt and instantly tucked her in bed locking the door as she refused to take any blanket. She tied her hair up complaining of how hot the room had turned while he just agreed irrespective of the fan at full speed and windows wide open. He was himself a bit shivery but anways supported her thoughts since he knew the medicines were responsible for the extra heat she felt through her body. She wanted to turn on the AC but he suggested that it was better if she intook some fresh air instead. She felt terribly sick and annoyed but for some reason wasn't asleep. It had been some time now that he was caressing her head trying to make her sleep but she just lay there with her eyes closed but wide awake. He just kept wondering if he could take her pain away in someway when she suddenly opened her eyes and spoke;
"Armaan mujhe kal se office join karna hai!"
Armaan was higly irritated by that demand and just kept looking at her as he was pretty sure his eyes gave away his irritation very well. But somehow he managed to keep his voice calm keeping his annoyance at bay; 
"Ab tum khud mujhe batao kya ye waqt aur tumhare halat aise hai ki hum is baarein mein baat kare?"
"Kal se join karna tha Armaan, aaj hi ye sab kyuuu?!"
The disappointment in her voice cut straight through his heart. Who better than he knew her excitement for joining in from the next day! The distant look in her eyes as she had her face turned away was painful. Gathering himself he turned her face holding eons of love in his eyes to erase her pain. His hand stroke her forehead lightly; "Riddhima it's alright, so what if kal ke bajai you will join in some days later. Tumhari health sabse jyaada jaroori hai na. And I am not saying this just as your husband, par tumhara boss hone ke naate bhi I would suggest you to join in later. Kyunki tumhari tabiyet theek honi chahiye na, varna tum kaam kaise karogi? Koi baat nahi, there's no hurry. Ek baar theek ho jaogi na fir join kar lena. Dekhna fir itnaaa kaam dunga na tumhe ki ye sochne lag jaogi ke isse acha toh ghar pe hi thi aaram karti hui!"
He pulled her leg in an attempt to lighten the atmosphere but it did not pretty much help. A small smile knocked on her lips at his efforts, but her face once again turned away highly disappointed with herself. Few minutes later sleep took over her thoughts and she dozed off but unfortunately he couldn't. Just within thirty minutes of falling asleep the cold winds got better of her and she started feeling cold. Shutting the windows as he returned she was groaning as her hand that had saline was pretty much swollen by now. Under the medicine's effect she was asleep but her hand was probably not letting her rest comfortably. Covering her in blanket he expected her to calm down in a while but her restlessness only grew. He held her hand softly to get a shriek instantly in reply but he somehow managed to caress it softly. She looked a little relieved but stirred in while maybe trying to turn; 
"Kya hua bacha... Dard ho raha hai kahi?"
She shook her head and opened her sleepy eyes, just a little to have a look of him; 
"Nahi... aapke paas sona hai..."
"Hmm... wait let me help you."
Tenderly he turned her around so that she could hug him and placed her concerned hand carefully near his chest letting her adjust. Once that she settled neatly in his arms he started caressing her hand right from her upper arm to her palm. As he had just begun she hid in his chest hugging him tight and he kissed her head and ear in between judging her pain. 
"Shh... abhi theek ho jayega hmm?..." 
Soon her movements stopped and she was fast asleep.
The night had been a long and not so pleasant one. Following morning too didn't seem so good since she was already up around 6 in the morning for no good reason but did not feel like going back to sleep. He was awake anyway but both just lay silently trying to cherish the beautiful silence filled with their soft breath and steady heart beat. 
"Riddhima you did not tell me yesterday ki tumhe theek nahi lag raha?"
Riddhima sighed quite expecting his complaint; 
"I am sorry Armaan. Bas thodi si weakness thi I thought it's just normal."
Armaan simply blinked in assurance letting her know he wasn't upset or angry, just a bit concerned.
"Acha so jao na thodi der, kuch der mein hospital bhi jana hai fir."
A prominent irritation flashed through her face;
"Hospital kyu? Armaan please na nahi... main theek hu ab."
"Arey ye bacchon jaisi jid kya kar rahi ho. Check up toh karvana padega na, we need to know the exact status of your health baba."
"Tch... Armaan it's just, hospital jana pasand nahi mujhe. It makes me feel sick."
She was almost in tears he could just sense it in her voice. Of course she hated going to hospital but what could he do about it. There was no other way out.
"Riddhima! Aisa nahi bolte, chalo tum soch lena mere saath kahi bahar ja rahi ho, main rahunga na tumhare saath."
"Haan lekin..."
"Shhh... Kuch nahi, is baat pe behes nahi baby."
She pouted but did not retort anymore instead made an attempt to sit up;
"Kya hua, kuch chahiye?"
"Nahi bas mujhe baithna hai, I don't feel like sleeping anymore. Aap so jaiye, main jaanti hu aap soye nahi honge raat bhar. I am so----"
She was cut short by a peck and he quickly sat up taking her on his lap. Within minutes she was already snuggled up and fast asleep in his arms effortlessly.
The tests were conducted successfully after which Armaan asked Abhi about Nikki and as expected they were planning to rain check but Armaan did not let him. He knew Abhi was in dire need but would hesitate owing to Riddhima's health so he let him know that it was absolutely alright to have her over. Armaan and Riddhima soon left, she was pretty weak yet. Even as they returned she asked him to settle with her in lawn for a while. Fresh cold air felt rejuvenating and she did not wish to go back to the room but he insisted since she was likely to catch fever or cold. Riddhima for the first time wasn't happy to see him home as he had to be there just cause of her. An important meeting was to be rescheduled as he was home but it wasn't possible so he decided to have a video chat conference as no way was he going to leave her alone. 
The conference had ended a while ago and he sat by her side going through his files thinking that se might have slept but after sometime as he looked down, he found her not only wide awake but busy staring at him! The file was long forgotten and he leaned in caressing her head; "Hey kya hua ab tak soyi nahi? Kuch chahiye tumhe?"
Riddhima simply nodded with a slight smile; "Bas aise hi dekh rahi thi Armaan... I am alright."
There was still time for lunch so hr thought of taking a nap and placed the files away but as he was about to take off his specs she retorted; "Rehne deejiye na!"
"Huh? Kya hua, kya rehne du?"
"Specs! Acha lagta hai aap pe!"
She said suddenly without realizing what she was blurting.
"Ahaan... really now?!"
He took off the specs anyways and slid down looking at her intently and she knew she ad trapped herself;
"Toh aur kya lagta hai aapko jara khulke bataiye Mrs.Mallik" 
"Kuch nahi lagta mujhe... maine toh bas aise hi bol diya tha...sss..."
She hissed as her hand hurt while she tried to move away.
"Tch kya karti rehti ho tum... jara der ke liye shaant nahi reh sakti na?!"
"Kuch nahi hua hai, ab aap mujhe aise mat dekhiye aur daantiye mat. Main theek hu!"
She pouted as he scolded her and his worries vanished seeieng her cute face rewarding hr with a soft kiss against her nose while he lifted her head resting it against his arm; 
"Acha tum kya bol rahi thi batao, aur kya kya lagta hai tumhe mere baarein mein, please enlighten me!"
There was an instant whine as he teased; "Chediye mat, jaiye kuch nahi kehna mujhe."
"Arey batao na I am all ears. Acha chalo I promise nahi chedunga, ab kabhi kabhi toh kuch kehti ho mere baarein mein, batao na kya bol rahi thi. Sachii... nahi chedunga."
Her eyes still casted down she smiled and then slowly looked up;
"Kuch nahi... main bas ye keh rahi thi ki aap jab aise apne kaam mein khoye hote ho na toh aapko dekhkar acha lagta hai."
"Oyye hoyye... that's good to know, par abhi tum mujhe dekhna chodo aur aaram karlo."
"Tch... kitna aaram karu main, aaram kar karke thak gayi ab main..."
''Chup chap aaram karo kuch sunna nahi hai mujhe, aaram karti ho nahi tum aur fir ye aisi halat ho jaati hai ain waqt pe fir afsos karti rehti ho."
Irritation and anger was dripping clearly through his words but he managed to keep his vice low;
"Aap mujhe kyun daant rahe hai, maine jaan bujhke thodi kuch kiya hai?!"
He sighed seeing sudden disappointment flash over her face  and instantly shook his head stroking her hair;
"Daant nahi raha bas... *sigh* I hate to see you like this Riddhima. Khayal nahi rakhti tum, batati nahi ho kuch aur fir ye halat ho jaati hai tumhari toh mujhe bohot takleef hoti hai tumhe aise dekhkar."
" Bohot pareshaan karti hu na main aapko! I am sorry."
"Ridhima... ab aisa toh nahi kaha maine!! Acha chalo chodo, come here."
He dragged her closer enveloping her in his arms;
"Tum na jyaada socho nahi, bas so jao. Thodi der mein Niki bhi aa rahi hai na and I am sure tum tabhi aise room mein baithke aaram nahi karna chahogi. You would want to meet her, talk to her, toh abhi aaram karo kuch----"
"I love you."
That as always brought a sweet smile on his lips but with a small frown as she shed a tiny tear. As quick that the tear had appeared he wiped it away;
"Heyy... I love you too bacha."
A small peck on her lips followed by a lingering kiss on forehead made her smile wide and she soon snuggled up in his arms placing a tiny kiss against his chest.

Hello everyone... sorry to all those who were expecting her to be expecting.LOL But ab kya kare I am not ready for their family planning as yet, so you guys will have to bear with me! And I know I have been unavailable for a while noe since I am busy with some work, but I appreciate your patience and all the love that you guys provide for the story. Love you all :* 

Posted: 2016-05-01T07:15:14Z

main aa gayi comment yiiippiieee

par naa aapko naa ummeedo pe paani ferne mein bohot mazaa aata hai naa
hai naa...
bechaari kitni khush thi k voh job join karegi...khush thui
par ni aapko toh uski khushi digest hi ni hoti...
bechaari Ridhima...
tch pata ni ab kya hoga...
huh...ab jaldi next do..taaki pata aage kya hona hai...
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I LOVED IT! Armaan and Riddhima were so cute! Armaan is like the sweetest husband ever! <3333
I'm just disappointed ki office romance ke liye wait karna padega! I was looking forward to that!
Hopefully you'll get free soon! I'm missing your updates! Especially for Pangs of Despised Love! If possible, usko bhi update kardo! 
Posted: 2016-05-01T07:38:39Z
awesome update... ...                                 my guess proved wrong but its k with me more important is ar healthy relationship...                                           ridimma health is detouring because of cancer after effects...                            armaan is going through immense pain by seeing his love his ridimma going through so much ...                         ridimma is lovely person who loved by all even servants are fond of her...        ar conversation are quite cute and romantic...                                                  hope so ridimma recovered soon and she is not go through any problem again...                                                       update soon and thanks for the pm...
Posted: 2016-05-01T08:09:08Z
Holly Molly!!! This is the BEST...yes the BEST part of this entire ff (till now at least) it was rather is just so perfect. Every emotion every scene has been described so beautifully!!!
Girl take a bow, you deserved it (Happy Weird puppy sticker for u:p)! Like literally I am speechless, the part was very small but since I know how busy u are and how mushkil se u manged this I won't say anything on that!!!! But literally the part when she wakes up and feels guilty for messing his shirt, him making her change and sleep, the following morning, the hospital scene, the end EVERYTHING
I actually love you today :p yes only today but I do ;)
Yaar I am still beaming...over the fact that u updated, the part actually made me go Awwie, and almost cry ;)
Okay I know you are very Busy and blah blah but even u know I won't leave you till u update so...samjdar ko ishara kafi hai ;)

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