An Arranged Love Marriage (AR FF) #2; NEW PART- 04.08.2018(Page 93)

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awesome part as usual..loved the whole
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Riddhima turned to rest her back against the mattress too sleepy as the morning rays disturbed her but just as she turned, a hand pulled her closer waking her up startled;
"Aap? Aaj work out karne nahi gaye?"
She arched a bit to have a look at the clock and it was already 6:30;
"Ab tak toh aapka aadha workout ho nahi jaata?"

"Ye lo, matlab khud hi promise karvalo aur khud hi bhul bhi jao!"


He pinched her nose smacking her forehead lightly;
"Arey bholuram, tumne hi toh kaha tha na ki main subah tumse mile begair jaaya nahi karu, toh is liye nahi gaya."

"Haan par maine ye thodi kaha ki workout karna chod deejiye, maine toh bas bola tha ki subah mujhe uthaya kar deejiye jaane se pehle so that I can start my day with you!"

He pulled her even closer making her go all quiet instantly as his warm body came in touch;
"Uthane ka hi soch raha tha, par tum sote hue itni pyaari lag rahi thi ki uthane ka man hi nahi kiya. Vaisse bhi mera man nahi tha aaj work out karne ka aur actually I even tried waking you up once but..."

"Par kya?"

"Tumhari complaints shuru ho gayi na mere baarein mein so I let you be!"

Riddhima frowned hard as the smile on his face said a lot of things;
"Kai... kaise complaints? Main toh abhi uth----"

She went mum as he uttered her complaints leaving her incapable of opening her mouth... EVER!!
"Armaan sone deejiye na, pehle hi raat bhar sone nahi diyaa! Bohot neend aa rahi hai"; and then as I tried to get up myself toh us mein bhi toh tumhe problem thi; "Yahi rahiye, aapke begair neend nahi aayegi!"
And just so you know baby, aapne khud kabse mera haath pakad rakha hai jaise ke main kahi bhaag jaunga. Mujhe hilne ka chance bhi nahi diya hai aur ab mujhse hi pooc----
She covered his mouth placing her palm not wanting to know anymore what her sleepy comments or complaints were!
Controlling his giggles he finally pushed her hand away;
"Anyways ab jab uth hi gayi ho toh Good morning wish kar hi lete hai!"
And with that her mouth was sealed marking the start of a beautiful day.

Somehow amidst their morning romance she managed to get him ready for work when his phone buzzed for unteempth time. Well that was quite expected now that he had been away for a few days, after all his first love, his work, his office must have missed him, but right now he was already over it and had moved on and so was very much looking forward to be in his Loveland with his wife but call it the jealousy of his "ex" just wouldn't leave him alone. So as he got busy on the call she sat on the bed holding his tie awaiting him. And soon he ended the call so that she could get back to him to make his tie!
Riddhima rolled her eyes totally annoyed as Mr.Mallik looked in no mood to go to office.
"Armaan kya hai; mujhe tie toh banane deejiye na. Kabse tang kar rahe hai, fir late honge toh mujhe hi bolenge ki sab meri vajah se hua."

"Ab hua toh tumhari hi vajah se hai vaise. Tumse kisne kaha tha itna khoobsurat hone ke liye ki mera dhyaan hi na lage kisi aur cheej mein!"

She cocked her brows looking at him amused;
"Armaan aap din ba din aur paagal ho rahe hai, ab filmy dialogues bhi maarne lage hai aap!"

Armaan chuckled pulling her closer as she finally finished making his tie;
"Well ise romantic hona kehta hai baby, mujhe kuch nahi hua, bas pyaar hua hai."

"Ok enoughhh! Isse pehle ki main pagal ho jau aapke is naye romeo avatar se, aap office jaiye!"

He giggled hard at her big round eyes and shocked face and kissed her hard on her forehead since she looked so cute. Armaan picked his file and was about to leave when she stopped him;
"Armaan... vo file! I think you need to get it rechecked."

"Umm kyun, kya hua?"

"Main aise hi padh rahi thi actually, toh I noticed ki uske final figures galat hai, toh aap ek baar check kar leejiye office jaake."

"Haan I know, thodi se changes hai I will----"

"Thode se? Armaan there's a difference of 2 % which needs to be corrected. I mean I know jyaada bada nahi hai, par use aapko kaafi loss ho sakta hai!"

He turned to her with a surprised look and looked down at the file in his hand;
"Tumne figures check kiye? Like... right now, when I was busy on the phone? It was hardly 5 minutes."

"Haan bas aise hi baithi thi toh... "

"Oh my God Riddhima that's just brilliant. I mean... you are so good at number crunching. Tumne 5 minute mein ye sare figures check kar liye you accurately pointed out the mistake. Too good!"
Armaan held her shoulders looking at her appreciatively.

"Thanks...umm Armaan actually ab baat nikli hi hai toh mujhe aapse kuch kehna tha!"

"Haan bolo?"

"Main soch hi rahi thi ki main... job ke liye apply karu!"

She looked up at him with hope in her eyes which actually made him laugh at her nervous face;
"Of course! Is mein poochne ki kya baat hai. You should, and after knowing your skills main khud tumse kehna chahungi that tum Mallik industries mein hi kyu nahi try---"

"Umm nahi Armaan!" She cut him midway but continued instantly seeing disappointment and confusion on his face.
"Nahi mera matlab, if you don't mind main... kisi aur company mein apply karna chahti hu. I know Malliks are one of the best companies, par main chahti thi ki... I mean you know? But that is only if aap allow kare!"

"Par mujhe is sab se pehle ye jaanna hai that why didn't you start working months before. I mean I clearly remember tumne shaadi se pehle ye kaha tha ki tum shaadi ke kuch waqt baad job karna chahti ho fir... baad mein koi baat hi nahi ki tumne toh I thought..."

"Haan vo is liye kyunki, shaadi ke kuch waqt baad tak main ghar ki responsibilities, aapka routine ache se jaana chahti thi. Is life mein pehle settle hona chahti thi aur fir job karna tha mujhe. Kyunki padhai toh jo ki hai humesha hi mere saath rahegi, par ek naya rishta jo juda hai uski neev majboot karna jyaada jaroori tha mere liye. Is liye kuch waqt dena chahti thi main humare rishte ko. Lekin ab main aapke saath, is rishte mein poori tarah dhal chuki hu, is liye maine socha ki ab main job ke baarein mein sochu."

Armaan was bowled over by her perspective. He always knew she was modest, but was brilliant at almost every task she performed since she always gave in her 100 percent, but today he was surprised in yet another way. He was touched knowing how she had prioritized their marriage and him before her carrier even before she knew him closely! He delicately pulled her closer and uttered in a soft voice full of love;
"Riddhima it's going to be completely your decision. Tumhare career ka sawaal hai, tumhari khushi jis mein ho vohi karo. I would really be glad if you join Mallik's, par iska ye matlab nahi that you have to, I'll definitely be there to support you par final decision toh tumhara hi hoga. Bas companies short list karo and let me know about them, main help kar dunga tumhari."

"Thanks Armaan. Main aaj hi list bana deti hu!"

"Oye ab mujhe thanks bologi tum huh?... paagal! Chalo ab main nikalta hu, and trust me I am very happy that you have decided to work, I am sure you will go very high. All the best baby, I am always with you!"
He placed a sweet peck on her lips and wising her luck got going. That very evening they informed Ananya and Billy of her decision and they were more than happy for her. Though just like Armaan even Billy suggested her to join their own company but Armaan himself asked Billy to let her decide wherever she wanted to join and Billy happily obliged. She shortlisted companies and he approved a few of them, rejecting the rest as he knew the owners and their false tactics pretty well. He was already quite impressed by her CV and was confident enough that she would definitely clear the interview but naturally she was nervous.
Everything was set and she was supposed to be going for THE INTERVIEW the very next morning. She was busy talking over the phone with her mother telling her how nervous yet exited she was for her interview. Armaan slowly made his way towards her as she had her back towards him and stood leaning against window waiting for her to finish her call. And the minute she kept it away she sighed hard making him chuckle.
"Armaaan... I am so nervous, kitne waqt baad interview ke liye jaa rahi hu. Hope sab ache se ho!"
He shook his head and pulled her in his arms resting her back against his chest and planted a small kiss over her nape.

"Baby relax, tumhara resume is good, ache grades hai tumhare, itna tension kyun le rahi ho? Trust me na, I have interviewed so many and tum bilkul suitable ho is profile ke liye. You are quite capable you don't need to be worried about anything."

"It's obviously easy for you to say things na Armaan!"

"Hmm toh ab kya raat bhar yaha khade rahe tension mein ki kal kya hoga? Come on cheer up, it's going to be all okay. Bas tum confident rehna baki toh your work will speak for you."

She smiled as he encouraged her and turned around getting busy with his shirt buttons;
"It's not that Armaan, I really need to pass this interview, I mean I have so many hopes you know."

Armaan simply nodded and planted a kiss on her forehead;
"Hmm... ab jyada socho mat aur chalo so jao. Fir kal subah jaldi uthna hai na, you need to look fresh chalo."

Armaan awaited her by the car as he had promised to drop her, but as she came down all dressed in a crisp white shirt, olive trouser, high ponytail, a file in her hand and her bag against her shoulder; he was clean bowled. He never imagined her in that attire, she looked an absolute professional, though too hot to handle.
"Armaan kya hua, chale? Weren't you getting late a minute ago?"

"Riddhima, you look stunning baby!"

She blushed profusely as she finally looked up at him and noticed him gazing her top to bottom with an appreciative look. He couldn't help pull her closer by her waist and dazed as he could smell her intoxicating cologne; "Uff... you small so good, you are looking so hot. Chodo na ye interview vegera, let's go back to the roo----"
She pushed him away smacking his arm hard, "Armaaan! Late ho raha hai aapko, aur mujhe bhi... chaliye!"

He had called her without fail to ask her of her interview and she sounded pretty cheerful. Indeed the interview had been good as he had said. When he returned home Riddhima was in his parent's room probably sharing the details of her interview. While they had their dinner she let him know that she was appointed and he was definitely very very happy for her. His happiness only multiplied seeing her smile ear to ear, she looked so excited.
Later she gave him entire brief of her interview standing by the window lesuirely, enveloped in his arms; and he heard all of it quietly like an obedient student, "Acha tumhara interview kisne iya?"

"Umm... Mr.Gaurav ne."

"Gaurav Kocchar?"

"Huh? Haan... aapko kaise pata?"

"Riddhima I know the entire company baby, main is industry mein kaafi waqt se hu ab! Aur ye Khanna industries se toh we have so many deals so you know..."

"Hmm... pata hai unhone bhi poocha mujhe aapke baarein mein. As they realized I am your wife."

"Toh tumne kya kaha?"

"Maine keh diya ki vo toh mera personal matter hai na, mere job se iska kya lena dena!"
He smiled deep at her reply and couldn't hold his chuckle seeing the pout over her lips.
"Hmm toh ab aapko party deni padegi Mrs.Mallik. Nayi nayi job ki khushi mein! Vaise kabse join kar rahi ho?"

"Vo...umm... kal batayenge mujhe!"

He nodded and pecked her head; "Aur party ka kya? Abhi toh Spiky aur Muskaan ko bhi batana hai, vo toh granddd party demand karne wale hai!"

"Nahi nahi abhi mat bataiye unhe. Matlab let me get the joining date fir main bata dungi na sabko!"

"Theek hai par atleast mera toh muh meetha kar do. Ye kya baat hui, interview itna acha hua, job bhi mil gayi and no celebration!"

"Par maine mithayi di toh sahi aapko!"

He turned her smiling at her and held her chin; "Us rukhi sukhi mithayi ki baat kaun kar raha hai?"
And the twinkle in his eyes let her know what sweet he was talking about.

Armaan had just finished off signing some important files and was supposed to be in a meeting within next half hour when he got a call from Rahul. He was called up in the meeting room and since he was free for a while he thought of having a look. Armaan greeted Mr. Sachdeva who was busy with some file as he stood by the door. Rahul who stood by his side; for some reason was glaring at him!
"Hello Mr.Sachdeva, everything alright? Mujhe yaha urgently kyu bulaya?"

"Oh yes, no problem Armaan. It's just that we were reading this profile and we thought you should meet the candidate before signing the appointment letter. Johri sir toh already approve kar chuke hai, and we are also quite impressed aap bhi free hai toh Rahul suggested hum aapse confirm kar le."

"Okay... sure!"

They walked in while Rahul still scowled making Armaan frown, but nonetheless he settled amidst Mr.Johri and Mr.Sachdeva as he read the profile. For some reason it looked quite familiar and then he looked up smiling at the candidate and got back to the CV, but then his mind registered something and he looked up again to cross check. She passed a small nervous smile and he just kept staring at her blankly. Mr. Johri who sat on his left cleared his throat snapping him out of his thoughts that is when he checked the CV and found the very name: Riddhima A. Mallik

What the hell was she doing here? Wasn't she already appointed by Khanna's and she herself said she did not want to work in Mallik's!
"Sir, she definitely suits the profile, what do you think?"

He cleared his throat and sighed placing her CV down,
"Aapne interview le liya inka?"

"Yeah we just started."
He nodded looking at her but she couldn't read his mind for now as he started discussing something with the three of them (Mr.Johri, Mr.Sachdeva and Rahul). He asked them to carry on with the interview but he wouldn't ask anything for now.Though Rahul kind of still looked annoyed obviously as none of them had let him know of her decision, such good friends he had!
 After a few minutes of discussion he sat back relaxed while the other three continued wit the interview as per his suggestion. Riddhima was a bit taken aback as he never spoke a word. She wondered if he was upset. Done with their question they looked up at Armaan and Mr.Sachdeva spoke up; "Sir she definitely fits the bill. And after all she's your wife toh jo bhi decision-------"

Araan shook his head cutting his words; "NO she isn't! Right now woh yaha sirf ek candidate hai, that's it"

He then turned to Riddhima and asked; "Mrs.Mallik, my collegues here are quite impressed but I had like to know, since you are married and aapne kuch mahine ka break bhi liya tha for the same reasons; so if you are appointed toh aap is job ko kitna pritorize karenegi? coz there will be some serious deadlines for presentations and stuff, so I hope you will be able to set your priorities accordingly!"

"Sir my top priority has always been my family and it will remain so... but that does not mean my work will be neglected. And we can think about it in future agar main aapko aage jaake kabhi complain karne ka mauka du, which I assure you I won't."
Rahul smiled wide at her reply while Johri and Sachdev too were quite impressed by her outspoken attitude. Armaan on the other hand just nodded; "Ok then..."
He stood up buttoning his blazer all set to leave; "So I guess we are done, you may leave now we will let you know!"
He passed a small smile which she could clearly see was just professional and with that he turned shaking hands with the gentle men. Riddhima frowned a bit but nonetheless collected her papers and left.
 "Ok then, since you guys have conducted the interview aap log decide keejiye and let me know.And yes please don't think of her as my wife, she came as any other normal candidate toh think accordingly and decide. I'll take your leave, mujhe meeting mein jana hai!"

"Ok sir, we definitely think she deserves the job. She's exactly what we are looking for, toh hum appointment letter ready kar dete hai."

"Sure, she did answer pretty well, so I definitely approve of her. Aap letter ready karke bhej deejiye I will sign it after the meeting."

Rahul and Armaan left for the meeting and once that it ended Rahul sunaofied Armaan as he nver informed him about Riddhima joining the company and Armaan had nothing in defence though he himself wasn't aware of it.
"Arey yaar, tu toh peeche hi pad gaya hai, mujhe sach mein nahi pata tha dude. I suggested her to but usne tabhi mana kar diya tha and she was already even appointed by Khanna's, she said she will let you know herself when she gets the joining date!"

"Hmm lagta hai tere liye surprise tha ye, par not fair yaar. Anyways I am sooo happy ki ab Jerry humare saath kaam karegi. Kam se kam ab is boriyat bhare office mein kuch toh interesting log aayenge!"

"Acha? If it's so boring toh tujhe yaha pakadke kisne rakha hai?"
And as always the Tom-Spike banter continued. On the other hand Riddhima was all tensed as she reached home since he never spoke to her. He had not asked her anything other than that stupid question in the end.  How could he even ask her to priotorize the company first, so what if it was his firm? She would still keep his priority at the top as a husband not as a boss! She sat biting her nails awaiting him as there was no call/ email or any reply from the company as well. Though she stayed all calm and composed in front of Billy and Ananya as she did not want to bother, but the truth was this job meant a lot, definitely on professional front but more than that on personal front. Billy asked her about the interview and she informed that it was good. Armaan had himself instructed that he would hand over the appointment letter himself so there was no call from the company, little did he know what turbulence this had caused in her thoughts.

By the time he returned Ananya and Billy had already retired to their rooms as he was busy with some important clients. After he came back as well he was busy on some call and the suspense was just about to kill her. She thought that she would clean up all the plates soon and talk to him as soon as she would enter the room. But just as she had finished cleaning, she heard his hoarse voice from right behind startling her; "You didn't want to join Mallik's na, toh achanak kya hua?"
She turned around and simply kept staring at him all of a sudden tongue tied;
"Aise kya dekh rahi ho? Anyways..."
He held her hand and placed an envelope in it; "Ye leejiye aapka appointment letter Mrs. Mallik. Apparently aapne sabko kaafi impress kiya hai aaj and they just couldn't wait to appoint you!"

Her eyes widened with disbelief and she instantly opened the letter to check if what he was saying was true. She read the letter, each and every word with concentration and then squealed happily making him smile ear to ear.
"Yes yes yes... ab main aapke saath kaam karungi! I am so excited Armaan... thank you thank you thank you thank you so muchhh."
She hugged him tightly almost throwing her entire weight on him too happy with the appointment.
He cherished his coffee while she was busy making the bed;
"Acha par pehle toh tumne mana kar diya tha na, achanak man kaise badal gaya?"

She smiled and settled on the neatly made bed patting his side inviting him and he happily obliged. He settled down facing her and she held his free hand busy playing with his fingers;
"Mujhe toh shuru se hi humari company join karni thi, par fir aapse poochungi toh aap mana karenge nahi. Is liye maine socha pehle kahi aur try kar lu."


"Tch... kyunki I wanted to test myself if I am capable enough to join Mallik's na! Aur Khanna's ka naam maine bohot suna hai aapse, aur unki company bhi leading companies mein se ek hai, toh socha vaha try kar leti hu. And now that they did hire me toh everything's sorted, I think I could prove myself."
He smiled at her reply happy with her thoughts; " Acha vaise aap naaraj toh nahi hai na mujhse?"

"Arey, tumhare hisaab se main kya zindagi bhar sirf naaraj hi rehta hu kya logon se? Ab is mein kya naaraj honewali baat thi?"

"Nahi; pata nahi... I mean aap kuch bol hi nahi rahe the when you saw me. Aur fir aapne kuch khaas poocha bhi nahi mujhse toh-----"

"Hmm... actually jaan bujhke I did not kyunki it was only fair that others question you and decide. Every body knows na tum meri wife ho, so logon ko bina vajah ki gossip kyu dena! Usually Mr.Sachdeva hi appoint karte hai sabko, toh maine socha let them only decide for you too. Anyways I was sure vo tumhe reject nahi kar peyenge, you were too good and you answered pretty well! Par bhari toh mujhe tumhara Spiky pada..."

"Kya matlab?"

He just raised his brows and she realized suddenly; "Oh shit use toh maine bataya hi nahi tha, aur Muskaan... Oh no, ab toh vo mujhe chodenge nahi!"

"Bilkul! But I am so so sooo happy for you baby.

"Haan, aur ab shayad aapke saath thoda aur waqt mil jayega mujhe."

"Uhmm... that i can not really guarantee. Kyunki tum rahogi apne kaam mein busy main apne kaam mein, and just so you know Mrs.Mallik, tum yaha ghar pe jis Armaan se milti ho that's quite different than the one at office."

"Dekh liya maine aaj ek hi din mein. Par acha hi hai, vaha pe toh aap mere boss honge na pati thodi! So I guess I will manage."

"Vaise filhaal aapke pati ki kuch shikayat hai aapse!"

"Hmm? Kya?"

"Mujhe bataya kyun nahi ki interview ke liye aa rahi ho?"

"Vo toh bas... aise hi. Socha aapko chota sa surprise de du."

"Acha ji! In that case I loveeed the surprise."
He placed a tiny kiss over her head pulling her into a warm hug. Both were looking forward to this new change.

Riddhima was quite excited as she was supposed to be joining in from the very next day as today all the paperwork was to be finalized. Armaan though busy with his meetings had kept a check if all the procedures were carried out neatly. A small celebration was held at home where her parents, Atul-Anjali, Rahul-Muskaan, Sapna and Abhimanyu were present. All of them were happy for Riddhima and also it became an excuse for everyone to have a nice get together. Armaan had carried along a mini basket full of chocolates for her but he planned to give it to her later.
After a pleasant dinner and catch up Billy and Ananya sat in the living relaxing while almost everybody left except for Abhimanyu as Armaan was busy having a chat with him when Armaan noticed that he looked a little disturbed.
"What's wrong Abhi? Kuch problem hai kya?"

"Nahi... problem toh aise kuch khaas nahi par..."

"Kya hua bol na?"

"Umm yaar actually..."
Riddhima looked at Armaan as Abhi hesitated and thought of leaving them alone but he spoke up;
"Vo Nikita hai na, uske ghar ka kuch issue ho gaya hai which needs to be fixed. Toh she needs a place to stay on urgent basis till then. Main use apne ghar pe rakh leta, par obviously uske parents allow nahi karenge, I mean it won't look good na so... vohi bas ek flat dekha tha aaj subah let's see. Ek toh vo akeli hai toh area bhi soch samajh ke dekhna padega na."

"Oh, toh is baat ko lekar kabse pareshaan hai tu, tabhi dinner pe bhi nahi laaya use!"

"Haan, actually main bhi soch raha tha cancel karne ka but she insisted so..."

Riddhima frowned unknown of everything; "Umm vaise ye Nikita... kaun hai?"

Armaan instantly spoke up realizing they never had this discussion; "Arey haan, Nikita na, Abhimanyu ki fianc hai. Meri bhi friend thi, mutual friends you know... aur iski junior hai, peeche 4 saal se jaante hai ek dusre ko aur jaldi hi shaadi karnewale hai janaab!"

Riddhima smiled at Abhimanyu; "Oh my God that's just great. And about this place issue, itna sochna kya hai... I mean aap kahi aur jagah kyu dhund rahe hai, Nikita yaha humare ghar pe reh sakti hai na till her house's fixed."

"Arey nahi nahi it's fine, vaise bhi we are already looking for flats toh----"

Armaan shook his head at him completely supporting Riddhima's suggestion; "Oye itna kya schna sahi toh keh rahi hai vo. Niki ko yaha bhej de na kuch waqt tak. Jaise hi ghar fix ho jayega she can go back."

"Haan lekin, I mean..."

Riddhima read his hesitancy and instantly spoke up; "Ab itna bada bhi koi favour nahi hai Abhimanyu. Aur fir aapne itna kuch kiya hai humare liye, humari itni si help bhi nahi le sakte aap?"

"Arey nahi nahi aisa kuch nahi."

Armaan cut his retorts and declared;
"Bas toh fir decided tu abhi call kar Nikki ko and tell her she's most welcome. Kal se hi shift hone ke liye keh de use."

Abhimanyu sighed giving in and smiled at the duo; "Acha acha theek hai keh dunga use main. She will be too happy anyways, use toh vaise bhi tujhse milna tha kabse but waqt hi nahi mil raha tha. Thanks dude!"

They sat discussing something about some fundraising for the hospital Armaan was part of, mean while Riddhima went away to change. It had just been a few minutes when Abhimanyu decided to leave and thought of greeting Ananya and Billy before leaving who were busy with something on television when Armaan's cell phone started buzzing. He was surprised to see Riddhima's number flashing; at the same time made Abhimanyu smile; "Lagta hai aapki biwi sahiba aapko bohot miss kar rahi hai, chaliye in that case mujhe jaldi nikalna chahiye"

"Shut up!!"
Armaan rolled his eyes at his comment but smiled himself as his phone started buzzing once again. Abhimanyu passed a look which Armaan ignored completely and anyways picked the call to let her know that she must stop calling as for the first time he was in a tight spot all thanks to her.
"Yes sweetheart, aaj itni yaad kaise aa rahi hai humari? I am right downstairs just---"

He heard her broken voice which made him frown.

"Haan Riddhima call kyu----"

She cut his words midway while he could hear her panting;
"Arm-----aan please up... upar aaiye. I... I don't feel... good... chakkar..."

He skipped a beat realizing she had been calling all the while for help and instantly looked upstairs answering her; "Riddhima?... main abhi----- fcuk!!"
Abhimanyu judged something was wrong as Armaan's face turned white as a ghost, while Ananya and Billy's attention was grabbed too as he ran upstairs in jet speed. All three of them followed him upstairs understanding something was fishy.

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This was so, so, so amazing!
I loved it!
Waise Armaan aur Riddhima toh hai hi cute, lekin jab aise beech - beech mein unke cute moments aate hai, I love it! Jaise ki first scene jahaan Armaan Riddhima ko tease kar raha tha aur woh interview se pehle waala scene. They were just so cute!
And, I'm so glad about Riddhima joining the office. I have high hopes of a lot of office romance, okay? Toh please, please office mein unke bohot saare scenes hone chahiye.
And, about the end, way to go! cliffie, cliffie! :(
Waise I hope that everything is okay and I hope that this means good news. No more issues regarding Riddhima's health please!
And update soon! :D
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A cool cool update...
Maza aayega Boss-employee relation dekhne me...
But last me kya ho gaya Ridz ko????
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waiting for next.Wink
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Awesome ...
Loved all AR moments...
But last m ridhima ko kya hua...
Waiting for next part
Posted: 2016-04-10T03:45:03Z
This was just so so amazing, do u have any idea? No you don't okay! Let me tell you, the sort was FABULOUS! Oh God AR cute, romantic moments are to literally to die for and when u write them down tho...*hayy*!!!OH Fod Ridhima is good with numbers ha :p (okay u know why I mentioned that;)) I am so glad she is getting back to work...and I don't even know Ki pehle tart of kis cheez Ka karu, the romance, the writing style, the couple, Matlab what, it's all so good I can't decide *pout*!
Now, That I am done praising you, I am all set to scold you! Yes you heard it right lady, you are so going to get an earful from could you do this, Matlab how! Main point pe ake rok Diya, like really just to annoy me Na mujhe pata hai, mujhe Sab pata hai!!! Now stop grinning like that and make sure you update fast!!!!
Posted: 2016-04-10T04:49:45Z
So awesome.
What happen to ridhima all of a sudden hope she is alright.
Plzzz do continue soon

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