An Arranged Love Marriage (AR FF) #2; NEW PART- 04.08.2018(Page 87)

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i know..i know...main sabse pehle comment ni kar ri...par toh kya hua...
sabse pehle res toh maine ki na...toh meri comment sabse pehle hogi..
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i know aap soch rahe hoge..main bohot bakwass maarti hun...
agar bakwass karti hun toh bhi kya kar loge...

aapko toh sunni padhegi...
kyunki aapke pass aur koi option nahi hai u see... Wink

chalo ab comment karti hun..

haaye...kya lovey dovey part tha...
voh after their love m,aking AR ki talk aur armaan ka teasing was 
aawww wow...kya mast tha yaar...sachhi i was blushing 



aur voh Riddhima ki fantasy about kissing her life partner in rain and tattoo... so romantic...

hhmmm...wese kahin yeh aapki fantasies toh aapne Riddhima k 
through batayi ho...


phir voh pub wala...jab Riddhima challanged Armaan about his dancing

oh wow...kya mast dance tha re...

by gawd it was superb...sensuous...loving

just great 

Embarrassed Heart

in short yeh upd8 was full of love..romance..

muahhh luv u...


comment on MEFO

i know..i know aap ispe commet kyun...

toh main bolungi...aise hi...mera mann kiya uspe cvomment karne ka...

aur bolna padhega boss...kya part tha...

it was heart touching yaar...
i mean i loved the whole was just great... AR bonding

and the way he was making love to her was just so touching it was so romantic
and loving superb...

luv u Heart

muaahhh :*

    Well well bilkul sahi kaha, teri bakwaas sunne ke alawa option bhi kya hai mere paas! About the fantasy, toh vo tujhe kyu batau ki meri hi thi ya sirf story ka scene, that only the special someone will know na hump Tongue 

  Hehe dancing scene toh I think waste hi hua kyunki padhke kuch samjh mein kaha aayega, par video add karne ki space nahi thi so koi nahi ab isi se kaam chala lete tum readers I know, after all mere sare readers kaafi understanding types hai! Wink

  About mfeo... kya bolu, main toh is mein khush hu ki koi use ab bhi padh raha hai! Ouch Ek toh uske itne issues ho gaye hai post karne ke, yaha post bhi nahi hota. SO oficially main aaj declare kar hi rahi hu that jaldi hi I am ending it. And don't be ghussa cuz anyways it's main story has come to an end, so very soon I'll be free of one story and I can concentrate more on this one Big smile

aur ni toh aur agar aap meri bakwass ni sunoge..toh main zabardasti sunaaungi...
u see suuni toh aapko padhegi hi...

mat batao...i know yeh aap hi ki fantasies Ar k through likhi aapne...
sab jaanti hun main aapko...
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haan..after all aapke readers meri tarah intelligent jo hain Wink Tongue 

oh terri aap mefo end karre ho... Shocked ShockedShockedShocked


chalkoi ni..achha hai...kam se kam phir shayad regular updates mile...

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aur na jaldi se apni SS ki update do samjhe naa...
varna dekhna aap..humph...

aur aapne PPPE padhi...
ni padhi toh jao pado jaldi..

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Oh God!!!!!!! pinch me plz...
Is dat ridhima ...? 
 N I m trying to post this comment from days nw...
I don't knw whats d problem wid my account.
This ws just beautiful part full of AR.
They r just amazing together.
Each n every scene is so beautiful done ( dreaming is d word )
this honeymoon period is so soo sooo gud ki i don't want it to end ;) ;)
Cn u plz update daily plzzz 
this stry is  gng very strong n no villian is required to make it interesting...
this is simple n cute n loving n lot more...
This fanasties thing are pretty much interesting leaving me to smile all day...
The  admiring n small chuckles everything reminds me of DMG 
n ya the oye hoyeee tooo ;) :)
oh n how cn i forget to mention d dance...
dat ws d best...
this new ridhima n armaan rocks continue soon 
cya tc 

  It's ok I know ye account ke issues sab ke saath hote rehte hai so it's alright. 
Can I plzz update daily? Haha... No sorry but that's humanely impossible. Thanks for the appreciation dear and yes I'll try to make it soon this time. 
Big smile
Through d comments I came to knw about mfeo update
Mujhe nhi mila...
Plz send na Cry
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just cmpleted ur story..
highly impressive and beautifully written
plss pm me the pm part 51
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Hello arima...I just came across this ff and absolutely loved it..u r an awesome writer..all d characters r so beautifully created..I love the AR moments..very realistic..I have sent u a buddy request as well as a PM.. Plz send me the unedited parts..
Lots of love,
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You are amazing and you know it...the story just grips my heart more with every update looovvveee it God bless youTongueTongue
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Can I please get the PM for part 51 Smile
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 "I hope Mom ko ye shawl pasand aaye, vaise toh ye unka favourite colour hai par still. Aur aapne ab tak mujhe vo shirt pehenkar nahi dikhaya, I know aapko fit aa raha hai par ek baar mujhe dekhne toh de dete ki aap pe kaisa lagta hai. Aur aap kya kar rahe hai, meri baatein sun bhi rahe hai aap?"


Riddhima kept blabbering non-stop as she packed all the stuff they had bought. It was their last day here; and they had spent it shopping for everyone and everything.
"Aapko pakka vo shirt pasand toh aayi na ya----"
She turned around to have a look at him; done with the packing as he just answered in monosyllables since a while, and now just kept giving uninterested "hmm" in reply which irritated her. A sweet smile knocked onto her lips as he had already fallen asleep with a hand under his cheek, the other holding onto a pillow probably assuming it to be her and a sweet smile on his lips. He looked so cute that she had no complaints even if he hadn't uttered a word of what she had been saying since past half hour. After all; the guy had accompanied her to numerous shops, carrying all the bags though least interested in shopping. She very well remembered how he kept asking her to leave the mall but she had simply ignored his requests for almost two and a half hours. And then finally having some pity on him they did leave the mall once that she was satisfied with all the shopping. After having a quick dinner which was ordered in the room itself she got back to packing when tired with all the shopping he must have dozed off she concluded.

Stealthily she got into bed and turned off the lamps. Covering him with the comforter she whispered a soft good night and lay down next to him but he turned and she frowned that she had disturbed his sleep, but soon her smile returned and this time wider, as he settled himself against her chest wishing her back still in his sleep. The pillow long forgotten as he held her close all set to visit dreamland and meet each other there.

He silently observed her as she was all busy chit chatting sitting amidst family and friends. It was just a day ago they returned, the golden days were gone, honeymoon time was over, but last 5 days of his leave which were kept spare by him for whatever she would ask; she had strictly told him to keep this time for his family. And he definitely was enjoying it to its fullest. It was after long that he sat down with his parents and watched movies, and had senseless talks for hours. Having small arguments and debates with them as they always sided Riddhima, while Spiky who would be there too, to annoy him further more. It felt like old days were back. He couldn't thank Riddhima for this brilliant suggestion and he knew she had purposely kept such condition to let him realize how his parents still loved him. It was just their carrier duties which snatched some time from them, but she was sure they could sit together now and make up for the lost time.
Lost in his thoughts and sending "thank you-s" upwards to have her in his life, he never realized that Muskaan had been calling him. He was snapped out of his thoughts as she mercilessly shouted in his ear and he almost tripped on his own feet startled by the sudden callout.

"Kya hua Armaan? Ridzi bechari kabse bula rahi hai tujhe, chal na!"

"Haan vo main... I was just... *sigh* chalo!"

Muskaan and Rahul too were invited for the dinner and not only Armaan and Riddhima, but now Ananya and Billy could also see the love bubbling between the two. But apparently they weren't in any rush to speak things out loud. Though Armaan and Riddhima were happy; that their fight had finally resolved. The next day was supposed to be the last day of his leave, thinking of which he thought of tagging her along to the room to spend some quality time. But to his disappointment everyone was too keen on talking to Riddhima today. As they finished their dessert he signalled her quietly to sneak out with some excuse but she simply gave him an apologetic look as Ananya started with another tale of how notorious Armaan and Rahul were in childhood. He even gave her a challenging look but when she still didn't budge and simply shrugged her shoulder indicating Ananya who sat right next to her he purposely changed his place and settled right opposite her across the table;
"Vaise Mom aaj ka khana kaafi yummy bana tha."

Rahul immediately agreed to that and soon they were all praises for Ananya as she was the chef for the day. She looked up at him knowing well that this shifting of topic wasn't unintentional, something was definitely up his sleeve. And soon the spoon in her hand that she was busy playing with almost slipped as she sensed his feet slowly glide up towards hers. She looked up at him no understanding why he switched place. Her grip on the spoon grew tight as his toe fingers caressed her soft feet making it really hard for her to think straight. She requested him silently to not do so but he shook his head in no mood to give up.
"Hain na Jerry?"

"Huh?" She looked up at Rahul completely unaware to what he was talking about.
"Ab is mein toh Armaan ki hi galti thi na; main kya karta?"

Riddhima fumbled not knowing what to say to which Muskaan; who sat by her side instantly nudged her; "Kya baat hai Ridz... kuch der pehle ye Armaan kahi khoya hua tha, ab tub hi kahi gum hai. Aakhir chakkar kya hai? Lagta hai tum dono ab tak apne honeymoon memories mein hi khoye hue ho!"
And if her comment was not enough the small feet game under the table multiplied the rosiness on her cheek. Having had waited enough he finally spoke up;
"Chalo you guys carry on with your chit chat, mujhe bohot neend aa rahi hai, toh main chalta hu sone."
Riddhima's mouth itched to stop him but couldn't say much as everyone wished him good night, and all her words dissolved anyways as he looked at her totally upset and uttered before leaving; "Good night."
After a long session of reviving old memories and Rahul-Muskaan banter session; Billy too finally decided to call it a day. That is when Muskaan looked up at the watch and decided to leave.  Riddhima finally exhaled a deep breath that she could now go and manaofy her hubby dearest, but it looked as if the destiny wasn't on their side today. Since it was already late Ananya insisted Muskaan and Rahul to stay back, and of course Riddhima too willingly supported her suggestion, but regretted it immediately as once that they decided to stay back it was then that she realized she would have to sleep with Muskaan, while Armaan would be sent away to guest room with Rahul. Yes indeed there was another spare bedroom, but obviously it would have been rude to let them all alone in the rooms, especially when it was your close friend's house. She shut her eyes tight thinking of Armaan's reaction. He was definitely not going to be happy about this last moment plan. After all he was up there in the room waiting for her; and here this plan was totally going to ruin it.

Riddhima busied herself with his file as he kept talking over the phone for past many many minutes. She knew it was his way of ignoring her, a clear indication that he was upset, very upset. Well who couldn't be, he was mercilessly thrown out of his own bedroom last night and if that wasn't enough he had to bear that good for nothing Spike whole night. Well of course in the beginning it did not seem that bad an idea, but soon that his Muskaan puraan started it never came to an end and poor Armaan had to bear all of it. Armaan himself tried to give him suggestions, hep him, but then Rahul wasn't yet ready to take it all to the next level. And Armaan could understand that it was too early to commit as the two hardly knew anything about each other, so it was better to know each other better and then act. The two indeed needed to work out their opposite thoughts issues, of course they are always their in every couple, but these two fought at a Rajdhani rate which was going to take them nowhere. So it was a wise decision from either end to rather spend some more time with each other than taking any step and then being hurt if things didn't work out.
But that was another story all together. He was utterly upset with Riddhima, some where he knew she wanted the same that he wished, but was helpless. So what... that did not mean she was forgiven. She could have made some excuse... any excuse and asked Muskaan to rest in the guest room, it was indeed a bit selfish to do so he knew, but still... he was ok with being selfish than being away from her. Especially; when he had been waiting for her so eagerly! That was the reason he did not want to return any sooner. Yes... of course he loved his family, and friends, yeah yeah guys it included Rahul too, but then they did not understand that he also loved Riddhima and had every right to have time, "ALONE" time with her which he usually never got with them being around and that was so unfair. And she... was back to square one just after two days of return. Hadn't he taken her away on this trip so that they could get their time, but back to Mumbai and back to old ways, hump. He was so not going to fall for any of her cute antics or innocent pleads this time.

So he got back to his work a day earlier keeping himself busy to show how upset and angry he was; but somehow could not bring himself to leave for office and spent the last day of leave away from her. It was almost lunch time now and he still wouldn't utter a single word.
"Armaaan... ab kuch toh boliye. Dekhiye ab jo ho gaya so gaya na. Aise naaraj rahenge aap toh jo bacha kucha time hai vo bhi waste ho jayega na."
But that made no difference to him. She tried all her cute tactics that usually worked and this time too melted him, but he did not wish to show. He had actually started enjoying the manaofying session so he thought of enjoying this sudden special attention from wifey dearest. But soon Riddhima had gauged the situation and thought that two can always play the game.
"Toh aap mujhse baat nahi karenge?"


"Bilkul bhi baat nahi karenge?"


"Soch leejiye, pakka ye aapka final decision hai."

*Another long silence.*

"Fine then" She heaved a long sigh and stood up; "Ab agar aapo mujhse baat hi nahi karni toh theek hai fir..." she she turned slightly but kept watching him through the corner of her eyes;
"Vaise bhi ubah hi mumma ka phone aaya tha, mujhe bohot miss kar rahi hai vo. Soch rahi hu ghar chali hi jaati hu kuch dino ke liye."
And bamm the plan indeed worked. Her heart did a little summersault as she saw  flicker with bother for a minute but soon he covered it up. Though he was a bit late in hiding it from her.
"Aap toh mujhse baat hi nahi kar rahe toh mere yaha rukne ka koi faayda hi kaha. Isse acha kuch din ghar ho aati hu, Maa bhi khush main bhi. Aur tab tak aapka ye sadu sa mood bhi theek ho jayega hopefully."
He snapped a look at her but that obviously did not scare her anymore. Instead she returned a "don't-give-me-that-look" look surprising him.
"Theek hai fir aap rahiye naaraj, main Mom se permission lekar aati hu. Vaise bhi vo mana nahi karengi but still..."
She walked out of the room with a determined face back firing his plan. The minute she stepped out he was up on his toes all worked up;
"Oh shit, now what? Lagta hai kuch jyaada hi kheech liya maine ye topic. What if she's saying the truth. Sach mein chali gayi toh?"
"No no... it can't be!" Said another voice in his mind.
"But why not, aur fir aaj kal uspe toh meri dhamkiyon ka asar bhi kam ho gaya hai. Agar isne vakai jakar Mom se baat kar lit oh, vo toh mana bhi nahi karengi! Nooo..."
He quickly dashed out of the room and ran towards Ananya's room but found it empty. Joseph informed him that Ananya was out in the lawn and Riddhima too had just gone that way. Cursing his luck he quickly paced towards the door and saw Ananya sitting leisurely on the swing reading some novel but Riddhima was seen nowhere around. He slowly walked towards Ananya greeting herhappily baaton hi baaton mein asked her finally;
"Umm mom aapki riddhima se baat hui kya?"

"Riddhima se? Nahi toh, subahse use kuch baat hi nahi ho paati aaj theek se. Vaise tu kyun pooch raha hai?"

"Huh... nahi bas... bas aise hi; kamre mein nahi hai toh socha aapse beetein kar rahi hogi. Anyways aap novel padhiye apni, main chalta hu kal se office hai na toh bas; I'll get back to my work"
Ananya frowned at his weird behaviour but nonetheless got back to her book thinking of it as his usual weirdness!

As he walked back to the room he kept wondering about Riddhima;
"Usne toh kaha tha ki Mom se baat karne ja rahi hai na, par Mom se toh koi baat hi nahi hui uski. Neeche bhi nahi thi; toh fir gayi kaha?"
He stopped near his room entrance when he felt a tap against his shoulder but shrugged it off too busy with his thoughts; "Agar Mom ko main kuch bolta toh unhe lagta ki kuch problem hai, ab main kya karu"
There was another tap on his shoulder but he shrugged it once again bit annoyed;
"Go away yaar... Riddhima se hi baat karni padegi ab toh; usiko samjhata hu ki----"
He was once again interrupted by a tap when he turned around totally irritated; "What the hell, kau-----"
He gulped his words and curses back as he found her with a goofy smile plastered on her face;
"Any problem Mr.Mallik? Aap kahe toh main baat kar lu aapki wife se, vaise bhi vo apne ghar jaaiyegi toh akeli bore ho jayegi na!"

"Akeli kyu hogi, uski Mom..."

"toh Delhi gayi hai na, Mr.Khanna ke bte ki shaadi attend karne!"
She finished with a wink at the end and suddenly he remembered that indeed she had informed him yesterday, but poor him, totally love struck forgot all of it falling for her trick!
"Iska matlab unhone koi phone nahi-----"
Even before he finished she burst into fits of laughter at her victory and his pale face, and that confirmed all his doubts. She had successfully trapped him to speak up;
"You little brat you..."
She instantly made a run for her life as he started the chase and within minutes the entire room was filled with her laughter as they kept running from one corner to the other. He finally cornered her shutting the door behind and twisted her arm at her back. Both were panting hard trying to catch their breath;
"Ouch... Armaan, chodiyee kya kar rahe hai!'

"Jaan bujhke mujhe jhut bola na. Thank God maine Mom se kuch nahi kaha!"

"Ab main kya karti, aap maan hi nahi rahe the, toh ghee jab seedhi ungli se na nikle toh ungl dedhi karni hi padti hai na."

"Shut up. And don't you forget I am still upset with you."

"Toh sach mein ghar chali---- auuu" she shrieked as he twisted her wrist further; "aaah; kya kar rahe hai aap, dard ho raha hai mujhe"

"That's good, mujhe itna sataya vo?"

"Acha chodiye, nahi ja rahi baba kahi. Aur kal ke liye bhi sorry par kya karti, Mom ne rok liya na unhe it was quite late. Toh aise unhe akele sona padta toh it would look rude na!"

"Vo sab mujhe nahi pata, promise me ki aaj tum kahi nahi jaa rahi. Poora din mere saath spend kar rahi ho bas, fir chahe koi bhi kyun na aajaye!"

Riddhima smiled at his cute pout and immediately nodded her head giving in.
"Ab toh chod deejiye mera haath; vaise bhi bohot bhuk lagiye; chaliye lunch kar lete hai."

"Hmm... theek hai chalo!"
He set her free but she instead held his arm stopping him;
"Aap pakka ab naaraj toh nahi hai na?"

He looked at her blankly not giving away anything and after a few moments replied;
"Judge for yourself!" Stating so he cupped her cheek and kissed her passionately; taking her by surprise. Her eyes opened wide due to the sudden kiss but smiled as her mind registered his action. Soon her hands as if auto tuned; found their way in his jet back hair pulling him closer gasping amidst the kiss sensing his hands exploring her sensitive territories.


Since he was himself too hungry he had left her soon and they had their lunch finally with no-one throwing any tantrums. The entire day as per the highness's commands she had stayed with him. Ananya had purposely been away for her own errands, giving the two some alone time. Rahul on the other hand had come over but Armaan had somehow thrown him out of the house knowing very well he only intended to be a haddi in kebab. Anyways now he had other things, say other people, to take care of so he did not trouble much. Though later his evening was spent going through files; and mails to be prepared for the next day's meetings and scheduled work. But all through this he did not miss to remind her about her night medicine dose. He sat rather sprawled on the bed lazily reading his file. And soon as her eyes caught a look of him amidst her task as she was about to ask him about the following day; if not yet then now; she newly adored him from the depths of her heart falling for him head over heels once again. The file resting on his stomach seeking for his attention, as he had unknowingly fallen asleep, a cute pout adoring his lips, the spectacles making him look a bit more mature but without any subtraction of his charm quota. She always loved his professional look, especially when he would have his specs on. She couldn't agree less that he looked irresistible in them, just that it was her little secret, not everything was meant to be told!

Pulling the file out of his tender hold delicately, careful enough to not disturb his sleep she kept his specs away and covering him with a blanket quickly went away to change. She returned thinking and hoping that he was asleep, and quietly got into the blanket not creating any kind of commotion. And soon enough she got busy with her recently found favourite task, admiring him as he slept peacefully! Unknown to her that he was pretty much awake, since the minute she had walked away to change he had lost his sleep, she let her soft palm trace his jaw line. His heartbeat caught up pace instantly as she bent in and placed a soft kiss on his forehead. But soon it was her turn to gasp as the minute she moved away she caught the dimple back on his cheek and soon enough his eyes snapped open as he held his wrist keeping her in place;
"Aap... aap jaag rahe the?"

"Jee haan Mrs.Mallik aur aap ye ky----"
He had tightened his other hand around her waist not leaving her with ways to escape but his words automatically halted as he looked down at her clothes;
"Heyy... isn't that my shirt you are wearing!"

Her eyes widened at sudden realization and she wished if mother earth could crack open right away. After all she was expecting him to be fast asleep, but here he had not only caught her admiring him, but also all dressed up in HIS shirt. Could this get any more embarrassing! Her flushed cheeks and, bitten lower lip and tightly shut eyes made him chuckle hard while he rolled her over pinning her under.
"Armaan please kuch mat boliye ab main..."

"Arey vaah aise kaise, tum mere sone ka poora poora faayda uthao aur main kuch bolu bhi nahi, ye kaha ka nyaay hua?"

"Armaaan! Main bas... aisa kuch nahi hai... I was just... you know----"
She tried to explain the inexcusable to her unarguable husband knowing she was to lose in the end. If not in the discussion then out of embarrassment.
"You were just what? Chance maraoing on your innocent sleeping husband isn't it?"
He stated as a matter of fact while she looked everywhere except him as she fished for something appropriate to reply.
"And moreover I need a pretty good explanation for you dressed in my shirt at the moment! So please explain, m all ears."
She couldn't think of anything and ended up opening and shutting her mouth like a fish, though never coming up with a good enough answer.
"Armaan please stoppp!"

Armaan pinned her hands as she tried to push him away and bent over her ears purposely brushing his lips over her earlobe; "Oyye hoyye... baby you don't need to wait till I am asleep, you can explore me as much as you wish with all my consent, I won't say a word; sachiii!"
That was enough to turn her cheeks red enough to compete brightest of red. He just couldn't resist anymore and instantly captured her lips as she turned liquid with his tease. Though surprised a bit in the beginning she soon surrendered completely as he kissed her full mouth. Anyhow the kiss wasn't enough to stifle her moans as his warm body rubbed against hers through that thin flimsy shirt of his. Breaking the kiss he looked down holding her gaze steady;
"Now however amused I might be I really want to know, ki aaj meri shirt kaise pehen li tumne?"

"Actually aap ye use nahi karte na... toh...I thought---"
She spoke up a bit nervous as the situation turned out a bit awkward but he just couldn't let her have any wrong thoughts or turn uncomfortable so he instantly defended pecking her forehead;
"Arey nahi nahi I did not mean that bacha, you can wear any of my shirt whenever you wish. Par mera matlab tha ki tumhe toh apne night suite ke bina neend nahi aati na toh aaj how did my shirt get so lucky?
She groaned as he just wouldn't stop the tease; "Ugghhh... batati hu pehle aap haath chodiye."
He looked down at her hands that he had still pinned up and rolled his eyes;
"Uff... you and your "Armaan mera haath chodiye", would they ever change?"
His smile only widened as she dropped her gaze to which she was instantly rewarded with a peck;
"Good... I anyways don't wish that they ever do!"
He set her hands free but stayed still towering her in turn making her roll her eyes;
"Mujhe bohot garmi ho rahi thi achanak and your shirt, it's... it's quite comfortable toh is liye maine pehen li."

She looked up with a pout as he just sighed in reply; "Kya hua?"

"Tumhe garmi ho rahi hai so you wore it, but do you have anyyy clue ki ye pehen ke tumne bedroom ka temperature aur bhi bada diya hai!" Closing the distance he whispered right over her lips in a husky voice;
"You look totally edible in it!"
Her rosiness multiplied further though her eyes snapped open while she held his hand as he purposely rolled her shirt's top button almost undoing it;
"Ye kya kar rahe hai aap?"

"Arey kyu... jab tum mere shirt ke buttons se khelti ho tab?"

"Haan but... but that's different na!"

"Acha ji? Why is that so? I tell you, you are always so unfair to me na!"
He rolled on his back creating good enough distance between them;
"Khud jab chaho romance kar lo matlab, aur main kuch karu toh achnak badi sharam aati hai tumhe! Jao tum, mujhe bhi nahi karna koi romance shomance!"
He declared showing his back he slept facing the other way and she knew very well it was all just pretence. She shook her head at his antics nonetheless she too did not wish to stay away so she crept towards him and slowly hugged him from behind bending over him partially.  Though he held her hand that rested against his chest he spoke faking indignation;
"Kyu ab kya hua, ab kyu mere paas aayi ho?"

"I thought ki ab itna time humne gava diya hai, jo bacha hai us mein aapke paas hi rahu"

"Par ab rehne do, mera sara mood spoil kar diya tumne ab. Tumhe toh bas shikayat hi hoti hai meri har-----"
His words dissolved within his throat feeling her soft warm lips over his earlobe. It was indeed quite unexpected as she started kissing his bare skin. Her hand tenderly caressed his chest as she kissed and licked his earlobe leaving him breathless. Using his opposite hand he grabbed her hair to stop her torture and within a minute she was under him with her hands pinned near her head. He couldn't believe that she chuckled as she had successfully teased. But one look in his eyes and she melted right there going still, cheeks bright red and eyes casted down surprising him at the sudden change.
"Oh Goddd... what do I do with you? Abhi ek minute pehle you were all bold and seductive and look at you now, maine dekh kya liya ek baar toh sharma rahi ho! How do you even manage?"

"It's not my fault!"

"Toh fir kiski gati hai?"


"Really now, and why; may I ask?"

"Aap har waqt mujhe aise dekhte hai jaise... jaise..."

He lowered himself on her making her groan.

"Jaise pata nahi aapke dimaag mein----"

"Mere dimaag mein!" He cut her words with a chuckle and continued in a husky voice clear enough so that she heard each and every word; "Don't even go there baby, you have no clue mere dimaag mein is waqt kya chal raha hai. Have you had any idea toh meri taraf dekhna toh dur, your past records tell me ki ab tak toh tum sharam ke maarein poori ki poori chup gayi hoti mujhse!"
As soon that her mind registered his words she looked up at him with eyes wide open with realization.
"Armaaan aap-----" She had no guts to say anything further catching the look in his eyes and instantly averted her gaze. Her efforts of setting herself free off him continued when instead he gripped her wrists tighter capturing her lips immediately quietening her. Her mind numbed with the fierce kiss and soon her hands were set free who found their way in his hair. His hands on the other hand appreciated her curves to the fullest gaining the desired moans from her end. He smiled feeling her clutch his hair as his hands glided down to her neck and very soon finishing his undone task reaching out for her button. This time she had no intentions of backing away and instead came out of the kiss anticipating his next move. As if on a cue her neck arched up giving him better access as he kissed her neck.

Very soon she had managed to discard his shirt off him pulling him closer as his kisses grew intense. He proved that the shirt on her belonged to him as he knew his ways around it perfectly leaving her gasping. She burned with passion sensing him find the hem of her shirt and soon his hands entered, exploring her bare skin right from her soft silky toned legs, warm waist and all the way up and places he knew undid her completely; keeping her engaged in a lip lock. Everything around soon faded away as he was all over her taking away all her thinking abilities; to think and gasp only one name ARMAAN!!

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