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Part 42

 She never knew she had be so content on losing herself; on giving herself to someone else. But was he "someone else"?

NO!! He heart immediately answered back. He was hers; physically they were two different people maybe; but with a joined soul. A tear glided down her eye and rested against his chest. She felt him stir and she was under him next minute. Wiping her tear away he adjusted her hair and stared down at her caressing her cheek. She had her eyes down and was still not ready to meet his gaze. Kissing her forehead he made another attempt to make her look up at him but she didn't budge.

"Toh tum bilkul dekhne hi nahi wali mujhe? Kyu... humne kuch galat kiya hai kya?"

She instantly nodded her head making him smile. "Toh fir... ab nazre uthao bhi; mujhe bhi toh tumhari aankhon main khone ka mauka de do." She lifted her eyes but to look away.

"Acha suno... vaise toh mujhe pata hai ki ab tum kaafi had tak theek ho chuki ho aur surgery ko bhi kaafi waqt ho chukka hai toh it was safe and all that; but are alright na? I mean tumhe... tumhe dard toh nahi ho raha na?"

Riddhima's eyes on their own accord lifted up to meet his and she looked at him with all the love and respect she could gather. She simply shook her head letting him know she was okay.

"Chalo is bahane kam se kam tumne meri taraf dekha toh sahi!" He kissed her cheek but surprisingly her gaze was still stuck at his and he noticed the thin line of water that had come up in her eyes. She uttered in a very meek voice stating her request innocently "Main aapko hug kar sakti hu?"

He smiled at her deeply. "You still feel the need to ask!"
She wrapped her arms around him in a tight hold and hid her face in his neck.

"Ar...maan aap jaante hai na; main toh humesha galtiyaan karti rehti hu aur kabhi kabhi aapki iccha se bilkul opposite jaake kuch kar deti hu. Aapko naaraj kar deti hu... par aap naaraj hoke mujhse kabhi poori tarah khafa mat hona. Aap kabhi... mujhe khudse alag toh nahi hone doge na?"

He caressed her head planting a soft kiss on her neck "Tu toh mera bacha hai... tumhe khudse kaise alag karunga main Jaan!" He tried to part away in order to look at her but she tightened her hold around him not letting him move. "Please... aise hi rahiye na kuch der."

He obliged but after a few minutes when she still did not detangle he couldn't stay quiet "Kya hua Riddhima... what's wrong?"

After a long silence she took a deep breath and spoke "Waqt se kuch cheen laane ki koshish kar rahi thi!... Aapko yaad hai jab main beemar thi aur aapse bohot batameezi se pesh aayi thi. Us raat aapne mujhe apni god main sulaya tha aur bohot pyaar se mujhe samjhaya tha; par maine fir bhi aapse jhut kaha. Fir us raat jab aapne mujhe bohot daanta tha fir agle din Banglore chale gaye the aap. Pata hai us har ek pal mein... har din; jaise main khud aapko mujhse dur kar rahi thi; bas ek cheej chahti thi aapse. Ki aap... mujhe ek baar apni baho main bhare; jee bharke rona chahti thi main; aapse bohot kuch kehna chahti thi main. Jaanti thi; sirf ek baar keh deti toh aap mujhe gale laga bhi lete bina kisi sawal bina kisi umeed ke; par phir aapse dur ho hi nahi paati main! Isi liye aapse dur bhaagna chahti thi."

"Par ab jab zindagi ne waqt lautaya hai mujhe; toh bas soch rahi thi ki vo pal vapas jee lu. Tab jo nahi kar payi thi; ab karlu; aapko mehsoos karu... aur bas aapki bahon main vo sab kuch bhul jau jo..."

He pulled her closer embracing her tightly in his arms as he himself choked hearing her speak her heart out. He could feel her pain; the longing that she held and hugged her as tight as he could; shushing her right away. "Shhh... Kyu soch rahi ho vo sab hmm? Dekho abhi toh main hu na tumhe apni bahon main pakde aur humesha rahunga. Jis tarah is baar tumhe maut ke muh se cheenkar laaya hu; har musibat se ladkar vapas le aaunga. Par jo bhi ho; kabhi khudse dur nahi hone dunga; I promise Riddhima!"

He cradled her in his arms for a long long time and both dozed off in each other's embrace. Soon after; that he had fallen asleep he felt some commotion and opened his eyes. She was shivering in his arms as it was early morning and the winds were a little strong. Also the ac in the room was set at a low temperature. He smiled at her quivering self and increased the ac temperature immediately. Looking around for something; he grabbed his kurta that was at her end and made her wear it with her still fast asleep! The moment he was done she left him; turned around and slept hugging herself holding onto his kurta's collar. He gaped at her for a minute and then giggled to himself. He would never understand her irrevocable love for his shirts/ kurtas! Pulling her back he settled her back against his chest spooning her. Placing a small kiss against her cheek he dozed off trying to catch some sleep.


She whined as she felt someone tap her cheek.

Riddhima... baby uth jao...

She recognized the voice very well and soon opened her eyes. He sat leaning over with his usual dimpled smile and placed a sweet kiss against her forehead.
Good morning love...

She returned the smile but as her eyes moved down she found him all set and dressed ready to leave. "Aap tayyar bhi ho gaye?"

"Yes... meri ek bohot important meeting hai 11 baje so..."

Her eyes moved towards the clock still half closed but seeing the time they snapped open wide. "Itni der ho gayi? Aapne mujhe uthaya kyu nahi!"

"It's okay... chill. Vaise bhi kal karvachaut ki sab bhaag daud thi toh Mom bhi aaj kuch nahi poochegi tumse."

"Par aap toh ready ho gaye..." He read disappointment in her eyes as she thought he would leave soon so he quickly cleared her doubt. "Mujhe abhi breakfast karna hai aur Rahul ke liye bhi rukna hai so there's still time don't worry. Isi liye tumhe uthaya... jao jaakar nahalo fir saath main chalte hai naashte ke liye."

She smiled happy by his suggestion and was about to get up but realized her state under the blanket. She was suddenly reminded of their night and she turned red. As she held the blanket her hand brushed against his kurta that she was wearing and realized he must have put it on while she was asleep. But now the big problem was of reaching washroom hiding away from his gaze! She looked up but found him too busy in his cell phone. God!!... this was such a situation she thought; now how was she supposed to send him away? And letting him know the reason was completely out of choices as then there was no way he would obey! Afterall his favourite hobby was teasing!

"Umm Armaan..."


"Aap...jaiye neeche; main aati hu na fresh hoke!"

"Nahi theek hai vaise bhi mujhe jara file bhi padni hai toh sab kaam niptake hi chala jaunga!" Still lost in his phone missing her point he remained busy with his work.

"Aap naashte ke baad padh leejiye na; main le aati hu na aapki file aap jaiye neeche!"

"Arey hadh hai; mujhe neeche kyu bhaga rahi ho tum? Main chala jaunga na jab jana hoga! "

"Aap kuch samjhte kyun nahi...tch... dekhiye aap jakar garam garam naashta keejiye mujhe abhi tak nahana hain toh mujhe waqt lagega na!"

"Arey tumhe kya..." He was done checking his schedule so he drifted his attention towards her as she remained adamant as he moved his gaze to her he could see her grip the blanket tightly and look away. He instantly caught her point and smiled.

"Ohh I see... so tumhe nahana hai na; so jao naha lo! Maine kaha roka hai tumhe?"

"Huh nahi main naha lungi aap neeche..."

"Nahi ja raha... main toh kahi nahi ja raha yahi baithne wala hu; tumhe koi problem?"

"Huh... nahi jaa rahe? Par kyuuu?" He raised a brow at her so she had to change her words quickly; "Nahi vo...mera matlab tha ki... main bas keh rahi thi aap... matlab agar you know... I..."

He chuckled hard as she fumbled fishing for words. "Kahi aisa toh nahi ki tum sharma rahi ho ki is halat main mere saamne se hokar washroom kaise jaogi!"

She just looked up at him surprised and instantly turned her gaze blushing cherry red.
"Well in that case let me remind you Riddhima ki main already kal raat tumhe aise dekh..."
Cutting his words she turned around and hid in his arms not wanting to face him anymore.

"Oye hoyye... tum ab bhi mujhse sharma rahi ho... well just because mujhe tumhara ye sharm se laal hua chehra aur bhi khoobsurat lagta hai so I won't complaint! And... you really need to get a shower soon as I am getting late so..." He picked her and dropped her till the washroom. As he placed her at the washroom door she held the blanket tightly and he kissed her forehead.
"Ab jaldi se naha kar aao tab tak main bhi apni files padh leta hu!"

She nodded her head and went in closing the door. Armaan had just finished his file but Riddhima was still inside their walk-in wadrobe. He wondered what took her so long to change! Waiting for a few more minutes he finally went ahead and knocked the door.
"Riddhima... kya kar rahi ho; please jaldi aao; I am waiting! Rahul bas aata hi hoga!"

After a 2 minute pin drop silence he heard her reply a little nervous "Aap jaiye main ... abhi neeche nahi aa sakti!" He frowned at her reply and told her to come out right away but she kept refusing. SO having no other option he just unlocked the door and entered. She stood in front of the mirror still in her bathrobe!!

"Tumne abhi tak change nahi kiya? Riddhima abhi main chala jaunga toh directly raat ko baat hogi fir mujhse shikayat mat karna ki main tumhe aise hi bina mile chala gaya!"

"Nahi karungi shikayat... jaiye. Main neeche nahi aa rahi; main kahi nahi jaa rahi!"

He read her eyes and knew she was upset so he went ahead and hugged her from behind.
"Kya hua... neeche kyu nahi chalna; aur aise muh fula kar kyun khadi ho?"

"Kuch nahi..."

"Arey bolo na... kya baat hai? Naaraj ho mujhse?" She just shook her head still looking down. "Toh fir kya hua?"

"Bas nahi aa sakti neeche..."


"kyunki; I don't know what to wear!" He frowned at her words but then saw a mark on her neck that she was trying to cover. He smiled at her and pushed her robe a little off that mark "Acha mujhe toh laga iski vajah se yaha choopke baithi ho!"

Pushing his hand away she moved out of his hold "Ab main kya karu... aise nahi aa sakti neeche sab kya sochenge... aap jaiye!" He pulled her back and held her chin "Jo sochna hai soche; kya fark padta hai? Vaise bhi tum meri biwi ho; is mein chupane wali kya baat hai; unhe bhi yahi dikhega ki tumhara pati tumse kitna pyaar karta hai!"

"Armaan aap!!... chodiye..." She once again turned red and he pecked her lips softly "Acha theek hai... toh ek kaam karo saree mat pehno aaj ke din; suit pehen lo. Vo tumhara collar wala suit hai na blue colour ka; vo kyu nahi pehen leti! Problem solve!"

Her eyes twinkled at his suggestion and she nodded her head "Haan main vohi pehen leti hu aaj!" She instantly thought of grabbing the dress but he stopped her.

"Arey arey ruk jao; where do you think you are running wifey!"

"Vo dress nikalne; aapne hi toh kaha..."

"Haan haan par usse pehle tum kuch bhul nahi rahi!"

"Kya?" She asked completely puzzled and he pulled her closer swiftly. She gasped as she banged right into his chest and on reflex held his collar for support.
"Maine tumhari itni help ki; tumhari problem solve ki toh iske badle mein mujhe bhi kuch milna chahiye na!"

His eyes were stuck at her lips and she looked away getting his point. Smartly she tried to get away and suggested "Ar...maan aapko der ho jayegi..."

"Bilkul bhi nahi... kisne kaha tumse aisa?"

"Ar...maan aap hi toh..." Her words stuck at her throat as he reduced the distance and she felt his hot breath on her lips. She closed her eyes completely giving in unknowingly! The next moment she could feel her fingers tangle in his hair as his hot lips moved against hers. Holding her head he kissed her full; deep and passionately! Placing a soft peck at the end he kissed the mark on her neck and buried his face in her hair nuzzling her. Both of them stood still for a while; he held her face and whispered right against her lips "Abhi main jaa raha hu neeche jaldi se ready hokar aa jao hmm?"

She nodded her head with a soft "Hmm..." Kissing her forehead one last time he left her walking out of their room. Ananya and Billy were already at the table but Rahul hadn't arrived yet. He greeted everyone and sat on his chair grabbing the newspaper.

"Bete naashta laga du?"

"Nahi Mom... 5 minute ruk jaiye Riddhima aati hi hogi; usi ke saath kar lunga!"

"Riddhima uth gayi? Mujhe toh laga kal ke vrat ke baad thak gayi hogi... chalo koi nahi acha hai." Just then she found Riddhima walking downstairs looking really pretty. Her experienced eyes caught the glow on her face and smiled.

"Arey ye lo Riddhima aa gayi. Beta aap is dress main both khoobsurat lag rahe ho! Aur kya baat hai aaj kafi chamak hai tumhare chehre pe..." Riddhima just smiled at her uneasily and looked away.
Ananya smiled and caressed her head "Humesha aise hi khush raho beta; jaa baith Armaan tera hi intezar kar raha tha. Tu baith main naashta lagvati hu tum dono ka!"

The moment she had settled next to him he started teasing her. Either his hand held hers; or he was busy playing footsie; or his hand would crawl up her waist caressing it making her a while longer than usual to finish her breakfast. All she could do was; throw a glare at him or plead through her eyes but he did not budge. It was finally after Ananya asked Riddhima that why she was so lost; that he decided to leave her alone for a while and continued the breakfast quietly. But out of everything what made her smile was whatever he had been doing under the table; his face always managed to keep that normal look as if he was too busy with his food!

Within sometime Rahul entered and soon enough Armaan left with him. Rahul too noticed that unusual glow on her face but couldn't say much in front of everyone. Both started their day with great enthusiasm and happiness but major part of their brain was involved in thinking about each other. He was done with his meeting and sat signing some documents when his gaze caught up something much more interesting. Their photo from Shimla trip placed on the table grabbed his complete attention. Her smile took him away from all his work and he lost himself once again. Without wasting a second he grabbed his cell phone and dialled her number.
"Hello... kya kar rahi ho?"

"Kuch nahi; bas t.v dekh rahi thi! Aapne kaise phone kiya is waqt?"

"Tumhe bohot miss kar raha hu main; dekho na aaj ke din kaha hume celebrate karna chahiye par ... sigh... khair..."

"Haan toh aapko hi office jana tha; ab shikayat karne ka kya faayda!"

"Vaise suno ek baat batani thi tumhe; aaj humari shaadi ko poore 6 mahine ho gaye... toh main soch raha ha ki it's about time that I ask you out haina!"

"Ask me out? For what?"

"Ki tum kaha jana chahti ho apne..."

"Apne kya? Armaan paheliyan bujhana band keejiye na; saaf saaf boliye; kaha jane ki baat kar rahe ho aap? Aur mujhe toh kahi bhi nahi jana!"

"Arey meri bholuram... main honeymoon pe jane ki baat kar raha hu! " 

"Haan toh vaise kah..." She stopped her banter as she realized what he was asking for and he could just say that she was already deep red by now!
"Oyye hoyye; kaash is waqt main vaha hota tumhare samne. So... anyways; that's my surprise gift to you humari half-a-year anniversary pe! Batao; kaha jana chahti ho tum?"

"Umm... pata nahi; jaha bhi aap kahe..."

"Arey ye kya baat hui ab? Aise nahi chalega koi jagah toh chunni padegi na; aur haan Shimla chodke haan please..."

"Ab main... aise baithe baithe kaise kuch bol du; thoda toh waqt deejiye sochne ke liye!"

"Hmm ye baat bhi sahi hai; toh chalo waqt diya... shaam ke 7:30 baje tak sochke rakho theek hai?"

"7:30 baje tak hi kyu; us waqt kya hai?"

"Us waqt aapke patidev ghar laut rahe hai; aapko pick karne ek achi si candle light dinner pe le jane aur aaj ke din ko celebrate karne!!"

"Kyaaa... sach; aap sach main mujhe dinner pe le jaa rahe hai! Par aapne toh kaha tha ki aapko late..." She jumped out of the sofa all happy by his words. He giggled at her more-than-happy reply and confirmed "Kaha tha par vo toh aise hi kaha tha; pehle office aake sab set karna chahta tha so that I am sure ki mera kaam fatafat poora ho jaye sham tak fir tumhe batana tha is liye... toh tum honeymoon destination sochke rakho aur dinner ke liye tayyar bhi rehna theek hai! Main sharp 7:30 pohoch jaunga ok?"


"Aur haan khabardar jo suit pehenkar aayi; tum saree hi  pehnogi that's final; jise jo dikhta hai dikhe; jo sochna hai soche I don't care!"

"Armaan main kaise..."

"Mujhe koi bahana nahi sunna bas..."

"Aap samjhte kyu nahi main..." just then there was a knock on his door and he cut her; "Riddhima ek minute ruko jara..."

"Yes come in..." as the door opened he cursed the person at the door. It was none other than Tia. He got back to the call without giving Tia any response but she anyways entered.
"Acha jo kaha hai vo yaad rakhna; main tumhe jara baad main call karta hu theek hai there's a little nuisance here. Ok byee... love you!"

 "Tum yaha kya kar rahi ho?"

"Bas baat karne aaye thi tumse...par tum apni biwi ke saath thode busy ho it seems!"

"Come to the point Miss.Sharma I don't have any leisure to waste upon you; so just spill the beans and leave!"

"Pata nahi tumhe har baat ki jaldi kyun hoti hai... anyways I was just saying  why not we spend some time together Armaan. Dekho na jabse aayi hu project ke kaam main lagi hu; aur tum bhi apne in files main busy rehte ho. Come on Armaan; let's go out... I am sure tum bhi us behenji se bore ho gaye hoge ab tak. All of her karvachauth thingy and all; tum bhi is sab bakwas main nahi maante I know. I am sure tumhe usne kal bohot bore kiya hoga; so let's..."

"Just shut your mouth; not a word more. Aur agar tumhari bakwas khatam ho gayi ho toh you can leave right away!"

"I know tum uncle aunty ka sochke mana kar rahe ho na; but don' worry unhe kuch..." just as she went on with her bullshit he found her going all quiet as she had noticed something and her face clearly depicted she had not really liked what she had seen!

"Ye... what's that mark on your chest" As his top two buttons were undone as usual she got a sneak peak of a mark on his chest. He realized what she was talking about and started in an agitated tone "Tumhe isse..." But soon he calmed as he realized that the answer was going to burn her up alive and he had love to watch that!

She saw his anger washing away instantly and he smiled as he answered "Hmm... vaise toh iska jawab is not something I had like to share publically; but considering it's you I would surely like to answer! Tum khud ko bohot khoobsurat samjhti ho na; ki har koi tumpar fida ho jaye... but let me tell you Miss.Tia I for sure don't feel that way about you! Infact I never have. Well about this mark..." he cleared his throat as he continued "ab na tum koi bacchi ho na itni bholi bhali ho ki ye samajh na sako ki ek shadi shuda mard ke seene par aisa nishaan ho toh uski vajah kya... rather kaun ho sakta hai! It's absolutely what you think it is! Main tumhari tarah gira hua toh hu nahi ki apni bedroom details tumhare saath share karu; par agar tumhe mere girebaan main jhaankne ka itna hi shauk hai toh see for yourself. I am pretty sure that must have cleared all your doubts about... main apni biwi ke saath kitna khush hu aur is rishte ko kis hadh tak apni marzi se nibha raha hu and all of that you know!"

"You know what... let me tell you some facts; ho sakta hai tum vakai Riddhima se 10 guna jyaada pretty; hot aur appealing ho but still that changes nothing at all Tia! I would still choose her over you. I had choose her over the prettiest; sexiest and most happening girl in the world you know why... kyunki duniya ka pata nahi par mere liye; duniya ki sabse jyada khubsoorat; hot; sexy and appealing ladki agar koi hai toh vo Riddhima hai; aur humesha vohi rahegi! Jitni jaroorat uski mujhe mehsoos hoti hai utni aur kisiki na hui hai na kabhi hogi. She means the world to me Tia! So just quit already. Tumhe ye sab karke kuch nahi milne wala. Tum mujhe hasil nahi kar sakti kyunki main khud apne aap ko use haar chukka hu; toh agar chahu toh bhi tumhe kuch nahi de sakta! I am already taken... you understand that."

Getting up he held her arm and escorted her till the door; "Ab agar sari baatein clear ho chuki ho toh you may leave; aur haan... ainda agar mujhse milna ho toh pehle appointment lena kyunki kya hai I am not sitting free to entertain this kind of rubbish during my work hours!"

He had literally kicked her out of his cabin and Tia stood out burning like hell. "Ye tumne theek nahi kiya Armaan Mallik; I never take No as an answer. Bohot pasand karte ho na us Riddhima ko; jarurat se jyaada kareeb aa gayi hai vo tumhare... but she's not worth you. Use samjhna padega ki vo tumhare layak nahi hai... and don't worry baby; main hu na! Main use sab samjha dungi!"

Riddhima was busy with her usual errands when Ananya and Tia headed out for some shopping. Tia called out Riddhima as she stood by the kitchen instructing Joseph;
"Hey Riddhima can you please get my cell phone; shayad main vo store room main bhul aayi! Vo kya hai na main vaha gayi toh mere sare kapde kharab ho jayenge na... we are getting late so..."

Riddhima had maintained her distance with her as per Armaan's instructions but now as Ananya was present she couldn't avoid. "Tum store room main kya kar rahi thi?" Before Tia could reply Ananya answered; "Haan beta vo Tia ko kuch purane newspaper chahiye the toh maine hi use vaha bheja tha. Tu jara dekh le na uska mobile..."

"Jee Mom main abhi dekhti hu."

Tia told Ananya to settle inside the car as she would come as soon as Riddhima would hand over her mobile. Unknown to what Tia had in mind Ananya left and Riddhima entered the storeroom. Tia slowly walked behind Riddhima and as soon as she had entered the room Tia dropped the keys inside the room and pulled the door. As the lock was jammed it was only openable from outside she knew. Riddhima who was busy searching for Tia's mobile turned around as she heard the door shut. Riddhima found the keys lying by the door but the door was shut. She tried to open the door but it was locked; started banging the door but all the maids were busy in kitchen and since storeroom was near the basement area Tia knew nobody was going to come anywhere near the room at this time. Within minutes Riddhima shrieked as the light supply was cut out and she panicked.

Tia returned back to the car and told Ananya that she had left the phone in her own room and Ananya bought her lie. Tia smiled as she was winning this one.

"Too bad Armaan... but aaj tumhari dinner date nahi ho sakti!"
Yes... she had heard his phone conversation and there was no way she was letting Riddhima go out with him. She had already planned of doing something but when Armaan insulted her she made sure that Riddhima suffered!


Posted: 2015-06-10T06:36:02Z
awesome update...                                   
loved armaan-ridimma mushy mushy talks...                                                        
armaan planning for their honeymoon so romantic yaar...                                   
this Tia she is disgusting...                     
hope so armaan rescue ridimma on right time before it causes any harm to ridimma ...                                                 
update fast and thanks a lot for the pm...
Posted: 2015-06-10T06:37:08Z

Posted: 2015-06-10T07:35:14Z
Itna Romantic Update Ki aesi Ending...
Aesi Ki Taesi Is Tia Ki..
I so Hate her..
Bechaari Ridhimaa..
Ab Kya Hogaa..

Update Ka Start kinne achche se Huwaa..
Kitna romantic Tha.. Embarrassed
Subha uthke B Romance...

Aur Fir Tia Ki Band B baj gayii..
Wo B In Armaan Malik Style.. LOL

Lekin yai last mai kya huwaa.. *Sob* *Sob* *Sob*

I hope Ammy Jaldi aaye..
Aur usse B jaldi nxt Update Aaye..
Mele Ko sachchii Muchchii tension ho rahi hai..

Jaldi Jaldi Update dena nxt wala..
Posted: 2015-06-10T07:47:52Z
I hope Armaan jaldi se ghar aa jaaye aur us Tia ko sabak sikhaaye! 
Kamini kahin ki. Mera mann toh kiya ki usko phone ke andar ghuske maaru.
But AR romance was suuupppeeerrr cute! Totally loved that.
Armaan is love. 
Posted: 2015-06-10T08:37:05Z
Gr8 part 
ar moments were lovely
I just hate that Tia 
I hope armaan save ridhima 
excited for next part 
thanks for pm 
plz pm me for next part 
continue soon 
Posted: 2015-06-10T08:42:47Z
Amazing update !!
AR scene is aweosme :)
Loved it <3
Armaan planning honeymoon .,,aww...ridz red with blush :D
Happy that armaan told tia that he belongs to riddhima only ...
Hope tia never gets success in any of her plans of seperating AR ...
Armaan come soon and save ridz :(
Feel like killing tia kamini chudail ...
Continue asap !!

Thnxx for pm :)
Posted: 2015-06-10T09:44:10Z
Lovely update. Evil tia hope arman finds ridhima soon. Keep updating. Thanks for the lovely update n for the pm. Continue soon

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