An Arranged Love Marriage (AR FF) #2; NEW PART- 04.08.2018(Page 48)

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Part 50

NOTE: Certain part might be uncomfortable for people under 16; read at your own discretion!

She never got a chance to reply; he already swung her around and pulled her back into his arms.
"Shahid huh?... kuch jyaada hi pyaar aa raha hai uspe nahi?... So let's make you forget him!!"

Putting away all her hair to her front so that her back was left bare; he traced her spinal cord taking his time. Her breath hitched; she moaned his name as he let her earring fall off. It was paytime... she had already teased him a lot! Now he would hear only... what he wished to hear. And she would speak and remember nothing but HIM!!

Armaan took her earlobe between his teeth making her hiss. A swift turn and she was again facing him. He fisted and pulled her hair softly intending to be rough but not hurt her at the same time. She held his shoulder tightly as he nibbled onto her neckline giving her marks all over her neck.
"Ab bolo... kya keh rahi thi tum?"

He as if challenged her knowing pretty well she couldn't dare tease him now. Rather she couldn't even speak anything at the moment. His expertized hands moved up and undid the button holding her straps together at the back. She tried to push him away as he descended down towards her throat making her groan in pain!

"Yes Riddhima?..."


"Hmmm... ??"

Moving to the other side of her neck he planted another set of love bites making her helpless.
"I... I love you Armaan..."

As if some one hit the stop button; he stopped... suddenly! She could sense him turn gentle and he held her chin making her look up;
"Phir se bolo..."

She pushed his hand away and was about to turn but he pulled her by her shoulder when she hissed; "Ouch". Seeing he had held her arm lost in his passion right where she had a scratch; he moved a step back apologizing "I am sorry..."

To his surprise she held his arm as he stepped back not wanting him to move away; "Itna bhi dard nahi hua..."
(Hehe... In case ye scene jaana pehchana laga toh yes it is main yaad dilati hu... coz it's inspired from KaJen before-roka wala scene where she gets hurt coz of her bindi thanks to him. I am sure you all must have remembered it ;)  )

Smiling at her gesture he blew the candles off; turning the room dark. There was no way she would try to run away now! He pushed her back to the wall and turned the shower on letting the lukewarm water run over their already wet bodies.

"Armaan aapne ye..."

"Phirse bolo Riddhima..."

She knew what he was asking for as he once again cupped her cheek. The two candles that were placed a little far away still lit; giving her a faint view of his face and she could still clearly read the love in his eyes. Holding his hand that held her cheek she whispered looking straight in his eyes this time; "I love you Armaan!"
Placing a soft kiss over her nose tip he whispered back "I love you too...!!"

He simply smiled seeing her turn red. Coming right below the shower he let his clinging shirt completely off him and held his hand out inviting her. The burning passion in his eyes made her think twice but she slowly and hesitantly put her hand in his and the next minute he pulled her close. His lips directly crushed down onto hers and she felt tinkling sensations all over her body as he kissed her deep with those shower droplets falling over them. Suddenly the cold winds were lost... she could feel hot sparks within her as his lips nibbled onto her lower lips so sensuously that she felt dizzy. She responded back with equal fervour ruffling his hair.

She realized he had already unbuttoned her straps as he slid one off her shoulder. A smile made way on her rosy lips; as Armaan slowly caressed the marks over her neck.
"Tum chaho toh mujhe rok sakti ho... mujhe bura nahi lagega!"

But as she stood still with a dropped gaze he continued his journey. Tracing a path up her slender throat and then from her chin to nose tip; her eyes and her forehead he placed tiny wet kisses. His hand too went up caressing her curves as she opened her eyes. She gasped as his hand slowly traced the zip at her lower back and staring deep in her eyes he slowly pulled it down.

He managed to pull the other strap down when she held the dress near her chest. Shaking her head she stepped back till she hit the wall and turned her face side ways not wanting to look in his eyes anymore. He could see her chest heaving up and down as she panted.

Turning off the knob he pushed his wet strands off his forehead and walked to her. He placed her straps back on her shoulder and nuzzled her hair. Riddhima gasped as he whispered still with a husky voice;
"Kya hua?..."

"Ar...maan... mere extra kapde bahar hai I mean... aur... yaha ... there's nothing to cover... I..."

Armaan dragged his face away and looked down at her nervous hands. He understood what she was so hesitant about and smiled. She had no extra warm clothes or any other sheet/ blanket to cover her bare body inside here. At first he was a little surprised as they had already consummated and it wasn't a big deal... but for him. He realized never before was she so boldly being bare in front of him; provided they were under a blanket or the always loved "Armaan's shirt"! And not to forget the room was always pitch dark where she always hid herself in his arms.

He pulled out a bath robe that he saw placed neatly over the towel rod and brought her closer. Holding her hand up he kissed her trembling fingers slowly. Turning her around he once again pulled her strap down but she jerked turning her neck a little behind; but relaxed instantly as she heard a mere whisper from him; "Trust me..."

She let her arms lose letting him do what he wished though her eyes shut due to nervousness. She knew he wouldn't attempt something she wasn't comfortable about but still couldn't erase the nervousness out of her.

She shivered as he let the straps out of her arms completely; making her bare back come in his view as she stood with her back towards him. But she was surprised as she felt him slide some fluffy fabric into her arms. Covering her back completely he let the dress slowly slide down her body and pulled her back into his arms. His hands slowly pulled the robe over her front and tied it tight against her waist still with her back aginst his chest. Slowly she was once again turned towards him while his face still carried a wam smile.
"Is it okay now?" He asked in a soft gentle tone holding her chin and all she could manage was a nod. Looking up she awaited him to pick her up and soon he obliged. His candle arrangements did go waste as he had better plans for her than a warm shower!!

Resting his head with the support of his elbow he kept admiring his angel who was lying oblivious to his gaze. Her smudged kajal and swollen lips reminded him of their hot moments from past night! Silently he kept admiring her as; if awake she always shied away. Suddenly she moved and he thought she would wake up; but her next move tugged his heart.

Still lost in her sleep; she had turned to face him and her hands went out in search for his. The minute she found them; she pulled his arm and wrapped it against her waist so that she was close. And if that wasn't enough she hugged him tight through his chest and placed her hand on his back adjusting into his warmth.

There were moments like this... when unaware and not in her sense she would drag him close so authoratively that would leave him stumped. But out of her sleep and she would be snapped to go back into her shell! She had definitely come a far way; and times when she would tease him he sometimes wished to have his way with her not considering any limits! But just a look in her eyes and magically he would calm down on his own. However high on passion her nervousness and innocence would pull him down and turn him gentle.

He placed a long kiss over her forehead for her small act that had touched his heart while she still remained asleep unknown to his thoughts. He knew she too loved him a lot and must have some fantasies of her own. But hesistancy always kept her from giving in to her desires. Patience was virtue was something he absolutely believed in. Time always offers the fruit when the person is absolutely ready and deserving. He knew it was no longer that she would slowly leave her hesitancy and express her need for him! These thin curtains and fading boundaries would soon be erased by her was something he was sure of. But just patience was what he needed.


As they reached Switzerland definitely it wasn't snowing as the winters hadn't arrived yet but that did not lessen the beauty of the place! It was their first day out in the wonderful; green fields and colourful flower studded heaven. Wandering through those beautiful streets and valleys elegantly settled against a horse as per Armaan's idea; they explored a cent percent of the place. Riddhima was clad in a cute purple knee length warm dress paired up with a semi transparent stocking. She looked really cute as she wore woolen mittens and a fluffy scarf neatly draped around her head so that the cold winds did not enter her ears!

Handing the horse back to the groom; as they reached at a walkable distance; he thought of having a small stroll. Hand in hand as they walked down the steep road they looked just like teenage lovers too happy in their own world. They were planning to go for some aerial ride but seeing the temperature turning low he decided to shift the plan to tomorrow. But Riddhima being Riddhima she started being adamant as she was really excited about the ride. Owing to her medical history he was definitely not giving in to her demands and as though for a change God was on his side today; he saw a few kids playing basket ball at a distance. An idea struck his mind and he instantly uttered;
"Riddhima... how about we see if you were really being honest when you said that basketball was your favourite sport?"

She touched his forehead and frowned at him; "Aapko bukhar chad gaya kya? Aapki tabiyat toh theek hai na? Yaha main aapse ride pe jaane ki baat kar rahi hu aur aapko Basket ball kaha se yaad aa raha hai is waqt?"

"Kyunki... mujhe bilkul saamne ek basket ball court najar aa raha hai!!"

She turned around to have a look and saw the court. Before she could react she saw him approaching the kids;
"Hey kids do you mind if we join in. Actually we had this small bet... the girl you see there..."
he pointed towards Riddhima who stood a little far and all the kids turned to look at her;
"she claims she can play the game better than me! So can you guys help me prove her wrong?"

Riddhima walked ahead and ruffled the youngest kid's hair and sat down to his level coochi-cooing him... all of them looked so cute and pink!

The kid happy by the sudden attention complained in his tiny voice;
"Your friend wants us to help him win against you!"

She looked up at Armaan and realized what he must have told the kids; she kissed the kid's cheek and looked back at Armaan
"Then how about you team up with me... and we make him lose!"

The kid squealed giving her a high-five and showed Armaan a thumbs-down!

Charmed by her the kid was already on her side and soon forming two teams they were set for a match!
"Simon... Jonas... Ivan and David" they introduced themselves one by one and were excited about the game!

Riddhima knew Armaan had purposely tried to distract her to avoid the ride; but she did not show. Though excited about the ride... she was equally excited to prove her point right and win over him!

As they stood face to face; Armaan dribbled the ball whispering softly;
"Soch lo ab bhi waqt hai... you can withdraw. Varna agar haar gayi toh fir mujhse mat..."

She cut his words challenging him back; "Agar aap dar gaye hai toh saaf saaf bol deejiye main aise hi peeche hat jaungi. I can understand aapko aadat nahi hai na haar accept karne ki...  par mere haarne ki chinta aap mat keejiye. Cause I am definitely not going to be on the losing side!"

He raised his brow surprised by her all-geared-up mode. She looked so confident about this that for a minute he doubted her to be the same Riddhima he knew! He threw the ball up in air and with ease also grabbed it back being taller than her! Dribblingg the ball with swift moves he moved ahead smoothly. Too good at defence he managed to pass the ball back and forth from Ivan to himself without letting Riddhima come any near! And shoot... the goal was done and he high-fived Ivan and David who happened to be his team members!

He shrugged his shoulders raising his brow at Riddhima giving her a I-told-you-so look! Simon and Jonas too puted as Armaan goaled tha first point. Riddhima cheered them up and got back to the game. The ball was again in his hands and she was right behind him trying to grab it but nothing helped. He made a swift turn towards the basket; when she moaned "Ouch Armaan..."

His hand had slightly hit her as he turned he had an idea; but it was a slight touch... harmless he knew. But he stopped as she moaned and turned around; just as he would even think of worrying he was caught off guard as he turned and she snatched the ball! He stood lost for a second trying to understand what happened and huffed! Shaking his head he ran behind her but to his surprise she wasn't bad either. Her foot work as she dribbled definitely let him know she was undoubtedly a very good player! Before his thoughts of appreciation ended she reached the basket and goaled!

She jumped in joy making her first goal when he snapped; "That's called cheating you know!"

"Cheating aur main?" She batted her lashes putting on her imaginery angel ring over her head looking innocent as ever. His jaws dropped to the ground seeing her antics while she giggled hard at his face. Shutting his mouth she pulled him closer by his collar;
"Everything is fair in love and war Armaan! But let's keep it completely fair... mujhe aapko harane ke liye in tricks ki bhi jaroorat nahi hai; you shall see!"

Armaan was a little dazed as she had turned completely competitive and looked ready to win.  Getting back... he once again started dribbling the ball and was completely sure to make a gaon but realized she was indeed right. He had underestimated her... just as he made a few dribbles and was about to pass the ball to David who was close by she came snatched the ball and was gone like wind!

It was definitely a big blow for him. Till date it was only finger countable times that somebody had been able to snatch the ball right off his hands and he was surprised as she had been able to become one on that mini list!

Thinking of it to be by luck he let her have that goal not defending much; but then came her 3rd and 4th goal back to back; each time snatching the ball away from him and successfully reaching the basket with utter ease inspite of his expert footwork and a tough defend. She was much more than what she looked... no doubts anymore! When she said she loved Basketball he did believe but had for sure never thought that she might be able to win against him some day!

Not so easy... he wasn't going to let her win! Gearing up he made the game one on one and let the kids rest for a while. They too did not mind as they couldn't match up to their pace. With the same enthusiasm both continued the game... and this time Armaan made it a point to put in his best and be no lenient for her!

Within no time he managed to level up and both were now neck to neck! The game was turning out to be fun for the kids and they were totally enjoying it. After a while they stopped cheering as well as they couldn't decide anymore who was better amongst the two!

The last goal that was about to decide the winner and both of them totally set to win it! Dribbling and moving swiftly he had managed to cross half the way while Riddhima made her efforts to have the ball. Armaan smiled almost reaching the basket and he was definitely winning this one but comitted the biggest mistake... looked up at her. Well the intention was to tease her but as she looked so lost trying to snatch the ball; cheeks completely rosy red heated up by all the running she was a sight worth watching!  Dribbling the ball totally lost in her; he completely lost his concentration as the scarf slowly slid down her head and let her hair completely free.

Riddhima sensed him turn clumsy and looked up to find him lost in her. The way he looked at her was definitely making her lose her concentration as well. For a minute she got distracted... but quickly gaining her sense she snatched the ball out of his hold and he came back to the world as the kids cheered in happiness! He shook his head and ran behind her; just as she leaped forward throwing the ball up for a goal he appeared out of nowhere and blocked her goal. His unexpected spring caused both of them to tumble down with him on top of her while the ball bounced besides them declaring his victory.  Though he defeated her but he couldn't deny that she was indeed too good with the game.


The entire match had been a fun ride... and she couldn't deny that the aerial ride couldn't match this fun! As the sun set and they returned; he couldn't stop teasing her about how he won over her. But the first thing as another day set in; she sat all ready to get going for the aerial ride. And today she wasn't going to listen to his excuses at any cost... if not with him then without him; but she would go for the ride and that was FINAL!

Obliging to his princess's wish they headed for the ride as the weather was quite good. Needlesss to say the ride was fun. Though she wasn't too friendly with altitude but the beauty of the place was too mesmerizing to pay attention at what height they were.

Armaan made sure that she enjoyed the trip to the fullest. Along with these fun rides; different cuisines and sight seeing they also visited many mini streets and markets buying number of gifts for their family and friends on her demand! Along with the travelling and shopping he found out that she indeed spoke a lot given a chance. Though she could never beat Muskaan... but did not mean that she spoke less. She shared small small details of her life right from her childhood which included all those naughty deeds that she used to commit in her school days and get punished for. Though that came as a surprise for him as he thought she must have been that obedient, smart, quiet and shy kind of girl to which she snapped; "Haan main obedient bhi thi... par iska ye matlab toh nahi ki maine apna bachpan enjoy nahi kiya. Bas aapki tarah har waqt apni kaam mein... I mean apni padhai mein khoyi nahi rehti thi!"

"So you think main bachpan mein bohot ..."

"Nahi... I know aapne bachpan mein mujhse 10 guna jyaada shararatein ki hongi. Bas ab akdu ban gaye hai pata nahi kyu! Aur vaise aapke bachpan ke kai kisse sunaye hai mujhe Spiky ne... so I know what kind of kid you were!"
She rolled her eyes stating the facts she knew.

"Vaise... shararatein batane ki nahi kar dikhane ki cheej hai baby! Tumne abhi kuch jana hi kaha hai? Huh... don't worry jaldi hi mujhe accheee se pehchan bhi logi tum."
That had definitely marked the end of their conversation putting a lock across her mouth. She did not dare tease him further!


It had been like more than an hour now he sat with her in his arms. But in case you think they were busy in some romantic talks... you are wrong! Though romance yes... he was pretty much busy playing with her hair; nuzzling her nape; biting her earlobe in between as she remained busy over the phone. It had become like a rule; when at home he would be busy with his workload or phone calls... and when they would go out she would get busy attending phone calls.

 Seeing him getting all bored and sulky she tried to end the call... but Muskaan had gauged the problem and purposely continued the talks teasing her to no ends;
"Arey yaar Riddhima... tujhe kya jaldi hai phone kaatne ki. Vaise bhi vaha toh tujhe ab koi kaam nahi honge na... ya fir kuch aise kaam hai jo..."

"Uff Muskaan shut up!! Main vapas aaungi toh bohot pitungi tujhe."
She had already come out of his hold long ago as Muskaan had started teasing her. She knew that seing her cheeks turn red he would understand he was the subject of discussion and take the teasing session a level up. But soon after the call ended ... FINALLY... he anyways asked her what they were busy talking about for so long! Though he had a slight idea but still asked her generally.

"Kuch nahi Armaan... bas aise hi. Aap ko toh pata hai na Muskaan ko aadat hai kitni baatein karne ki! Aise hi vo bas..."

"Acha suno..."

"Nahi please... ab filhaal mujhe kuch nahi sunna; main jaa rahi hu fresh hone; sab ne itniii saari baatein kar li hai ek saath ki main aur kuch bhi sunungi toh paagal ho jaungi! Hehe... aap baithiye main bas 2 min mein fresh hokar aati hu."


The sun had set already and temperature had gone down. Armaan was busy watching tv while Riddhima laid down with her head in his lap. From quite some time now she was busy surfing something over her cell phone. His gaze drifted towards her dress that was hanging over the door hook. Suddenly something struck his mind;
"Riddhima... tum in western dresses mein itni acchi dikhti ho; pehle kabhi vaha India mein pehene kyu nahi tumne?"

"Main pehenti thi na... shaadi se pehle; kuch parties vegera hoti thi tab I used to wear them."

"Toh fir shaadi ke baad kya hua?"

She locked her phone and gave him a meaningful look; "Shaadi ke baad ye hua ki... mere pati ko fursat hi nahi hoti mere liye; toh parties kab karenge? Aur jo bhi parties aaj tak attend ki maine; vo bhi professional parties hoti thi jo humare hi ghar pe hui! Toh... you see aap mere pati se kyun nahi pooch lete ye sawal... "India mein ye kyu nahi pehenti!" she mimicked him rolling her eyes.

Smiling awkwardly trapped in his own questioned he cleared his throat;
"Ahaan... point noted! Yaad rakhunga... koi baat nahi ab tak nahi lekar gaya toh kya iske baad le jaunga."

"Rehne deejiye aap... yaha se vapas lautenge tab aapko maine ghar mein kya pehna hai ye dekhne tak ki fursat nahi hogi... aap kaunsa party ke liye lekar jaoge mujhe! Bina vajah kuch bhi khwab mat dikhaiye... koi bacchii nahi hu jo aapki baton mein aa jaungi!"

A little upset she listed her head off his lap but. Armaan pulled her back as she tried to get away and settled her by his side;
"Arey suno toh... main bas keh raha hu. And I'll try na; jab bhi mujhse possible hoga tab main tumhe jaroor le chalunga; sachhi! Acha vaise... now that we are on our honeymoon; aur yaha hum dono kea lava aur koi nahi hai... na koi disturbance hai toh... kyu na tum mujhe apni koi fantasy batao! I am sure hume India lautkar toh saath mein shaanti se baithne ka time hi mushkil se milta hai... toh now that we have this golden chance why not utilize it!"

"Ye kya... kyu achanak aise?"

"Kyu se kya matlab hai tumhara? Arey ab shaadi toh mujhse hi ho gayi hai na tumhari... toh fantasises poori bhi toh main hi karunga! Par uske pegle I should know them na... aura b ye mat kehna ki tumne kuch socha nahi; kyunki you have always been that typical girl you know... apne pyaar aur shaadi ke sapne sajane wali! Toh mujhe lekar na sahi; in general toh kabhi koi fantasy jaroor rahi hogi... vo hi bata do."

She tried to detangle her hand out of his hold as there was no way in hell she was having this discussion; "Armaan please... mujhe jaane deejiye..."

"Kyu jaane du... aur vaise bhi kaha jaogi tum? Ab yah ape khana pakane toh baithogi nahi; na aur koi kaam hai tumhe. Toh chup chap jaha ho vaha baithi raho; aur baki kuch nahi toh bhaagne ka koi dhang ka bahana hi soch lo!"

"Tch... Armaaan!!"

"Kya Armaan... sahi toh keh raha hu. Pati hu tumhara; itna jaanne ka haq toh rakhta hi hu..."

Riddhima looked everywhere but him; he could see she had turned completely mum so not wanting to answer him.
"Acha chalo tumhari thodi help kar dete hai... main shuruat karta hu.Hmm so... considering the BOLD and OUTSPOKEN person that you are..."
He pinched her nose chuckling as she glared at him stretch the words on purpose; "I wonder ki kabhi aisa ho ki tum mujhe... seduce karo!"

Her eyes widened with surprise making him giggle hard; "Chalo "seduce" toh apne aap mein hi tumhare liye bohot bada shabd ho gaya toh bul jao... par I had be more than happy even if you say it out loud some day that you want me!"

A swift pull and he brought her close whispering huskily over her lips; "Hope you heard me correct... I said WANT not NEED!"
Winking at her as he let go off her arm she shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

"So... it's your turn!"

Riddhima tucked her strands sitting quiet as ever.
"Bolo... I am listening Riddhima. Speak up..."

"Mujhe kuch... nahi kehna. Aap..."

The minute she made an effort to shift away he held her palm and kept it in his tight hold;
"Nahi... mera jawab diye begair tum kahi nahi jaa rahi!"

"Armaan please..."

"No please... har baar aise nahi chalega! Tumhe baat karni padegi varna... varna main... main vakai naaraj ho jaunga tumse."

She tried to speak up but simply couldn't so just gave up; "Aap... tch... main kuch... theek hai ho jaiye naaraj; par mere paas iska koi jawab nahi hai!"

"Soch lo... tum nahi bologi?"


"Bilkul nahi bolgi?"
She frowned as he challenged her and just looked up at him trying to retort but he cut her.

"Theek hai... toh fir mujhe bhi koi baat nahi karni tumse! Tum na... kuch bolo hi mat. Baitho yaha akele hi; main toh chala."

Leaving her for once he strode towards the door;
"Aap kaha jaa  rahe hai is waqt?"

He turned around and snapped; "Kyu batau tumhe...  nahi baat karni mujhe tumse! Bas jaa raha hu jaha jana hai; huh..."


  Riddhima sat arranging her suitcase neatly as he was gone for almost half an hour now. She smiled remembering the way he left huffing in anger; such a kid that he was at times. Riddhima knew he was just faking anger and wasn't really upset so she did not bother calling him as she was sure he must be some where around and return in a while.

Removing few other dresses to arrange them neatly she started folding them when her gaze caught something. Picking it up in her hands she remembered some memories related to it and blushed...
All of a sudden she started thinking over his words seriously. He wasn't wrong when he said she always was in her control and never wanted to let go off those boundaries she created for herself.

She remembered all their close moments and sat thinking to herself; what was wrong if she actually expressed herself in front of him like he wished. He had always been so understanding; so why couldn't she try and break her limits. Yes... there were times he had been a little demanding; but not before reading the acceptance in her eyes. Never once had he crossed his limits having all the rights; till the day she gave in her acceptance!

She couldn't deny the fact that he had always suppressed all his desires... his wants for her sake. Even after that they would get physical he had always till date being gentle. She knew he never let his desires and passion over power his love... though there were reasons like her surgery after which he was really concerned and tried to be carefull but the most important factor was her comfort. He had always been sober so as to not scare or hurt her in any way. Then what was wrong if he wished that atleast now she came out with her desires. Why did she have to think so much to cross her limits for him... wasn't the guy doing enough already!

Moving towards the mirror she traced her wedding chain as her heart questioned her; "Unhone toh kabhi kuch nahi maanga tujhse Riddhima; teri anjaane mein kahi hui bhi har khwahish poori ki hai! Toh kya unke liye thodi der ke liye tu khud ko; is sharam ko bhulakar unki nahi ho sakti? Aur fir jab pyaar ka sawaal tha... tab tu bhi toh chahti hi thi ki vo khud aakar tujhse ijhaar kare apni mohobbat ka. Tab sab samjhkar bhi toh anjaan hi bani rahi tu... kyunki unke muh se sunna tha tujhe jo bhi vo vakai mehsoos karte hai tere liye toh ab unka khayal kya galat hai? Ek baar tu bhi toh kuch aisa kar sakti hai unke khatir; jo unhone expect na kiya ho..."

She caressed the fabric in her hand and frowned still with a big question mark;
"Par ye main kaise... "

She sat down biting her lip nervously; she was in such a debate she couldn't even decide which side she wanted to be on! That is when she looked up and saw the bar which was definitely untouched. An idea struck her mind. Hesitant much but she still made her mind and got into action.


Evil Smile PRECAP: Evil Smile

"Riddhi... Riddhima tum abhi hosh mein nahi ho. Aisa na ho ki kuch aisa kar baitho jispe subah utho toh afsos karti raho!"

Ab agar tumhe chidhane ka itna hi shauk chadha hai toh... I'll show you what it feels like to be teased!"

Seeing his challenging gaze she turned a little weak and so tried to move away but he placed a hand against the wall blocking her. Looking up into his eyes that bored down into her she tried to escape from other side when he placed his other arm caging her completely.
"You have no clue what you have stepped into baby..."


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