An Arranged Love Marriage (AR FF) #2; NEW PART- 04.08.2018(Page 44)

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Ohhh ...haha ... Anyways, the FF is going superbly well. Please update regularly. I'm really in love with this FF. 
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hey dear
lovely as well as sweet their cute moments on their honeymoon...looking forward what will happen to ridz on this car ride...
please update next part soon

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The part ws jusssttt perfect!!!! [AWW... ;)]

Each n everything ws beautifully told by u...
N ofcourse all d photo description as wll...:)
[ the most beautiful ws d swing ;)]

Eekkks it ws only AR n more AR and more AR to comeee...

I find d tickling scene very very very cute!!!!
N the scene on d swing ws awesome...!!!!!!
The ring n arman's wrds were so apt fr d situation...;)

U always suprise me wid d cuteness of d whole stry...!!
Wll it get more cute...? (Hahaha)

N last mein "mera shahid" comment by d ridhima made me laugh I ws nt thinking ki shahid ki baat ho rhi h...

Yr I feel ye bahut kiddish tha ridhima ka aise react krna or gaddi le kr chale jana... I hope kuch ho na n armaan ko gussa na aaye warna samjho gye...
Plz armaan ko gussa na aane de plzzz

N plz yr zaldi zaldi update kra kro plzzz!!!!!!!!!
It's a request *baby face*

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loved the part
miss this ff so much
and ghusse wali ridz was fun to read
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Amazing part. Please continue soon
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But to her luck; she realized he was about to get really annoyed now as her car stopped. She tried few more times but the engine budged to start! This was the time to panic. She was in the middle of an unknown place; unknown lane and all alone thanks to her stubbornness. Maybe he was right... she shouldn't have come out all by herself. The sun had already set; and darkness had started engulfing the narrow streets. The city was already quiet and these dusky hours had turned them pin drop silent. Fear started seeping in as she found nobody around.

She drove a good distance of 10-15 min away from their cottage. Having a debate with herself she finally got down the car and started walking back since she had no other choice. She knew it wasn't a safe option; but sitting inside the car was also not appropriate. Taking quick steps she held her mobile and thought of calling him as that might atleast save her from his further anger. But alas... she saw things turn out exactly the way they shouldn't have.

She had just picked her cell and was about to call him when a car stopped by her side. Ignoring the rowdy boys eyeing her she continued her walk but her heart beat already caught speed. Grabbing the shrug closer as the winds turned chilly; she tried calling him but the call did not connect. The car reversed and halted once again. This time cutting her way! Her eyes grew wide as the guy got down from the car. She wasn't far away from their cottage now; she could almost see the house faintly at a distance.

"Hey babes... any problem? We can help!" The other three guys sitting in the car just kept smirking at her. She could smell strong odour of alcohol dripping out of the guy who had approached her. So simply ignoring them once again she tried to move away from other side but he grabbed her arm and her heart missed a beat! She shivered with fear but tried to pull herself out of his hold.

"Don't touch me... leave my hand!!"

"We will honey... if you accompany us for a while."

"Leave me alone..." She pushed him hard but couldn't free herself. She kept trying as the guy tried to pull her inside the car when they heard a loud voice from behind
"Leave her alone!"

Riddhima saw Armaan standing right behind and calmed a little. Pushing the guy with all her might she ran towards Armaan and held his arm. In that attempt her shrug did tear off a little while she got a scratch; but she cared less as Armaan was now by her side! But the minute he looked back at her she gulped hard. His eyes poured fire; and she knew she was going to be on the receiving end once they were out of this mess. He shrugged her hand off his arm harshly and just uttered through his gritted teeth; "Get inside the car... NOW!!"

"Hey dude... not so easy! I don't think she's going anywhere with you."
The guy stepped ahead challenging Armaan. He was about to approach Riddhima when Armaan pushed her behind himself not letting the guy reach her.

"Listen... the girl you are talking about happens to be my wife. SO BACK OFF!!"

No need to say his eyes were already dripping fire; but the guys were too drunk to realize it.
"That does not matter... she is coming with us!!"

Armaan's fist tightened and he leaped to punch him; but felt a strong grip over his shoulder stopping him. "Armaan please nahi... aap chaliye na chalte hai yaha se!"

She flinched as he turned back swiftly and spitted his anger "Didn't I tell you to get inside the car... koi bhi baat ek baar mein samajh nahi aati tumhe?"

Holding her hand he dragged her towards the car and pushed her inside. Banging the door hard on her face he locked it and was about to get to the other side when the other two guys too got down and approached him!

"See... even she doesn't seem happy with you! Let her decide for herself. I am sure she will enjoy better with..."
The next minute the guy stumbled as Armaan threw a hard punch across his nose making it bleed. He tried to hit Armaan but felt another punch in his stomach; a hard slap and he was down on the road! The other two guys froze on their spot as gained a little sense seeing their friend groaning in pain.

"Better pick your friend and get going or the next thing you'll find yourself in; will be your grave!"

They knew better than not obeying him as they clearly read murder written all over in his eyes. They quickly helped their friend stand and carrying him along they zapped settling into their car. Armaan went over to the driving seat and closed the door when he heard a meek voice; "Aap theek toh hai na aapko..."

She gulped her words as he looked daggers at her. The car halted outside the house and he dragged her inside gripping her arm tightly knowing perfectly well that by now her milky skin had an imprint of his fingers. He pushed her inside the room and she stumbled;
"Dimaaag kharab hai tumhara? Jara si bhi akal hai tum mein ya nahi?! Kab se keh raha hu akele mat niklo par tum..."

Riddhima stared blankly as his anger was at tops and she knew it was no point messing with him at this minute if she wanted to live!

"Actually nahi; galti meri hi hai. I should have understood tumhe seedhe muh koi baat samajh hi kaha aati hai! Jitna pyaar se samjhaata hu utna hi ulta karti ho tum... toh theek hai. I just let you be ye soch ke ki kuch bol dunga toh bura lagega tumhe; par tum ye sab na deserve hi nahi karti. Tumse ab usi tarah baat karunga main jaise tumhe samajh mein aaye. Haan haan ab rona shuru karo... yahi toh baki tha na! Matlab karo sab tum aur fir main daantu toh main hi boora. Tum bas jo jee mein aaye karti raho; main hu na yaha sab sambhalne... fir kya farak padta hai nahi?"

"Mujhe samajh nahi aata jab anjaan jagah hai toh bahar akeli nikli hi kaise tum. Jee jaan lagakar keh raha hu ki ruk jao par nahi... afterall meri sunni hi nahi hoti yahi toh problem hai na! Arey jara toh khayal karti ki..."

He was going on and on pouring all his anger on her. She kept blinking her eyes listening to him quietly. But as he had turned pure red in anger she knew she had to calm him. So much anger wasn't good for him. She thought for a while and was about to speak but he snapped at her making her go quiet once again. So she used her last weapon and just hugged him tight.

Armaan stopped blurting as he saw her clinging onto him while she requested softly "Pleaseee shant ho jaiye Armaan. Itna ghussa mat keejiye!"

He went mum for a minute but another fraction of second detangled her; "Don't!! It's not going to work."

Riddhima held his hand delicately and spoke "Armaan itna ghussa sehat ke liye acha nahi hai! Aap shant ho jaiye na please!"

"Acha... toh itni akal hai tum mein toh sahi jagah istamaal nahi kar sakti use? Aise hi akele ni..."

"Main aapse naaraj thi Armaan... toh aapke saath nahi jaana tha kahi mujhe. Aur jaanti thi akele jaana safe nahi isi liye car mein chali gayi. Socha aas paas hi jaungi; mujhe thodi pata tha car bigad jayegi!"

Pulling her up through her shoulders he continued; "Riddhima tum ye ba..."
But stopped abruptly as he sensed her taking in a sharp breath but muffled her groan not wanting him to notice. But he did... and his eyes finally noticed her state. The scratch on her upper arm could be seen as he withdrew his hands off her and the torn shrug grabbed his attention. Riddhima caught hold of her shrug's corner covering up her scratch totally embarrassed.

He rubbed his palms over his face to cool down as he realized whoever's fault though; she did suffer! Her intention obviously wasn't of getting into such a situation it was just a bad time maybe! She surely must have been scared of whatever took place but wasn't showing it knowing it would infuriate him further as she was at fault! So he composed himself. 

She stood with her head bowed down as he went closer. Caressing the scratch on her arm he stood mum when she answered his unasked question; "Main theek hu... bas choti si kharoch hai; theek ho jayegi!"

So casually as she answered; he pulled her closer; this time delicately but uttered hoarsely "Agar agli baar aisa kuch kiya na toh..."

"Toh aap mujhe thappad marenge...  yahi na?!"
She completed his statement; rather taunted knowing well what he could warn. And that definitely melted his anger but he did not wish to show. No fresh tears leaked but her face still depicted a little fear... and sadness. So finally keeping his anger aside he thought of cheering her.
"Kaafi kuch pata hai tumhe... nahi?"

She cleared her face as he sounded less angry and looked up. The anger was now no more visible in his eyes; she stared at him blankly as he raised his brow but as she did not react he moved ahead and embraced her lovingly. Riddhima instantly nestled in his arms finding comfort; "I am sorry..." she finally apologized as she got him into trouble as well. Luckily the guys weren't in senses enough to counter attack or he too would have gotten hurt!

He rubbed her back hugging her tight and was caressing her hair with love "It's alright hmm?... relax! Aur dubara kabhi aise kahi akele nahi jaogi tum kisi anjaan jagah mein samjhi? However upset you are with me doesn't matter!"

"Hmm... aap ghussa nahi hai na ab?"

"Nahi! Ab nahi hu... tum aa gayi na vapas... sahi salamat; so it's all okay now. Mujhe bhi aap pe ghussa karna acha nahi lagta baby. Mujhe bilkul pasand nahi jab tum mere saamne aise sehem jaati ho! Par fir tum kabhi kabhi meri baat samjhti hi nahi; bas jid pakad leti ho aur aisa kuch ho jata hai. Fir main kaise shant reh sakta hu batao?"


Everything was resolved and he had offered her to go out for dinner as that would wash away all the unhappy moments of the day. But she suggested instead SHE wanted to take him out this time and arrange everything on her own. She had already found out a nearby restaurant and he accepted gladly since she looked more than excited. She had instructed him to just get ready while she made all the preparations.

Armaan got ready quickly and was now waiting for Riddhima who had been inside for almost 40-45 min now.
"Riddhima hume dinner pe jana hai baby; kalka breakfast karne nahi! Jaldi bahar aao!!"

After a few minutes of silence he heard the click of the knob and looked up from the magazine he was busy reading. The minute he caught her view he sat up straight on the bed; magazine long forgotten! His eyes refused to blink or see anything else but her. She wore a long red gown and had her hair left open looking too hot to handle. But she seemed a little uncomfortable and her question stated it perfectly; "Umm... Armaan; this looks fine na?"

But our dear Armaan was too busy admiring her to answer!
"Actually I wasn't really sure; par Muskaan ne jabardasti mujhe ye dila diya toh I thought aaj try kar lu. Ye... ye ajeeb toh nahi lag raha na?"

Armaan cleared his throat and tried to fish out for some words but was highly unhappy by her disturbed look. That is when a mirror that was behind her but right in front of him showed him her reason of consciousness. She was busy adjusting her hair neatly as the dress happened to be backless giving a nice sneak peak of her milky white skin. Definitely she had been wearing casual one piece since a few days now; but they were all those cute and decent ones. Exactly the ones; that could be of her choice and comfort! But this pretty much did not fit her list.

Armaan smiled at his conscious wife who was too busy setting her hair and walked up to her. He purposely slid his hand round her waist sprawling his hand over her bare back and pulled her close. His thumb slowly caressed her back sending chills all the way down her spine;
"Baby you look just perfect in this. I am running short on words to even compare you to anything. There's no flower; no beauty I can think of to match up to your beauty right now!!"

She dropped her eyelids as he spoke with passion filled eyes. Riddhima let her hands rest against his chest as he held her chin and made her look up; "Par fir bhi; agar tum is mein comfortable nahi ho toh you can change! Tumhe mere liye aisa kuch bhi karne ki jarurat nahi jis mein you aren't comfortable. Aur fir vaise bhi tum aise itni hot bankar niklogi toh sab log tumhe dekhte reh jaayenge which I won't really like... you know!"

"Actually... koi nahi dekhega. Kyunki dekhne ke liye koi hoga hi nahi!"

"Huh??... that's nice; par aise kaunse restaurant leke ja rahi ho tum mujhe?"

"vo..." She simply held his hand passing an awkward smile and took him towards the glazed door. She pointed down towards the pool area and he saw a beautifully arranged table;set with candles and rose petals.

Riddhima played with his fingers as she still had his hand in her grip; "Thodi si gadbad ho gayi! Humne ek dum late decide kiya na bahar jaana; toh maine phone kiya tha restaurant mein table book karne ke liye; par koi bhi restaurant mein acha sa table; the way I wanted... available hi nahi tha! Tch... fir kya karti main? Maine socha main hi kuch bana lu par us mein bohot waqt lag jata toh maine take away order kar liya."
A cute pout rested against her lips as she couldn't arrange what she had wished to but he did not care. This was even better all alone with no disturbance and the arrangements too looked good.

He freed his hand from her hold and cupped her cheek placing a sweet peck against her lips. The pout had vanished in a second;
"Koi baat nahi; ye saari arrangements bohot achhi hai. I loved it. Aur hume toh ek dusre ke saath dinner karne se matlab hai; kya farak padta hai agar hum bahar khaye ya ghar ke pool side? Also... now that we are going to be here all alone; toh tumhare change karne ka toh sawal hi nahi uthta!" He passed a wink at her and she turned red just like always!

Armaan gave her some space but his hand still aginst her waist. They were about to head out for the dinner but she held his arm; "Suniye..."


"Aap bhi is attire main...  bohot ache lag rahe hai!"

He rolled his tongue in his cheek to keep his smile from display. He came back to the position they were a minute back and now pinned her back to the door. She already moaned as she felt the cold glass touch her bare back "Uhuh... be specific Riddhima! "Acha" is too general... ache se tumhara matlab "handsome" hai... or "hot"?"

"Armaaan... aap..." She frowned as he locked her ways of escape trapping her completely to blush under his gaze; "mujhe kuch kehna hi nahi chahiye tha... "

"Ab toh keh diya na... ab poora bhi kar do!"

She kept mum for a minute and then called him closer. He was surprised at her act but nonetheless he bent forwards. Riddhima leaned closer to his ear and whispered very slowly; making sure her breath hit his earlobe so that he was lost in her "Armaan... main ye kehna chahti thi... ki...
... jaldi neeche chaliyein khaana thanda ho raha hai!"
She pushed him hard and ran away before he could register what had happened. Armaan looked up totally unhappy as he realized her trick when she stopped at the door and turned. Showing her tongue she teased him and ran downstairs before he could catch hold of her.


Riddhima had arranged delicious cuisine and had also set the table simple and beautifully. All the servants had already done their part of work and left them alone. He was happy seing her so excited about all the arrangements that he cared less even if she had missed out on something which according to her she had. She was a bit disappointed as the ambience wasn't that great; though it was quite and calm; but obviously a restaurant would have had a sooting music in the background with some beautiful drapes and flowers around. But she couldn't manage that; which kept her a little unhappy.

He played her favourite song "Tu bin bataye" and held his hand out. She gladly accepted it and he brough her closer through her waist. As he swayed her in his arms; she was too quiet. Armaan still had her in his arms with her back resting againsthis chest and her eyes closed when he asked;

"Riddhima... tum khush nahi ho mere saath time spend karke?"

"Aap aisa kyun soch rahe hai?"

"Toh fir tum itni chup kyu ho?"

"Aisa kuch nahi hai...bas... "

"Tumne sab kuch bohot ache se arrange kiya hai Riddhima! I am happy and enjoying a lot... sach! Bina vajah upset kyu ho rahi ho fir?"

She turned around in his hold and started playing with the lapel of his jacket, A pout prominent over her lips; "Tch... kyunki pehli baar toh maine kuch plan kiya tha aapke liye; vo bhi theek se nahi ho paya."

"Par tum se kisne kaha ki ye sab theek nahi hai? Infact sari arrangements theek se kaafi jyaada achi hai. Aur sabse jaroori baat ye ki khana bhi yummy tha aur hum dono ne ek dusre ke saath itna sara time spend kiya! Aur kisi cheej ki jarurat kya hai hume?"

"Aap toh aisa kahenge hi... aap humesha sab perfect settings jo karte hai! Aap ye sab kaise manage karte hai har baar? Tch... this is so unfair... Maine kitna kuch socha tha par sab galat ho gaya!"

He chuckled at her face as she frowned but soon zipped his mouth as she started glaring at him.
"Acha agar tumhe itna hi afsoos hai; and you think ki you couldn't manage it well toh..."

"Toh kya?..." She asked raising her eyebrows innocently; waiting for his suggestion!

"Toh... compensate karne ke aur bhi tareeke hote hai; Mrs.Mallik! Especially when it's me!!"
He traced her arm all the way up and held her chin. Her eyes widened as he let his other hand caress her back and slowly pulled her close.

"I had love them better than the arrangements..." He leaned closer and pecked her nose. Riddhima was in no mood to follow his suggestions! And so; as he bent in to capture her lips she pushed him and Armaan been caught off guard fell back flat into the pool. Riddhima wasn't intending to do so but as he was drenched and looked up hell surprised she couldn't hold her laughter back! He looked too cute; his wet hair falling on his forehead; his eyes wide open and mouth open in a complete O-shape at her surprise attack.

"I am sorry... Armaan... mu...jhe... aap toh pool mein..."

He narrowed his eyes at her; his nose flaring as she still continued laughing hard at his face.

"Tumne ye bilkul theek nahi kiya Riddhima..."

"Arey... maine... maine jaan bujhke... thodi kiya? Aap..."

However hard she tried she couldn't stop laughing. But gathering herself she somehow forwarded his hand; "Acha apna haath deejiye... bahar aa jaiye aapko thand lag jayegi!"

Now now... she had completely missed those two devil horns that rose on his head. Keeping his face straight he moved ahead and held her hand; and just as she thought of getting up she felt a hard pull and she was down in water just besides him. Armaan knew she wasn't a good swimmer so he instantly held her waist keeping her on her feet.
"Ab hasi aa rahi hai tumhe Riddhima?"

"Armaaan... apne mujhe paani mein kyu kheecha? Main toh aapki help kar rahi thi na!"
She scolded him angrily trying to wipe the droplets off her face.

"Achaaa?" She shut her mouth instantly as he dragged her closer "Aur mujhe paani mein dhakka kisne maara?"

"Vo toh galti se..."

"Toh galti ki hai toh bhugto!"

That wide smirk on his face definitely made her look away. She wasn't innocent much to not understand the meaning of his "bhugto"!!

Armaan made a note in his mind to thank Muskaan after they went back. The dress she made her buy looked ethereal on her. But a few minutes ago which made her look angelic now looked sexy as hell as she was drenched head to toe. The dress was hugging her curves perfectly and had taken her body shape. Lifting her just a bit through her waist so she wasn't on her feet; he pulled her closer. Riddhima held his collar tight knowing well he purposely did so; as she couldn't even attempt to move away now as in order to not drown she would have to take his support.
"Armaan aap... kya kar rahe hai... hum ghar ke bahar hai..."

"Shhh... lekin yaha hume dekhne ke liye koi nahi hai!"

"Haan par..." Her words died in her throat as he slid her hair away and kissed her neck. Her hands automatically went round his neck for some support though he still held her waist. He placed tiny kisses all the way up till her earlobe but sensed her lack of comfort as she wasn't able to stay on her feet. Continuing his trail of kisses he dragged her back; and she realized she was already settled on the ground as he left her.

Her eyes opened and found him still in front of her. He was down in water staring up at her as he made her sit on the platform. Leaving her hand he himself went up and settled besides her. Their legs dangling in water enjoying the cold breeze against their wet bodies. Though it tickled but it felt good. Armaan put his arm around pulling her in a side hug and she let her head rest against his shoulder.

Armaan started feeling heavy and so got rid of his jacket. He saw Riddhima move a little away as he realized without the jacket his t-shirt had turned almost see through! Riddhima turned her gaze away and pretended to be busy watching the star studded sky but he dfinitely caught her red cheeks. "Ye jagah vakai khubsoorat hai Armaan. Thanks meri ye wish poori karne ke liye!"

"Hmm... khubsoorat toh hai. Bohot khubsoorat."
His gaze never left her face as he spoke and though she wasn't facing him she knew it. Fearing to have any kind of eye contact she turned her face the other side and thought of getting up but he already read her thought. She felt a hard pull at her arm and she banged into his chest coming direct face-to-face with him;
"Tum humesha mujhse bhaagti kyu ho? Why do you always want to be in your control? Let yourself free some day. Kabhi kabhi apne man ki bhi sun liya karo! Ye agar; magar... aur "kisine dekh liya toh" is duniya se kabhi bahar niklo. Kabhi kheechi chali aati ho meri taraf; toh khud ko rokna band karo. Khud ko har waqt apne dimaag ke kaabu mein kyu rakhna chahti ho tum?"

She placed a hand on his chest adding in some distance; "Dil toh humesha jid karta hai... uski baatein manna afford nahi kar sakti main. Vo toh aise hi bechain ho jata hai; aapko dekhkar vaise hi kaabu mein nahi rehta..."

Holding her hand that rested against his chest he caressed her palm; "Toh na rahe; tumhe nahi lagta iski na maankar tum har baar kitni na-insaafi karti ho iske saath!"

"Toh na-insaafi hi sahi. Kam se kam hadh mein toh rehta hai!"

"Par ise ye hak hai ki vo mere liye un hadhon ko par karein!"
Her eyes met his and a current passed through her veins as he cupped her cheek caressing it passionately; "Aisi koi hadh nahi jo humare rishte mein nibhane ki jaroorat ho ise! Meri amanat hai ye dil... tum! Agar mere liye bechain hota bhi hai toh tum rokne wali kaun hoti ho?"

And once again she dropped her gaze knowing perfectly that one look at him and her heart would give away. Not wanting to lose herself she once again tried to hold herself but he hid his face in her neck and she already felt defeated. Riddhima fisted her hand to have control over herself; she couldn't afford letting her heart do what it desired for. Because if she let it free; it would never be under her control ever again. She feared to let it have it's way as that might totally make her forget the world and remember only one name that was Armaan!

She was already weak as he started savouring her skin; but she lost the battle completely as he nibbled her earlobe. Letting her palm lose; she let herself free in his arms and hugged him closer. He smiled amidst the kisses he was busy placing and held her nape. His other hand went to her lower back pulling her close. She caressed his nape as his kisses grew intense; his name escaped her mouth as he purposely turned his attention behind her earlobe placing sloppy kisses and nuzzling it so as to draw her to the edge. He wanted her to think of nothing but him and let her desires out. She expressed her love, care, respect everything; but never let her desires show. But he wanted her to cross those lines she created for herself.

Her skin burned inspite of the cold winds as his fingers caressed her waist. His lips did not leave a single spot on her shoulder blade showering it with hot kisses all over.
"Armaan... it's cold..."

In between their hot session she realized as they sat drenched; the cold breeze started playing with her bare back arising goose bumps over her skin.

"Hmmm..." Armaan just ignored her words considering it as her another lame excuse to run away. To some extent it was; but wasn't toatally just an excuse. His lips continued their task and she was losing her senses slowly; but the harsh winds really disturbed as they made her shivery. She slowly brought her hands ahead and pushed him a little away through his chest. She made sure she was soft as she did not want him to feel that she tried to get rid of him. Her gaze still down; she whispered softly;
Armaan... sach mein bohot... thand lag rahi hai! Hum upar chale... please?

Armaan could clearly see that she was indeed shivering out of cold; and today for the first time even being in his arms, the reason behind her shivers were the cold winds! After all they were so badly drenched; so he couldn't balme her or the winds as well. Planting a soft kiss on her forehead he stood up and held his hand out. Grabbing it she got on her feet and both walked upstairs to their room!

Riddhima had just entered the washroom to have a hot shower and Armaan was out in the room. He had just started unbuttoning his shirt when he heard her scream and instantly turned. She walked out of the washroom hurriedly still in her drenched avatar but a pale face; "Riddhima kya hua? Chillai kyu... tum theek toh..."

"Haan Armaan main thek hu... par vo light. Washroom ki light chali gayi achanak se toh main..."

"Umm... ek minute main check karta hu..."
The bulb had blown and so it couldn't turn on now as he checked.

"Ye bulb toh ab kaam nahi karega... aur spare bulb toh ab I doubt yaha kahi hoga! Still I'll check"

Riddhima stood rubbing her arms as the weather wasn't turning out to be very friendly for her sensitive skin! As there was no way the light was going to turn on she turned upset.

"Armaaan... ye sab aap ki galti hai. Na aap mujhe paani main kheechte na main bheegti aur na mujhe shower lene ki jarurat hoti! Main aisi hi so jaati... par ab main itni bheeg chuki hu; ab main kaise shower lu andhere main? "
But all this while Armaan was just trying to keep his eyes off her as she had turned too sexy; her hair wet; lips had turned rosy due to cold  and her cheeks peach pink! Not that he couldn't touch her... of course he could. But she looked so devastatingly hot at the moment that he was unsure if he could control himself and if she could handle his passion. So he tried to keep himself under control just like she always did!

"Ab aap aise kya dekh rahe hai mujhe? Haan... aap humesha dusro ko sunate hai na; toh aapko kuch sunne ki aadat kaha hai. Par ab aapko sunna padega. Aapki vajah se dekhiye ab main fas gayi na! Mujhe..."

She stopped speaking as suddenly he started walking towards her and she was no blind to miss the dark passion filled in his eyes! Words gulped back... she stood like a statue as he stopped at a distance of just a step!
"Hmm... you are right! Meri vajah se ye sab hua hai... toh solve bhi mujhe hi karna chahiye nahi?..."
He raised his hand and moved it up towards her face. Tucking her wet strand he let his fingers smoothly trace her cheekbone when she uttered a little nervous; "Nahi vo... main toh bas... aise hi..."
She shut her eys as he let his hand slowly slide down; he leaned and she could feel his hot breath tickle her neck; "let's make some arrangements for you... shall we?"

Her eyes opened to find out what he meant. Grabbing a candle stand that was right behind her he held it up and she got his idea. Getting in he placed the candles at corners and lit them creating not only some light but a beautiful ambience where she would definitely have no problem or fear to have a bath!
"Hmm... ab tumhe dar nahi lagega... so main..."
With so much effort he turnd away and made his way towards the door; but maybe some one up there wanted something else. He tripped a little an in order to balance him she held his arm. Now obviously she wasn't strong enough to handle him; but stumbling a little he managed to break their fall and held her through her waist. Their faces just at an inch distance set their hearts on fire.
"Riddhima... I don't think I can handle this anymore..."

"Huh??..." She looked at him blankly not knowing what he meant.

"Tum... the way you are looking this moment... mujhe nahi pata main... kab tak khud ko rok sakunga..."

Intertwining their fingers he let their foreheads touch and stayed quiet for a minute to calm his raging beats. Cupping her face he caressed her cheeks softly and whispered over her lips;
"You have no clue how much I love you..."



"I... I love..."

"I love what... Riddhima?"

She had no intentions of teasing him... but he was so close that she was left breathless and she couldn't finish her words. But as she saw the longing in his eyes her mind changed. As a bulb lit in her head she went closer to his ear and spoke slowly making him shut his eyes "I love...


That was it... she pushed him away and thought of escaping; but she had already lost that chance. The minute she made an attempt he let his control fly out of the window and pulled her back roughly. Riddhima who was too busy giggling hard stopped abruptly seeing the fire in his eyes.
"Acha toh... bohot masti sujh rahi hai tumhe?"

She shook her head lightly as he approached her with slow steady steps. She looked behind him and thought of approaching the door but he caught her look and walked back cutting her way.
"Arey arey kaha jaana hai... itni jaldi kya hai..."
Her eyes opened up to their full size as he locked the door behind him

"Armaan aap ye kya..."
She lost her voice while her knees started shaking as he walked again towards her with a dangerous smirk on his face. Her feet automatically moved back as he started undoing his left out buttons;
"Main soch raha tha... ki bheega toh main bhi hu. Mujhe bhi thand lag rahi hai toh... Don't you think even I need a hot bath!"

Posted: 2015-10-20T07:59:10Z
yo!!! I m first this time
kitna wait karane lgi hi tum aj kal

OMG this is really fabulous!!!
Oh ho so vohi hua
ridhz ki car kharab hogyi
bechari apne prank khud hi phas gyi or upar se that drunked boys
thank god armaan agaya perfect timing
OMG his anger , ridhz has put her in a big mess now
hahaha kya mara h in boys ko hihihi darke bhag gye afterall hero ki heroines me saath panga yeah to hona hi tha
awwe poor dant kha rhi h ab armaan is very high in anger on it's peak but somewhat he is right at his place
but ridhz ko bhi gusaa shant karma ata h kardiya na 2 min mein
oye hoye ridhz in that dress OMG armaan reaction was worth it he is totally blown away
loved their so imperfect yet perfect date
ridhz is really cute
the pool scene is hilarious yet passionate n romantic
nd the bathroom scene too
loved the whole part as it's so romantic no cute I me really loving this honeymoon part to the core as full on ar moment r there
I agree with armaan ridhz abhi bhi I guess she is not comfortable with armaan yet I feel so
anyway continue soon Edited by palakajenian - 2015-10-22T04:15:16Z
Posted: 2015-10-20T08:39:16Z
I m smitten by your stry...
Every time u come wid d new n refreshing ideas..!!!!!
Armaan ka gussa ya allah!!!!
N ridhma ws cute as always... :)
Date ws as sweet as chocolate...
N cute as a teddy...
N as hot as hell ;)
It ws just perfect!!! :*
The dialogues were just perfect n apt fr d situation!!!!!
U r such a beautiful writer!!!!!
Shahid kapoor in dis as wll (hahahhaha)
Is he ur fav actor...?
Dress ws awesome by d way!!!!!!
N ol your stries r awesome!!!!!
Mind blowing n simply loving 
That is all I cn way ...
Every details r beautiful...!!!!
I just can't wait fr nxt part to come...
Continue super duper soon !!!!

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