An Arranged Love Marriage (AR FF) #2; NEW PART- 04.08.2018(Page 115)

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Thankk u so so so muchh fr this update.. we hve been missing ur work..which undoubtedly is admirable..d way u bring out armaan's personality believe mee.. no one can ever do that..please update soon..u justify every ounce of their relationship..theirs fights, love, passion, all of it is a treat to read..continue writing n making us drool over their love Smile Edited by khushigarg - 2018-01-04T15:41:28Z
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A Deja-vu feel surrounded her as he looked at her with same fury in his eyes just like last time, except that this time it was multiplied 4 times. It looked like he could punch a hole straight through her skull by his stare alone.
"It's too early to be back Riddhima! You might as well have waited a little more, there's still time for mid night!
Ananya pressed a hand against his shoulder as she could see he was burning with rage;
"Armaan beta----

"Mom you better not defend her this time I beg of you!

"Armaan I--- I am sorry.

"You can fuc**** go to hell with that apology!

Billy snapped at him instantly as she flinched;
"Armaan language! ... I know she is wrong here, but you must behave.

"Riddhima... beta this behavior is not expected of you!
Billy scolded her for the first time ever and she hung her head in guilt.

"Just because I was wrong or you are upset, does not mean you send me away!
Riddhima desperately tried to make him see through this but he was least affected.

"I am not a kid to do that... I have my reasons, and I know what I am doing!


"Stop it Riddhima... That's really not such a great idea!

"That's what you always do... You always want to control me.
The words slipped out of her mouth without a thought and she had immediately regretted them, but there was no backing away now. She might have not meant it but she did not care to correct it either because she was terribly upset with him. His jaws tightened and he snapped a look;
"Fine then... Go ahead, do as you wish. Though don't complain later that I did not warn you!

Riddhima's face soon held a pout as she cried without a tear making him frown;
"What now?

She lifted her wrist in front of him, her eyes holding an obvious accusation as she whined;
"It hurts!

How could he not melt at that, also there was a little guilt knowing he was responsible. He delicately took hold of her hand to earn an instant moan as he touched the bruised skin. The light brush and caresses he left against the mark with his thumb quietened her for a few seconds losing herself in his touch, but that did not last long. She was back to her whining soon but his hand stayed, soothing her skin.
"Now say you are sorry!


"Say you are Sorryyy naaa!!
The pitch of her voice had reached a level up again and he had to shush her;
"Shhh... Riddhima??
His eyes widened with shock turning into a glare only to make her fake-sob again. But before she could continue, his lips replaced his thumb against her wrist stopping her whines and suck in a deep breath;
"You need to keep it down ok!?

"Toh fir apna faisla badal leejiye na Armaan. Mujhe mat bhejiye...
She looked down with her big innocent eyes pleading at him;
"What if it takes too long an-----

Armaan sighed and pulled her down placing her securely in his lap. Her legs instantly dangled to one side as she wound his neck and he pulled her closer holding her chin;
"Heyy... Look at me. Now, your mind is not going to register or make sense if I explain anything right now so I'll leave that for tomorrow. But you HAVE to remember this, I am not doing this to hurt you or to send you away from me. I am only doing this because it's the right thing to do!

Sooo...Guys. Here is a really long Teaser/ Precap for upcoming part more like part-s!! Now do have patience ok, itna klamba precap diya hai and 2 updates in one day, so some rehem ok. It's going to take a while now so until next time... Jeeyo aur Jeene do! Tongue LOL

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Sometime Na...Just sometimes ha I really love you <3
Pehle baat to thank for the teaser (speciqlly for keeping your promise) Matlab dil Jeet liya :)

Now coming to the teaser...I am forced to think agar teaser padhne ke bas hi I am so excited tonlart padhne ke bas to I might as well faint ????? Possible hai actually I mean soefaillybowing to the fact that this is one my most favourite (and at this point most awaited) story! Everything aside the teaser is fabulous and I am literally dying to know why armaan is so angry! And where on earth is he sending Ridhima!!!!! And also a special mention to that scene when she whines about her bruised hand...God I am so sure it's gonna be one of my most favourite scene, I just know it is!

Now Do you really think after reading this I am gonna let you sit in peace ????
No Na! Good I knew mere sath reh kar you have become smart! So pls be nice to my poor heart and update ASAP...Thanx in advance:)

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You can't Give Us Such Kind Of Teaser..
You can't Throw Bomb at Us In The Name Of Teaser.. Not Fair..
Mai Sonch rahi Hoon Agar Teaser Update kaesa hoga

aur Yai Ridhima Ne aesa Kya Kiya Ki My Almaan Lost His Control.. Apni Mom ke se Batameezi. Expect Nahi kiya tha kabhi..
Kuch Bada Kar diya Is Baar Ridhima Ne..
And Why The Hell He Is Sending Her Pata Bi nahi Kaha But WhY, When She Don't want To Go..

Pagal Insaan Khudh Is ke Binna Rahega Kaese..

Armaan Ka Gussa Deekh Kar Mai Real mai Darr Gayi..

Pata Bi nahi Update Aayega Kab.
Teaser bi aesa Ki Itni Si Bi Hint na Mille Ki What The Hell Going On..
Ab Karte wait For Update
Posted: 2018-02-03T02:51:26Z
nice and beautiful teaser but please next update k liye itna bhi wait na karana
Posted: 2018-02-03T02:52:51Z
nice teaser dear next soon please
Posted: 2018-02-03T02:54:15Z
Awesome teaser.riddhima aisa kya kiya armaan ne itna gussa hogaya.thanks for pm.pls jaldi update dena
Posted: 2018-02-03T04:47:37Z
Interesting teaser and it has increased the need for update
update sooon
thanks for PM

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