OS : Love!

Posted: 2015-06-03T23:34:25Z
Hello awesome people! I can't believe im posting here after so long!! Really missed the forum n the people here..

This is a lil piece from me.. I dunno how good its gonna be considering ive been away from the show n RaYa really long. 
The situation for this story is from season 2, when the Kapoors are living in Jaipur, away fom the rest of the clan. A normal sunday in the lives of the Kapoors,

OS : Love!

His eyes fluttered as the warm rays of morning sun fell on them through the window. He stretched his arms a bit and slowly opened his eyes, a bright smile playing on his lips. He sat up a bit as he saw the most beautiful sight, Priya, his wife, his life standing in front of the mirror.
He stretched a bit and sat leaning against the headrest as he observed her movements. He saw her fresh out of the shower look, the droplets of water falling down as she stood there wiping his hair. He observed her fair skin on the waist, her divine looks as she got dressed in her saree. Priya turned towards the bed to pick up her wallet for going to the market when he saw him awake.
"Like what you see Mr Kapoor?", she asked raising her eyebrows, a naughty smile playing on her lips all the while. "You have no idea how much I love it Mrs Kapoor", he replied with equal naughtiness. "Well then, lets have a full show tonight, what say?", she smirked. "Done deal!", came his immediate reply. "You should sleep for some more time Mr. Kapoor. It's hardly been 4 hours since you came home last night. Peehu doesn't have to go to school either. And I don't think I have any plans to let you sleep tonight!", she winked. He smiled looking at the bed  at the bold avatar of his wife. This woman ruled him in every way possible. Be it with her discipline during the day or love in bed at night. He looked back up to see her coming towards him. "Good night again, Mr Kapoor", she said as she pressed her lips on his cheeks.
Ram laid back on the bed, his thoughts goin back to the past. It was almost 1 year since they met again after a long separation  and so much had changed in this brief period. He remembered how much he hated her when he saw her alive and known she had hidden Peehu from him. He remembered how much he troubled her. But then, destiny played its own game and they ended up being together, again. An initial "Sirf Peehu ke liye" drama they had played has changed and transformed into a beautiful friendship and then, later, bloomed into love. He never, in his wildest dreams had imagined he would be able to live with Priya again, like a husband and wife.  He had thought he lost her forever in the landslide.
He opened his eyes as small pair of arms slowly wrapped themselves around his tummy. There was his litter princess, the reason of his joy, the angel who gave him his reason for existence back , his Rockstar Peehu. "Good morning baby!", she said as Peehu cuddled in, hugging ram. "Good Morning papa", she said a little sadly. "Kya Hua mera baccha? Why are you so sad today?", Ram asked concerned. He couldn't bear his princess sad. "Kuch nahi papa. There's nothing to do today. My friend is not coming today to play with me. What do i do?", she explained. 
Priya, who had come back from the market by then smiled as she witnessed the cute interaction between the father daughter duo. These two were her most prized possession, who she would keep them safe, no matter what. She loved how the two looked adorable as they sat pondering over the grave situation put forth by Peehu.
Priya hugged the kid and smiled at her innocence. "Yeh toh bohot badi problem hai.. Kya kare", she said thinking. "Okay! Pehle hum sab nahake fresh Ho jate hai. Phir aap apna homework karlo papa ke sath aur mai lunch ready karti Hu. Uske baad lunch karke hum shopping jayenge. Phir shamko hum movie jayenge.. Phir dinner. Okay?", Priya asked. "You are the best mumma. I love you!", Peehu smiled in delight. Priya tickled her a little and played with her. "Accha bacchu.. Butter mat lagao.. Jake brush karo. Mumma aa rhi h" Peehu ran to execute the plan.

Later that night...
Ram held the door open as Priya walked in with a sleeping Peehu in her arms. She went into Peehu's room to put her to bed as Ram followed suit. They sat on either side of the bed observing their princess. She was their life, their daughter, a part of their soul- their Peehu. After tucking her in, the couple walked back to their room.
Priya had changed into her night clothes and was taking off her accessories when Ram came in. He shut the door behind him and moved towards her. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he rested his head over he shoulder. Priya smiled looking at him through the mirror. He held her gaze for sometime and placed a light kiss on her shoulder. "I love you mrs. Kapoor". She turned around and put her hands around his neck. "Priya, I cant than...", his words were cut short by her fingers as she placed them on his lips. "You don't have to Ram. Both of us have helped each other erase the memories of the bad past. Both of us have, together, carved this new life and both of us together have to create beautiful memories in the future. You don't have to thank me for something that's impossible without you.", she said kissing him on the cheeks and slowly rested her head on the crook of his neck.
He held her close to him. As close as he could. Like she was his most treasured possession. He must surely have done something good in his life to get Priya as his partner. 
He looked down when he felt her playing with the buttons of his shirt. "I thought I was promised a full show tonight", she whispered. He chuckled and picked her up in his arms and took her to bed. Lights were soon turned off and sheets drawn as the two lovers became one, body and soul.

My job done done :) your turn now!! Waiting for the comments :)
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Posted: 2015-06-03T23:48:10Z
What an adorable OS!  Beautiful romantic and family moments brought a smile to a RaYafan like me. I have read your stories before but I am looking forward to refreshing my RaYa dreamland with your lovely stories. Keep them coming and welcome back!Clap
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Posted: 2015-06-03T23:54:27Z
Originally posted by DiehardRaYafan

What an adorable OS!  Beautiful romantic and family moments brought a smile to a RaYafan like me. I have read your stories before but I am looking forward to refreshing my RaYa dreamland with your lovely stories. Keep them coming and welcome back!Clap

Thanks :)

I'll post whenever i can :)
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Posted: 2015-06-04T00:56:41Z
Lovely cute n romantic osn thanks for posting after along time n i really miss ur writing 
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Posted: 2015-06-04T01:01:47Z
very sweet n romantic os
keep writing ...
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Posted: 2015-06-04T01:22:07Z
I was ful time smiling while reading the whole OS
The new avatar of Priya made her more desirable for Ram and only thing he want to do was love her. Their family is being happy with cute little princes of their Pihu 

Keep writing dear miss your stories on RaYa
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Posted: 2015-06-04T01:58:32Z
Very very beautiful os. Keep writing more
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Posted: 2015-06-04T02:54:25Z
Super cute..
Awesome os..
Do write more of such scenes...
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