The Moment : PARUD OS

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"Paro..look at me ..please don't can I leave for the mission if you send me out with those big big tears from your beautiful eyes", Rudra pouted seeing Paro's already swollen eyes which is again brimming with fresh lease of tears. "Paro, you know how the BSD work is and that too this mission will be done within a week  ", he tried reasoning.

Seeing her still sobbing softly, Rudra claimed "OK then I will stay back, let them fire me from BSD for negligence of my duty" and sat on the edge of their bed faking a dejected look stealing glances for any change on her. As expected Paro turned shocked "Nahi, nahi Majorsaab , I know how much you love this job and I will never let you sacrifice that for me, its just that the mere thought that I won't be able to see you for.. for .." hugged him hiding her tears within his chest before completing the sentence. Rudra felt terrible to let her go and hugged back tighly.  

After a moment Paro realizing the spot of bother Rudra is in wiped her tears and with a smile " uhh am just a Bewakoof ladki, I want my majorsaab to return with victory and don't worry about me". Though he knew she was hurting, he couldn't help but kissed her forehead and with his hands on her cheeks, " I will be back as soon as possible ..OK..till then promise me that those beautiful eyes will never see those tears again". She nodded controlling the tears with a smile " and this to not miss me till am back", and claimed her lips.


Paro just stared the other side of the bed which is vacant and felt empty without his warmth, she missed it..missed him..controlling her tears which was threatening to fall any minute, tried to close her eyes but sleep eluded her..She felt tired.maybe because of the extra workload she took wantedly to stop thinking about him..the more she tried to stop , the more she thought about him..feeling nauseous and weak she got up from the bed and went to the cupboard, took his brown leather jacket and hugged it tight saying "Majorsaab..."and collapsed on the bed.


"Paroo", Rudra sprung from his temporary airbed at the campsite. Little panicked saw his watch, the time is around 3 am... His heart raced "Is she alright?, dammit there is no way to even find out from here, had to wait till dawn to reach the head site for the call"..Fighting the uneasy thoughts, he tried to get some rest after the long day but now sleep eluded him too..So he got up and started walking outside his tent looking for a horizon soon..

"Sir, looks like you couldn't sleep properly, were you awake all night ?" Aman's enquiry startled Rudra. . "uhh..hmm...Aman I need to head to headsite for a ..." before he completed. V.K.Singh sir intervened from back "Why Major, missing my Paro betiya?" and both officers chuckled softly confusing Rudra. "Yes Sir, I mean  ..No no Sir" he flustered internally cursing his helplessness.

"Rudra, Aman can handle here from now officially discharging you from this can go home now "...Rudra puzzled "But sir..why..I mean .."..."Major, your family needs you right now and I want you to start immediately...its an order"..Rudra saluted without another word and started packing with a huge anxiety of seeing Paro though confused at V.K.Singh Sir's order.

"Sir, you could have told the reason to Rudra", Aman whispered.."No Aman, he needs to hear this from his family" V.K.Singh smiled meaningfully.


Rudra walked almost stormed into the haveli after 26 hours of long travel to get a glimpse of Paro soon.."Devarjisa came so soon?" shocked Mythili stopping his tracks..."Babhisa ..woh done fast..and ..paro" Mythili gently smiled looking at desperate blabbering Rudra, " Paro is in the room resting...I will bring..."

"Resting?, at this hour of the day...I knew it ...she is not alright"  Rudra hurried to his room mumbling under his breath without having any patience to enquire anything fully anymore but stopped  at the doorstep hearing her voice...his Paro's voice ..

"Gudiya, look at me, am going to share you a secret..will you keep it ...ushhh  you should not tell Majorsaab before I do ...ok" Paro chuckled childishly... putting the pink bangles on the doll's hand " Look this is my Majorsaab's first gift to me...and now its my turn...I know I know, you are my first gift to him but I also got back Majorsaab with you naa, so it doesn't count as my I got a real gift for him" blushing hugged the brown leather jacket with the other hand and continued " You know, I saw my Majorsaab in this jacket for the first time, saving me from those brutal Jallad..who would have thought you and me will end up with him..everything its is our Bholenath blessing" smilingly kept the doll on the side table still hugging the jacket and kissed its collar.

Rudra was overwhelmed and confused at the same time and stopped on his tracks again when Paro continued " Oh , I didn't tell you about the gift yet naa"..Rudra sharpened his ears.." he has to wait for that because little Rajkumar will take 8 more months to come out" she whispered to the doll's ears touching her belly lovingly  and covered her face in shyness...

Rudra held the door for support just finding out the biggest secret which everyone was hiding from yesterday...He couldn't comprehend what he just heard.." Little Rajkumar?..just like his Paro wished!" ...Is he going to be a Bapusa?.. Is he going to have a family on his own?...Is GOD really being this merciful on this Jallad?.. Overwhelmed with flurry of emotions and not wanting to waste any more second, entered the room with his coarse broken voice "Parooo..."

Paro was stunned  to hear his voice  "Majorsaab, you really came"  before she could get up from the bed and run towards him, Rudra covered the steps with a mini sprint and hugged her tight.."Majorsaab, are you ok? are you hurt? you told you can't come back before a week,  you don't know how much I missed you ,  I ..." Rudra shushed her unable to talk but Paro continued "but Majorsaab , how..?" 

This time Rudra stopped her lips and with tears brimming in his eyes  touching her belly "Our little Rajkumar called me immediately!!" ..Paro's eyes shot up and started to well up.."Thank you for this wonderful gift Paro...Thank you"..Words took a backseat as tears flowed freely from both pair of eyes drenching each others' shoulders with their hug , marking a beautiful moment for this beautiful couple... the moment for the start of a beautiful family!!

END Big smile


Some of you were requesting for an OS from quite some time and tonight  thought I will try one before I start on my vacation,,I always wanted to see how Parud would have felt when they are separated after they realize their feelings for each other..infact I was one of those who was rooting for a separation track...but the makers gave me another form of separation track to my disgust.Angry.Also I hated the fact that one of most important love symbol of Parud: the doll was throwed away like a piece of junk in later part..So I have tried my bit to incorporate both in this OS..

Criticism greatly please feel free to commentLOL

Cheers Hug

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Sooo sweet story... u r right parud's baby wala track is so rushed...   

i wished that time we had get better more
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Posted: 2015-06-03T02:44:13Z
Deepsy the OS is super cute and so are you. Love you sweetheart.

Well a wonderful parting gift before you go on a long long vacation. Reading this, I now realise I have already started missing you and will miss you more and more.

A beautiful moment which every would be parents rejoice. Why Parud would be different. And in addition their love for each other. A one day separation, aur unka ye haal hai. Would have loved to see them pining for each other more.

Grr... When I read such wonderful stories about RR, I hate rangeela more and more. Never hated anybody so much.

RR had such beautiful symbolisms be it the Mirror, the doll, the desert. Just as I said, these sweet memories just drive me more insane.

A quote for the moments in our life.
RR has given us lots of moments and we have lived those moments and Parud have made these moments beautiful for us and worthe remembering

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Posted: 2015-06-03T03:20:02Z
aww this is ao sweet deepusa.
I have melted into puddle of goo reading all the cuteness.
aww this is so so cute.
deepusa u r killing me with all the cuteness
gosh how many times have I used the word cute LOLLOL

awesome job baisa.Hug

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Posted: 2015-06-03T05:32:37Z
Deeps, this is so sweet. I always wondered how Paro react when her Major saab goes away on a BSD mission. She would send him away with eyes shining with tears knowing well that this was the nature of his job. And he would tell her to be brave for him as it breaks his heart that he won't be able to see her for a while. Then the way they miss each other and hallucinate. The long distance phone calls and the unspoken wish that he hurries back. This was something I really wanted to see rather than ladoo tracks and mannat tracks. I can't thank you enough for this.

Another thing I liked about this story was the way Rudra was informed of Paro's pregnancy. I enjoyed it more than the fainting to gun shot on the show. Nor did I like Mala hovering around the Paro all the time. I have ranted enough on your thread about that. It would have been so cute for her to confide in the doll. Reminds me of the sequence where she tells it ti take care of Rudra before the Mumbai trip and the way she makes it sit next to her when her foot is injured. That doll deserved to be fixed and treasured. It was a symbol of kindness that a sweet little girl had for a sad little boy. It was the keeper of the Jallad's frozen heart. I agree with you completely Deeps,it shouldn't have been dumped in the trash.
Thank you for a wonderful parting gift. I hope you have a wonderful vacation and get inspired to write more adorable stories for us.
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Posted: 2015-06-03T06:11:18Z
loved the osClap
parud having a babyDay Dreaming
they rushed the baby track and you are right about the doll, their first connection which was disregarded totally.
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Posted: 2015-06-03T06:19:13Z
The Beautiful Moment ...really wish RR mani kuch isha hi hota #suchislife
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Posted: 2015-06-03T08:12:10Z
I'm one of the pesterer and now I'm proud of it LOL
Will get back to you later Hug

Finished already Confused Ok!, don't pick up the stick Big smile I'm just saying as I always look forward for your stories or posts.
It's cute Deeps, if your mind is working this awesome at 3:00am without sleep I wonder how well it works with good restLOL By the  way why you were not sleeping at that timeShocked inbestigation timeCool
Do we need to remember the pregnancy track of RROuch well how much ever the channel or CVs want to spoil the actors made all the efforts to put even that track in my heart.
Still I can remember the twinkles in Paro's eyes.
Coming to know that they are becoming parents is a beautiful moment and you did great.  Even the separation has a good reason and Rudra feeling about Paro is well written. Awww you brought back the beautiful gudiya ROFL That gudiya stores lot of secrets. Aman and General knows but they want Parud to have that moment together .. that is one more point I liked it. 
Well the OS has all the potential for TS or FS but I know you are busy so will be satisfied with thisEmbarrassed, though I don't mind if you write more Big smile
take care

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