Bitter truth

Posted: 2015-06-01T18:41:14Z

Life is full of mysteries and is very unpredictable. We come across so many people/things throughout but some stands out special. They might seem ordinary for others but for us they will become so special we will cherish them as our first love..We love it whole heartedly and celebrate with it like there is no tomorrow ..But like the cruel reality of this world unlike the handfull of lucky people, that love will be snatched for unknown reasons.

Like the practical reality, life has to move on..people around us advise us to move on..We try to move on..but somewhere deep down in our hearts that first love will remain as a sweet aftertaste..We tend to build our life along with it..Slowly we immerse in the mechanical world around us..We will start believing that we have really moved on and matured enough to find a new love and life..Alas, only if it was that simple!!...

We will try to accept that new life as happily as possible..Little does the heart knows that first love can never be replaced and their memories can never be erased..Suddenly we will be haunted by their memories in whichever direction you see ..feel nauseous like there is a permanent lump in our throat threatening us to take over our sanity anytime..unable to find a solution or closure for that no matter how hard we try.. 

I am in such a state with my first love "Rangrasiya"...

Whatever dirty politics the channel, makers , PHs played in the name of TRPs, the bitter truth is that they have snatched my first love for unknown reasons..

They sure gave me one of the beautiful memories but little does they know those memories are now tainted with hurt and tears with the reality that I will never get back them..

Missing you Rangrasiya...terribly...Cry

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Posted: 2015-06-01T19:11:58Z
you nailed it sister.  Our frustrations about trps, hurried storyline, cvs playing emotional yo yo with our emotions, worst killing Paro and then making us look for clues till the end that Myrah=Paro.OuchCry  I wish fate had handed us a better deal but alas...We now only have memories to enjoy of the couple we all loved and take happiness that there was a show made with excellent cast and with a much beloved couple: PaRud. 

For you...


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Posted: 2015-06-01T19:31:30Z
endorse your feelings... But they did promise an interview together after their vacation... Its time they do it...also rr celebrations??? Missing PaRud a lot. Beautiful story touched my heart... Helped me through depresssion...learnt a lot from parud to sustain me to continue living..brings a smile while I think about RR n parud:-);-)
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Posted: 2015-06-01T20:28:06Z
So true deepa.. Rangrasiya will always be special and the memories will be cherished.. It was a wonderful show with excellent story line ( but hurried execution) and an awesome cast.. Especially the leads... Love them so much..

That one pic you have posted has made me all nostalgic and emotional. Wat an excellent pair, be it looks or acting skills. I seriously doubt that any other pair will be as good as them.
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Posted: 2015-06-01T20:57:39Z
Cry abhi kya bolu Deepa yaar. Main miss them too. Can't type much from phone. Will come back.

Parud were incredible. So real ND so good. Sigh! It keeps coming back yaar all the time.   Disapprove. Hate u Colors!
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Posted: 2015-06-02T00:05:12Z

After a long time I visited IF and landed here, your post brought beautiful memories and tears tooOuch

Couldn't agree more with the words "They touched our heart in a magical way others don't"Ouch
For the beautiful post

on a lighter sideBig smile
Reasons unknown? Shocked Don't you think its easy for you to know by asking some one you knowErmm Now I need to run

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Posted: 2015-06-02T00:14:53Z
I share your feelings Deeps. I have never seen a more beautiful show that captured my attention for so long. Even after months of its ending, I can't find a replacement for that 9:30 pm slot. Whenever I give another show a chance, I imagine how Parud would have behaved in that particular scenario.

This show will always be special to me.
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Posted: 2015-06-02T00:38:01Z

I can agree with every word of what you wrote. I still miss RR & Parud.

And in a way it's strange for me; I don't usually get attached to the series and fictional persons.

I really do not know why I miss them and the magic that they created... Heart

And easy to agree with Rithu; RR will always be special to me.


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