RaYa : OS : lemonade Magic

Posted: 4 years ago
Hi All !! Came up with another OS... i know with these titles coming on my mind next one will surely be Aaloo ka parathaa Or Briyani Or Chat Or that chocolate clair..
Only to Exclaim that this time no Hinglish as i was bashed last time for doing so , trying my hand on RaYa in English... kick start !!! 
 its unedited... Sorry for mistakes
Anyways Scene Starts with Priya In Taxi comming back home after visiting Shergril House ... done her part of trick with vikram on the Master Plan ... Today she had a look on Kapoor Mansion after 5 years ( Epi on aired on 7-8 Jan 2013)
Her self thinking Process... visualize Sakshi Mam in this scene ... her eyes speaks volumes Just penned down what they portrayed as i Proceed.


She was trying her best to divert her mind, her princess was'nt happy in her Dad's Palace no other proof was required for a mother's instincts her doubts were clear ! At the very moment she wanted to talk to him about herself but she can't mean to her life her daughter her ''pihu'' thats her priority her mind knows it & so did her heart. Its was'nt that she did'nt trusted him , She did more than anything else in the world ... it was this TRUST that started their relationship , maybe nobody else but her heart knows that his heart beats just for her ..
A lound horn broke the silence of the traffic jammed Road ...
''Driver : when are we reaching ?'' She asked in casual tone
''Madam Can't say till the trafic clears off '' driver responded
''Can't say '' she mumered , ''is probably the safest answer in the whole world''
'' did you said anything madam ?"
"Yes!... Ah No .. Actually sorry '' ..
Fearing she again go in nostalgia , she thought of calling home , but realised that pihu is'nt there no need of disturbing Others , its better she thinks about the proper functioning of their Master Plan
''Mr kapoor & Me together'' she said with faint smile
Seeing her appartments Approaching She wiped her tears ''vikram would have reached here far before me , i hope everything has occured as planned. God please get these two together'' she got her phone & dialed Ram's number , maybe not everything was alright but atleast their contacts were always on top on frequently contacted list , not much as for achivement !?
''Mr kapoor where are you , i just saw vikram leaving'' she questioned out in sheer excitment , command & righteous tone .
On the other side the man in hide of Priya's flat was just relaxing himself & admiring the fact that his best friend is always on time , he was quite amazed on his entry timming the very moment neha was trying to make him confess his love , he couldn't lie infront of her & can't speak the truth either , but what exactly is the truth .. do he really love Priya ... hey the question is do he still ...
trinnng trinnng !!
He saw the name fashing on phone's screen 'Ayesha', he swiped & ended the call again ...
''You know what Ram , priya is right you have a horrible ring tone , enough to scare a strong build like you then she is so delicate .. you are a sheer idiot '' he did quik self talk & then tried concentrating again to the most exciting topic for the day , after all he needed to report every word to priya . After the drama ended his phone rang again & this time is was soo soothing for his ears , name flashed ''Priya'' .. he took the call only to hear orders from most lovely voice in the world.
He fealt some unknown energy while he rushed downstairs , fortunatly lift was working & in a while he was infornt of priya .. Excited as they were .. were jumping & thirilled while talking ... holding hands & gigling ..
''I am so happy Mr kapoor that Finally our Jealousy plan worked '' she said in tone native to kids usually when they achieve something really big
" i had to work !! There can't be a better plan than this , you know what not a single man on planet can tolerate the fact that some other Man has started feeling for his Wife , i me When i came to know that someone else has started loving you I ... ''
Their eyes did the talking in the Core silence , realizing that they are'nt supposed to hold hands neither smile with each other .. These small gestures give more pain then the moments of happiness, as it become longingness for togetherness ...
''Sir... '' a old voice that was nodoubt faint but enough to get them out of the uncomfortable silence ..
'' you both are the same people who came to have the lemonade on the wedding day
Their lost smile was back again ...
They both greeted the man & had some conversations asking the whereabouts..

soon they were offered the Desi love drink .. its Nasha is more powerfull as it gets the senses back , person understand the reality in life .. Lemonade aka Nimbupani
.. yes off course it was a single glass for two without straw , Can find anything more romantic then this on street ?

''My thoart is bad today , i not having it please Mr kapoor'' said priya asusuall
''Yaar have it just once , it never harms Priya'' he tried explaining ..
At this time there was a sense of crowding at the stall Ram took priya to a isolated conner.
''Oh Really !! How do you know that ''
''Because i am having it daily in the morning, from last five years ''
''You have it daily from here???'' She asked sensing something wrong
''Areee no !! Bansi kaka makes one for me .. without fail''
''that means you have been drinking every night!!!???? '' she asked in a shocked tone { lemonade Or nimbupani is used to recover from hangover .. in BALH also}
''No ! Acttuly it does'nt matter the thing is it is healthy & i drink it daily... thats more important na ..''
"Ridiculous ! How could you say this , do you even realise what harm does drinking causes .. it can even be fatal ''
''Hey no lectures okay! We'have just succeded in our plan its a celebration call right ? & i am doing it your way.. now stop it.. & i used to drink to forget the pains of life ... now that you are back i have stoped daily dose .. trust me ''
They gave puzzled look to each other ...
" irrr okay just stop all this , will you please have it , that person needs your response'' Ram said pointing towards the vendor who was continuously eyeing his mistress for the appreciation as he was handling the customers ..
Priya gave a faint smile towards vendor & said '' when i have said it once that i can't take risk with my health , already this climate of mumbai is independable ... what if i fall ill , how will i handle all things alone''
''You are not alone Priya''
'' I mean neha .. neha is with you right''
'' Mr kapoor neha is my friend not a nurse''
''OMG you becoming so serious ''
'' prevention is better than cure''
" you know what ? You still the same stubborn as you were before''
'' Cool ! I am so happy to know that .. & you know what you also the same Angry polar bear ''
'' Hey ! You can't say this to me publicaly ''
'' I am not affraid of you okay''
'' I know that , but that does'nt mean you'll call me CUTE'' he said rolling his tongue
'' oh when did i called you cute '' she said enjoying their old games
'' You just called me PolarBear , & in your language it means cute right''
'' no Mr kapoor You just making a sandcaslte,. it means Fat okay''
'' it can't be okay you can't call me fat''
" & may i know why''
''Coz you are my Wi...''
''Madam how is it'' the vendor interrupted them again..
Ram closed his eyes & thanked his luck again which did'nt when unnoticed by priya..
'' Ah right give us a minute more please'' Ram said in apologizing tone
'' no problem sir , Old or new i know how difficult is to handle wife , i won't disturb you now.. just return the glass when you'll come to pay'' he said as he needed to wind up the stall
'' definatly , & thank you '' Ram said twisting the Glass in his hand
''Mr kapoor i am leaving now, neha must be waiting''
''You are not going anywhere untill you share this glass with me''
''Thats not happing Mr kapoor... please''
'' you have made me love these things , Even Pihu love it ... & you are saying no to this, remember how excitedly she ordered kulfi that day!!
''Pihu loves only Kulfi not this okay , she is not going touch this nimbu pani .. i have done this stunt the day we arrived in Mumbai 
''On our anniversary day !!!!" 
'' yes !! From the same vendor ... how do you know that ''
" I was also there !! I actually saw you both .. i know you wont believe me coz even i  am not believing it Priya !!!'' He fealt a sudden urge to Hug her but he controled himself & soon that surprized look vanished.. Priya just had enough For today & was continuously searching for excuse
'' i saw you  both eating kulfi also'' he said summarizing his thoughts
''Ya!! her love for kulfi is just recent one , You know what she won a fancy dress competition in her school in dubai & then there was a small celebration party with kadambari, Daijaan & Rajat Sir.. only then she tasted it Orelse kulfi is not a small thing there''
Ram noticed the tint in her eyes when she talked about pihu, the same priya special smile adorned her.
She continued '' ... but after that she got extremely ill ''
Ram sensing Priya getting weak quickly quoted
''Fancy Dress !! Ya we had a talk & rockstar said its a secret.. what she did ??''
Getting smile back priya spoke'' She kept it a serect from me also... it was only before performance she asked for guidelines & I came to know what was she upto ??''
'' my daughter is so intelligent She asked the Original Drama Queen for guidelines''
" & lucky too coz i have a PHD in the character''
''I see !!! What she enacted then '
'' ah !!! That i can't tell you '' 
''Why , yaar i have a right to know''
'' well yes you are right .. i'll show it to you.. i have the recording in phone '' she said swinging her phone in her hand '' but on one condition that you won't forced me to drink this '' she said indicating glass in his hand filled till brim .
'' you & your recording why do always comes with terms & conditions''
''Because thats the way it has to be'' she said with sharp tone while sending the vedio to Ram so that they can view it together , as it played
Priya's eyes moistened again & Ram wasn't believing his luck he is actually seeing what he supposed has missed ...
''Sir , sorry for interruption but i need to go back home its late'' the vendor called helplessly
Ram & Priya assumed themselves to be guilty this time & Reached near his stall , Vendor with question eyes looked at their faces & the untouched glass in Ram's hand ..
Ram quickly passed it on to priya saying " for old man's sake '' 
Priya unable to find any other loop point took the glass from him & had a sip ''Its really good she with her signature million dollar smile , i am leaving now ... thank you for this '' 
Ram took the glass from him with the winning smile for which priya had a naughty ''you cheat'' wala look..
''We make a good team'' he said 
''Yes we do'' she confirmed...
I know total bakwas hai " it is bit boring '' but i tried to keep grip ... i actually thought something else , planned something else & came up with this ... Some people knew about it cause i troubled them lot for pics for siggi... anyway give comments coz your footwears won't reach nah ;)
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Posted: 4 years ago
Nice OS!!!
Do write more!!
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Posted: 4 years ago
Nice os Sneh ClapClapClap
i personally like stories ...close to the show and this was a treat ... good work... though wanted it to be longer LOLLOLLOL greedy meWink
 anyways do write more Tongue
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Posted: 4 years ago
Verynice but pls continue naa
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Posted: 4 years ago
Nice OS!!!
Do write more!!
Please pm me next time. Edited by Sakshiashu - 3 years ago
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Posted: 4 years ago
priya ram ke character me PHD kiyi this that line was amazing and nice os
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Posted: 4 years ago

Well well This is What i called PAisa Wasool OS Nicly penned down awesome

superb Just request Just one more Part with a Happy Ending Please

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Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by Cute_Saakshii12

Nice OS!!!
Do write more!!
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