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Posted: 6 years ago
Thank you Nisha my wait is rewarded.How miserable They all must feel by his action...II sure feels insecure already...Sleeping feeling sorry for II, Sam, Tan and Ranjan.
Edited by srividyamouli - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Why are u so adamant to give us heart attack

Dude sold his shares...

Nishaaa... Kitna buildup karogii????

Ranjan Broken Heart

Posted: 6 years ago
5.By mentioning Paris is II somewhere unconciously trying to adjust to the fact that he might want to leave the country and expressing that she would follow him to hell and back??
Nams... in the previous update II was practicing saying I Dont...she doesn/t want to go...even if she the maaya jaal of Dude...she would be really unhappy..II thrives when there are her loved around her...she wants to be the center of everyone's life...and Dude will not let his wife be unhappy...that much I am sure off. A lil seperation will be good in the future...atleast they will realise that they can't stay without the other.

Vikas, our house 16th july in-laws anniversary...but since FIL passed away...that date is not remembered now.

BIL first marriage was 5th july...but he got that date is redundant...and i am very bad at remembering any cousins birthdays.

Nisha...Even I have my days of doing nothing but sit and vegetate, but the real irritating part will...those days hubs and kids will be hyper active...they will want to go out, do something or the other...and needless to say...i will get an headache and yell at them.
I hate ironing clothes...only my kids uniforms or when hubs requests I will do it. My Dad is total opposite...every saturday and sunday...he used to iron his uniforms, other shirts, our uniforms...polish shoes, keep it in used to shine...he is so disciplined and active...I became fully opposite after a few yrs of marriage.

Anu...I hate cleaning ...period...I postpone cleaning closets, kitchen by giving myself silly reasons but I will do it one fine day.

Vani----hope you become 100% fit soon...

And SoSY is a like beacon for me, that and the discussions here...I look fwd to it and that makes me tolerate the lil irritations of life. This is the place where I can unload my thghts and feelings.

So a big hug for all the virtual friends/behenas/brother.

Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha i am feeling like crying this is so not fair i did not want him to sell his shares this is heart breaking please continue soon
Posted: 6 years ago
Aaah Nisha...He Sold His Shares!!!!!!  Cry

Say it ain't so...What does this mean?  Oy, now I feeling like crying along with II.  I was already feeling crappy cause it is a Monday!!!!  Cry
Posted: 6 years ago
what????i cant and i dont want to believe this!!!!!who bought those????apo ranjan???hows he????
Posted: 6 years ago
Why did he sell it and
To whom did he sell it???? Cry

I didn't quite understand how the title was related unless you meant R&B destroy everything to recreate just sad and idk what rubbish am talking Ermm
Posted: 6 years ago
NO... Silent reader but literally feel like crying.. Why did he sell!!!

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