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Posted: 6 years ago
I have tried sitting through the movies...find it bounce of my through all the Harry Potter to see how a generation was so absorbed by it ...found it like our Vitalacharya movies watched the HP Movies too...that made some sense as i had read the are so fascinated
I find them fascinating like our Blob of Butter...I await the girls of R&B's dreams:)
Posted: 6 years ago
Words of Wisdom

He returned with Shravu and his uniform, she got ready to go to her singing lessons
He didnt go with her office, she sulked as she passed him in the drive way

"U take Nandu home" "Explain to Sam why he needs to go home" she spit out

He listened patiently but expressionlessly... and let her pass by

"Chithi Amma sent something for you" Nandu handed her a sack with two stainless steel containers

"Can u give it to Mahavir Uncle kanna, chithi has paattu class"

"There is a traffic jam on Munirka Rd going Eastward" he said

She didnt acknowledge

"Please da" she requested using the opportunity though

"Not in front of Shravu II" he said firmly, but softly

Her shoulders slumped, she walked away dejected

The kid was now with Ranjan, in the office, snacking on the candy Santram bought from Modern Bazaar

He wud be so despondent at R&B's action

She stopped by at Amma's for a few minutes to check on Periappa

"This marriage thing is so difficult ma" she cried

"Why are u crying in the evening kanna" Amma asked troubled

She lay on her bed, and whimpered

"We all want to do whats right, but end up hurting somebody or the other" II said

Appa was gone to Natesan Mama's in Munirka, Mama was mellowing down being pleasant etc, Mami still was very angry, though Sree was Mama's nephew

"How is is knee today?" Ii asked "Why did u send him by himself after 8 PM?" Ii was full of questions

"I cant tie him down kanna" Amma ranted

"U must... I worry about him... Akka doesnt listen to me, Appa doesnt... today I discovered my FIL is not as fit and fine as I assumed"  Ii said

"What happened ?" Amma asked worried

"Kanne seriya teriyale ma avarku" (he cant see)

"Its common no kanna? Hes older than Appa, he is older than 68?"

"I know... but he keeps going... like an Energizer bunny... 36 Maruti showrooms, and now he talks about Merc showrooms in the next 3 years or so"II mumbled

"Yaakosram?" Amma asked


"Exactly... Manya went to Kufri.. Sam is busy... avanukku appa business la interest ey ille" (he is unconcerned)"
"Nobody is attending AGM, he says he will, but I doubt he will give it 4 entire days (R&B).
"Edo kozhandai madiri he is all excited about his achievements avara kondaada anda aathla aale ille ma"
(Hes like a child rejoicing his success all by himself, nobody else shares it)

"that is so sad" Amma leaned on the footboard...

"Did u say the right thing to Appa and did it get shot down?" she asked

"ALL the time" Amma smiled cynically

"I told him to care more for Excelsior, we fought... othar othar mela kola veriya kovam vardu ma (we hunger for each other's blood)"II  hung her head in shame

"Hmmm" Amma looked worried
"I dont think he wants my advice" II said...



"He doesnt get along with his Appa no... raja.. so dont say it. Appa is supposed to get along with his brothers,
but yet he doesnt appreciate most of my advice" Amma said softly

"Yenn ma apdi?" (WHY IS IT SO?)

"I DONT know Ishita... just finding a way is so difficult... dont try to find the right way" Amma said

"U watched Periappa 37 years of ur married life, shudnt u have a say?" Ii demanded

"It doesnt work that way kanna" Amma said maturely

"Shudnt Appa respect ur opinions JUST FOR THAT?"

"That means I am using Periappa to get my way" Amma pointed

"No... no... u are wrong.." Ii argued

"Its like everyone in your family looking at Mr Ranjan's every move through the scandal tainted glasses" Amma reminded her

"He keeps insisting I must attend meetings" II said softly

Amma froze... squirmed

"I told him I am busy with my job..." Ii said

Amma relaxed

"Yaarume illaada anadai madiri tonrar ma enakku" she began to cry
(He seems like an orphan to me)

"azhaade kanna".(Dont cry) Amma stood up walked over to her side and sat down by her hugging her

"Shud I feel obligated... why shud I feel obligated... why do I feel pain... onnume puriyale ma" (I dont get anything...) II sobbed

"I dont have any wise words raja" Amma said saomberly

"I am unable to tell my husband LET GO" II said viciously

"I am unable to punish my mamanaar/FIL because HE IS" she pleaded

"tch tch tch tch" Amma looked pained...

"Krishna" she invoked

"Its the most complicated, dysfunctional family ma" II said softly

"Aasa pattu panninde nee" (U married out of choice)

"I know... I know... I know..." Ii cried softly wiping her tears in Amma's pallu

They both were quiet

"Nandu accidentally teased Shravu about the suspension, ivan Nandu kondu poi veetla vida poraan as punishment
(he is going to take the kid home)" II declared angrily

"Paavam kozhandai" Amma was distraught

"sam and Tan and nandu... I CANT FIND ONE FAULT MA" II said softly

"They are gems I agree" Amma nodded

"What happens if this goes on for the next 30 years Ma?" Ii asked

amma looked startled

"If there is no forgiveness or redemption or revelation?" Iia sked

"Will u be able to quit ur job and work with ur FIL?" Amma asked

"Nooo... no... I cant do that" Appa's ethics reared its ugly head inside II

"Pinna vidu... anda manushar talela ezhudi irukku nu vidu" (it was written in Ranjan's fate, so let go) Amma said
As the nurse showed asking for Periappa's kanji

Amma asked her to eat

She refused, just checked what Amma had made... it was the dal ess sambar (vetha kozhambu) and baingan subzi

Amma packed it all in a tiffin carrier

"akka has sent something too... I am supposed to be sending dinner to her, with the Shravu thing that ended... in her state she is sending me stuff" Ii lamented

"she made paal payasam because it was Thatha's (FIL's) nakshatram today/Bday" Amma said

"Oh! so thats what she must have sent" Ii smiled

II made kanji and took it to Periappa and fed him slowly...

Returning after 9 ish

Ranjan was in his office she took some kheer for him, made dal to mix with rice and feed Shravu... Nandu was GONE!!

He was in his office too

She changed out of her "good" clothes to her night clothes

And walked by his office he looked up from a call

She paused to hold that gaze for a few minutes... and walked away.. disheartened

Posted: 6 years ago
Sometimes, things are just inscrutable right? No right no wrong. I guess one just needs to go with the flow. Would be interesting to watch how II goes forward and how she takes R&B and Ranjan along.

Thanks for posting so late.
Posted: 6 years ago
oho are really sweet!!!you posted in this late time too!!!we are so lucky to have you as our author who considers her readers requests!!!
Posted: 6 years ago
along with every problem god will send its solution too!thats why along with giving periappa to Iyer family,he gave amma as their DIL...
along with savithas death MM got II...
bcoz of kmpg failures,ranjan got a DIL and some extent,his son...
along with manya,II got sam!!

and after tasting some bitter memories,II and RnB got eachother who loves them unconditionally...

life can be felt as a hell or heaven at the same instance...our viewpoint is the one which makes difference...
Posted: 6 years ago
interesting part nisha it gave us a beautiful insight into ii's mind loved it thanks fr posting so late 
Posted: 6 years ago
Thank You Nisha...did not expect an update...what a moving Amma ponnu interaction. Amma's advice to her logical as always. II's in her guilt mode . she is torturing herself and will definitely drive R&B nuts...but regretting her decision ...Appa might gloat the Dude will be livid

Sincerely appreciate the effort you put in to keep us well fed Nisha...Thank you.
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha you are super womanSmile
I am amazed at your love and care towards us. It is so late and you posted an update knowing we are waiting for an update. So so sweet of you.

Coming to the update.
My eyes drenched seeing II's worry for Ranjan. But she is so helplessUnhappy
The dude has sent Nandan home Angry

Tan-Sam will understand dude punishing Nandan. If Tan's mom or Meany come to know about this they will say dude has taken wife and her family side.

The dude is also angry that II doesn't scold Nandu on his wrong doings. He thinks she is still not accepted his family as hers.

These relations are so complex Unhappy

II is not the only one, every Indian married women has to go through these circumstances. With marriage guy's family comes as package and vice versa.

One thing is sure RnB will love his kids and at the same time he will punish them on their mistakes.He has got these qualities from his parents. II is the one who will spoil them Smile
Both make a nice comboWinkEdited by putti77 - 6 years ago

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