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Posted: 6 years ago
Brutally unbiased

II had no clue about all that, she flipped through pages, carefully pausing on some, reading some paragraphs

"MK.K Mehta & Associates?" she smiled

"Do u know them?"

"I have friends that joined them" she smiled

"U should come, u can meet the 4 people mentioned" Ranjan offered

"Umm.. I have to go to Uttam Nagar, Rohini and lajpat Nagar" she said hesitantly

"Text me the names of ur friends I will ask them" Ranjan offered

"I accepted all ur lunch invites I might show up for food" II chuckled

Her husband looked up from the annual report half smiling

"I can order surprise snacks if u promise to sit through the meeting"Ranjan tempted

"U are wily" II chuckled

"Kiska baap hoon aakhir" Ranjan winked, tapping her cheek fondly with his right hand

She blushed... "Point taken" she smiled

"Does he still trick you?" Ranjan asked

"Umm... depends on who u talk to" II said smugly

He smiled fully

R&B emptied his beer as he watched the kids come down...

"Chithiii " Nandu yelled

II turned startled

"what happened

"I am telling him he only gets two turns he took 3"
"He played three first" Shravu yelled

"Judwa bachon ka simulation mil raha hai tumko" Ranjan chuckled

"Judwa and out of control" II muttered

"Vaa daa inge, I AM SENDING U HOME" II hissed to Shravu

"U NEVER SCOLD HIM" Shravu accused

II surreptiously looked at R&B, yep. he was looking at her piercingly
"I scold him too" she hissed

"Its always me... u dont like me any more"Shravu burst out crying

"Listen to me first... shhh" she ordered

Nandu threw the hand held console and "I get it its all my fault"

R&B got up

"OK Guys time out" he raised his voice

Ranjan watched his son deal with the crisis, listen to both sides of the story, and gave out his justice...

Santram brought his Scotch

"Can u bring his clothes from Akka's?" "I was supposed to go get it main bhool gayi" she said

"K who wants to ride with me?"

Both boys said "me"

"Do we have his uniform?" he asked his wife

"Shaayad nahi... aap lekar aa jao" she requested

"Bring Shravu's History project, he made a painting of  Tipu and let it dry... Akka said its due tomorrow"

"I ALREADY DID THAT" Nandu sniggered

"My class is doing it only now" Shravu went on the defensive"

"DUDE WE ARE BOTH IN 5 C" Nandu yelled

The one week of suspension had put Shravu behind

"U missed school thats why" Nandu said harmlessly

"ayyyoyo" II gasped, clamping her mouth

Shravu turned to look at her and began to cry, uncontrollably
R&B gathered him in his arms

"And u Nandan Batra, will return home when I go bring Shravu's uniform" he said softly and firmly

"I am sorry... I am sorry" Nandu shrieked but no change in R&B's reaction

ranjan watched dumb struck

Nandu ran upstairs crying...

"Kya hua puttar?" Ranjan asked

She heard the Ferrari  blast off the drive way... and sat down by Ranjan...

"Shravu umm... uh... mera matlab... Shravu sto... he brought Nandu's ipad home" II said deeply troubled

"Arey rey" Ranjan looked stunned

"Athim had him suspended" II said softly... crying

"Maa baap achhe hain puttar uske" he reminded her, patting her shoulders gently

She nodded sadly... "I cant bear to see him humiliated Dad"

"Zaroor puttarji... beizzati seh paana mushkil hai... chahe umar kuch bhi ho" Ranjan said abruptly

Regretting the last part quickly, drawing reference to himself and his ignominy

"Best friend hai uska dukh to hoyega usko" Ranjan wrapped up quickly

II nodded

"I will go check on this one" II promised

He nodded leaning back removing his glasses

She texted R&B

"Vendaam da please... let him stay no?" she begged on behalf of Nandu

"Do u want to deal with this?" he asked shortly

"U are just too harsh" she texted back with a tear drop

"Is there any other way to make him learn?"

Hes hiding in the 1st floor sun room I see him but he wont open the door" she texted

"He'll get over it" he texted

"Yenn da?" II begged (WHY?)

"It was uncalled for II" he texted

"They are best friends" II argued

"More reason why nandu shud be careful" he texted

"YOU fight with me" she argued

"Do u want to make this about US?" he asked angrily

She didnt respond

"You (she erased it) We fight dirty" she argued hoping to convince him

"So it is about us then?" he shot back

" We are being too serious" she placated

"Nope" he texted

"Please da" she begged

"Cant talk right now, we are home" he ended it

She sat on the floor leaning on the wall, peering through the glass strip by the door...

"Nandu kanna... chithi is talking to Uncle R, vaa da"

"No...  he didnt agree I said sorry and nobody cares"

She was afraid to call Sam and tell her her husband chose her nephew over his...

Ranjan would walk up to go to the office and find her crying by the door

"Get up beta"

"He wont listen to me, Sam kya sochengi?" Ii was afraid

"woh jaanti hai tere miya ko" Ranjan said bitterly

"He is so severe" II whined

"Aap MUJHE bata rahe ho?" he asked somberly...

II realized it wasnt about the kids anymore

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

Anu even I never had FB account and never want one!
Getting tremendous pressure from everyone to open an account but I have not buckled down.
Smile i m not alone and no fb sosy!!!!!
Posted: 6 years ago
Hope Asma is having a great weekend. Havent seen her in two days
Posted: 6 years ago
I don't know but my Gut says EXCELLIOR is going nowhere except to RnB's pockets.
RnB has something in his mind he had all sorted out.

He might be hating his father but he loves him more than that.All is problem with Ranjan.

Ranjan is too scared of himself and his problem is with himself.

Ranjan din't forgive himself in first place that is why he is never able to speak to RnB in first place.

Ranjan need self realization he has to forgive himself first.Mistake might be his but he is giving punishment to himself.

He just have to do one thing speak with RnB and everything would be sorted.But until he forgive himself he will never gain that courage to do so.

RnB technically din't say a no to Ranjan till now.

They love each other they respect other's opinions.

Ranjan always wanted RnB to take charge of Excellior.But same way he never spoke with him on same.He wan't RnB o realize himself.

RnB even though he hates his dad he loves him more than that.If Ranjan asks him on face to take charge RnB will definitly do it.

RnB is well mannered and he won't insult Ranjan on face.

Ranjan grow up yaar. He is just not able to see how much RnB loves him.

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

ANU means Tanajore Girl right
and vikas no anu does not mean Tanjore girl.

Tanjore is a place in Tamil Nadu , i am from that side actually a place called kumbakonam..
Anu name is based on a nakshathra anusham/anuradha :-)

I know that I asked based on IF user name,
I don't know everyones names here.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

vikas dont worry nahi maroongi .. i dont mind status quo..i will read the comments...
@putti i dont think aisa kuch hoga .. it will be status quo i am of that same opinion things get creepy if he did that but i dont think kuch hoga ya hua hai

@putti wow impressed u dont have .. i enjoy it though i am not frequent but helps me keep in touch with my school friends,aunts,uncles,nephews all in one go.. so i did bring me back close with other people..

My fav part of bright minds

"I might need a new pair" he smiled derisively

"U can be my glasses puttar" he said softly

She nodded dazed... she wondered if he was aging too

so sweeet and poignant!!!Clap

Tum kaisey marogi.

mAarney ka contact tho Noufi ney lekey bhaitha hain.

Abh sketch bana rahen hogee kaisey maarney ka.
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha u mentioned twins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my dream is one daughter and twin boys and can be more Embarrassed
lovely lovely
totally enjoyed this and i did think bechara Shravu must have had some repurcursions..
Posted: 6 years ago
"Zaroor puttarji... beizzati seh
paana mushkil hai... chahe umar
kuch bhi ho" Ranjan said

what to do to make him feel a lil bit easy in that whole mess??? Cry

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