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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Vidyaa

Internship... toh bhaagam bhaag Tongue
Birthday ke baad I guess aaj hi comment kar rahi noon LOL
Birthday ke din tragedy ho gaya yaar...  I lost my watch ... my birthday gift Shocked Kisi __________________(fill in the blankLOL) ne uda liya CryCryCry

Aise kaise????? 
Naya tha kya watch??? 

Haan jaan. 
Ek hafta hogaya nahi?? 

Tu na samvhalke reh. Hostels mein yehi prob hai Angry
Posted: 6 years ago
Woohh...the texting was so cute!!!
Still waiting for their conversation
Tick tok tick tok tick tok
Posted: 6 years ago
Am hanging on to these words...
"AGM Day 2 in 7 minutes" Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
Now all you east side ke log... Give your bodies thoda rest
Jaake so jao sab
Edited by Ashu25 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Seriousreader

Am hanging on to these words...
"AGM Day 2 in 7 minutes"Embarrassed

If you forgot, all this is flashback! The dude has already sold!! Done n dusted!!
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by nithya.

Originally posted by Nisha0604

Nithya welcome

You are entitled to your opinion

I never plugged II as Ishita Bhalla

She is neither Ishita Bhalla in sharing her marital bed, nor is she Shagun Bhalla in lusting after her ex husband

She is flawed, yes, but not as terrible as you imagine her to be

She tolerated Manya's sickening behavior. Chachi's bias never complained to him. Cares for him deeply worries about his work, his sleep routine, about what he ate and when he ate.
I cannot unfortunately write a soap heroine, or a soap vamp.

She is focussed on her career and parents, if thats selfish so be it. She LIVES IN HIS HOUSE. He doesnt so she is entitled to atleast THINK of her family

I am surprised you would think like that about II because R&B doesnt live with A&A, if HE DID and II worried about Amma and Appa, then yes I would say, he is a ghar jamai yet II only cares for Akka and her parents

Why shouldnt she worry about her career. I am sorry but I disagree

Welcome to the page

thanks for the welcome...she can worry about her career...for everyone their career is their strength..including myself...i have no problem with problem is for rnb also his company i s we or II cant blame him when he goes to paris..but surely II will make every one think bad about rnb...not understanding herself how it is difficult for him to manage from india..

her character is inconsistent in some i cant connect with her...i like  manny she is also like II selfish about loved ones,have some negative points but she is real i can connect with her..bcoz no one  take her flaws as some proud things...

Samyukta doesnt live in Malcha Marg but she arm twisted R&B into living there and going to Excelsior how come we dont say the same of her?

II never stopped him from traveling for work II worries because she KNOWS about the scandal she knows R&B is ready to take flight, she knows if he does then her marriage will fall apart

Its not a regular marriage right? He lives in Malcha Marg unwillingly, she knows that.
She fears one such trip he will choose not to return, may be she should pack her bags and follow, but she wont. He is always working or reading when he is in Malcha Marg, how come there is no empathy for II

Shes been married barely two months, he doesnt take her out to dinners or movies or outings or over night trips or bars or discos, EVEN AKKA got all that in the first year.  She goes about her job and cooking and bringing Nandu Shravu over and just seems to be happy. You need to give her credit.

All he does when he is Malcha Marg is read or work. He doesnt willingly go to D II, doesnt interact with Appa pleasantly. Is that all fair? He doesnt even interact with his own Dad
The house is filled with people he is always upstairs?

Has she ever said anything?

I think u are being unfair  in judging IILOL

I always wondered why they do not go out. I thought you choose not to mention it  because it doesn't go with the flow of the story, but if that's because the dude is not interested I feel so sad for II. There are lot of things she's missing. Poor girl Cry

Posted: 6 years ago
Intresting part nisha so tan quite knew the reason raman sold his shares.. 
Really interesting nisha I am loving the way the story is developing. 

Nisha I just had a doubt wi'll it not  be easier for ii to relocate as she is just an employee and can easily switch for a better job in Paris tat way she doesn't have to sacrifice her career and can still be with raman she would have shifted to bay area anyway if she had married shree 
Posted: 6 years ago
We are waiting for the mahaepisode of sosyLOL
Kya hoga II ka Jab use Pata chalegi rnb ke work stress ke baare mein? ?
Kya wo degi apne pati ka sath?
Kya bacha payegi wo apne FIL ko chachu ke changul se?

Jaanne ke liye padiye sosy ka mahaepisode. 
Expected timings- 7 am IST???LOLLOL

Sorry for the cheap commentary

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