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Posted: 6 years ago
Bright Minds

she lay on the sun room bed on her belly her laptop propped up on a pillow
Running tests for the Lajpat Nagar and Uttam Nagar and Rohini showrooms
Went down to get herself some snack... searched the frig for mithai... or chocolate

He came in to grab a beer...

"Did u eat yet?" she asked

"Umm.. no... " he shook his head

She headed to make pooris for him, but kept looking for sweets

"Kuch bhi nahi hai meetha?" she said horrified

"What do u want?" he asked

"We dont even have any ice cream, or chocolate" "Or mithai" she mumbled

Mahavir came in "Sir lunch bana de?"

"Just a turkey sandwich Mahavir, thanks" he smiled

"Kyon u dont want pooris? He made chholey like the street food kulchey chholey" she was in awe

"He makes good food" he admitted..

"Then why wont u eat?" she was offended

"I ate a big breakfast

"Theek hai aap turkey sandwich bana do please?" she said

"I promise I will eat for dinner" he said feeling her despair

"Do u find it silly I force u to eat?" she asked

"No I dont" he said looking into her eyes
"Uh... oh? hmm" she nodded

He waved for Mahavir, "Santram ko kahenge, Modern Bazaar se woh candy assortment laayenge?"
He grabbed a post it by the phone and wrote down a name

Mahavair smiled

"Some garam jalebi would be good too" she smiled

"Haan haan bhabhiji woh bhi... aur kuch?"

"Samosa..." she smiled

"U want to go" R&B mocked

"Vendaam pinne vidu" she sulked (dont need nothing)

He smiled handing the paper
He didnt hand money, she wondered if the help had their own Master or Visa cards

Mahavir made his sandwich, they took it to the lounge

Ranjan returned... paused seeing his son and DIL chatting cheerfully

"Poori khaayenge?" she asked

"Kha lenge puttar, saath mein ek thandi lassi pilao TO" he smiled

"Yeh kya kha raha hai?" he asked

"Turkey" she said ashamed

"Kahan poori, kahan turkey" Ranjan chuckled

R&B half smiled...

"Aapne kal raat ko mere pair ke neeche stool lagayi puttar?" he asked warmly

She looked at him confused

"I dont remember" she mumbled

"Chashma utaara hua tha, aur stool bhi..." he smiled smiling wistfully

R&B ate without looking up

II went in...

Ranjan: So will u be attending all the meetings?

R&B: I hope to

Ranjan: I can give u a copy of the financials if u want to go over and take a look

Ranjan opened his cavernous laptop bag and produced two slickly published Annual Reports

He handed one to R&B, he set his sandwich aside, took a sip of his beer, and wiped his fingers before politely accepting it
Great values imparted by Savvy and Ranjan, all three kids never forgot to be respectful

R&B didnt care for Ranjan as a Dad but never forgot his manners.
Excelsior was registered after Baisakhi over 30 years ago... the Ambassador dealership
The financial year went from May to April
The AGMs always happened end of May

"Whats the big story?" he asked curiously

"Well... we sold more cars, and made more profit"

"With fewer people?" R&B asked

"No... with more people and more showrooms" Ranjan responded

R&B carefully began to read

She returned with two puffy discs, crispy on one side and moist on the other with both subzis and the curried chicken

He jumped up to go wash his hands, removing his glasses

"Ur copy is on that table auditor" he smiled

She smiled, reaching for it, he returned and brought his copy out of the bag...

"Dad, eat first"

"Yes Maam" he nodded

Beginning to eat

"It wud have been good to show what % of Excelsior growth came from existing showrooms vs new"
Existing Maruti brands vs new brands introduced in 2014" R&B said

"Good point... but too late" Ranjan said chewing

"U need another wedge? (sandwich?) she asked her husband...

"More beer maybe... I can page him" he reached
"I am bringing chai for myself" she smiled

"Meetha hai puttar?" Ranjan asked
As Mahavir brought more pooris, II brought his beer and her own chai

"None Dad... he sent SantRamji to Modern Bazaar..." "I sent him for jalebis" she smiled

"Vaddiya" Ranjan smiled...

II scanned it quietly...

"What is this one time charge of Rs. 18.8 lakhs?" she asked showing Ranjan the fine print of a certain footnote

"Its 13.3" Ranjan said

"No Dad its an 8" II said softly

Ranjan did not believe her he peered multiple times and checked his glasses

"I might need a new pair" he smiled derisively

"U can be my glasses puttar" he said softly

She nodded dazed... she wondered if he was aging too

"What was ur question?" he asked

"What is that charge?"

"Oh it was some building code violation or something Haryana Govt charged us, for at Rohtak showroom...
sarkar apna kaam nahi karti hamara karne mein utavli rehti hai" he mocked

"Oh" she nodded

"What do u think of the way its published?" he asked

"It looks great" she smiled sincerely

"Is this ur first copy of a automobile dealership annual report?" Ranjan asked

"I guess so" II said kindly

"I try to do things differently betaji. I treat it like a corporation" he smiled proudly

"U shud... u built it" she smiled fondly

"I try to do something different each year" he smiled

they all read quietly

R&B:The third risk u have under Opportunities & Risks section? (pausing)

Ranjan: Lawyers felt I should mention plans for the Mercedes dealership, since we (huh!, always said "we")
may go with a "Public Lts" model on that one,(selling shares to the general public, trading stock in stock exchange etc)
 he said I shud list the proposed Merc dealership as a risk on this Maruti annual report
Since my attention will definitely be divided between the two when we start that one...
R&B: U are sure about that one?

Ranjan:I am...

Posted: 6 years ago
Wow really liked the way the family spoke business this is wat ranjan desired his son and Ii getting involved in his business.  I also liked the way you hinted to ranjan tat it was raman who put the stool and removed his glasses by making him ask ii. 
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by namratha.shree

Ohhh..I loved the update 
Her care for him sitting in the sun was adorable!!!!

She didn't ask him if he won at poker 
I want to know...the janatha of SoSy demands to know 
Plllz batado LOL

The II and ranjan covonwas super 
Smart ppl smart sentences and great bonding 

But one doubt 
If she didn't find her phone from where did she text ranjan???
Sorry got a bit confused there 
U wrotebshe would look up for her phone but endup teaching the kids how to play and later check emails 

Ranjan is awesome FIL...he will be even better dadA
The man is sooo affectionate 
Just awesome 

Good catch Noufiya

I shud have had the line about looking earlier

I didnt align it well
Posted: 6 years ago
A wait worth of it.

The three bright minds sitting together and taking about family business. Ranjan cleverly try to pull II in to the family business.
II's worry about hubby not eating lunch.
II feeding lunch to Ranjan.

One sweet update. Don't know how Nisha has planned to end the Sunday in SoSY update before the scary Monday comes.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Are u back from from ur rendezvous?

U have a new bestie in Vikas now
Vikas very logical clear explanations of Ranjan's POV. U write so well

I forget the name of the new reader... THANK YOU. Welcome aboard

Pritee. I havent explicitly said anything about Ranjan's alleged crime...
Will see if I can bring about a change in people and behavior maintaining status quo

I am very fearful of Anu right now, but I hope she will forget to kill me as she continues to gush over Ra-II-Ra bonding

OMG ok just managed to get here...yenna aachu what did Vikas write please send me the link you have me so nervous.Cry
I can forgive anyone for anything but not a guy who goes after another woman,one nite,one minute,one second i cant handle di if Ranjan did it without being framed in my eyes he would be worse than Chachu worse than the biggest criminal ever..for me even the thought is unpardonable..
so poof if he did it on his own I will  become a ranjan basher ..i cant handle that ,kuch bhi explanation i belong to a class of people where honestly thats never been an issue ..
and i feel going after another woman is a disease u can never ever stop with one its like gambling..
I know Nisha you have an explanation and honestly from ur writing i can see u have a far more wider experience than me but i will so need therapy if RAnjan went to a 30 year old beenu on his own after falling at Savvys leg the day before asking her not to leave and Tan laughing and using him as an example ..
i will honestly loose trust Cry

Edited by TanjoreGirl - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Bright Minds

OMGGG loooved it.
I HeartMM folks sooo perfect so smart so adorable, the pooris, the jalebi's loved every sentence

I have to make dinner now will be back.. to gush later

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

Bright Minds

OMGGG loooved it.
I HeartMM folks sooo perfect so smart so adorable, the pooris, the jalebi's loved every sentence

I have to make dinner now will be back.. to gush later

Ditto to all.

I want to have jalebi nowDay Dreaming with II and Ranjan. 

I like the way Ranjan is trying to tap into II's brain.Smile Hence proved again that he is shrewd business manClap
Posted: 6 years ago
I loved the  way II's comfort level in MM is slowly increasing with passing time. Her camaraderie with Ranjan, her way around the house and even when she asks the help something. No discomfort at Lookign at excelsiors financials...and I could say the same for RB and ranjans relationship, Nisha its so endearing the way you are re-exploring their relationship...both need other, but will never openly say anything. The will continue to care for each other in a subtle manner...absolutely wonderful. 
I think they  don't realize how II's untainted far removed from the scandal and robber gang and the politics of the family is slowly and steadily bringing them closer to each other. 
I would like to reiterate once gain here that at this point talking about he details of the scandal have become quite redundant and unnecessary. The kya, kyun etc is really not hona tha hua, discovery at this point will not change the dynamics drastically, if anything it will wreck this slow progression towards normalcy.  Too much hate too much suspicion too much hurt has already been felt.

I think we should leave it to Nisha to decide whether she wants to go in for a full disclosure. Perhaps I. Ranjans thoughts...let's see. For now I am quite happy with what I am reading and feeling. 

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