Posted: 2015-05-29T04:16:36Z
as we all know today is 30th may
and i'm here to celebrate 30th may party
(well I m posting it earlier lets assume its 30th mayEmbarrassedTongue)
hmm u must be thinking wht i am talking abt???
30th may partyConfusedConfused wht's so special today
nothing special actuallySleepy

sirf ek kamz ka birthday hai

aaj kamz archie ka birthday hai

now don't ask who is archieAngry
waise koi imp person nahi hai

she is one of the biggest fan of sanaya
love kinky kinky thingsLOLLOL
enjoy watching game of  thrones,Lost and Dr. house
and enjoy line maroing on doctorsShocked

Happy Birthday to you, my friend.
May your happiness never end.
May all your birthday wishes come true.
And all sweet gifts be given to you.
May love be shown from near and far.
For the loving and caring person you are.
You deserve a very happy day.
May your birthday be special in every way."

Blowing out another candle should mean that you have lived another year of joy, 
and that you've made this world a better place. 
Make every day of your life, and every candle, count. 
Have a delightful birthday!
To someone who touches each life she enters, 
spreading joy to everyone you meet 
may the love and happiness you share with others return to you tenfold
I wish you many more happiest of birthdays!

for the birthday girl
chori ka maal zindabadStar

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Posted: 2015-05-29T04:29:50Z

Everyone preparing for the bday party

Auru- baar baar din yeh aaye ting ting ting

Baar baar dil yeh gaye ting ting tingSmile

Himu- yeh kon gala phad raha hai

Koi roko isskoOuch

Auru- himu I am preparing special birthday song for our bday girlEmbarrassed

Deeps himu chidu- noooDead

Deeps- no auru darling plz spare our earsCry

Auru- u all r jealous coz I can sing n u can'tAngry

Bday girl will love my singingEmbarrassed

Deeps - toh bday girl ko aakele main sunao ganaConfused

Ravi- god save da birthday girlWink

Deeps-no singing we'll dance in tracksEmbarrassed

Auru- no... if deeps dance I'll singAngry

Ravi- no auru di I'll dance Star

Auru- ja be jallu me party k liye khana banane goingGeek

Himu deeps chidu ravi- noooDead

Chidu- auru u better sing song in party we'll  prepare foodErmm

Auru- aajib hai koi mujhe kuch kam karne nahi detaOuch


Deeps ravi chidu preparing dance numbers

Praba choreographing

Belly dancing graphics

Praba- no no guys u r not doing goodAngry

Deeps- praba ur bf is JDJ judge does not mean we can't dance wellShocked

Chidu- yes we dance really wellEmbarrassed

I can do aerials

Ravi- aerials woh kya hai???Confused

Deeps- arre udd udd k dance karna aerialsSleepy

Praba- agar mera kjo aata toh me couple dance kartiDancing

Me pagal hojaungi innko dance sikhake


Lavi vibhu come with bday decoration

Auru- aare waah tum dono sabse sayaneClap

Bina bataye bday decoration leke aai ..but mujhe lagta hai I saw it smwhere

Vibhu- dekha hoga tere bday party k decoration utha k laye haiBig smile

Lavi- ha bhiai warna kon itne dur jake paise spend karega bday decos k liyeSleepy

Auru- kya??Shocked

Me nahi dungi aapna bday k decorationAngry

Chidu- jane do na auru..next year tak naye decors aayenge toh use karlene doEmbarrassed

Ravi- ha auru di aur paise bhi bachengeSmile

Auru in mind -next year main mere bday ka sab decos chipa degiOuch


Everyone making bday list

Himu- I am tired of making guest list

Samajh nahi aaraha kisko bulana hai kisko nahiOuch

ravi- usske hostel k boys ko bulate haiBig smile

ravi in mind- boyzzzEmbarrassed

auru- who nahi aayenge

kamz din bhar unnpe line marti haiSleepy

chidu -wht abt doctors specially male docs

chidu in mind -doctorsssEmbarrassed

deeps- chidu control u r married nowAngry

auru- so does u deeps... I guess woh  bhi nahi aayengeAngry

kamz unnk sath bhi line marti hai

vibhu- yeh sab chodd ... Batao party menu main kya haiStar

ravi- ha yaar woh bohot khana khati hai

apna khane k saath woh neighbors ka bhi khana churake khati haiTongue

auru- khana me banaungi bohot saaraSmile

everyone- noooDeadDeadDeadDeadDead

auru- ur loss ..u guys r rejecting sm delicious foodAngry


party day

auru- abhi tak koi aaya nahi???

Deeps- no idea auru Confused

Auru- ravi tune sab ko correct date nd time toh bataya na???Confused

Ravi- yes auru di don't worry abt itStar

Chidu- me aagayi but baki sab aur bday girl abhi tak aayi k nahi??

Deeps- no chidu bday girl k entry sabse last pe hogi

Auru- yeh vibhs lavi praba kaha reh gai???

Pata nahi yeh chidu time se kaise aagayiConfused

Chidu-me aaj free thi auruEmbarrassed no work outs

Auru- yeh vibhs goro k saath bhag toh nahi gai?Dead

Vibhs- no auru I am here only was waiting for lavi

Yeh lavi ready hone pe bohot time laga rahi hai

Lavi- kya me??? I was waiting for u not u for meShocked

 pata hai auru vibhs toh aaj bhagne ki taayri kar rahi thiUnhappy

Me ussko leke aayiAngry

Vibs in mind- me toh bhag hi jatiErmm

Party ka yaad aaya toh postpond kardiStern Smile

Auru- ha ussko aj party karni hai toh postponed ki hogi

Deeps- ab koi nahi aaya toh kuch maze karte hai

Auru- ha I'll sing for u allEmbarrassed

Himu- nooo me aagayi ,,,,Roko ganaShocked

Everyone- thank godClap

Himu- where is bd day girl???

Ravi- kisi pe line marrahi hogi

Auru- ya kisi ka khana chura rahi hogiPinch


Bday girl in party venue


Archie- aare waah sab yaha???

Auru- tu yaha kya karing tere entry to sab k baad hona tha

Archie- kya????

Deeps- leave it auru

Lets get ready girls

Everyone- happy birthday to u

Happy birthday to u

Archie- wait guys...

Everyone- happy birthday dear archie

Happy birthday to u

Parba - u guys already wished her???

Ravi- yes praba di where wr u??

U r late

Archie- no ravi praba di is not late

U guys r earlier

Auru- kya matbal hai tera???

Praba- usska matlab aaj usska bday nahi hai??

Deeps- kya bday nahi hai???

Himu- aaj nahi toh kab hai??

Auru- guys aaj 30th may hi hai na????

Vibhu- mere yaha toh abi 29th hi hai

Ravi- tere yaha hi nahi yaha bhi aaj 29th may hi haiLOL

Everyone- wht?????



Auru- sorry guys galti se mistake hogayaEmbarrassed

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Posted: 2015-05-29T04:31:06Z

khatlu Archie sab thus le
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Posted: 2015-05-29T04:31:58Z

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Posted: 2015-05-29T04:37:19Z

Auru-  guys aaj hai bday but hum sab preparation kal hi kar diya

Ravi- toh aaj kya kare auru di

Deeps- do u hv any plan auru ???

Auru- yes ..as we all know archie kitni kinky hai so

why don't we arrange swayamvar for archie???

Ravi-  cool

Deeps- but auru for swayamavar we need boys

Wo kaha se laye

Chidu- wo mujh pe chodd doEmbarrassed

Auru- so it's swayamvar time


Chidu- guys the boys r here

Auru- where r lavi and praba

It's time to take ivs of boys nd they r still not here


Deeps- they will reach soon till thn lets call the boys

Ravi- boyzzz

Auru- stop it dhim tana girl drool karna bandh kar


"Boy 1"

Auru-do u know how to cook

Boy1- no but I'm a big foodie

Auru- so wait I'll bring some food cooked by me

U hv to tell us wht is it

Deeps- bechara phas gayaLOL

Boy1- no no  today mera fast hai so I can't

Auru- so u r rejected coz u refused  to eat food cooked by meAngry


Lavi and praba came

Lavi- hi girls so swayambar started

Ravi- yes and one boy is rejected by auru di

He was so handsome

" Boy2

Praba- so tell us do u like me

Boy2 -wht???Shocked

Auru- she meant do u like our dulhann

Boy2- no

Deeps- so why r u here???

Boy2- to eat free ka khana

Deeps- no we r not giving free ka khana so u can leaveAngry

" Boy3 "

Chidu- ohh yeh kitna handsome haiEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Auru- chidu tu bhool rahi hai tu married haiShocked


Ravi- toh kya huya me still singleWinkWink

Lavi- is he good looking?Confused

Boy 3 -yeh sab kya horahi hai

ran away frm der


" Boy 4 "


Ravi-so tell us can u do bed brking performance

Boy4-now wht will I say

Lavi- I don't think so

Auru- how do u know lavi

Deeps- reject

" Boy 5 "

Deeps- can u take off ur shirt we hav to check

Boy5- check whtShocked

Ravi- ur six packs

Auru- to get six packs u need to healthy food cooked by me

Chidu- auru no food

Boy5- I'm shy

Deeps- so u r rejected

Laavi- guys archie k aane ka time hogaya

We hv to celebrate her bday party as well

Deeps- toh hamare IVs ko kya hogaOuch

Ravi- ha I still hv to ask thm  lots of questionEmbarrassed

Auru- toh abi archie ka bday mana lete hai

Swayamvar tere bday k din karengeLOLLOL

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Posted: 2015-05-29T04:41:06Z
wish u a very happy b'day dear... may god bless u wid everything u want..have fun and have a blast on ur special day... love u Archie

Auru as always awesome job on postClapClap
Edited by -himu- - 2015-05-29T09:13:46Z
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Posted: 2015-05-29T05:08:37Z
Happy Birthday Archie...Embarrassed
God Bless U with all the Happiness...
Couldn't add images in mobile Ouch

Have a blast...Big smileStar

Awsm post auruWink
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Posted: 2015-05-29T05:15:46Z
Wishing you a Funfilled and Happy birthday.

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