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Hello guys i have read many FF,SS,OS and they all were really awesome.I am also one of the crazy fan of RaYa espically RAM KAPOOR.SO i am also trying to write a story hope you guys like it.Sorry for errors.I am writing this story when RaYa discover their love for each other and consummate their marriage.
Here is character sketch for my story :
Ram Kapoor : Rich and very famous Business Tycoon,love his family very much.
Priya Kapoor : Ram's wife and a lecturer,love and respect her husband very much.
Niharika Kapoor : Ram step mother can do anything for her benefit.
Rishabh Kapoor : Ram's step younger brother but love his brother very much.
Sidhant Kapoor :Ram's step younger brother and elder than Rishabh.He is very evil person.He dosen't like priya.
Vikram and Neha are husband and wife and Ram's best friends.
Esha : ram friend and live in london,she love ram but for ram she is only a friend.
The sun rays peep into green room.A.C. is on full swims,Ram and Priya are are sleeping peacefully cuddling each other.Priya feel cold she come more closer to ram.He can feel her hot breath in his bare broad chest a smile come on his lips.he turn off the A.C. and hug her back.After sometime Priya open her eyes and see ram hugs her tightly.She ruffle his hairs.He also awake by her this action.
Ram : Good Morning sweetheart.
Priya : Good Mornng Mr. Kapoor.
Ram give a peck on her forehead and then on her lips.Priya turned into red colour.He start giving her wet kisses on her cheeks.They got disturb by the ring of ram's cell.he irritately pick up his mobile and see screen flashes vikram name.He answer the call,meanwhile priya go to washroom.
Ram(irritately) : kya hai vikram itni subha subha kyu call kar rha hai.Neha ne ghar se nikal diya kya.
Vikram : subha subha 9 bje hue hai,aur tu to hamesha yahi pray karta rahta hai na ki neha meri band bajaye.
Ram(laughing) : tell me why you call me?
Vikram : Don't tell me that you forget that today we have meeting with investors.
Ram : Yaar i really forget about it.
Vikram : ok ok now come soon.
Ram : ok i try to come as soon as possible.
He hang up the call.After sometime priya come out from washroom.Ram inform her about his meeting and go to washroom.Priya go downstairs to prepare breakfast for him.Ram and priya are doing breakfast Rishabh and sidhant also join them.After breakfast ram left for office.Rishabh left for his college.Priya go to her room and Sidhant also go somewhere.
Priya prepare lunch for ram and decide that today she go to his office and both will do their lunch together.
Priya go to her room and wear a beautiful blue colour saree.She is looking very  beautiful.She left for Kapoor Industries.
Jeeny(Ram's secratary) : Good Afternoon mam.
Priya : Good aftrnoon jeeny,is Mr.Kapoor in his cabin?
Jeeny : no mam,he is in conference room meeting with investors is still going on.
Priya : I will wait in his cabin.
Jeeny : Sure mam.If you want something let me know.
Priya : No thanks.
Priya come in his cabin and by touching everything she feel his presence.
She sit on a couch and start reading a magazine.
After sometime meeting is over and Jeeny inform him about priya arrival.
When ram reach in his cabin he found priya asleep.She is looking very beautiful he forget to blink,he slowly go near her and sit beside her.He is staring at her.He can't conrol himself and give a peck on her lips.She open her eyes with sit on couch with jolt.
Ram : what happen darling,it is me your Mr.Kapoor.
Priya put her head on his chest listining his heartbeat for sometime both remain in same position.They finish their lunch feeding each other.
Ram : Priya you are looking very beautiful today that i can't control myself.He come near her.
Priya blush hearing this and both share a passionate kiss.
Priya : Mr. Kapoor this is not our bedroom ths is your office.leave me.
Ram : you are right Mrs. Kapoor this is my office and nobody will disturb us everybody know i must be busy with my wife.
Priya : Mr.Kapoor please and saying this she get up from couch.
But suddenly Ram pull her back and she fall on his chest.Their lips are merely an inch away.Ram tugged priya hair behind her hair,and was about to capture her lips.Suddenly his cabin's door get open both look toward door and both feel embarrass.Both parted quickly.
Ram : Maa aap kuch kaam tha kya?
Niharika : Ha tumhare kuch signature chaiye the par dekh kar lagta hai tum to romance me busy ho.
Ram look downward and feel shy,then manage to say
Ram : nothing like that maa...niharika cut him in middle
Niharika(with fake smile) : its ok now sign these papers so that i can leave.
He sign those papers and left his cabin.
Priya : i was telling you Mr. Kapoor par aap to sunte hi nahi.
Ram : arrey,mujhe thodi pta tha ki maa aa jayegi.
Priya : ok now i am leaving.Do your work now.
Ram(naughatily) : i was doing my work only.
Priya : ok ok bye.
Ram : ok bye,but remember i will complete this work after reaching home and call me when you reach home.
Priya : Priya blush hearing this,ok,and she left from there.
Niharika strom toward sidhant cabin and throw the file on table.
Sidhant : Mom,what happen?
Niharika : Sidhant i think we are going to loose everything very soon.
Sidhant : Mom about what are you talking?
Niharika : i am talking about ram and priya and tell him what she see in Ram cabin.
Sidhant :Mom i think we have to do something soon otherwise don't know what will happen.
Niharika : you are right we have to do something.
Priya call ram and tell him that she safely reach home.
Days were passing very happily the love of RaYa geeting more passionate and strong.Today ram have to leave for Chennai for a meeting.
IN RaYA Room
Ram is checking his bag to check whether he keep all the things or not.
Priya : Mr.Kapoor jana jaruri hai kya?
Ram : take her in hug yes sweetheart,sirf 2 din ki hi to baat hai.third day i will be in your arms i promise.
Priya hug him tightly,tears come out from her eyes.
Ram : lifting her chin,what happen this is not first time i am going out of Mumbai.
Priya look toward him and said hmmm i know.
Ram : oh!tum bhi na vaise ek tarah se accha hi hai ?
Priya : kaise accha hai?
Ram : tum in do dino sahi se so to paugi.
Priya : hit him playfully,you are getting naughty day by day.
Ram : only for you Mrs.Kapoor.
Niharika : Sidhant,today ram is leaving for chennai.
Sidhant : yes mom i think this is good time for us.
Niharika : jo bhi karna hai aaj hi karna hoga,Rishabh bhi ghar par nahi hai.
Ram is ready to leave for chennai.Priya is giving him instruction to eat healty food.
Ram : Yes mam,i will do whatever you told.
Priya hug ram also hug her back he give a peck on her forehead.Both come downstairs ram left for airport.
Niharika go for a party.Priya and Sidhant go to their respective rooms.
In car something struk in ram mind.He check his bag he realise he forget his passport in his room.Both vikram and Ram decide to come back because they were only few distance away fro Kapoor Mansion.He order driver to drive back to Kapoor Mansion.
Here in Kapoor mansion Sidhant give leave to all servants and go to Priya room.Priya was lying in bed and thinking about ram when sidhant come she come out from her thoughts.
Priya : Sidhant do you want something?
Sidhant : no actually yes.
Priya : what tell me?
Sidhant :  with evil smile tumhari jaan.
Priya : what are you saying.
Sidhant : vahi jo abhi tumne suna.

Guys i Don't know whether you like story or not but please let me know.
Lit the like if you like.

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Posted: 2015-05-29T02:56:47Z
Very well written and very nice beginning.
Expose sid in front of ram & save Priya.
Keep writing & continue soon.
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Posted: 2015-05-29T03:01:42Z
Superb start
Continue soon
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Posted: 2015-05-29T03:02:57Z
Do pm me next time
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Posted: 2015-05-29T03:05:03Z
Lovely !!!
Nice one!!
Continue soon!!!
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Posted: 2015-05-29T03:10:53Z
superb. jaldi se ram ko bhejo priya ko bachane k liye.
pl continue.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-05-29T03:14:07Z
heyy superb start..!!Clap
really interesting..!!
acha hua ram passport bhool gaya... he will save her na..
continue soon..
if possible..do pm me 
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Posted: 2015-05-29T03:37:16Z
Nice and interesting story...
Superbly written...
Waiting 4 next part...
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