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Posted: 6 years ago
Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron

The help are more than saviors in wealthy homes at Bhallas they
stepped up made two non vegetarian dishes, jeera rice and raita, and whipped cream and fruit and, what seemed like 100s of feathry light phulkas

Dinner was ready only after 10, but people were filled up on appetizers.

The kids ate first in the kitchen table Tan's mother fussing over her grandson, force feeding every meat and sea food that was being offered

Nandu the shy reserved boy squirmed frequently looking to II to be rescued, II was terrified of her, so she did the best she could

"Chithi, can I have fruit cream and roti?" Shravu asked... sticking his tongue out

"Its on fire... its on fire" he yelled

II panicked, and tasted the stuffed tinda and the kamal kakri... she had later made a quick batch of Asian style stir fried broccoli with sesame seeds

"They were all uniformly spicy...

"Ayyo" Ii whispered...

"Can I give u tachi mamu raja? (she begged)

"No I want fruit cream and roti" he yelled

tan's Mom "Bache khaate hain puttar khana to aapne bahut spicy bana diya


She went to ask the help to bring some peanut butter and jelly sandwich

"Dadiji I only want fruit cream" Nandu yelled

"Shsshhh patti is giving u something else kanna" II whispered

"I only want that" Nandu cried softly

"If he is having that then I want it too.." Nandu flung his spoon

"Aayyoyo, I am going to get Sam"

Sam was not in the living room, a couple of Jor Bagh friends of Dad were there... with their wives... women in 60s in chiffon sarees, sleeveless blouses
 and pricey pearls

II recalled seeing them at reception

She went to R&B:Vareya? I need help

He was flipping through a magazine

Vik was seated next to him, on the phone

"whats going on?" he asked worried

"Dono chilla rahe hain I dont know what I did" Ii mumbled

He went in

Tan's mother was persuading her grandson while Nandu sat with two peanut butter traingles on his plate

"Uncle R I ONLY WANT FRUIT CREAM" Shravu began to cry

Nandu:How come I dont get the same thing

He calmly walked over

Tan's mother looked on curiously  "Mujhe nahi sambhal rahe beta... aapse kaise sambhlenge?" (I am unable to, how will YOU)

"Why dont u want dinner?" he asked Shravu


"I am sorry" II whispered in tears

He tasted food from Shravu's plate and looked up at her as if telling her it was indeed spicy... "I was trying something new" "I am sorry"

"Ghar par banaate the khaana?" Tan's Mom asked curiously

"Jee aunty roz" II nodded earnestly

"Weekends mein aap Shanti Niketan aa jao Sam to chef ki tarah banaati hai punjabi style sikha degi aapko

"I intentionally cooked an asian theme today aunty" II said sadly


"Dekho bachon ko to aaya nahi pasand" she pointed out
II nodded

"OK lets make a deal u get what u want but u finish what she placed on the plate? R&B offered

He ate two spoons of the curries from both plates... and left them with a spoon each

She brought fruit in whipped cream, in two bowls... and served them fresh rotis

They boys ate quietly

The MIL left the scene unethusiastically

She hadnt once tasted II's cooking, she just played along with the kids

"Very embarrassing" II said aloud leaning on the wall

"Its not" he muttered standing an inch from her

"HOW do u know? u havent cooked for ur in laws" II argued

He smiled fully... "True"

"U pnly cooked for Akka"

"Not even for me" she goaded

"Thats a lie II" he whispered

"Umm... mere liye to banaya nahi kabhi.. yahan" she muttered

"U ran away to Jaipur remember?" he reminded her
"Kyon ki kisi ne mujhe bulaya nahi, na hi mere liye khana banaya" II reminded him back

"U dont know what it feels like when u cook something and its botched up and in laws call it out" she said softly

"have u cooked for Kamakshi Athai? And Akka's in laws?" she asked

"No... I havent" he chuckled

He was used to her combative nature... she would complain and rant until she got it out of her system

"Its spicy for them not for us" he offered

"Yeh to tum aise hi keh rahe ho" she argued

"shhh" he held her shoulders "Let it go" he begged

"when Akka's mother in law hates your pasta then I will"

He threw his head back and laughed...

"I will give u some half ass excuse" II whispered

He lowered his head aiming for her lips

"hes going to kiss her" Nandu shrieked, covering his eyes


"Really?" he asked

"I bet Akka and sam will appreciate the sex ed lesson u are about to give them" she whsipered on his lips

"they can just thank me" he whispered... kissing her fully

Her groan was muted as the kids watched

"ayyo" stop it da" she begged

"Eat" he ordered and kissed her fully as both boys closed their eyes and chewed... giggling

The door to kitchen opened, he stepped back

It was Sam with a FED Lasya

"Hamey to boring dudu mila... what did chithi give u?

"She gave CHITHAPA a kiss" Shravu said LOUDDLYYY


R&B stood plastered on her

"THAT I saw Shravu kutti... I see Chithapa wants more"

"TUM DONO" she scolded

"Move u jerk" II whispered

"Chithi is a flirt dont grow up and be like her" Sam coached Lasya

"Be like Ma" she continued "Good girl"

"ayyoyo I did not do a thing... he came in like a cowboy and rescued the kids and kissed me" II shot back

"Mujhe kab khilaogi khaana?" Sam asked

She pushed her husband away... "Nee vaa dee chithi kitta" (u come over to chithi) she begged Lasya grabbing her and crushing her to her chest

"Cuteness" she cooed
she looked at R&B sideways and made a face and began to cry wanting to go to him
"Kya kar diya aapne Sam mere paas aana hi nahi chahti" II cried

"USKO pooocho, jis se shaadi ki hai" Sam giggled
II handed her with a longing look and left to set up dinner

They ate for the next hour the men sat down for poker, LUCKILY  no AGM or scandal conversation happened
II's food was liked by all except for Tan's mother, she reminded everyone that the boys wouldnt touch it
She had no reason to hate II, but there was no reason to love her either... II realized

The Jor Bagh friends left after dinner, nice folks attempting to speak a smattering of Tamil to impress her, inviting her to join them on their next trip to madurai

"U can be our tour guide, and culinary guide" Mr Sharma said cheerfully

"I wud eat more than help" II chuckled

"After we return u can help us do our taxes" they laughed

She nodded, obediently

The boys went to bed soon after
II went to the rec room and turned everything off, pausing on the movie list...
Went to Hindi... and scrolled thru Comedy... every Hindi title known to mankind was in there...
 she smiled at the images as they scrolled, sitting down... switching between Andaz Apna Apna and Angoor and Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron

She placed them side by side on screen and did a eenie meenie miney mo and picked Jaane Bhi
And hit play

"akele Akele kya chal raha hai puttar jee" Ranjan asked from the doorway

"sam is feeding Lasya upstairs, she might go home aap log poker khelenge to maine socha movie dekhoon"

"Jaane Bhi Do yaaron? Very nice, chalo hum bhi dekh lenge"

"Sab aapko miss karenge"

"Tan ki Ma mujhe miss nahi karengi" Ranjan whispered

II burst out laughing and then quickly turned serious..."sorry" she said

"KYON sorry puttar? Tan is a gem..." Ranjan reassured

"I dont think she likes me" II said

He offered his hand for the shake

"Welcome to the Rejected Club... subah 7 baje Nehru Park mein Induction ceremony hai aa jaana" he chuckled

She laughed rolling on the chair

"Kya banaakar laaoon?"

"Upma laayengi kya?" he asked smiling gently

"Aur coffee bhi" she nodded

"please dont tell Tan" she begged him

"I will never... betaji" he hugged her

"Aur R&B ko bhi nahi" Ranjan said

"zippp" II did the gesture

They curled up to watch on the theatre style leather recliners with dimmed light
the screen was big and tall like a cinema hall, he went to a closet and brought blankets out

"Popcorn chalega?"

"aur Fanta bhi" she smiled

"Main lekar aati hoon" she stood up

"arey nahi... neeche khatra hai" he said

II laughed again uncontrollably
"Shhh" he shushed her

He paged Mahavir and asked for a whisky for him Fanta for her and popcorn
They settled down to watch... pausing on every line... repeating the dialogs

"Tum bhi beech mein baatein karti ho?" he asked


"Main bhi karta hoon... Savvy would hate me" he laughed

"Aur R&B?" she asked softly

"Uske saath... kam dekhi hain betaji" he said softly... "None" he said inaudibly

they had a ball until after 1 AM

She didnt know when she slept... Ranjan was asleep too, the credit
rolled and the movie began to play again when R&B came in... at 2:40 AM, and turned on the dimmer lights

He was startled to see his wife curled up on her side...
facing her father in law... Ranjan slept on his back... his glasses crooked... mouth open, snoring

He pulled a leather stool and placed his feet on it and draped another blanket on him...
looked for a pillow and went up and got one and slid one under his head

Stood staring interminably

Reached and removed his glasses... and looked through... it hurt his eyes... it was powerful

He pushed the foot stool closer... moving Ranjan's fuzzy slippers to the side...his Dad's feet were bigger!!
A size or two...
A tub of half eaten popcorn sat between them
And a glass of fizzless orange soda

He bent down, and picked up his wife... she was groggy, she opened her eyes and
shut it back again, her head falling off his arm... he hit the light with her folded

"Where is Dad?" she asked when he placed her on the bed

"Asleep" he whispered

She looked at him with dazed foggy eyes... and at the bed...

Lay back and closed her eyes... when he slid into bed by her she instinctively turned and laced her arms and legs with his

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by shidin0117

Originally posted by namratha.shree

Originally posted by putti77

5 mins to 10 am. UpdateSmile

Happy dance with lungi dance wala music

Oh...Ek aur update milega...yay...will finish my bath and come back,

All u girls enjoy...

Nams, Noufi...u gals are there with Ashu...jaan of this thread...I feel all 3 of r mastikhors...enjoy life...

Thanks shidin...come quickly update awaits Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by modernfamily

What I cannot understand is how has Tanmay turned out to be such a great and genuine guy when her mother does not have one nice bone in her body. Usually boys shape up the way their mothers bring them up. 
I really feel bad for each one of the Bhalla kids. Manny at present. Her brother was like her buddy. They're of the same age group. We're human and it breaks our heart to see that the person we were so close to is now close to someone else. No matter how nice and sweet II seems if I were in Manny's place I would have hated II.



I FULLY agree and its a totally accurate observation and thats how it is in the real world
Her unreasonable hatred of II stems from that, she is willing to give everyone else a break but not II
They will never be best friends...
Posted: 6 years ago
WOw wow wow wow wow

Aaap awesome ho nisha
I loooved the update just waaay too much
No analysis no comments no posts
Juts grinning and smiling away
My Saturday is gonna b awesome
Posted: 6 years ago
Reading reredain reading all day long
I don't wanna say thing about the speaks for itself...beautiful

I looove Jane bhi do yaaron
And I love this update as much

I love u for this nisha
Waaay too much   Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
This was so sweet. Loved it. 
Posted: 6 years ago
Ranjan n II Heart perfect daughter father duo...

loved it completely... each n every line... Heart
Posted: 6 years ago
I feel s bad for Ranjan!!! 
It is tearing me up
I so so feel for him

No one likes him... Absolutely no one... Al are simply judging him. (I DO NOT KNOW IF HE DID THAT ONE MISTAKE...OR MANY MISTAKES...) 
Right now... I feel fr him
Such a loner he is
He does not deserve this. Absolutely NO! 

Can we have his son moving off to Paris or wherever he wants to? 
Cause the more he is around,  the more painful it is for this old man. 
He is well off being alone. 
None to hate
None to judge
None to despise

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