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He is Raman Bhalla, fondly referred to, by his family as R&B (listens to a LOT of Blues musicWink) a lean, 6'3"... 30 year old... Paris based, single... wealthy Punjabi venture capitalist (angel investor), he's a co investor/partner in a French company called Argent Graines which translates to Silver Seeds SARL.

He returns to India... reluctantly... to manage his Dad's biz, a chain of automobile dealerships across North India called Excelsior Automobiles... for M (Maruti) company cars He abandoned the family over a scandal that rocked it four years ago. To say he doesn't like his Dad would be an understatement.

She is Ishita Iyer a slender 5'9" 27 year old...   IIM MBA & CPA , and a MS in IT from the USA single... Delhi based Iyer, classically trained Carnatic singer that performs all over South Delhi in her free time

She is the daughter of a South Delhi bureaucrat...she is a Public Accountant and SW Deployment Mgr with KMPG Inc. signs off her emails with a "II" Tongue

BTW she has a broken heart also...

Her company will install and support a transaction processing SW called TransPro at Excelsior.How they meet and fall in love is the story of R&B and II and called Software SymphoniesBig smile


I have NO experience in the IT/IS industry, Accounting? yes... so all the IS stuff is based on Forbes and HBR articles. EVERYTHING about Delhi and Iyers is 100% accurate
After all, its just a storyWink
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I am going to be the first to post ???
YAY Dancing Dancing

I saw that they wanted a person to maintain the index. I will try to do it utmost possible... LOL LOL
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"What do u want?" she asked
He just leaned on the wall hands tucked into his pockets

Shravu was sitting ON THE EDGE OF THE KITCHEN sink, he heard the front door open and jumped off the sink slipping and falling backwards hitting his head on the grinder

"Ayyo Amma" he screamed... dude charged towards the yelp, she ran too

Appa paused...

Amma came to the living room through the hallway

"Shravu vizhunduttan" (Shravu fell) Appa informed Amma

Amma's face paled

But Ranbir Kapoor in the kitchen was quite OK

"UNCLE R?" "When did u come? I never saw u" he flew into his arms and got hoisted up
"Paatti is yelling already, why did u sit on the sink?" II shouted

"Ishita WHAT is going on?" Amma entered, and backed off seeing her husband by the sink

"Oh! hello... welcome" "when did u come I didnt hear u"

"Hello Mrs Iyer" he said blandly

"Ishita go and clean up" Amma gritted her teeth

"Her Uncle R, I discovered a cool way to make things float in the sink, want to see my experiment?" he asked
He nodded smiling

"Amma he stopped the water I am in the middle of my cleaning"

"U dont have to do it now Selvi will, take him to ur room and turn on the AC SHUT the balcony door first its so hot" Amma ranted

"Shravu why did u turn off the faucet da?" II yelled approaching him threateningly

"Ayyo I did not chithi"

Amma furiously folded up the hose...Pressure built up by the faucet because of a bend in the tube and water started to spray all around

And then the hose detached from the faucet, and swung like a possessed snake dancing to the charmer's tune... spraying the kitchen and everything in the kitchen
The temple prashad, the chopped veggies... everything and then it lost pressure and lay squirming on the floor as Ishita screamed

"Amma he didnt turn off the water, it was bent up, kitchen full a tanni" (uve soaked the kitchen)
Selvi came to watch

Seeing R&B she was aghast, Shravu floated objects in a plugged up sink... as R&B held him

II smacked him on his back

"Po da ingendu" she yelled

"Ishita ITS YOUR FAULT" Amma yelled

"Why are u shouting the balcony needed cleaning" Appa advised

"Tallu kannu naa todaikaren" (move darling let me mop up) Selvi offered

"Avala paaru Selvi, toppala nanainjachu... ava purushan vera inda confusion la" (II is soaked her husband is inside the kitchen too)

"Marumaga paiyan evlav nettaya irukaaru... avar konjam talla sollunga" (the groom is so tall ask him to leave the kitchen please) Selvi gawked

Appa cleared his throat...

"Why is he wearing his sandal?" he asked displeased

"Shravu fell pa" Ii responded angrily

"Go da... Appa is here" she held his elbow pulled him down bodily and whispered in his ear "U didnt even take off ur sandals, Appa kathara" (appa's yelling)

"Chithi Chithi loook look... vroom vroom vrooom... he sent some bhindi heads floating on a small plate, he used the spoons as oars

"Its slower than a paddle boat, leave the kitchen da" Ii hissed

"There is such water shortage in RK Puram, she has washed the whole house" Amma tattled to her husband

"ayyo Amma... avan kitta solrey nee?" (u are telling him?)

"He needs to know what u do when u visit" Amma scolded

Shravu and him walked out

"Towel kudu di... his hair is all wet" Amma hissed

"Pombala pullai madiri ethana mudi ivarukku" Selvi giggled secretively

(He has hair like a woman)

"Enga veetu pakkathula saloon kedayadu Selvi" (No barber shops near my house) II told her

She laughed hysterically...

"Namba kannukku nalaikki poranda ivlav mudi varum" (if II has a baby his head will be full of hair like this guy)

"Sandal avu" she scolded (take off)

"Hello Mr Iyer"

Appa nodded, letting down his folded veshti

Selvi was mopping the path from the balcony to the kitchen a stream of water flowed...

"Ishita give him a towel, shut the balcony door and go... straighten up" Amma ordered

II lingered by the dining table

He turned into to the hallway leading to the bedrooms...

Shravu hung over his shoulder playing on his phone

He paused to look

"Ishitaaa" Amma scolded noticing her daughter's cold vibe

Appa noticed it too

"Let her be, he knows this house" Appa urged his daughter's sulk

"Po kannu" Selvi urged

She followed him to her room, half the door was shut... she leaned on the open half, reaching with her
left hand to turn on the black round old fashioned fan switch, with a center lever, that sat on a raised wooden box among its bretheren
The  fan regular unit yellow with time... the knob losing its sheen

"Towel venuma?" she asked softly

Shravu lay on the divan his feet up on the window... as he played

He leaned on one of the posts of the 4 poster bed arms across his chest

"what do u want??" she asked agonized

Hoping to hear something ultra romantic... and gushy and hot

He didnt say a word... just looked at her... very inappropriately

They checked each other out... from 5 feet away
His hair was plastered on his head, wet tendrils dripping like a leaky faucet

Amma walked by
"Ishitaaa?!!!" she scolded sternly

"Umm" she nodded staring at the dude

"FAN ODINDU IRUKKU, GIVE HIM A TOWEL" Amma ordered  "I am sorry... she is very adamant" Amma hissed walking into II's room opening her regular use clothes cupboard and getting two towels out

"Did u leave any clothes here?" Amma asked scanning the cupboard

"Paati can I have chakara pongal?"
"Onnum kedayadu da tanniya kotti payasam aakiyachu" (u poured water and turned it into kheer... nothing for u)

"Well it was chithi's idea" Shravu complained not looking up from the screen

"Ishita onn phone aa idu?" (is it ur phone?)

She shook her head her eyes not leaving her husband

Amma handed the dude the towel, dragged her in and shut the other half

"She can be in her worst behavior many times" Amma reminded the dude

Like he needed to be reminded... huh!

"SHRAVU" she called out when she went outside

"Shravu... if u want chakara pongal come here" Amma tactfully pulled the boy out of the room

He ran outside with the phone.. II moved sideways leaning on the bolted half
the half door swung for a bit before staying at a 45 degree angle,
Appa was chanting again, Selvi dragging the flower pots back to its spot

Amma ranting about what a mess II had made the house

The dude shut the other half and bolted it...

Placing a hand on either side of her face

Her insides dissolved and swirled in a massive centrifuge... causing foam at the top..
Her pallu was still tucked in at her waist, he reached and let his hand linger as he pried every inch of fold out

Her horrified gasp no defense against the onslaught

She pulled the towel Amma handed to him off his shoulder and threw it on his face, it fell to the floor after blanketing his vision briefly

She escaped as he turned and grabbed as she fell forward on her bed... quickly shifting.. falling on her back

"What do u want?" she asked hoarsely

"You" he said finally... staring at her gorgeous face framed by the sprakling over sized jhumkas, and the nose ring,
the vermilion and haldi teekas from the temple runny and smudged over her dark green oval bindi, she carried the scent of sandal silk and jasmine
He watched with unconcealed satisfaction at her fear... watching her scoot up on the bed trembling and shaky, slipping on the silky folds of on her back

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I posted it here in case people dont go to that one
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Nisha sorry to trouble you... which thread does YOU belong to i see it in SS23 and SS24... You know i have a personal folder  of your story right. There is one more in thread 3 that is intriguing me ...153 is millsing between Pill and Water and likewise thread 3 between pages 102 and 108...

Amazing update
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Each post increases our level of excitement for their post war encounter LOL

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