His Possession [TaaRey 4S] -Completed-

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Chapter One

"I hate them"

"I so hate them"

She cursed her schoolmates who had made her life hell in school. She put her books in locker then shut the locker door hard.

"So little nerdy is sad. huh?" Taani cursed her fate when she heard his voice from behind. She turned around with her head dropped.

"Alpha Reyaansh" She stammered hearing which he chuckled. 

"Look at me" He commanded her in his alpha tone which she had to obey without any second thought. She look at him, deep into his ocean like blue eyes and found herself getting lost in those beautiful pair of eyes that belong to her alpha mate...Yes mate. 

He is her mate but nobody knows that as he told her not to tell anyone. Yes you guessed it right, her alpha mate don't want to accept her, urmn who would. Who would want a nerdy geek like her as their mate. Even though it hurt her but she had accepted it that he would never accept her.

"You look beautiful" She looked up at him, his eyes had turned black pitch which means his wolf was out.

"Reyaan" She called out for him lovingly, his wolf Reyaan love her more than anything and that had stopped him to reject her till now. His wolf side will not let him reject her and his human side will not accept her that she had learn till now.

"Yes beautiful" He purred in her ear sending shiver down her spine. He trapped her between him and locker, she look around and took a sign of relief when she found locker room empty.

"Sorry about this douche who hurt you  every day, I wish i could put some sense in his pea size brain" Reyaan said his voice was heavy and rough yet sweet and thats what she love about him, he is not like his human self, had accepted her the way she is.

"Its okay. Its not his fault that he got an ugly nerd as mate" Taani said with her head hang low. He lifted his hand and cupped her face in his big palm.

"You are beautiful. So damn beautiful and he is blind that he can not see how beautiful our mate is" His wolf said leaning close to her, her breath hitched. It wasn't first time they are going to kiss, many times his wolf had taken control over his human self and had come to spend some time with her in alone and she would also give into it because of mate pull and her love from him.

Sparks flew as they kissed each other, their lips moulded with each other leaving tingling sensation ran through  their bodies. His arms were wrapped around her protectively.

"Wow!" he breathed breaking the kiss, he look at her with lust visible in his dark orbs along with lots of love for her but she know all the love would disappear once his human side would take back the control over body.

"Bye sweet cheeks, I have to give him control as i promised but I'll meet you very soon" Reyaan, his wolf said, giving her light pack on her cheeks and closed his eyes, giving back control to reyaansh.

Taani cringed away seeing him gazing down at her small figure. His blue eyes were cold as ice, no emotions could be seen in them.

"Had fun with my wolf little nerdy?" Reyaansh asked in mocking tone stepping close to her, her hazel filled with fear. With his wolf she felt safe and know he would never hurt her but with him in control made her shiver in fear, knowing he can hurt her without any second thought.

"Alpha" She bowed down her head in respect, her hazel filled hot tears which he sensed by sniffing the air. 

"Don't you even dare crying in front of me. It will not melt me" Reyaansh said in his dominating alpha tone, he took a step back. Thats that most he hate, her tears. Even if don't love her as a mate should but still her tears effect him.

"Sorry" Taani mumbled as she ran out of the locker room, then school building. She quickly changed in to her snowy white wolf and ran into woods. Her four paws hit the ground and she felt free. She ran in wood without any care. Trees were passing by as she ran toward the lake. 

Deciding to take a short nap, she laid near the lake, under a tree. After an hour or so she woke up with a jerk hearing sound of someone's footsteps. She stood on her four paws, alert.

Taani let out a fierce warning growl as a big sized black pitched wolf came into her view. But she got a more dangerous growl in return that made her shudder in fear yet sent shiver down her spine in pleasure by which she knew its her alpha mate. She whimpered and took a step back submitting herself. 

She saw the big wolf that is also happens to be her mate, go behind a tree and in next moment Rey come out only in his boxers. 

"Shift" He commanded her in his alpha tone, she shook her head, when they shift back in their human self they don't have their clothes on and being naked in front of him is something that made her shy and uncomfortable. Apart from being her mate he is still the guy who had bullied her and still do. 

"Disrespecting your alpha can cause you trouble. I said shift" His loud voice boomed scaring her further. Leaving with no option she shift back into her human body and immediately she tried to cover her naked body with her hand.

With hesitation she looked up at him, his eyes were turning black in lust, she knew his wolf was fighting for control as his eyes kept changing colors between blue and black.

"Mine" He growled grabbing her by her waist he pulled her naked body in his, shiver ran down her spine. 

"Alpha Reyaansh, Please leave me" She pleaded to him, her face was red as cherry. 

"I never knew under those baggy clothes you have such beautiful body" Rey mumbled admiring her flawless beauty, her heart picked up did he just compliment her?

"Never hide yourself from me" Rey growled in her ear and pulled her hands down as they were blocking his view of her heavy chest.

"Here wear this and come with me" Controlling his lust he gave her his t-shirt, she quickly took it from his hand and threw it over her head, pulling it down she covered her body from his hungry gaze.

"Where we are going?" She asked in low tone, not wanting to sound disrespectful that would anger him.

"Pack house" Rey answered her, She nodded though she was confused why he was taking her there but didn't questioned him knowing his alpha mode would kick in and he would ended in shouting at him like always.

They walked to pack house, it wasn't very far. They reached there in 10 minutes. All were staring at them, pack girls or s**ts were throwing daggers at her which made her cringed away, knowing tomorrow school is going to be hell painful.

Rey sensed all the stares and let out a warning growl which made them avert their gazes. Rey took her upstairs in his room.

Pulling her inside his room he shut the door hard. Next moment she was pinned to the wall with his body hovering over her. Her mate's close proximity was making her go numb as her mind filled with heavy lust. She cursed the mate pull mentally and him also for having such great effect on her.

"I can't do this anymore" He growled in her ear. Nuzzling his face in crook of her neck, her fruity fragrance calmed him.

"What alpha" Taani stuttered. Rey look at her with emotionless face.

"This mate pull, I can't fight with this anymore. My wolf hadn't talked to me since i had decided not to accept you as mu mate, as my luna, he didn't even let me touch any other girl. I'm going crazy, I want to end this today, I want to mark you" Rey said causing her heart to break, he just want to mark you because his wolf is making it hard for him and as he is alpha his wolf is more powerful and craving for his mate. 

"No" She replied pushing him away but he was too strong for her, he chuckled at her attempts and next thing she knew was his canines came out and he had bite her where her shoulder and neck met. She cried in pain then wave of pleasure ran through her, She moaned in ecstasy. 

Her eyes dropped as they become heavy, soon darkness enveloped her.



Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

- Completed -
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Hello Guys! Last month some of my readers asked me write werewolf romance on TaaRey. And i penned down this four shots last month but didn't posted as i wasn't satisfied with the result but now my friend forced me to post this so here I'm posting it. 

If you have any confusion regarding concept or werewolf thingy feel free to PM, scrap me. Enjoy Reading.


- Copyrights -

 All my works are my creations and solely belong to me. I do not allow anyone to reproduce, republish my any work any where. I write only on characters Taani & Rey and I do not permit any one to change the characters names and post my story as theirs.
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Posted: 2015-05-25T10:19:29Z
this was dam amazing...i so wanted to read an alpha story.. !!
tks a lot..
loved rey's possession...he finally mate taani..though out of lust..
if werewolfs did exist really.. !!!it would have been fun.. !!!
pls do update soon.. !!
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Posted: 2015-05-25T10:19:53Z
Mindblowing re!!
i m just waiting fr this 4S
pls jaldi jaldi updt
d cncpt is ossom
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Posted: 2015-05-25T10:24:54Z
u write so well 
amazing start 
Edited by anum_6 - 2015-05-26T06:48:22Z
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Posted: 2015-05-25T10:26:10Z
loved the story
after long i read werewolf romence
and you really penned it down awesomely
update soon
eearly waiting to read more
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Posted: 2015-05-25T10:37:29Z
liked d story...
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Posted: 2015-05-25T10:37:40Z
this is the reason y people crazy about ur writing
so much variety
OMG!!!! itz damn freaking good
was holding my breath while reading
plzzz updt daily or i'll be dead to wait for it
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