Beyond Border, lie Solace--One Shot.

Posted: 4 years ago
Hey! How are you all?
Fact is there was too much workload and i had to divert my mind elsewhere! And so quite predictably i landed with Abhiya and that's how this one came! 
I hope it doesn't spoil your precious time. Hope this One Shot relieves you all, just the way it worked for me. :-)

I count no more my wasted tears;
    They left no echo of their fall;
I mourn no more my lonesome years;
    This blessed hour atones for all.
I fear not all that Time or Fate
     May bring to burden heart or brow,--
Strong in the love that came so late,
    Our souls shall keep it always now!

          -----Elizabeth Akers Allen

Beyond Border ; lie Solace-

He ran watching the fallen figure in between, what was the battle field and inside his chest, his heart thumped with wild fear ! 

"It couldn't be her! It must not ! " he kept saying to himself as his legs strod in unfailing motion.


Flash back----

He looked at her, wiping the sweat away from his face. The blue eyes tired but alert and careful, watched her from head to toe. 

She blushed. The falling light of the last sun rays washed over her brown eyes and long curls. Timidly she reached out her hand and placed the cup in front his plate. 

"What's your name?" He asked it with a warm feeling in his heart. "I haven't seen you before. Are you new?"

She nodded her head. Not looking at him her lips moved "Piya"; she blushed again and rose from the floor to cover her open legs with the fanneled skirt that kept blowing in the unruly wind.

"And you?" He heard her ask in the same magic voice and he gave her a curious glance again. 

"You're handsome. But it is not enough to win a woman's heart! " Piya as was her name , smiled with no veil this time and looked at him straight with her big eyes.

"Abhay" he felt a thickness in his throat as he uttered his own name, while his eyes kept staring at her. "I don't think to win someone by looks! But please if you-- I did like to know what is the way to the woman's heart- a woman as beautiful as you--?" He felt hammer lunge at his chest bones; whilst he bore his eyes deep at her and waited. She suddenly looked at him sharply and faced around, away from the light and his gaze.

"We should not be talking like this-officer! It's un profesional! This is war. The less we fall for the moment the better it will be. For who knows what may come next !" Piya breathed and still made no move to look his way. The black raven hair flew in the blowing wind and Abhay felt his heart beat faster. He knew he was not supposed to indulge in affair while on duty. It was against rules. But suddenly he realised he didn't care about that. He didn't care the consequences. It was indefinite whether he would at all survive till the end, then what has he to bother about when he knew his time was short ?

 Abhay was staring at her back. His eyes wandering on her hands--her lovely arms and her long tresses.

She turned around like she'd heard his thoughts.  "It's better to not act in the spur of a moment ! We are on duty, we must not forget that. I would appreciate it if you follow it." With the words and a serious grim expression she walked away. 


A month later it was cloudy in the hills of Kashmir and Abhay had just put the wincheater upon his jacket, when he saw her. Abhay rushed to her and caught her hands pulling Piya into an  embrace. By then the walls of hesitance and shyness between them had drifted. Piya reciprocated with mild stirring but she pulled herself back a moment later. 

"What's the matter? " 

Piya stared at him for a minute before touching a hand upon his cheek. She said softly. "Our regiment came under attack this morning! I was away carrying orders! All--all of my fellow comrades are dead! It's now time before we part forever." she retreated her hands from his face and Abhay caught it before she could pull away again. 

"I told you-this is war and we cannot dream! It's better if we part while there is still time..." a sad smile arched upon her lips, those were ashen white; for being in the cold for long.

"We don't have to part! We can still be together!" He held her more firmly within his arms.

"We will destroy each other! " she tried to protest.

"Then let be. I don't care. I want you to destroy me if that's how things must take way! " his voice was hoarse and intense with emotion he didn't try to hide. But she desperately tried, him to see the facts.

"We can save what is still left--whatever there is that is-- Your family--"

"There's none. I told you! My mother and father are long dead!" 

"But your uncle--" she tried to fight his words but he hushed her and soon his lips were on her, pulling her with earnest passion in a long hungry torrent of void, that writhed and wriggled to belong to the woman, he'd but not stopped loving even for a minute.

"Let us not talk of it ! Let us indulge not in the war tonight! It is us-just you and me!" his voice hoarse and urging, muffled in between long hushed breaths and both their voices mingled and breaths crushed in desperate want, to fill the vacant pieces of their dreams, they would perhaps never have in future. 


Abhay left the road and climbed the field. He heard the bomb was set. And it would go off any moment now. He didn't have time. 

Piya was in the field handling the operation and not having heard from her in a fortnight, their team believed she was dead. But Abhay denied to believe. Piya couldn't go. Not without meeting him! And with the silent determination he ran; sometimes walked, through the snow covered rocks. 

He knew Piya was right. They weren't meant to fall in love. In a war ravaged life; love has no place. Not for them. But perhaps he had lived alone so long that when he met Piya he couldn't stop himself from admiring her big brown eyes! Nor could he fight himself against the grave threat her innocent smile produced ! And instantly he knew he would either have her or die. 


"Piya---!!!" Abhay cried aloud when his sight caught her unmoving figure over the blood spilled barren field. His chest heaved in dread as he ran to her.

"Hey!!--you can't give up on us!  I would not allow you to have it your way! Do you listen?" he pulled her up in his arm and shove the curles away from her face. 

And suddenly Abhay's eyes watered, he took a tight breath, looking at her. 

Piya blinked her eyes and smiled through her bloody lips. The bomb has injured her but she was alive! It couldn't harm her enough to kill, since a mile away, she was on ground, preparing to leave with her limbs bent upon the ground to save herself. 

And safe she was. Abhay laughed. He was mad with happiness. He held her close when his laugh had ceased and placed kisses on her forehead, not bothering the dust or the blood. 

Piya gulped down the emotion she felt at his touch and this time not caring about her injury, she became the one to heed the call. Her hands caught his face and pregnant upsurge of gargantuan feelings; she'd not allow to flow before, swept them away! 

Their lips engaged in a silent clash of  conviving fire, where both their worlds tangled. 

And Love triumped. 

They survived the war ; with the unfailing force of the FOUR magical words that alone could fight against all odds.

-----------the end.

Please do tell me how it was and share your reflections on the story! I am looking forward to your review! :)

P.s. Since i wrote it just now, so if in case there are any errors then do forgive me please. :(

Take care darlings. Good night. Hug
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Posted: 4 years ago
Yippeee me first!!!!!
Di u r just fab this one short is Amazing, Super se bhi upper <3

Totally luv the way of ur writting
At the end For a second i was about to cry but phr pta chala Piya is alive...
It was fabulous
U made my night Dear Thank u

Y dnt u write an os everynight? (lol) ;-)

Keep it up
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Posted: 4 years ago
fantastic !!!!!
like the war theme story
well written ..

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Posted: 4 years ago
amazing os

 many times u find love in the most unusual circumstances & places. abhay-pia too discovered this amidst the war in the line of their duty.

glad to see that in the end finally their love & will to live overcame the death surrounding them.

it was just awsum.

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Posted: 4 years ago
OMG this is just toooDay Dreaming.

Indu this theme connects wid me soo damn much. Firstly cz of d place & situation which I have seen in real life. [I know it is completely stupid 2 even mention bt my first attempt 2 write an AbhIya FF was on this subject, Abhay being an Army man n Piya being a simple village girl. ] Have liked this theme 4 AbhIya so much after d gangster-model one[Beautiful Disaster].

U r flawless as usual. Soulful and deep. I m so glad as least this one didnt have a sad ending. Thank u so much 4 this!
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Posted: 4 years ago
OMG! Its too fine peice of writing!
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Posted: 4 years ago
Hii dear !
Dat was superb Thumbs Up
Till d last I cudn't help but fear if u killed Piya again. LOL 
Abhiya were on duty & bound by rules , but then when has love known boundaries. Good dat Abhay followed his heart and was able to reach Piya in time. They survived d war , together . Yippee :D
Keep writing more. Wud always luv to come back to ur work. Smile
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Posted: 4 years ago
beautiful OS
love abhiya Heart
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