Live and Let Live

Posted: 2015-05-20T14:37:17Z

Dear RR family,

For the past few days, our peaceful RR forum is spending sleepless nights with some unwanted unnecessary nightmares. Members who knew me well from before know that I never like a battlefield especially inside RR forum. 

I never intended to make this post at this juncture but seeing some of our members deeply hurting with the current events, I have decided to do it anyway. 

I kindly request  all the members of either fandoms to please please please avoid bringing trash said about our leads from twitter, FB, BW or any other forum to here. People who want to read it and enjoy the mud fight will anyway do it then and there itself. Please don't spoil the environment for others who enjoy this place.

Rekindling bad memories / older posts  are never going to help anyone expect providing the sadistic pleasure for some instigators who love to see the split in RR forum and their fandoms. 

Lets enjoy our respective leads new show news, celebrate it, discuss it, relish the moments instead of wasting time with dissecting their personal lives and trying to find ways to malign the opposite fandoms. I know many people are hurting from either side and want to lash out in their own ways but this is totally not worth it guys.

Do you think either lead care about what happens in these social worlds? There is a real world out there where we are all invisible to them. What real is we found some awesome people/friends for life inside this forum throughout the course of this journey. Lets not break that for some petty issues. We have always learn to ignore these during the time when RR was on air, why can't we do the same now?

I still have faith in the togetherness of people with different interests and opinions and can have mutual respect for each other and stay under single roof.

This is not a moral policing post but a mere RRian feelings. 

Live and Let live in Peace.

Cheers Hug

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Posted: 2015-05-20T14:51:36Z
Thanks for this much needed breath of fresh air!
No one but you could have made a post like this!
Thanks a bunch to you!!!
Whatever has happened has passed, now lets just look forward and mutually coexist in this place.
We have some wonderful RR and PaRud memories here!
More that that we have made some friends on this forum that we cherish.
I completely agree with Deepz, please do not bring in posts from outside this forum or older posts. No good is going to come out of it.
Give it a rest people!
Lets cherish the good memories and look forward to good times ahead.
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Posted: 2015-05-20T16:49:28Z
Thanks DS for voicing what many of us felt.  I really don't care who started it or who fought back.  What is disappointing is that many are encouraging and continuing this prepubescent/ adolescent behavior and think that they are doing the right thing.  I am really saddened by it.  There are few I  knew here and many I didn't but still this forum was a wonderful place, a sanctuary, where we celebrated and loved our show and the cast.  Now it is a battle zone. I know neither of the leads would approve of this behavior, they would condone it.  That should be reason enough to stop.  As for me the only reason I came back to this forum is because of this post. I hope they live and let live as you said or its bye RR forum for me too.
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Posted: 2015-05-20T17:38:56Z
Thank you so much for this post! It's hard to settle something like this cause I think each of them of them have a point! Nor do I have the time or energy to go around and talk it out with people! Cause I have other things do! So, this post is very needed to get through to both sides! Even though in the other thread we have decided not to discuss it further! :) So, thanks! Although, I hope it works! LOL Hope we can find a new beginning ! :)

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Posted: 2015-05-20T21:35:06Z
What's happened Deep? funny kitten smiley

I think,our Forum is 1 of the most coolest n friendly Forum of I-F (as per my personal experience). We should be avoid some exceptional cases instead of Glamorized n Publicized them.

So,chill n Relax...
cute kitten smiley

After all,Bade bade Forums mein aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hain. kitten says hello smiley
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Posted: 2015-05-20T21:44:26Z
Much needed post..Thank you DeepsalHug
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Posted: 2015-05-21T00:00:06Z
Deeps, somebody needed to say this and its so better that you did.

This has been and is the best forum for me. It has given me one of the best show, one of the best jodi, many beautiful write-ups, amazing people. But above all it has given me many friends.
We have shared the happiness, frustration, anger and sadness together and have come out of it strong. This is all because we had each other to share it with.

Look at the behind the scenes videos, what we see is two lovely and talented people who share an amazing camaraderie. If they can be friends why not we.

The people who love them should also learn from them. Spread the happiness that Sanaya spreads around. Spread the matureness and calmness that Ashish spreads around.

Deepsy thanks for the post again. This is indeed a beautiful forum and please let it remain so. It has some of the best memories. 
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Posted: 2015-05-21T00:26:23Z
Originally posted by Mamue

Deeps Psagars & everyone else here ; I just have one question & one problem , if any of u can help me I will be great full .     Why was it ok for some fans to critisize , malign & talk about Ashish's personal life & why is it not ok when those very ppl who took no time in speaking about AS's life , are being given a taste of their own medicine . Why this hypocracy ? Just because they are your friends ? How come none of you came forward & let it carry on ?If it was ok to drag a wife in an obscene manner then what's the problem now ? Do you all have one standard for yr friends & another for AS fans ?

I am speaking for deeps and myself. Did at any point in our post we justified the actions of either fan groups? What they did was wrong and what your doing is also wrong. Neither they are our friends and neither you are. And One thing that I am 100 % sure of is not one of my friend will speak in such downgraded manner that a few handful are speaking and disrupting the peace of this forum.

Though I am a Sanaya fan, I love this forum for RR, Sanish and Parud. And I admire Ashish's talent as much as Sanaya's. That is what RR has given to me, the best jodi I have ever seen. So that wish and hope will always remain with me of seeing them together again.

It would be much better if both the fan groups note the fact that

All Sanaya lovers are not Ashish haters and
All Ashish lovers are not Sanaya haters
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