SW Symphony 22 How? on 2 - Page 80

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Posted: 6 years ago
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miniature R&B page 72
I nearly missed this since it's not in page 1thanks to the comment I went back..
Loooved Bala and Ii make up sooo sweet I am back to adoring BalaEmbarrassed
I want. A sister like vandu and athim like bala he can scold me I don't let any one scold me ..Wink
Just adorable true right money can never buy you loveClap

And madam Hershey is dimple me Tera KYa bigada thaLOL
I am never going to be able to look at dimples the same way again and that also includes my face goooshBig smile

I had the same thoughts,jeez me and kids have itLOLConfused.

My sister has some serious dimples!! HOW crazy was this joke for me IMAGINE!! So I decided, dard aur pyaar baantne se badhta hai!! LOL

Posted: 6 years ago
To connect & feel

"It was very tricky dont u think of me to gently steer Akka to the kitchen?" II asked winking

Athim tapped her head "Whats the big deal to cook in your kitchen kanna... ours is like a furnace" he muttered

Ii didnt have an answer

"How is Shravu holding up?" she asked sadly

"He seems to be OK today, nethhikki raatri I got him a Cornetto cone, he had that after lunch and texted a "Thank you" he smiled

"Enna panninaan?' (what did he do?)

"Vandu took him to Munirka market, to get Appa's meds"

"Appa no longer goes to CGHS?" she asked
"Its in 3 places in RK Puram kanna... the wait is long... they want to see him many times" Bala shook his head

"AIIMS is good no?"

"Ya if u know people its good... Anna can get him a military card for Delhi Cantt hospital too" and he tapered off He COULD but hadnt... yet.. II understood

Vandu peeked out... "Appalam irukka di?" (do u have south Indian papad?)

II walked in and handed it to Akka

And walked out ...

"I am hoping if he continues to do good, I can get him IIT coaching or something" Athim said

II sat down by him on the swing

"He will why do u worry"

"Capitation fees will be hard kanna" he declared

"Hmmm... he will get through"

"We dont need crisis like this u know" Bala said looking at the darkening skies

"All kids trouble their parents, Ask Amma Appa naa enna paadu paduthirken nu" (how much I tormented them)

He smiled... "U cant stop defending him, can u?" he asked

"Kashtam... I am very strict with him... or will be from now... no maafi for wrong doing" she muttered

"He looks up to you, you are this fun cool person" Bala said

She nodded

"He must look up to Uncle R" she chuckled

"Avanum daan" (him too)

"Him more... he plays video games, knows about animals, has a cool job that takes him around the world" II muttered

"Good life" Bala said sadly

"Not as much as every one thinks Athim... Appa pullai pesikarde ille" (father and son dont talk)

Bala shifted uncomfortably

"Orey veetla kashtama irukkume?" (must be hard in the same house)

"He generally doesnt talk so he is OK... he hates India" she muttered

"Paavam he must miss his mother no?" Bala said

II only nodded

"Chhey enna kodumai di... appavoda pechu vaarthai kedayadu amma poye poyachu" (what a misery. Dad is estranged, Mom's gone)

"AND life goes on Athim"

"Onn kitta edaanu solluvana?" (does he share?)
"Mmm...mmm" II nodded sadly

"Epdi kanna? HOW did u agree?" (to marry him) Bala asked

"I only thought about him... everyone else thought about the scandal I guess" II said softly

"Sema bold kanna nee" (u are so bold)

"Not bold Athim... reckless... Appa has not forgiven me... he never will" II 's eyes glistened

He hugged and squeezed her shoulders... "Yay.. stop crying"

"Appa pathi kavala padaade" (Dont worry about him)

"U are right... I only see him ever week" II whispered

"Hmm" Bala sighed audibly

"He loves your family, her loves your parents... he thinks its perfect" II said

"Ranjan ethana nalla manushar" Bala clicked his tongue (what a good man)

"He is... oru vaartha kochukka maatar" (never scolds me)

Bala looked on in awe

"A week ago? not sure when I let the help go and we went out to eat... Sunday... yes... my SIL is in town... aval semaya kochunta" (she was angry)  "YET he took my side"

"Pondaittiya tolachu irukkarono nalla maturity" (hes lost his wife suddenly no he has maturity)

II nodded
The tall man and the short man returned when Akka was done making sambar, cabbage kootoo (*gravy) and potato curry

They found them on the swing

II asked him with her gaze "What did u buy him?"

He just ignored her
"Ayyyo" II muttered

"Appa he got me a Animal Planet series, Land... Water and Air are also there, but he said he will only get it if I get 1st rank"

Bala looked at R&B...

"Do u want another beer?" he asked Bala

Bala nodded softly...

"II, Sam Adams" he begged

"Oorellam suthu da, ennoda oru free evening onakku porakkadu" (wander all over but one free evening for me... u wont like) II sulked

He pulled her from the swing... hugging her

"GA ROSEEE GA ROSEEE" Shravu screamed covering his eyes

R&B grazed her cheek... "TWO Sam Adams"

"Athim Sam Adams?" she asked

He nodded smiling at the effortless intimacy

She brought their beer however the rich folks liked to have it, in tall frosted glass mugs

Ranjan came down as she was pouring

"Sab pala changa puttarji?" he asked

Ya? why?" she smiled

"Ho gayi sulah?" (all is well?)

II was shocked

"How did u know Dad?"

"Many many ways betaji... first they all come here on a week night...
until Bala saw ur face he wouldnt even talk to me properly, aur tumhara miya... he came down before they arrived... seeing him downstairs is quite impossible no? He left with Shravu... he didnt invite Bala to the second floor"
Ranjan listed...

Ii smiled and felt the condensing water droplet
"We both did something"

"Hes older puttarji... baat sun leni chahiye" he smiled

"I did" she admitted

He walked towards the patio

II handed all three their beer

R&B got up "would u like to sit?" he asked Ranjan

Ranjan nodded wearily sitting down... with a gratituous smile... feeling his knees II noticed

"Are ur knees hurting?" she asked softly

"Sometimes puttar ji" he said kindly

"Oh... umm..." she wondered how she could help

Manny and Vik returned, walking to the kitchen

"Oh! hi! Vandita... what a surprise..." she smiled cheerfully
Vandu smiled harmlessly.. Manny reached for a hug

"WHOA! U are big..." she laughed

"I am sorry umm ya"

"Good to see u" Manny said

"Umm good"

"Ishita whats the news?" she smiled

"I just invited them for dinner" II said smiling sweetly

"OFCOURSE!!... " Manny quickly changed course

Posted: 6 years ago
Chalo me also off...bck 2 the grind frm tom morn. Cry
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Divashni


MUKKA aur laath bhi baatne se badhta hai
Posted: 6 years ago
Anu hav joined ur team Ranjan now. So sweet ths man is! Jst luv him! Big smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Can meanie be sent off to MARS Big smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Chalo jee meanie manny ki hui dobara entry...ab kya gul khilayegi ...padhiye break ke baad! 
Posted: 6 years ago
We will miss you!! 
Have a safe trip
Come bac soon :)

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