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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by namratha.shree


thank u...12 15 am!!!! LOL
we are here and some more people yet to come!!!
Posted: 7 years ago
Miniature R&BBlushing

She took off her jammies and cami and wore a pretty pink salwar suit, he leaned on the closet door jamb watching

"Its about time u modeled for ME" "Naa neraya panniyachu da" (Ive modeled enough)

He zipped her flowing kurta, she braided her hair and wore a sparkly bindi and went down staying close to him

Akka was looking at pictures Ranjan was sharing on ipad  

Sydney landscape "I am telling Ishita we must all plan a vacation"

"You should Uncle it looks so neat and clean and beautiful" Vandu said longingly

"I meant SAB log betaji" he corrected herEmbarrassed

She lowered her gaze... not ack the offerCry

Bala was on his phone checking email

Shravu chased butterflies in the front yard, caught caterpillar on a leaf... Bala looked at him occasionally
An array of snacks lay in front and tall glasses of chilled mango milk shakes, Vandu emptied hers in less than three minutes

Ranjan topped it off again...

"Did u bring that beaded purse?" II demanded, Akka looked side ways as II entered through the formal living room door, not the grand stair case

Bala looked up at her, II was still...

"Dekho aate hi ladna shuru" Ranjan chuckled
"Is liye main yaad se laayi, nahi to mujhe waapis bhej degi, 3 baar kar chuki haiLOL

She hugged Akka.. she smelled like Munirka... the agarbathi thatha liked to burn, akka's kitchen and akka's bedroom had a faint scent of "home"Hug

II sat down and looked for R&B



He was with Shravu... he held him up as Shravu attempted to touch the tall limbs of the trees by the compund wall..

Ranjan and Bala chatted by a painting... near the bar Ranjan offered him a beer, Bala accepted it hesitantly

II looked at him

Ranjan: Puttar I am going up to make a call, u MUST make sure they eat dinner...

II: u are not coming down?

Ranjan:I WILL... aap baat to karo, oopar le jao (he invited)

Vandu went to use the bathroom, third trimester, bathroom every 15 minutes...

II sat staring outside, R&B had taken Shravu around to the vegetable patch

Bala:Epdi irukke kanna?

II nodded fighting tears

"Inge vaa" he urged

"NO" she sulked turning side ways to wipe her tears

He approached

"I am going to go check on dinner

R&B showed up... "There is a BookWorld I like can I take him there for a bit...

Bala nodded ashamed... he didnt expect R&B TO ASK FOR PERMISSIONCry

"Fine man... mujhe kyon pooch raha hai" he smiled weakly

"I am just telling... not asking"Embarrassed R&B attempted to lessen his discomfort

Shravu held R&B's hand and looked on innocently

"Where is Amma? Appa?" he asked

"Oh! just in the bathroom" he smiled

He relaxed...

II stared at the lil boy hoping she could walk over and give him a bone crushing hug

"CHITHI is here da" Bala urged

Shravu nodded... but did not budgeCry

"Ayyyo" II whispered unable to take it she turned towards the formal dining area

"Kettiya chithi ya about that lab u saw on internet Computer Vision Lab at Georgia Tech?Embarrassed

II turned
 and saw Shravu hesitate

"Hey bud... epdi da irukke?"

"Chithi" he said She walked over and hugged him tight, kneeling down...  "Cheeks yenn da shrink ayiduthu" (why have the cheeks shrunk?Hug)
she squeezed it repeatedly testing it

He held air within, she kissed him tight

"Dont buy much da" she whispered to her husband

"shhh" he whispered back

"Do u want to start the car?" he asked

"SERIOUSLY?" he asked

R&B nodded

they left

Bala came up to the patio

"Kochukaade raja"
"No No.. I am OK"

"Athim koopda maateya?" he urged smiling (wont u address me with the acronym?)

"Mmm... seri" she nodded

"Va inge nee" he ordered

She crept up, he hugged her warmly "Do paar.. ipdi azhude na Shruti epdi tough girl aaka porey nee?Day Dreaming (if u cry like this how will u make Shruti a tough girl?)

"I didnt want him to steal Athim" Cryshe said sincerely

"Ashadu... adu enakku teriyada? (silly girl dont I know that)

she sniffled, he grabbed a tissue from the bar and handed it to her

"I am very strict with him all the time... I LOVE HIM A LOT"Embarrassed she justified

"I know that kannappa" he said


"Does she know?" Winkhe asked softly teasing

"NOOO! Neenga solladengo" (YOU dont tell her OK?)

"Do u love me more than R&B?"

"The word love doesnt feature when I think of him" Blushingshe lied glibly

"Phew!! Appaaada Ippo daan nimmadiya irukku"LOL (NOW I feel better)

"Can I come to your house?" she asked softly

"Nee vallenna onna apdiye tookindu poi anga vechuduven (I will tie u up and take u there)

"I will be more strict Athim... what ever I think of buying I will put half the money in the bank for his college?" Cryshe offered

He nodded a quiet tear slid down his cheekCry

His own Ambala Anna hadnt handed the kid anything more than Rs. 101 or Rs. 201 the year he happened to be visiting around Shravu's Bday..
What a jerk he was...

"He should get scholarships" Athim declared

"I agree... then he can use my gift for traveling the world, like Uncle R" she whispered

"Nikkar pottundu yaarodayum pesamala lo lo alayuvan solrey!" Bala was offended he laughed hystericallyROFL

(He will wear cargo shorts be unshaven and be wandering across the world?)ROFL

"Yenna madiri oru Iyer ponnu avan daan venum nu kalyanam pannippo" (An Iyer girl like me will fall for him) she blushed furiously as her heart raced

"Tame the nomad?" Bala laughed

II  nodded wordlessly
He hugged her again "Onna poi kochuppena sollu?" (Will I ever scold u?)

She shook her head... "U dont buy me anything any more" she accused

"May 29th onakku oru dress material... onakku maatram Malviya Nagar market lendu ok va?" (will buy u a suit material JUST FOR YOU)

She nodded... "and silver jewelry if u go to Surat" she smiled

"Akka enge pona" II panicked

They both wandered in... Akka was in the kitchen, Minion chopped cabbage Akka was heating oil and throwing curry leaves in Santram was taking notes

"Kootu recipe kudukaren di iva rendu perukkum (I am teaching them recipe for gravy)

"Yeh cup hai na, isme bharke jeera, aur urad... dono tel mein daalo...3 laal mirchi main nariyal khareedkar ghisti hoon aap frozen le lena Rama Store se"

"Bhabhiji chatanee ke liye laati hai na... hum use kiye hain kayi baar didiji" Minion explained

"Akka bahut achha khaana banati hain" II said

"Woh hum inko dekhe hi pehchaan liye hain.. khaali baithne waalo ke haath yoon nahi na hotey hain" Minion said staring at Akka's nonmanicured finger nails with chipped nail polish

"Bala did u give her the beaded purse?" Akka asked looking away periodically from the

"No di" he sipped his beer staring out the patio

"NEE ORUTHIKU YENN DI IVLAV PARUPPU(Only u eat sambar why did u cook so much toor dal?)LOL

II looked sheepishlyConfused

"Seekram naalu pethukko, paruppu mammu pesanju vayla eeshalam" (may u have 4 kids soon u can mix dal rice and plaster on their mouthsBlushing)

she said cooking deftly...
"Athim did u read the Economic Times article on May 13th? "Despite Jan Dhan India needs radical reforms in Banking?"

Bala sniggered... she walked out into the back patio with him

Vandu turned and looked at them...
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Posted: 7 years ago
Can't wait for the confrontation between II and Bala
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Divashni

Nisha as sexy & erotc hot fudge being pord on sounds sticky nahi tha?? I hate chipchipat Wink ROFL

When u are in the throes of passion who gives a damn for chipat chapat

Aise if u want to dissect then even tasting another person saliva is GA-ROSS. More than having fudge all over uWink
WHY do we kiss then?

Kidhar mar gayi thi 3 hafte se?
Posted: 7 years ago
I teared up
Sooo beautiful
My Jiju is like this too
Omggg sooo nice Clap Clap Clap
Posted: 7 years ago
100 times lovely was bala and II convo!!! Clap
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by Divashni

Nisha as sexy & erotc hot fudge being pord on sounds sticky nahi tha?? I hate chipchipat Wink ROFL

When u are in the throes of passion who gives a damn for chipat chapat

Aise if u want to dissect then even tasting another person saliva is GA-ROSS. More than having fudge all over uWink
WHY do we kiss then?

Kidhar mar gayi thi 3 hafte se?

Touche. Embarrassed

Ws around here only. Silntly readng. Smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Nisha the simplicity with which your wrote the patch up makes me want to hug II and bala in a group hug
More than that I want to hug you
Just no words to describe how I feel

R&B with shravu was adorable too...the guy just loves kids waaay too much
Vandu teaching to cook minion was awesome...that's like an akka...taking charge in sisters home without hesitation
Mainly vandu and R&B knew very well they needed to leave bala and II alone

I can already see shravu growing up to be like uncle R he is as naughty as his uncle and as smart as him

Lasya will grow up to be like her chitti...dramebaz Embarrassed

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