SW Symphony 22 How? on 2 - Page 66

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Posted: 6 years ago
"will u go with me?"Embarrassed

Thursday evening she returned home 8 ish, was at work over 12 hours, between the GHZB showroom and Lajpat Nagar...
things were looking up up and up and towards the skies.
Bally had promised to spend one entire day with Ashwini nad her early next week to go over how to rid Gurgaon showroom of its plague
Gurgaon showroom and work shop... some ways it was good to have leaders of two companies to be selling their products to each other on the other hand it caused a certain complacence down the chain where
middle management did not address issues as seriously as they should  "Oh its always that issue with XYZ company because boss sold the product"
Excelsior fatigue was setting in with Ashwini and her team, not sure how upbeat Bally was with the installation fracas

there is only so much energy to go around...

She spent every free minute and many of her working minutes pondering HOW she will step back from Shravu... HOW she would pretend Akka no longer lived in Delhi
The cute round face and those big sparkling eyes teased her... "Chithi... do u want to see my Ninja move?"

"Chithi do u know how deer defended itself from the leopard?"

"Chithi do u know how big the Serengeti is?"
"Chithi do u know 70% of the earth is filled with water?"

"Chithi if any one ever attacked you, I would just PUNCH EM RIGHT ON THEIR EYES" "Wha bammm! Ka... punch... SPLATTER... SPLATTER there would be blood all over"

"Chithi have u ever picked up a human eye after it fell off a skull?"

"Gross.. poda!! HOW DO U COME UP WITH such terrible imagination?"
"Chithi u think the eye ball is squishy?" when it comes out?"

There was smidgeon of chocolate caught between her cuticle... she smiled as she typed... she had given Rakshasan a piece of her mind this morning..
they had "showered afterwards" and gone off to the master bed... too tired to clean up at 1 AM... she rinsed the whole damn
thing this morning, wiped off chocolate sauce stains all over the floor and every where...

"HOW WILL I EXPLAIN throwing soaked sheets and pillow cases in the washer?" she asked him.. looking frustrated.

She wore cotton night shorts and a cami... stomping on the sheets as the water flowed over it on the tub...

He approached "KITTA VARAADE NEE..." (dont u dare)  "stay away from me" "what a mess uve made da"

"How will I take these things to the washer now? IF U HAVE PLANS TO KEEP THIS UP BUY A WASHER FOR THIS FLOOR" she hissed over the sounds of running water
"Evlav tanni waste paathukko... u are a hiker u are supposed to be ONE with nature... conservation MY ASS... we just wasted all the water in Beas Dam"

He was totally amused... he sipped his coffee one hand tucked in his pocket as she twisted, clawed and wrung water out of the things

"We can tell Mahavir it spilled"

"HOW?" she shut the water off... yelling
"Umm.. it slipped and fell" he offered innocently

"Soaking every inch of the pillow, night clothes and sheets? PODA!!" she ordered

"Here let me wring it for you" he offered

"Nee kitta varaade.. I dont trust you" she mumbled (dont come close)

They held the edge of the sheet and twisted, wringing the water out... she flung that over the side of the tub
And bent down to pick up the pillow cases, he reached and turned the shower on... as she stood up...

"bas***d!!" she hissed.. as he reached pinned her on the wall with one hand... holding the coffee mug with another, as the spray filled his mug diluting the joe
Kissing her gently at first and passionately afterwards.. she arched clinging to him "I have a coffee mug" he begged as she wantonly begged to be held
He set it on the rim of the tub and hugged her with both hands... kissing her ear and shoulder.. rubbing his chin.. slowly shutting the water off

Picked up his mug "Arent u late for work?"and walked away.. she sat on the edge of the tub.. spouting every swear word in every language she knew..

Ranjan was home... she went to the kitchen and requested Minion to make rice and cook dal he nodded politely
And when she went up R&B was home too in the office

"Raat ko kya khaogey?" she asked

He shrugged

"When did u get home?"
"20? 25 mins ago?" he said

He half smiled...

"I am making rice and sambar for myself... I dont want to eat roti.."

He nodded carelessly  passing her at the doorway to the room, looking preoccupied
She held his tee "Rakshasan!! wife is home and u only care about beer"

He paused kissed her cheek "Happy?" he asked

she extracted a long "lets go to bed right NOW" kiss and whispered... "happy" she whispered in his ear.. letting him go

He walked out the lounge..going towards the stairs

She showered and when she was getting ready to go down

He came up "Hey"

"Returning from GHZB at 3, 4, 5, ANYTIME is a bitch" she complained

He nodded

"U dont ever go to those showrooms do u?" she chuckled
He smiled weakly..

"Hey we have company"

"Yaar?" she asked

"Bala Vandita & Shravu" he said

She froze... "WHY?" she was angry

She stepped back rapidly... hitting the wall

"I AM NOT MEETING HIM" she hissed, tearing up

"Shhh shhh" he put a finger on his lips"

"I am NOT and you CANT MAKE ME" she leaned on the wall arms across the chest

He would have burst out laughing if it werent so utterly innocent

"Hey listen to me... Come here" he reached with open arms

"Vendave vendaam... u and your psycho therapy... I will pay and get one if I need it" she hissed
He had closed the gap... she hugged him clinging  "I DONT want to see him"

"They are JUST visiting" he whispered

"I have been racking my brains all day trying to come with ways how to distance myself... I DONT need this da" she begged

He gently kissed her cheeks

"U KNEW THEY WERE COMING... U JERK!!" she punched him

"Vandita texted me" he nodded


"II" he coaxed

"I am going to make a dupatta rope and go out of my balcony" she informed

"Not being able to see him or do anything for him is the worst punishment there can be, onakku puriyarda? (do u even get it?)" II cried softly

"I KNOW THAT... they are here... u can be nice... I KNOW THAT" he said softly

"HOW would you KNOW THAT? I am never nice to YOU" she moaned on his chest

"Umm.. ya... that true" she punched him on the back she expected him to say something flowery


"Will you go with me?" she asked.. wiping her tears

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Vidyaa

Originally posted by ishruhi

10 mts dinner time and i will be back torturing my refresh button! LOL

I really want you to count The number oftimes you hit that 'refresh' button... I really want to know... kal ginkar batana

yeah...i will try for sure... Wink
Posted: 6 years ago
Hahahahaha my cute tall II
I'm happy to see her tantrums
Just like her rakshasan I love her for that
Bala...u will have to pay...paaavam
Bala wear your head gear Clap
Posted: 6 years ago
and you will give the next on our morning only??!! Cry
Posted: 6 years ago
Pati helping patni with cooled clothed was so cuts
He would have laughed if it was not innocent Embarrassed
Will you come with me?? II darling did u just see u teamed up with your rakshasan against your at him Hakka and shravu
U won't realize you are switching teams and starting to show you belong with him and he belongs with u will u?????
Posted: 6 years ago

The next chapter will most likely be posted  at midnight India time or midnight and a half (is that even a real time reference?)
Posted: 6 years ago
Beautiful update nisha I really want to see the way bala and Ii face each other 
Posted: 6 years ago
Ahem ahem I was about shut my eyes and the update cameSmile
Good one Nisha. Bala came to MM with Vandita and Shravu. The dude knows to handle wifey. He didn't tell her about Vandu message. Good going dude.

Waiting for an emotional union. Dude will witness the Iyer bondings.
Ashu did you sleep? The update came yaar Smile

Thanks Nisha. Have a gr8 Sunday!

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