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Posted: 7 years ago
The post dedicated to Bala and family. I really felt for Bala. He is so helpless. Many responsibilities on him. Hope Vandu and II understand this. For outsiders he is a perfect son, husband and dad. But to keep all these promises he has to do lot of sacrificesUnhappy
This is the case in most of the middle class families. Along with us my parents had to take care my cousins who were studying in my home. We had at least one cousin in my home till my engineering finished.

Money is not everything but sometimes money is everythingUnhappy

I used to be the naughty kid in the home. Fight for everything with my brother. I was the one get nicely from Mom. She had one stick for me till my tenth standard. Most of the time I get nicely sleep without having food in the night. Later dad used to tell me that mom also didn't eat since I slept in emtpty stomach Unhappy
Many memories are haunting now. Reality bitesUnhappy

Thanks Nisha for this update.
Posted: 7 years ago
Innonu unda Nisha ROFL
Posted: 7 years ago
By the way Nisha we are in 13th May in SoSY updates. Any particular reason for this?
Posted: 7 years ago
Green button ...
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Update on its way
Yeah yeah
Nisha0604 IF-Sizzlerz
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Posted: 7 years ago
Making Amends Part 2

Vandu sat down on bed and dragged the two lil spindly legs on to her lap... "I will go get more ice cream... azhapdaadu seriya kanna... tanga katti o illeyo" (u must stop crying, u are my golden boy)

The last couple days the lil boy's face was constantly red... he was fair like II he rarely cried Vandu was reminded of II's face when she saw Shravu's in tears

"Amma will u take me to Chithi's house?"

"I will take you" Bala approached again

Shravu clutched her tight... the blood leaving his face... his cheek on hers" Ammma..." he begged

Vandu shook her head

Bala stepped back... defeated

Sat down on the bed

"How about I take u to Munirka market?" she asked

"After the bus leaves Amma... and before it comes at 1:30... they will know I didnt go" Shravu

Shravu was living through the utmost humiliation
Being well and not being in school
"Nobody will know" she reassured him

"Ayyyo" she sobbed over his head...  "What if he is permanently scarred?" she asked Bala loudly
"No no kanna... that wont happen..." Bala was unsure

"Ipdi nadungarde kozhandai" (He is so afraid)

"I will get more ice cream" he left despondent

He returned with a new cup and spoon

Handed it to the boy... Shravu looked at him fearfully...

"Eduthukko laddoo" (Vandu urged)
He extended his left hand... and immediately withdrew

NO LEFT hand biz in Iyers... he extended his right

"I will get some more" Bala promised

He didnt respond... Vandu was suffocating holding him on her lap

She set him on the side and turned to clothes, slowly folding them one by one...

"First we will go to the bank, u can see the money fall from the ATM andc collect it and give it to me. We will get Thatha's marundu
Amma will check her BP at Rana Medicos u can hit that red button, seriya... then I want bindi... we will go to the shop that has mirrors every where and u can pretend u are split in half"

His eyes sparkled at the simple joy

"Amma mangoes vaangave illeye jaasti this summer... I will buy mangoes... chith(she stopped)
(I didnt buy much mangoes at all for u this summer)

II had bought 5 or 10 kgs to D II...

"Then we will go to Rama Stores Amma gave mixi for repair... u can go up with Skanda and test it for me, u can run all the grinders and mixi upstairs... apram Amma will buy chocolate Horlicks for u"

He nodded... 

"Amma Oreo vaangi tareya?" he asked softly (Will u buy me oreos?)

"Oreo, Brittania cake" vandu choked

"Neeyum naanum oru secret pact pannuvoma?" (lets do a secret pact?)

"Like Detectives?" he asked

"Yes.. if u are a good boy for the next one year u get a surprise... good boy means NEVER ever do anything bad... like take stuff"

"I WONT AMMA" he nodded

"I am not telling u the surprise" Vandu winked

"Amma will you buy for Shruti paapa too (he agreed with the name II picked for her and the gender)

"Sure kanna... onakku Shravu, and Shru... rendu perukkum"

"Can we buy something for her tomorrow?" he asked excited

Vandu was baffled... HOW IS IT POSSIBLE ? for a 10 year old to want to connect to his unborn sibling

What an astounding thing biological connection was

"Paati says we cannot buy anything big for the baby just yet Raja... how about we buy hair clips?"

"I will pick the color Amma" he said


"NOOO pink... purple and orange... GA-ROSS... GIRLLLS" he made a faceEmbarrassed

"I know... pretty and sparkly" Vandu smiled for the first time

"Boys are cool and handsome Amma" he saidEmbarrassed

"Yes raja" she said

"Amma... will u read me Diary of a Wimpy kid tonight?"
She smiled.. "Seriii edu vena padikaren" (I will)

Bala's phone rang on the dining table by the subzi bags
He went to get it

Vandu held the lil boy's face "Appa wants u to grow up and be a BIGGG boy... 
smart and sharp... JUST like he is... COOOL wearing sun glasses... 
and knowing how to do a square drive and knowing how to fix a computer... SO SMART he is no?"

Shravu didnt nod at first... then nodded reluctantly... "I want to do animation Amma"

"Dino school pona, apram college polaam, apram u can get a cool job" (stay in school then go to college) 
If they keep sending u back from school u will be so behind then how will u study animation in NY sollu?"

He was thoughtful

"Appa never missed ONE DAY of school raja" she pointed

He hung his head in shame

"He LOVES U SO SO SO MUCH... he was afraid if the Princi said u couldnt go back to DPS then, 
u wouldnt be able to go to 3D Animation school, THEY WANT BEST ATTENDANCE AND GOOD KIDS raja" she said softly

"I am never going to do that again" he said not even wanting to use the word "steal"

"If Appa realizes that then he will be so happy"

"He just hits me" he said sadly
"NO KANNA... he bought u those nice shoes... the new back pack... 48 PENCILS... the new battery operated sharpener"

He smiled... "Akshay wanted something like I that... Spiderman's eyes light up Amma when I sharpen"

"Did u tell Appa?" she asked gently

His shoulders slumped and he shook his head

"Maybe when u start going to school again u can?" she cut a deal

He stared doubtfully... confused what it meant

Bala returned as Shravu left

"Vandu, inga va da" he begged

"No Bala... u have started showing ur temper to that child also now"


WHAT DID U SAY?" she demanded

"I dont know what she wanted.. I told her inime yedaanu vaangindu varanum na nee varade...(if u want to buy something then dont come over)

"ayyoyoo" Vandu clamped a hand over her mouth

"He is mine sollithu adu" (Shravu is mine... the poor kid said)


"I told her Shravu is not yours... he is mine and Vandu's" He let his tears flow leaning on the wall

Vandu sniffled, cleared her throat... and emotionlessly folded the rest of the laundry..
She  made rotis for her in laws... Bala herself 
and Shravu they all ate
and she fed Shravu and read him a book and brought him over to the bedroom and lay him down on the divan

She Opened the freezer the ice cream was all gone.. there wasnt much left anyway
 she shut the door and went to clean the kitchen... 

  "Book kuduthuttu varen" (I will return the mags) he muttered, she acted like she didnt care

His parents were in bed... Vandu was cleaning the smelter like kitchen
Bala checked his wallet as he wore a tee she had just folded and put on the bed
.. he had with drawn Rs.1500 he had spent over Rs.400 on milk and veggies and Rs. 800 on petrol.. he only had one 
Rs.100 left over with some change of Rs 5 and Rs 10s
There wasnt much in the account either... less than Rs.8800 left in the account, and it was only the 13th... Appa's meds needed to be bought also
Returned the mags
He went down found a Kwality Walls guy and bought just one brick of butter scotch ice cream and came up...

paused before opening the front door
he saw the nutty choc covered cones Cornettos the box was Rs. 360, each piece Rs. 60 
went down again... crossed the street
He emptied his wallet, and bought one Cornetto cone for Shravu for tomorrow .  "Subah de dena" the Walls guy ordered

"Nahi hai le lo" he said matter of fact... shoved the Rs. 5 coin in his wallet 
and weaved through the noisy exhaust fume laden summer night traffic within the colony.. and went up 

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

By the way Nisha we are in 13th May in SoSY updates. Any particular reason for this?

Because Monday May 11th he stole
Tuesday he was suspended

Wed  May 13th he didnt go to school
II got shouted at by Bala
So thats why
Nisha0604 IF-Sizzlerz
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Posted: 7 years ago
I cry uncontrollably as I write this chapter
Brings back SO MANY MEMORIES OF my Appa

I better call them now...
Posted: 7 years ago
Ashu I updated index in index page.
you can copy paste here directly.
links will work

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