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Posted: 7 years ago
How I love the songs being selected and dedicated to our leading lady!!
Beautiful you guys!!
Posted: 7 years ago
Congrats on 22nd thread Nisha & all SoSyians! Party
Posted: 7 years ago
Clap Nice  alliteration Anamika
Posted: 7 years ago
Hey All,
Congrats on turning 22 SoSy...to Nisha and all of us on this thread.

Can we see a teeny, weeny minny  maturity in II, very lil,atom, molecule, proton, neutron jitni si...and a lil more talkative  Dude.WinkLOL

I am giving this example, because we cant see this thru naked eye, microscope chahiye...WinkLOL

Ok, we will hope for something that is possibleWink
Posted: 7 years ago
"Lets go in"  "Its too hot here" he said

"Is everything OK? Are u physically hurt?' he asked holding her face gently

"I am not hurt... ille" she repeated...

"Why is your car parked outside? The back door was open... and some guy side swiped it

She looked up at him fearfully... "I didnt do it... I am sorry" "I didnt"

"Shhh shhh its OK were u in the car?"


"Good... he seated her on the couch...  staring pensively...

"What happened?"

"Umm do u know?" she hiccuped.. "U know right?"

He handed her his water bottle...

"U shudnt be crying so much" he said gently...

She put her hand over her eyes and cried hard  "How can I not see him?"

She looke dlike she had lost her life... he looked at her in awe... and was suddenly jealous of Shravu

"U cant.. u are right" he said somberly

He hit page... and Minion showed up shocked at her tears

"Chot aayi kya? Hari ne kaha gaadi thuk gayi?"

"mm... mmm" she shook her head but cried

"Woh photo le leta hai, par gadi nikal gayi" Minion informed "aaj nahi ho paaya" "Gate ke bahar ka camera jhaar se chhupa tha"

R&B didnt want a car discussion  "Khaane ko kuch laayenge please?"

"Khaana ban chuka hai le aate hain, paneer hai, bhindi hai aur moong dal... aur aapke liye chicken fry

He nodded...

"U know right?" she began

"I know... its unfortunate"

II nodded with pursed lips tears flowing... "I NEVER NEVER... I SWEAR NEVER" she pinched her throat "NEVER taught him to steal" "I NEVER did da"

He nodded sadly

"PLEASE PLEASE DONT TELL DAD (she meant Manny, she knew he doesnt talk with Ranjan)

"Seriously?" he asked angrily

He grabbed her and held her tight close to his chest

"I NEVER told him it was OK..."

"Shhh shhh I believe you"

"Are u just saying that?" she asked for reassurance

He half smiled even in total grief she wanted  to pick on him?

"No I believe you" he repeated

"Nee pesave maatte... pesinena I dont know what u are implying" (u never talk, but when u do)

"I talk.. u know that" he crushed her pulling her over to his chest" she smelled of exhaust fumes and sweat... tired and worn out

He gently rubbed her cheeks

"Its OK"

"Its not OK... I can never see him... I can never see him... 
I dont know how life was before he came" "How will I live without him" "He is everything" "He is my life"

She looked up at him accusingly 

"You cant" he nodded deeply  "He is" he repeated

Minion knocked

"He has never spoken to me like this, he has always treated me like a child, today he spoke to me like I was his enemy" she cried hard

Minion "Juice bhi laatein hain"

R&B: Umm no... nahi thanks... paani de denge please?

He nodded.. paused and lingered... "Police mein bata denge... to turant sunvayee karenge... Sir to bahut pehchaan rakhte hain" Minion gushed about Ranjan

Still about the car...

"Thanks bhayya" she nodded

"Tooti nahi na hai gaadi kyon royiega itna?" "Ek gaadi ke peeche tabiyat kharab keejiyega?" he asked

"Nahi" she nodded smiling

He left unwillingly

She ate quietly... hungry and impatient...
He served her lots of paneer... "Like I am an adversary"  "IT ALL CHANGED OVER NIGHT"

"He stole Nandu's ipad" she cried hard

He nodded... "Its OK" "Its OK"

"Pata nahi Sam kya sochengi... aur Tan kya sochenge..." "Appa really did not teach us to steal da" she convinced him
"I KNOW THAT" he said sharply  "I know that" he said softly

"My whole family has been turned upside down... Akka took money I left at home in 
the Godrej for renovations Athim even tried to return it to us WHY would he want Shravu to steal?"

"II I get it" he leaned unable to console her

"She went to wash her hands, opened the dessert bowl it was rasmalai. she shut it

He served for her

"No I dont want any"

He pulled her to his lap, held her like a child... "Bala did not mean it" he said


"Umm... listen to me"

"HE SAID "DONT VISIT ANY MORE" she said suddenly stopping... hiccuping

"I try my best to keep him happy... hes only 10 da... what if this punishment makes him an outlaw?" "Akka will not be able to bear it"

"It wont... listen to me... IT WONT"

"I ... I ... I didnt want... you to think lowly... of me... thats why I didnt tell you" he gripped her tight.. tighter...

Knocking her breath out... "This is the most humiliating thing I have ever had to face... me Akka Athim... and Shravu... because u married me... u are part of it"

"Ayyyo" she smacked her head... "I told Akka I would buy it for him, BUT NEVER IN FRONT OF HIM" "WE WAITED YEARS for a flat screen TV" she cried

He kissed the top of her head..

"I am only helping... why would I want Shravu to drop out and turn deviant?"

"Lets make a deal... can u stop crying"

"It hurts like hell... make it go away" she ordered

He laid her back on the couch... and gently slid over her, cupping her face and bending down to kiss... he tasted like mint... 
he usually ate the breath mints after the non veg dinner... his tongue began seeking

Hers hid in shame... he let it wander all over her lips teeth and gums... until she groaned... letting him have it

His thumb on her nose ring gently stroking... scraping her face with his ... hearing the familiar protest... his hands fondling over her shirt...
"Its a trick shirt" she smiled on his face

He chuckled

"Do u want to go out for ice cream?" he asked

"Abhi?" she asked hugging him

He nodded on her chest... she arched moaning as her arms thrashed...slender and shivering

When he sat up she shut her eyes...

"Up... he pulled her hand

"i want to stay and complain"

"U can do it in the car"

"U NEVER CAME HOME" she said

"I had a call" 
"Liar... u were just rejecting me" she felt the lump

He dragged her back on his lap...

"We have bloody  fights" he reminded her
"And u leave me alone... is this the new plan?" she asked

"Its not a plan" he stressed

"Ghar par hotey ho baat nahi karte... aajkal to ghar par hotey bhi nahi"

"Only last night" he snuggled

"One off incident?" she asked statistically

He nodded

"Tum gussa ghar par bhi reh sakte ho" she said

He smiled... "Understood"

"Go to the balcony no?" or "Fight with me" she hugged him tight

"I would never ruin Shravu's life" she went back to her obsession


"Did he tell u?"

"He is angry and he lashed out"

"So badly?"


"Umm... we are different"Embarrassed

"How?" he held his breathBlushing

Posted: 7 years ago
nisha online... LOL
sorry i couldnt control myself from posting this one.that green light feels like a homemade biriyani... ROFL
Posted: 7 years ago
AND he's jealous of Shravu...so cuteSmile
Edited by Seriousreader - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
The dude is sooo comforting!!

I love this

Such a cuddly mushy start Nisha!!

Thank you Hug

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