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Posted: 6 years ago
Welcome back Nisha Big smileBig smile
Since you spoke of pairs in your post, I thought I should share a pair of smileys with you too !!!
The key words in your post," update in an hour or two " is the perfect end to a long three day drought ...
hope you are back with humungous twists to the tale and enthralling ideas  for the plot to take us into the weekend Smile

Yaaay ...the groupies will be back in action now Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
Memory Part 1

Figure it out? as Tan said
Wasnt as easy as saying it, with time, though his anger was intact his memory surrounding the events was not quite so.
He remembered being in Hong Kong that week, Ma was in London shopping with Mrs Singh. It was just another week at Malcha Marg, Sam had come in with 6 year old Nandu to invite Ma and Dad to Nandu's "book release" event at DPS
It was at the cafeteria of the school the the week of Jan 17th, she had stopped by Thursday the 6th for dinner to invite him and the parents

Ma had cooked the best meal he ever ate, she made fantastic karhi and baingan bharta, Sam loved stuffed bhindi so there was that too, as they ate they had called Manny so R&B could rattle the menu off

"Oh! its simply disgusting that the dude would want to brag this way and cant believe you guys are playing along, BUZZ OFF! R&B she had yelled"

"She should just enroll in DU" Ranjan had said

"And I am never in town... so whats she worried about? I have an office in Gurgaon for name sake... I spend most of my time in Hong Kong"

"She is just angry she doesnt get to wander like you" Ma had gotten from her chair to come around and hug him...
She wore the most lovely sarees and he did remember she wore a purple-lavnder combination, with a string of rare perals around her neck

The nail polish on her left pinkie was chipped and needed repair... her chest smelled like ginger when she hugged him

Dad dropped the rasmalai spoon, he had bent down to pick it up, holding Ma's feet and saying "Please London mat ja Savvy.. kaise rahoonga main?"

Sam had burst out laughing at that tacky humor

"RANJANNN! Cmon... TAN HAIN"  "Sorry beta ignore him"
she had instructed

"Sorry Mom cantt... I am learning every thing about schmoozing from him" Tan had declared aloud, turning Ma's cheeks crimson

His Cathay Pacific flight was 1AM Friday morning he and Ma left for the airport after dinner with Sam Tan and Nandu, Ma's was 1:15 AM Saturday the 9th morning.
She came to the airport EVERY time... she was there to receive him every time,... she hugged him longg and hard and he stayed in the embrace

He usually pulled off his baseball cap and placed it on her head, she was 5'8" ish, she would stand on her tippy toes and ruffle his hair

"Sorry I know I need one" he would say

"No I love it honey... aisa hi rakh she would urge him" raking it with long slender manicured fingers

He would unplug one of his ears and place it in her left ear...

"I know this one" she would smile

She was not pretentious or phony, she wore sarees mostly... expensive sarees... didnt wears shorts or skimpy tees like
many Aurangazeb Rd Kautilya Marg women, she wore a lot of bindi too, he would pick it up from above her eyebrows and place it in between

"symmetrically this is the best spot" he would inform her

She had gone with him to the airport on Sunday night, hanging for hours...

He had called her from Hong Kong after she had checked in the following night..

January 11th 2011 Monday, a BUNCH OF HORRIFIC 1s he would never forget... yes another thing he would not forget... 11-1-11

He was returning home from work, Sam had called about Ranjan being arrested with his pants down in Le Meridien, someone had tipped the cops off...

It all seemed like a bad dream to him

Another thing he remembered was Sam's call

"Are u busy" she had sounded choked up

"Umm.. no returning from work"

"Hey I dont know how to say this Ma" she had burst out crying

He lived 6 blocks from his apartment in downtown HKG he usually preferred to walk

"He had stopped in his tracks "Whats going on? Sam?"

"They arrested Dad at Le Meridien in Conn Circus" Sam had said in a shrill voice, collapsing
He had looked at his phone for the longest time... wondering what the hell she meant

Tan had come on after that

"Kidhar hai boss?"

"On my way home"

"Aaja yaar" he had coaxed softly but firmly

"What did she just say to me?"

"Hmmm. (long audible breath) kuch samajh nahi aa raha yaar... there is press every where" Tan had muttered, disgusted

"OVER WHAT?" R&B had asked, cluless, he didnt know what happened on a day to day basis at Excelsior Auto

"It was just another day" Tan said

"AND?" R&B was frustrated

"Around 6 ish some tabloid type news crews apparently alerted the Lobby Mgr and they went up to look  and found" Tan had stopped

"Found what?" he had asked

"Umm... u know... Dad"

"Hes alive is he not?" R&B's  insides plunged going from the 80th floor on a free fall

"Ha haaan, hes fine... umm... yaar... tu aaja" Tan insisted

"WHY?" R&B had asked with calmness he did not feel

"Boss... they found him in his... boxers.. dazed" Tan had said

"IN A HOTEL ROOM?" R&B had asked increduclously

"Do u need me to book u a flight?"

"He might have wanted to take a nap so what?" R&B lied to himself

"Except he wasnt taking it alone" Tan had said softly

R&B had tucked Tan's phone in his pocket without disconnecting the call

He had walked past his building and kept walking... HKG at night was everything people talked about bright lights lots of traffic and many women
The business district was particularly crowded...
He must have walked he recalled for atleast a couple hours, not realizing his phone ring multiple times

When he realized and pulled it out of his pocket, there was no calls... he dialed Sam...

"Where is Ma?" he asked

"She is on her way home" Sam was still inconsolable

"WHO was her with?" R&B mustered enough courage to ask it and then immediately regretted it


"i was walking" he sulked

"I dont know... I dont know... I dont know yaar" Sam had repeated like a demented woman

"WHO was he with" R&B pressed on

"Umm.. umm... Beenu Kumar" she said almost gagging

She actually gagged... he could hear her retch, and he could feel a fat tear roll down his left eye

And then the rigght... and a river flowed

He listened to her retch for a good 15 minutes... she lay down? she spoke weakly in a trembling voice

"Come home bache... I cant face Ma at the airport" she had begged

"U think I can?" he asked angrily

"To kya karen?" Sam asked

MA MA MA MA... his poor Ma... good God!! HOW WAS HE GOING TO SEE HER?


"I cant Sam" he had begged

"Noo nooo no... I wont let you do this you jerk... i wont... u must come back... please" "Aaaja please... u doggg u will let Ma face his alone" she switched between anger and plea

"I cant" he had sat on the side walk

He had walked a couple more miles gotten into a cab, went to the airport and bought himself a ticket and arrived in Delhi a lil past midnight on Jan 11th..

There was nobody at the airport.

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Posted: 6 years ago
Oh my God!!!! this was heavy, I have goose bumps all over. ShockedShockedShocked 
Posted: 6 years ago
Wow the much needed flashback. 
This part is just amazing loved the way u have written it.that 
Posted: 6 years ago
no wonder he cant forgive ranjan till now...eventhough i firmly believe that ranjan is innocent...cant imagine what he went through when he got sam's call!!!
Posted: 6 years ago
Back with a vengeance. Wow Nisha and what a comeback. Hope you had a super time and yes CA does that to you - seems all lovely and polished and kinda too good to be true, far away from reality types. 
Memories...painful, but the cleansing can only happen if you actually accept it fully. 
Was curious to know whether in the middle of your super busy sales trip, did you think extensively about the story and how you plan  to take it further. Did RbB and II occupy any part of your day? Did you think of the 50 odd bunch of crazy us who were burning the pages in anticipation? 
Posted: 6 years ago
Memory part 1

ayooo yenna solla (what to say)
Bhallas Heart

and Ranjan said this
Dad dropped the rasmalai spoon, he had bent down to pick it up, holding Ma's feet and saying "Please London mat ja Savvy.. kaise rahoonga main?"

Sam had burst out laughing at that tacky humor

Ranjan in dazed state in boxers , someone tipped ...
Guys who have affairs are never caught, if they are they divorce and marry

pavam Ranjan in this whole thing he is the biggest loser.. he lost everything ..R&B found II very very hard to loose ur mom but there is hope, Sam got Lasya and Manny divorced and there is hope..

Ranjan alone lost the best phase of his life , the retired life, the lets travel without worry life, enjoy ur grandkids and spoil them phase of life, see ur son getting married , the life i want with my husband after these bachas leave my house .. and he lost itCryCrythats why i love Ranjan most..

Posted: 6 years ago
One line tat made me feel tat ranjan is innocent was that he woke up dazed could his drink be spiked 

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