RAYA OS : Dinner By The Fire

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On the weekend evening Priya Kapoor was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner Ram had earlier started a fire in the living room's fireplace nd was now in the downstairs home in study working on his laptop Priya was utterly glad to have he at home and not anywhere as she gazed out of the kitchen window to see the cold weather called for a hearty home cooked meal and she was in the middle of preparing a slow cooked matar pulao

Priya now had two hours to kill until dinner would be ready and she did not want to disturb Ram while he was working she decided to clean up her mess in the kitchen and began to wash the dishes in the sink she could't used the dishwasher but decided against it

In the study Ram was finding it incredibly hard to concentrate on his work with the delicious smell of dinner wafting through the downstairs part of the house using it as a perfect excuse to take a break he saved his work on his laptop then stood up from his high back leather chair and stretched to realign his spine he didn't make it very far from the door of the study as the sight of his stunning wife at the sink washing dishes made his breath catch in his throat with a smile he glided across the kitchen to stand behind her and lightly trap her body between his and the sink as he as assaulted

her neck with feather light kisses

What's that delicious smell wafting through the house that broke my concentration on my work Priya? Ram playfully asked as his arms moved to curl around her from behind his left arm curled around her while his right hand caressed her stomach

That would be dinner but you'r just gonna have to wait a couple of hours nd just so you know it's your favourite matar pulao Priya answered as she melted into his strong embrace the cool metal band of his watch on the skin of her collarbone made her shiver slightly along with his lips and hand caressing her stomach Ram lifted his head momentarily from her skin to notice the vegetables on the stove and a rice cooker on the kitchen counter

If you'r looking for something to do u can help me out here Priya said with a grin and planted a soft kiss to his wrist near his watch Ram couldn't help but chuckle as he let her go and grabbed a tea towel from the drawer

And if you think that's good check out what's in the fridge for dessert Priya's cheeky grin still in place as she caught his obvious look of curiosity Ram quickly dashed to the fridge to find phirni he quickly shut the fridge and hugged his wife from behind

You'r too good to me Priya Ram said and kissed her when he pulled back he noticed a smug look on her face

Yes I know nice hearing you admit that Priya grinned as she moved from of the kitchen to the living room She then grabbed the blanket that was draped over the leather couch and proceeded to lay it on the floor in the space between the fireplace and the coffee table

What are you doing Priya? Ram asked as she returned to the kitchen and grabbed serving plate from the cupboard and a large serving tray

Isn't it obvious? I wanted to have a nice quiet dinner with you by the fireplace Priya answered as she served the pulao into the plates and placed them and cutlery on the tray with a smile Ram quickly took the tray from her hands and walked over to place it on the coffee table and sat down on the blanket using the couch as a backrest he lightly pulled Priya to the floor to sit in between his legs

Dinner was as peaceful and romantic as Priya had wanted it to her it felt like a date night with her husband To hear the crackling sounds of the fire as she and Ram ate dinner together nd every now and again would feel Ram's free hand caress her back as a sign that he too was enjoying the moment when dinner had finished Priya jumped up and moved to the fridge to serve dessert and quickly returned to her position on the blanket between his legs and gave him one of the phirni nd a spoon

Wow this is so good Priya Ram exclaimed after tasting his first spoonful the phirni was rich decadent and quickly became his new favourite dessert Priya smiled as she ate hers happy to know that he enjoyed every bit of their dinner by the fireplace Priya's smile became a grin as she watched her husband lovingly the dessert into his mouth in approval as she moved to place the dishes on the tray to clean up later

That was absolutely delicious Priya allow me to pay my compliments to the chef Ram exclaimed with a grin as he moved to lie down on top of his beautiful wife he quickly made sure to grab one of the couch cushions as he kissed her and laid it behind her head as he guided her to lie on the blanket underneath him he kissed her with such passion to remind her just how much he loved and cherished her after all she had made him his favourite meal and treated him to an amazing dessert nd her choice of location to have dinner only heightened his desire to shower her body with kisses when he heard her sigh in bliss

You definitely paid your compliments to the chef honey Priya said through her heavy breathing when he slightly pulled back to gaze at her flushed face the backs of his fingers gently caressed her cheek

You deserved every bit of that and more my love we should have more dinners by the fire if it ends up like this Ram said with a smirk

Definitely Priya agreed Ram deeply kissed her again

Priya could not have imagined a more perfect ending to their peaceful little dinner by the fire but then again being in his arms upstairs was better she had the rest of the night to enjoy the feel of her husband's strong and gentle hands caress her bare skin all over for now this was perfect to make out with her husband on the floor by the crackling fire was incredibly intense and romantic she felt Ram's hand reach for hers and laced their fingers together

Ram was right dinners by the fireplace were definitely going to become a regular in cold weather occurrence for the couple

The End

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Posted: 2015-05-15T09:16:29Z
Superb OS!!
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Posted: 2015-05-15T09:40:01Z
ooohhh. that was tooo sensuous. prajakta u r on fire. mala pm ka nay kela?
do write more
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-05-15T10:26:48Z
super os...awesome part...write on other story
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Posted: 2015-05-15T11:25:33Z
fire dnr rmnce 2gthr...nyc part.
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Posted: 2015-05-15T22:49:43Z
Oh dat was a grt dinner Wink Mr and Mrs kapoor enjoyed it to the fullest Smile
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Posted: 2015-05-16T00:26:05Z
Awesome Buddy...ClapClap
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Posted: 2015-05-16T01:31:03Z
Originally posted by iluvusakshi

ooohhh. that was tooo sensuous. prajakta u r on fire. mala pm ka nay kela?

do write more

Thanks Namrata me konalach Pm nahi kela actually me Pm karaylach visarli log out kelyavar mala aathavla me Pm ch nahi kela sorry next time pakka karen

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