Software Symphony 21 Plan & Pilfer on 17 - Page 38

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

Originally posted by Ashu25

Lo bhai...Ab yahan ke hall of fame mein bhi hum logon ki hi hawa lagta hai LOL
Long live SOSY

what is hall of fame di ...hum toh R&B type log hai LOL

Fan fiction home page irrukku ille adule top left paarungo...Hall of fame anu blue le irukkum
Click that

Or wait Ll provide you the link Confused

Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

So many good conversations. I can't even hit like button.
Airtel network sucks in Bangalore.
The greedy Mittal's have given more connections which their network cannot support Angry

Airtel sucks everywhere Putti LOL

Ask me about it Cry
Posted: 7 years ago
Review likhe huye bahut din hogaye nahi ??
Ek jaaye aaj ko ??
Abhi wale update pe...

Please test my writing skills ladies LOL

I need to improve it...Warna kahin ki nahi rahoongi Ouch
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

Review likhe huye bahut din hogaye nahi ??
Ek jaaye aaj ko ??
Abhi wale update pe...

Please test my writing skills ladies LOL

I need to improve it...Warna kahin ki nahi rahoongi Ouch

write .. chalo let me get some work done LOL
looks like a bunch of Sosy folks are there ..awesome
Posted: 7 years ago
Fears & Follies

"You need to stop crying" "Did u check ur BP today?" II asked...

Akka shook her head sniffling on II's chest

"I am going to check for u" "I am going to go cook"

She checked BP it was shockingly normal... Akka dozed softly

She texted Mahavir "PLEASE KHANA BANA DO" she said in Hindi font... no response

She texted the dude  "Will u please ask mahavir to fix dinner no matter what?"

"No matter what?" he sent a confused smiley
"Mera matlab... make dinner" II bit her lower lip

"I will"

"Will u be home for dinner?"

"U cant be missing me... I spent the whole afternoon with u" she texted a smile

"I didnt say I missed u" he sent her smile back

"Umm... sorry... I mean..." II was embarrassed she assumed he would miss her

They both stared at the empty screen at their end...

"II" he texted

"I have to go" she texted quivering... "II" was his way of saying "I am messing with you"

"Will u tell him?" II asked


"Mahavir" she texted

He half smiled

"U guys shud eat... is Dad home?"

"I dont know I am at Spectrum"

"I am not home... u cud be reading on the swing" she smiled

"I could..." he said

"U refused khana from Malcha Marg" II complained softly not realizing Akka was snoozing
"Idukke enna pechu pesara paar Bala (See how he bad mouths already?) Akka leaned on the head board
The AC was not functioning at its best... II was glad there was a new one... but worried about power bills and
Athim's obsession with turning it off every couple hours

"Mine says the most horrible things too" II muttered

"Enna sonney? MINE? Did u just say MINE?" Akka sniffled and giggled at the same time

II blushed a deep red...

"Umm.. u know..."

"I dont... sollu kanna... WHO did u refere to as a MINE?"

"Akka PLEASE knock it off" II scolded... biting her lower lip

"MINE?"  "So he is YOURS othukare" (u agree now?)

"I... uh... ayyo... I dont know... he is a handful" Ii muttered softly

"Achhhaaa? Hmmm... kya kya karta hai bata"

"when he is (aroused) he looks at me like he will gobble me up" II gasped  
"when he is mad he looks at me like he would chop me up and throw me in the fire and BBQ me" II said

"Let me the first one in detail" Akka giggled

Her face was puffy and red... but she was laughing hard

"U know everything" II said

"No I dont... when he was chasing u or ermm... being everywhere u went without chasing you... I shud say... u cudnt curse him enough" Akka reminded her

"I still do" II said

"Epppo? WHEN DO U CURSE HIM NOW?" Akka whispered

Nudge nudge wink wink... nudge nudge


"Hey vaa di inge" "Tell me no"

"I curse him in BED... ENOUGH?" II asked

"NIIICE... kya use karti hai... maa behen ki gaali?" Akka rolled on the bed

II grabbed the pillow Akka was leaning on and smacked her

"I say WORSE... poruma? Hes is a PIGGG!!!"II gasped hitting akka gently... her hair flying all over her red face

"I TOLD U I begged u to come stay with me in Munirka until the baby is born" Akka argued

Akka held the pillow...

"I cant do that" II sat down breathlessly

"WHY?" Akka asked seriously

"He will kill me... I am not allowed to leave home" II said breathlessly

"And u let him dominate u in this aspect dont u?" Akka said somberly

"I revel in being wanted like that... he doesnt even talk.. hes in the office working or in the balcony reading.. if I am not home he gets pissed" II said

"Do u tell him u secretly wish he wud crave for u lifelong" Akka asked

II shook her head... "I dont tell him anything about how I feel"

"WHYYY?" Akka asked stunned

"I... umm.. I dont... I dont... I... he probably thinks or will think... seriyana patti kaadu (gawar)" II said

"ISHITAAA" Akka scolded sternly

"When umm.. umm.. u know... when we make love...
I hold on to him and say "Dont go back to work" "DONT GO" " "And when I wake up I scan his face to see if he is going to mock me"  "He doesnt" Ii said

"But does he stay in bed "afterwards" or leaves u?" Akka asked

"Stays" II nodded... without a second thought

They both were silent... staring at opposite walls...

"He probably knows how clingy and needy I am... and... umm.. he married a "typical middle class girl" II muttered

"So u will forever lie or live in shame?" Akka asked

"Its better.. this way. Nobody gets hurt" II lied

Akka wondered why II chose to experiment with her life like this... she hadnt seen such attraction in any one before... handt seen such fear either

"Seri I will make aloo methi since Athim loves it, and will also make paneer shimla mirch, I will cut up bhindi, u can make it tomorrow" II offered

"there was no paneer" Akka said lost

"I went down for ice cream and got more milk and a bunch of things"

"DONTTT I have to pay u, Bala will yell... "She buys things for Rs.3000 in 3 minutes... out of control she is"

"Tell him to take the advice and shove it... or go do the same at Ambala Anna's house" II offered nastily

"The fact is... HE WONT... they dont share the same bond u and I do" Akka said quietly

"Adukku yaar enna panna mudiyum? " (what can WE do abt that?)

"Its natural... Ishita... hes a lil jealous" Akka said with a guilty face

"I am not snatching you" "whatever" II refused to agree

"I got a bunch of treats for Shravu I am going to wake him now and feed him that... Can i take him home?
I PROMISEEE I PROMISE... I will personally drop him off at school tomorrow EXACTLY at 7:15"

Akka squirmed


"Achocho... WHY are u crying?"

"I CAN SEE FINGER PRINT on his cheek" II sobbed

Akka cried too...

"Bala wont let him go until this is resolved kanna" Akka pleaded


Literally sat on the bed and held Akka's feet

"Podi... leave my feet alone" Akka chuckled

"Please ka"

"I KNOW what u are fearing, I promise he wont hit him again"

"HOW WILL I KNOW?" I dont even live here... I am told I am not welcome here... Appa hates the dude so I cant go to D II, so next time dude fights with me

I have to check myself into a hotel" II released her angst

Who said she was mature and a oldie

Akka smiled and invited her for a hug... "Ur house has 24 rooms no?" Akka asked gently


Akka laughed noiselessly hugging II

"He wont find u in a hotel?"

"who cares... when we fight all I want to do is run away" Ii said

"I will tell him not to fight... OK raja?" Akka cooed

"Its his way or the freeway... opinionated and stubborn..." II hissed

"His sonneya HER sonneya?" Akka giggled (did u mean to say HER?)

II stiffened.. getting away  "NOT FUNNY..." she warned

"No no" Akka nodded

"I am goingt o go cook, text that husband and tell him I am taking the boy home"

Akka nodded fearfully

"I CAN TOO I am not afraid of Athim or the DUDE" II displayed bravado

"THATS MY GIRL... Seri velayoda velaya (after texting Bala uske saath saath)I will also text the dude and tell him how much you love him" Akka winked

"NOOO NOOO NOOO... DONT... NO... PLEASE DONT" II clamped a hand over her mouth terrified

"U were wrong... u are fraid of the dude" Akka said smugly... II hit the lights and left

II shut the door... returned after five minutes... opened the door and hissed into the room "DO NOT TEXT HIM KA AYYYO PLEASE"

"No I wont" Akka smiled

She changed into one of Akka's newly laundered kaftans... to be able to do house work... Burberry and aloo methi didnt quite mix in the 47C kitchen
when II was done cooking, feeding her in laws, cleaning her living room, folding her laundry.. flipping clothes that hadnt dried yet

Woke Shravu fed him junk food and vanilla shake... did not ask him any thing...  Athim as expected refused to let him go
He returned when II was feeding his parents

He saw her an his expression changed to anger

"VANDITA ENGE?" (where is she?)

"Asleep" Ii said snarkily

"Paiyan ishtathukku pannuvan aval poi toongiduvo" (boy will do mann maani she will go sleep) he muttered

"Vaa paa vandu saapdu vaa" (come beta eat) Paati cooed to her son

II smirked

It was OK for a 75 year old woman to coo to her 40 year old son
It was not OK for Akka to protect Shravu
Double standards!!!!

"North Indian saapadu romba pramadama samaikara" Appa kooda dosa venum sollittu roti saapadra paar (she cooks northie food so well, appa wanted dosa
 now he is eating a full meal)

"She married a Punjabi... she must make that food" Bala snapped

"Neenga saapadrela?" (Will u eat?) Ii ignored the jab

He sat sulking...

II fed him with love and affection... not saying a word...
He saw the box of Perk treats...

"Idu onn velaya?"  (Did u bring?) he asked

She nodded

"SPOIL HIM FULLY" he hissed

"Athim hes a kid... how can I deny him treats"

"BUY FOR NANDU... you have another 10 year old now" he reminded her

She cried softly... cleaning up the kitchen...

Shravu played on his DS... Athim didnt check on him didnt bother to ask him if he ate.. didnt ack him... like Shravu didnt exist
It made II more fearful for what he was going to do tomorrow at school

saw the ipad on his study desk, hit the Home key it was locked...
based on the back ground image IT DID LOOK LIKE it was Nandu's when Shravu played his Nintendo she gently turned it over to see

It had a N or V and B

Manny shud never find out...

II smirked at that thought  


It was 10: 42 , her in laws were in bed... Akka was asleep too

Shravu played

She gently cooed to him...  kissed his face... every spot... hugged him tight...
took him to Akka's room and lay him down for sleep in the divan by the wall where he slept usually in summer as his room didnt have AC

Athim was on his laptop...

"Naa varen" she said (Milti hoon phir)

She walked over to Akka kissed her on the forehead...

"take the treats home" Athim said

"I WONT" she said boldly and LOUDLY

And let herself out... and then went back in before she shut the self locking door and picked up her things

R&B had texted her at 9, 10 and 11... "I can come get you"

She smiled her eyes fogging up with emotion... she had parked three blocks down..
it was HOT muggy night..

She drove home at 11:18

Manny and Vik were eating in the lounge... and drinking  chatting loudly with Ranjan

Ranjan smiled joyously

"Khaana laga bhai... Ishita aa gayi"

Ii realized she hadnt eaten...

"She must have eaten already" Manny said "Iyers eat early" she smiled cheerily

"Ya... Akka made paneer" she lied

"How is Vandita?"

"Great Dad"

"Shravu shaitaan.. usko kya kehti hai? Ranjan asked "Ya animal planet" he laughed loud and hard

"Hes great" II smiled weakly

"Oh! good... atleast some body is good... Nandu lost his iPad so Sam ke, toofan macha hai"

II screamed to herself

"Bacha hai it happens" Ranjan smiled it OFF


Ii stared at Ranjan

And wondered how it would have been to have a Dad like him... not Appa not Athim but a Dad like Ranjan

Manny whispered some secret to Vik and they both giggled

II went up... and searched for him found him in the balcony reading

"Phew!!! mujhe laga... tumne TV dekhna shuru  kar diya" she teased

He saw her look rather fetching in a mustard tye and dye kaftan... tired and sad... but sexy

He extended his hand...

"I smell like aloo methi and sweat"

"I smell like..(he smelled himself).. umm... dont know" he smiled

She went to him anyway...

"Have u eaten?" he asked

"No... I forgot" she said

He texted Minion...

"HOLD ME" II said choking...
"Sure!!!If u promise not to pay me" he chuckled.. sarcastically.. pissed off at the bank discussion

She looked devastated at that jab...
 she gently attempted to get off the swing...

He kicked his book grabbed her and held her tight...

Posted: 7 years ago
Namratha's posts got over for the day
She wanted to post this
Hence I am doing it on her behalf :

Just did a quick catch up with both the updated
Dint find enough time to read through the comments 
First I shall post then I shall read Wink 

Sosy's thinking has risen up a notch higher with it Turing 21
If an already meaningful story goes ahead speaking about various perspectives of relationships it is overwhelming 

These two updates were about equations 
Shravu - nandu equation
Two kids bonding so well that they feel like twins...and in such a situation a kid is given more that the other... results in some drastic actions by the other
My outlook to shravu's action is that I am not shocked...every kid while growing up goes through phases and this is one of them...rational parents must sit down and make the kid understand why he is given what he is given and what is the difference in his and nandi's a language he understands 
I don't day bala did a grave mistake by slapping was a spontaneous event owing to the mess he and vandu are surrounded by...but he needs to get a grip of his frustration for a moment and sit with his son... it will take time for bala to be able to do it but he must
So the above point also highlights the father-son equation...bala is a friend to his son...he will make sure things are OK

Sali-jiju equation
Bala yelled at II...I am not pissed with him...what I see is the comfort level in their takes a close person for us to be able to shout at when and not think twice... I would do to my sister when In a mess..cos she understands
So I would like to pat II's back for taking things in the right sense and being somebody one can trust to understand

Hubby-wife equation 
R&b suggesting his bank for ii to loan from is an action that speaks for his attitude... an attitude of standing by his wife through her decisions even while hating them...when in a relationship you don't try to make the partner work out things the way u want...u let them sail their own boat and row along with a life jacket in vase they must need it mid sea

Him eanting to hug her but choosing not to highlights how he dorsnt pity with her but feels and understands her every emotion...a hug at that seconf would be shoeing pity and im glad he dint

Akka-sis equation 
Support care understanding... can't describe what these two sisters share in more words...they make me tear up for what thy share... enough to fact every Strom in life

Sam tan and r&b will never have bitter reactions to this situation 
Im worried about the laptop issue resurfacing due to the ipad with Manny around the corner 
Posted: 7 years ago
Like button not working for me...I'm so handicappedCry
Posted: 7 years ago
she gently attempted to get off the swing...

He kicked his book grabbed her and held her tight...


She needed this hug more than anything else...reaffirms in her heart that she means a lot to him though her head continues to say otherwise Cry

Glad to see the connect between the two of them...even the battles seem more mellowed...did you mean to keep them so Nisha ?

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