Software Symphony 21 Plan & Pilfer on 17 - Page 107

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by Ashu25

Our dearest panda bear EnVee is on a trip for a week now... 
Hoping she returns safe!! 

She is the female nomad of this group. Where has she gone now?

Trekking she said

Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by SAKIV-RAM

Originally posted by shidin0117

Hey Vikas,
Did u and ur team get the trophy for the project?Smile
trophy ROFL.

No trophies there.

We got second prize for the best project in Mechanical Dept.
Certificate and cash prize.

Actually progress in plans and going bigger with our work.
Many people are asking to go INDUSTRIAL.
Plans are that way.

Ok, and good idea...all the best...Clap
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by sarsyed

Originally posted by shidin0117

Hey Nisha,
Since they have fought, let them sulk...and can we have them watching their marriage pics or videos, or atleast some old photos. Dude has not said anything abt II's dance during the mehendi. Can we have him reminscing abt his style ofcourse. I love the described their feelings.

or can we have II going to the room where Savvy has his pics.


I was reading that part jst now, so came up with this request Nisha.

I was ROFLing when I read this part:

Appa HATED that smug quiet self confidence. The "I want her & I will take her away" determination he saw in his eyes.

I swear it ...the pre wedding and also the Paris wala chapters make me go so in luv with themHeart
I re read them when I am stressed or unhappy it's like having a chocolate makes me hpy in a minute Wink

Me too, me too, I have made a list of chapters that I feel like re-reading, and now since Vikas has made it so easy to access, I do that a lot.

It just puts me in a happy mood...
Posted: 7 years ago
My wifi is testing my patience Angry
Posted: 7 years ago
Thanks Preeti Sarsayed and Shilpa I am glad there are chapters you turn to when u feel low. I am just collecting my thoughts as I go off to write the next chapter.

Its very easy to write a flawless lead, or both flawless leads... and have everybody around them be caked up with faults, and the husband and wife handing out advice left right and center... baat baat par...

They are helpful, caring and affectionate... but do many many things wrong. II is 28 (Thanks Shru) too young to be wise, mature, or over smart... bhugatne dete hain kuch saal aur... school of hard knocks, you never graduate from it, I hear
Posted: 7 years ago
nandu shravu friendship will remain intact na??? Disapprove animal planet and lil shy type nandu makes a super combo...i love them...
Posted: 7 years ago
The makings of a scientists

Sooo cute!!!!!!!!I Heart R&BII i cant support either one today cause i can write essays saying why one is right and from my point of view they are both right.

I want to go to spectrum 20th floor and Hugthem ..

woh aayi roke gayi , he is standing helplessly not being able to pay for what even Bala would,  a normal middle class guy joh kar saktha hai woh the richest dude in Delhi cant Irony Clap

Lovely lovely Nisha totally enjoyed this one.. please i want to know where u get these ideas how ur brain works Star

And i noticed from the beggining Manny keeps complementing II on her looks and i know II cares 2 hoots about looks and actually i find it very insulting if someone complements my looks because my dear brother drilled this wonderful thing in my head
Beauty * Brains = Constant

So if you are appreciated for your looks that means u dont have the smarts .. my daughter also thinks the same LOLLOLLOL
My fav part:

He DID want to know and when he GOT TO KNOW it pissed him off... he no longer wanted to knowClap

His wife was furious and flushed... bruised with love bites all over and injured by his words
Edited by TanjoreGirl - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

I fully agree with your distress, this is like II trying to drive her car with no gas or with flat tire. It wont budge. She doesnt want to be mahaan or anyone's favorite, its just her nature to do before thinking. She is impulsive not only when it come sto matters of love but also matters of money

More often than not we will see sensitive emotional people be reckless with money... atleast based on my years of observation of friends and family. I dont know too many people thats ultra calculative with money but ultra generous with emotions and feelings

Being careless extends to all aspects of life
Atleast thats how I tailored her. We can hate her all we want or scream at our laptops. this is how she ISLOL  she doesnt involve herself in any of her in-laws' business trade related or personal. She is not greedy for things, she is very expressive. She cares deeply, she doesnt hand out advice like a soap bahu, is not curious to know how wealthy her father in law is or her husband is. Doesnt put up a pretense of being a dutiful bahu, cooking and cleaning all the time...

Her greatest flaw is her ego and her stubbornness... it will not GO AWAY, but she will learn somethings over time.

His greatest flaw is he is moody when it comes to his Dad and holds grudges for years and is unwilling to forgive or forget, AND IS EQUALLY EGOTISTICAL. Hed rather sulk than investigate what caused the scandal. They both use extremely  harsh words when  they battleCry

just read this my god sooo true
and thats why i can sooo relate to II

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