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Posted: 6 years ago

Sam fed her after the shameful skeweringLOL, her mother in law asked a few pointed embarrassing questions,
knowing fully well she was upstairs in the guest bedroom
She was told how "she must support Sam, as Sam us Bhallas ki beti, and its Ishita's duty to stand by her"

Sam eye signalled her... Ii smiled and let go of the whole thing

Sam had gotten made pooris with the afternoon subzis and gave her all the desserts to take home

"Aap please aayiye aunty ghar" II invited politely

"there is no time beta. I am not usually in India... this year we are here for one extra month, nahi to summers mein I dont like being here"
II nodded

"Mom she has lived in the US she knows how hot that can be too"

"Kidhar?" asked the lady

"atlanta... kabhi kabhi 41C bhi chala jaata hai... dry heat" II said politely

Not appreciated ofcourse when one is trying to trash India's heat... no place else can be hotter... not allowed

"Lasya ko lekar jaaon?" II asked softly
Sam began to say something, her MIL "Arey nahi beta, we are here for her only"

"Arey Mom Tan aur Nandu sunenge unko bura lagega" Sam gently mocked back

"I meant beta she is so cute... we love u too, you are like their Mom"
she waved a hand towards II "Ma ke jaane ke baad ur responsibilities have increased they all depend on you"

"I live 3 kms away and yet dont go much they are doing great by themselves Mom" Sam stressed

"Teri behen ki shaqal ko dekhkar to lagta nahi, but its OK I will let go now" she said dismissively  and then took a pot shot at II
"Ur brother never talks, she never stops... in a good way... in a good way" she smiled

"Will u come during the week?" II demanded of Sam

"I wil try... shaitaan..." Sam giggled

"Nahi to Lasya ko chhod dena aap" Ii deamnded

"Lasya is quite the celebrity is she not?" Tan's mom asked smugly

"she is adorable... so cute... she has Raman's hair, and Sam's looks" II said spontaneously

"Umm... uh... hmm" MIL grunted unable to decline


II chuckled to herself softly

She returned home stuck the desserts in the frig, there was no one home as usual
Texted Ranjan asking him when he can meet... apologizing for being late
He sent a smile and asked if she can meet at 7 at Emporio Mall

She asked Akka if she can hang for a couple hours, Akka  delegated the task of
buying to her and told her she shud send pictures of every saree she liked before she picked
Sam had refused to go already saying her MIL wont appreciate being abandoned after Sam spent the whole day entertaining her own family.
She felt just as much bad for Sam as she had been feeling for Akka after her lecture the other day
She didnt believe Ma would have been like that with her, she had never met the woman but was sure she would have been loved unconditionally
If not for anything else atleast for the fact that she was married to her most favorite human being... Raman.
"Manya to khush nahi dikhti" Sam MIL had said scathingly... II felt terrible Sam had to witness her listening to that
If Akka's MIL had said something nasty about II in front of Sam I bet Akka would have felt the same

Relationships were so strange... She didnt need to be a therapist to tell Manya cared for her just as much or less than when she met her for the first time
It wasnt getting better either... she was a novice when it came to understanding people...
she was only privy to Amma and Appa being rejected by their relatives, Periappa abandoned, she didnt know much about Amma's trials with Paatti
she was too little when they lived and not a teenager when Amma began talking about it boldly
Financially Iyers were doing a lil better by the time II turned a teenager so much of the  disappointments towards Tanjore relatives got masked
Financial well being tended to do that, problems were accentuated when economic hardships sat in the middle of the room
She hadnt been to see Periappa in a while... she had to..

Athim returning a portion of money he thought he owed, to R&B was so humiliating to her.
She would happily borrow Rs. 1.4 lakhs and hand it to Akka for using for all her home improvements
Appa insisting it be returned was totally wrong
She was helpless in getting her point across with Amma Appa and with Akka...
R&B had told Appa on his face "I cant accept it"
She hated his guts... in fact she detested it when it came to how he treated Ranjan,
yet when he spoke that way to Appa he made her tear up

She sniffled gently leaning on the closet wall

It hurt her to see Ranjan attempt to connect with her... instead of his son
She lacked courage to address it with R&B.. to ask him to share his outrage and sense of betrayal.
She feared what she may find out even

She went up to change, wore jeans and a white shirt braided her hair, realized she had forgotten paattu class
Called her teacher to apologize, and reschedule... the teacher was not happy... Ii was sure a call was going to fly now to Appa or Amma

She couldnt escape that, she was being negligent since she got married. She had barely wished Amma for Mother's Day today..
hadnt bought anything for Vandu or Sam

She was afraid to tell Amma she wanted a break... she really didnt want a break but wanted to put some thought into finding a better time

She was paying her teacher gobs of money Rs. 4000 a month, the teacher was reputable and had a wait list like Delhi nursery schools
She had held concerts in Vienna and Rome as part of India Day celebrations.
She wasnt popular like Nithyashree but was very respected, she had authored books and write articles and critiqued Kutcheris/concerts.

She leaned on the closet wall feeling terrible... wandered down the hall loking at the library and, and found him in his office, sprawled between stacks of files on the couch, twirling his hair taking a call
His eyes lit up when she passed... she passed first and she returned in disbelief... he straightened

Extending a hand, she stood outside the shut glass doors hands in pockets

and shook her head, he paused his call, and picked up his cell phone and texted

"Come on in" he signalled with his hand
"Vendaam" she texted
"Where are u going?" he asked
"With Dad shopping" she texted back bag emoticons and a gift
"Come on in II" he texted

They looked at each other through the glass door.
He got up the exact second she turned the door knob... saying something to his caller

They met each other half way...

He sat down pushhing papers, he seated her on his lap

"II" he muttered as she leaned on him


"Whats going on?" he asked

She didnt say anything just hugged him tight and exhaled audibly

"What happened?" he asked.. rubbing her back gently

"I missed paattu class" she began to cry

"Whattt?" he was baffled

"I missed class again" she said sobbing

"Its OKKK... u can resched for tomm" he coaxed

"I am not half as busy as Akka or Sam" she argued
She meant I dont get ONE PERCENT of the insults they receive

"shhh shhh" he said softly

"Tum kya kar rahe ho?" she asked

"I had a call with Alex & Jacque" he said plainly

"Life is so complicated" she began

He nodded

"Why dont u talk much?" she asked

He chuckled. She bobed on his chest as she lay side ways...
"Is that why life's complicated?" he teased

"Partly... u returned, Sam and Tan clobbered me for missing lunch" she complained
He smiled fully, she couldnt see it, at first... she threw her head back and looked...

He cuddled her tight...

"Tan said he had condoms in every drawer" II informed

"I know that" R&B informed

"Oh?" II muttered.. her insides on a free fall as she imagined his most recent or many of the other ones laying in the exact spot as her and he reaching for them as the girl writhed underneath

"Did u tell him we didnt need it today, since it was too soon after ur cycle" he asked shamelessly

"NOOO!!! I dont say anything to Athim... I cant believe u guys are so explicit" she grumbled
He gently lifte dher shirt off the jeans at the back sending his fingers trailing on her bare back. Fingering her hook with his index finger as she squirmed

"He wants u to join him for a drink, hes taking his Dad out" she stiffened as his thumb joined the lonely index finger on the strap

His head was on her neck... "where?"

"I dont know he just mocked me.. and said aaj ka quota poora... usko bhej de" "What are u doing?" she shrieked

He bent over kissing her...

"For the day may be... not for the evening or night" he said tasting of Sam Adams

"I am going with Dad... raat ko kya khaogey?" she asked caringly

Scoring his scalp with nails as he shut his eyes and savored being aroused...

"Move it to next Sunday" he whispered

"and do what?" she asked innocently "Oh yes I could go to paattu class" she whispered as his mouth closed on a lacy tip

Her phone rang...
she reached sending stuff crashing down... he reached and grabbed it
It was Ranjan

"Beta how about I meet u in 30 mins?" he had texted

R&B slumped on her... "Sam's mother in law wouldnt let me bring Lasya" she complained to the head office

"Are u shifting allegiance from Nandu Shravu now?" he mocked

"I might be...I just find her... umm... so... so delicious" she groaned helplessly

They cuddled each other imaginging Lasya

"she even rolls over... so fat and cute" II sighed

"she sucked my thumb for a good 7 minutes" he chuckled
"U counted?"
He nodded...

"Kal mera appointment hai Citi Bank mein" she said softly
He paused... gently letting go... she hooked up her lingerie and wore her shirt back on sitting up

"What time?" he asked

"3" "Umm" "thanks" she said "Vareya?" she asked

He nodded...

"Raat ko kya khaogey?" she asked again

"Tur" (Turkey sandwich)

"Nahi" she ordered

"Fine... whatever" he said agreeably

"II" he called out

She turned from the door "Hmm?"

"is something else bothering you?" he asked

"Tum" she said with a half smile...

He nodded...

Edited by Nisha0604 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Super cute update to end the Sunday Nisha.
Somethings are bothering II Unhappy and R&B sensing it. I am really liking the way they are turning to each other for emotional support. The couple are slowly taking this relationship forward.
Looking forward to II shopping with Ranjan.

So tomorrow everyone back to business in SoSY so as us.
Posted: 6 years ago
So now R&B can sense from her reactions that some thing's bothering II...these two have surely come a long way in their relationship...and are turning to each other for emotional support..good to see that nisha
Posted: 6 years ago
As always so good!
II and RnB meeting half way, II realising life was complicated, learning to be less self indulgent and the empathy she has for  Akka and Sam is so moving. Our brats are really growing up and into each other. 

Loved that they are now slowly learning talk rather than presume and clash. Clear shift in positions- shares and he lets her talk and lets her know ever so subtly he cares. Loved the Citi convo and the fact he raised no buried hackles.

Heartwarming. You'll have ensured an edgy jumpy insominiac can think of hitting the bed with a smile. SoSy at it's best today for me Nisha!Clap

Enjoy your Sunday. and Mothers day for you guys right? For us here it's the morning after  in a couple hours. Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
My butterball is a celebrity!! Of course she is!! Hug She sucked his thumb for 7 minutes. AwwwDay Dreaming I seem to get tunnel vision whenever she is mentioned and the remaining parts need to be processed in the second readLOL
Thank u for the update NishaSmile
Posted: 6 years ago
ini citibank,AGM,vikram's business venture disclosure to manya...tough days ahead...and the most important one being sam's the time is getting more suitable for 'certain' things to happen too... WinkEdited by ishruhi - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
All most slept off waiting for the update,...good end to Sunday. I love these two cuddling and actually having a convo. Both of them sense when the other is upset or something is troubling each other. so nice to see the progress they are making in their relationship. You are bringing it out superbly Nisha.Clap
Loved them talking about Lasya, sucked on his thumb for 7 cute...Big smile. Dude really loves kids. yeah II Life is complicated...for all of us too who r in different phases of life.

Good she herself told abt the Citibank meeting and dude didn't mock her.

Now II has started giving half smiles, Dude's influence.

Looking fwd to read abt the shopping expedition of FIL nd DIL.

Good Night, feeling damn sleepy.

Posted: 6 years ago
Wishing all of you Moms a very Happy Mother's Day!!  

Nisha-awesome update as always.

I really love that II is able to see the difference between herself and Vandu and Sam.  She also is really showing  her empathy for Ranjan.  I am so proud!!!!Clap

II and R&B's relationship is not a traditional one and I love seeing the nuances.  Big smile  Thank you!!!

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