Software Symphonies 19 "To step on" on 137 - Page 37

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Posted: 7 years ago
A topic i can't resist staying away from Teens and peer influence on them. I watch with pleasure young people hone in on varied skills and the values and bonds getting formed. I agree that 16 somethings regularly updating whats app, twitter  Hi friend et al is the in thing...its uncool to eat home food... being the sought after person from your early teens is your cool quotient...if you dont have special friend by high school you are a goner...i guess gadgets are precipitating the trend...I sound Jurassic in the pace of Bangalore's kids today...they are moving at a great pace:)

Posted: 7 years ago
after reading all these posts...thank god i am living in this far most corner of the world!!!being in oblivion is better!!!or tha best...
Posted: 7 years ago
Hii Nisha...I am back soon with a comment on the updates...I just could not stop myself from commenting after reading the latest is simply great...the way you deal with every aspect of the story is simply brilliant...I really loved R&B and Ranjan's concern for II...the kiss on the forehead by R&B and the soft pat by Ranjan, awww..this really stole my clearly showed what II means to both these men...and II's concern for these two men, really made me feel whether they acknowledge or not these three have become a close knit unit with Ishita being the medium of getting the father and son close...talking about Sam and Tan's visit to II and R&B, well I really liked Tan very much in this update, his advice to Raman, "Dont force her to accept something when shes not ready, when she realizes something is worth it, khud hi karegi dude"; this was bang on..kudos to Tan for this..and I agree a day would come jab Ishita bina jhijhak, right-royally apne Pati 'Raman' aur uske har cheez pe haq jatayegi...but the only thing is that II will come to terms with it as long as you do not force her I guess...I really liked Sam's conversation with II, the butterball's talk is making II smile...Sam's question to II regarding if R&B hit her, at this point all I thought was...nahiii..yeh Sam ne kya pooch liya R&B se...bechare ko is sawaal se takleef hogi, it is like for II's condition R&B is being blamed...ohhh...poor Raman..but I feel taali kabhi ek haath se nahi bajthi, agar Raman ka tareeka ghalat tha tho Ishita ka bhi andaaz ghalat tha...they are husband and wife and they really need to talk and share their thoughts...they cannot call the shots without even letting the other know...yes permission is not needed but they really need to keep each other in the loop and  aware of what they are doing, this will do...though the intention was not wrong on both sides, II wanted to be supportive of her family and Raman just want to protect his wife, his II, the approach might be wrong but they are not wrong...what Sam did in this update was simple and straight, she has shown the mirror to R&B in her own way...a few days back the question was how Sam has forgiven her father and are their no troubles in her life due to the scandal and with this update we know Sam's life too is not a bed of roses, Tan's parents and her relationship is soured due to the scandal, but yet it is her magnanimity that she is not influencing Tan to keep his parents away...she has just learned to accept the facts and live rather than holding onto grudges...yes Sam is right in whatever way R&B punishes Ranjan, his mother is not coming back so all Raman could do is at least forgive and move on, I am not saying forget and move on because that might take a long time...but forgiving and moving on will surely make lives easy and the bitterness will gradually reduce...I feel Sam was a little harsh in blaming Raman for Ishita's condition, but R&B needed this jolt I guess for him to see things from a different perspective...I really liked Tan bonding with II...and before I forget to mention, when II gained consciousness she apologized to R&B, while R&B was shhing her..this shows that II does not blame Raman for what happened and the way II defended R&B in front of Sam saying she pushed him around in her anger, I simply loved this.. come what may both these two; Raman and Ishita will not let the other down in front of others and this is something I adore in R&B and II's relationship... awesome updates..job well done...I am eagerly waiting to read about how R&B and II will make up this time and if by chance Mr. Iyer is added to this scheme of things, it is going to be trouble..I really wish II and R&B solve their troubles rejecting interference from whichever side it is coming from, whether it is coming from Ranjan or Mr. Iyer or anyone else...I really want Raman and Ishita to solve the differences on their own this time around...very good going...nice updates... please do continue soon...waiting for the next update very eagerly...Thumbs Up Edited by MysticRiver - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
was thinking about swathi ashu and hershey...swathi reserved for her post...where is harshita???
Posted: 7 years ago
Idli ka ghol & Chatanee anmol

"I dont expect us all to ever go back to being how we were when Ma was around" Sam continued to sob
"OK I AM TOTALLY LYING I DO... subah shaam din raat jab bhi main Lasya ki shaqal dekhti hoon I expect it (whenever I see Lasya)
"I want Ma to magically return and hold her. I want Ma to do that thing she would do to Dad when he would hold Nandu"

R&B half smiled, though he was terribly disturbed by Sam's sudden opening up like this

"Peechhe se... u know... tujhe yaad hai?"

R&B's eyes glistened as he nodded... he continued to listen with rapt attention

"MAIN MUDKAR BHI DEKHTI HOON... Ma nahi hoti" Sam cried into her hands  "We are not 50 or 60 R&B hum abhi chhotey hain, hamare saath aisa kyon hua yaar?"
(I turn to see if Ma shows up, but nope!) (We are still so young why do we have to deal with loss?)

"My mother in law, takes pot shots at Dad ... at us... WHY?" Sam cried  "I LOVE Ishita... she is goofy, funny... passionate and so so so loving" Sam was loud

R&B's face muscles relaxed... his eyes took on a glint...

"Baap rey she gives you a solid fight nahi... mujhe lagta hai marti hai tujh par yaar. Please dont screw it up R&B"
(She is smitten)

She is too stubborn" he said

"Haan to usko pyaar se samjha... treat her like a kid... hum kis se ladte hain bol? SPOUSE, SIBLINGS AND PARENTS.
If we are lucky a best friend or two." Sam said

"She is from a different setting, raised with different values u know...
Iyers are supposed to be really ethical and honest, Tan was saying the Indian Overseas
Bank he operates out of for work the GM is an Iyer he actually took on the Bank's administrative head over some wrong doing" Sam spoke in awe

"she has a lot of pride... usko tu insecurity keh le ya kuch bhi" Sam said softly

"Alag hai tabhi toone pasand kee na? Yaha u cud have married anyone... like chachi's bahus
Green Park Jor Bagh, Tughlaq Rd.. any one.. she would have gladly spent your money, but the issue would have been something else"

R&B: "sisterly advice?" he half smiled

"Nahi MOTHERLY" she smacked him

"Who knows what her fears are u know... u just know she doesnt want your money... its not a rejection of you LOVE" she pleaded

"Whenever I bristle when Tan comes to bed late by an hour the last week, he jokes or teases me...
but unko pata zaroor hoga I am jealous of him. We dont act up until something bothers us"
"Chaar saal mein my MIL has been here the longest this time and its unbearable for me, when I didnt get along Ma and I would go to a spa and chill
Na Ma hai na kuch" she began to cry again

He hugged her...

"Dad ko kya boloon main?" Sam asked thoughtfully.  "Tan is seriously an angel for putting up with me for 4 years u know... Lasya is Ma's gift to me, R&B"
"I am more broken than you two. But I appear the happiest" she sniffled

"I know you feel like I betrayed you by forgiving him" "Dont lie... I know u do" "Forgiving him is not equal to hating brother. I still love you (choking up fully) I love you more than I did when Ma was around... tere liye lekar bhi aa jaaoon unko, but KIDHAR SE?Cry

Minion came up "Didi ke liye kya banayen?" he asked smiling

"Bhaiya aap mujhe poha aur hari chatni bana denge kya? saath mein ek aloo ka parantha?" she asked warmly

"Gobi, paneer mooli, methi, gajar, pudina har koi didi" he listed

"Woh to apni bhabhiji ko khilao aap" she smiled

"Woh to... sakhat beemar hain... idali bana dein kya? bhabhiji ne idli ka ghol banaya sunday ko"

R&B nodded...

"Chatanee bhi?" he asked clarifying

Sam nodded amused

"Chalo chatanee anmol bhi"
R&B looked confused

"Must be a new recipe he has for coconut chutney... the help network is active on pinterest I am told"

R&B did not look surprised

"Did u call Bally?" she asked

"Vandita ko main kahoon" she offered walking up and giving im a long tight hug

"He nodded holding her... gently rocking her...

"Kal AAFAT KAR DEE Lasya ne, shes JUST LIKE YOU if she wants something" Sam said proudly

She narrated the theatrics over a Dora cup... he chuckled and they walked back to II's room

The female nurse was disconnecting the IVs... as she spoke with the Doc on the phone and
Tan was out in the formal living room of the second floor down the hallway from the master..
reading the newspaper having his third chai minion brought over moments ago

"How are you shaitaan?" Sam asked

"Good" she said resting... looking up something on his ipad

"Mere ghar chalo ab" Sam ordered

II looked at R&B "Is he coming?"

Sam said "Woh kyon aayega TUMHE BULAYA MAINE"

"If he is not going I am not going" she said earnestly

Sam watched R&B blush her eyes telling him "I told u marti hai tujh par"

Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604


My 16 year old is actually a 80 year old man. He is very very grounded. He watches cheesy scenes and rolls his eyes or will say "Somebody PLEASE KILL ME"
He hasnt brought ONE juicy tid bit home from school about any girl or anything. Thats not to say he doesnt TALK about it with his nerdy friends. I BET HE DOES

BUT... he is extremely eager to please his parents so I think that trumps everything for him

But my 7 year old? Already I have heard the word "love" a million times from him... "I love her as a FRIEND" yeh baat zindagi mein PEHLI baar uske mooh se suna. Wonder what does that say about me? I lived in a cave? or elementary school in 2015 is not what it was 10 years ago?

Carol, my coworker friend says the exact same thing about middle school. I AM SHOCKED you say it too. I cant even recall my oldest's middle school years... just cant

yes honestly I dont worry for my son too , he for some reason loves to listen to gossip and tells me and his name is sidharth so he goes as sid the science kid ..he is fine.. also realizes that only if he gets into a good college he will get to get the girls he wants and now is not the time.. he has no self worth or look issues.
Now my daughter i totally worry she is in 3rd grade and talks about ryan loves colin and will tell me one day her nails need to look pretty too like you say this is in elementary , she says she needs to hangout in google+ & .middle school is really really rough on girls here ..its actually not fair ..
Honestly i envy the moms of boys then cause with girls its actually sad, to see them so focussed on looks so some stupid fr*king boy can find them good looking CryCry
Posted: 7 years ago
i know discussions are going on...but isnt it time for an update??? Disapprove
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by ishruhi

i know discussions are going on...but isnt it time for an update??? Disapprove
look above it came already in 38

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