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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by ishruhi

hey SR!!you quit your job??i remember once you mentioned how much you have to travel everyday bcoz of that job!!!!
Yep..I did just that, but landed another one that takes me to the same locationEmbarrassedOuch.
I start on Monday. I just don't seem to get any openings in my neighbourhood.

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Posted: 6 years ago
(This  will be one of my all time favorite chapters, though I am writing it sleep deprived)

Turning Point

Propped up on fluids, she looked better in 6 hours, Ranjan and R&B took turns caring for her, Dr Baig stayed until 3 AM and left.
Ranjan asked Mahavir to bring food for R&B... he didnt eat much...

II stirred a couple times at first and opened her eyes around 4 ish when her fever broke
He sat by her drawing circles on her forehead when she moved her arm it pulled her IV and she cried out, Ranjan woke from his reclining position on the leather chair

"Betaji" he came over stumbling, half asleep...

"WHAT HAPPENED" she asked hoarsely

She saw her room and the bed but was hooked up to stuff, she was sweating a river

"U passed out dehydrated" R&B said

"Oh!" she said weakly shutting her eyes

"II" he called out caringly

She opened her eyes, he bent down and kissed her moist cold  forehead... "water?"

She nodded, he opened a new bottle and pured out some in a glass and held it on her lips
She drank the whole glass and whimpered softly

"Why arent you sleeping?" she asked

"Were u in the balcony?" she asked


"So jao na please?" she begged, he just stared nodding... "I am sorry" she said shutting her eyes "I"

"shhh shhh" he ordered

"Kaise ho betaji?" Ranjan asked soothing her hair

"I am OK... I am sorry, please Dad go to bed" and lay back down weakly shutting her eyes

Ranjan ended up texting Sam around 8 in the morning and she showed at 9 in sheer panic

"What happened?" she whispered staring at a sleeping II

"She was dehydrated and umm... we argued" R&B muttered

Sam looked at him blisteringly "OVER WHAT?"

R&B gave them both a quick 5 sentence update

Ranjan was still asleep on the ground floor... Mahavir brought Tan and her chai

"USKE PARENTS KO BOLA?" Sam hissed angrily

"Umm... no... not yet" R&B swallowed

"Nahi theek hai... its better to keep it a secret" she sneered

"what happened man" Tan ordered Sam, to stop..

"Why should I?" she argued

"Idhar ladna hai tumko?" he shot back at her

Tan took R&B to the balcony and asked him whats going on... R&B spoke little but explained what happened

"USKO KEH deta yaar, card was declined, she would have asked you to pay, baat khatam"

"She wouldnt, she would have used one of her credit cards" R&B said

"haan to de deti na?" Tan was casual

"Dont force her to accept something when shes not ready, when she realizes something is worth it, khud hi karegi dude" Tan offered ONE PIECE of polished advice

They talked weather, and French politics, and hung out for 45 minutes

Went in after 40 or so minutes

Sam was murmuring softly... "Nope she wants that RED DORA SIPPY CUP ONLY" "Tan has given up, he says he will order two dozen online" Sam laughed

"Kal poore ghar mein dhoonda kahin nahi mila she didnt drink at all kisi aur se" Sam smiled fondly

"Too cute" II said

"Paani doon tumhe? Sam asked

"I ve had so much water three bags of IV i think and went to the bathroom once, (Sam had helped her )

"Itni dehydrated jo ho"  "Tum dono ka kya kiya jaaye?" she asked with a tragic expression

II shut her eyes ashamed

"Isne tumhe maara?" Sam asked bluntly

"NOOO" "No" her eyes flew open, II was appalled his sister would ask that

"Are you out of your mind?" R&B asked spat at his sister

"Sam tujhe bola na maine" Tan scolded her

"No... no... Sam... in fact I pushed him around gusse mein" II admitted

"I dont want you to be afraid Ishita" Sam said firmly... choked up

"I am OK"

R&B was hopping mad at his sister... "can I talk to you for a second?"

"Kyon?" she asked angrily

Tan walked over to II and sat down by her... "Hamare bache tujhse EK WEEKEND nahi sambhle gaye dekh bistar mein chali gayi" (U cudnt last one weekend with our kids, ours & Akka's u end up in bed)

II shook weakly laughing  "I am telling you I dont want any"

"Nahi... usko keh raha tha... main soch le boss har hafta hum IV nahi kar sakte, come over and hang with the ones we made that should be enough for you" Tan chuckled

He held II's hand and squeezed...

"Are u out of your mind?" R&B asked

"WHY?" "when u can accuse Dad of being a murderer I thought I was allowed to ask your wife if u hit her"

"This has NOTHING to do with how I treat him"

"EVERYTHING in my opinion" Sam was unrelenting

"He was found almost naked in a hotel room" R&B slashed open the rotting sore all over again

"AND.. she is half dead in bed" Sam pointed out

R&B tucked his hands in his pocket grunting angrily

"You crucify him EVERY f**king day with your eyes." "THEEK HAI BHOOL MAT, MAAFI TO DE YAAR" she yelled, R&B shut the connecting door of the lounge

"His crime is not connected to why she is dehydrated"

"If you hit her then it is" Sam was blunt

"Well I DONT know that GENIUS. I look at the VISUAL CLUES and come to my own conclusion" Sam hissed

"We are all victims of circumstances R&B... WE ALL ARE... NOBODY IS PERFECT... you could have sat her down explained to her, why you want to help her. KIYA TOONE?

"She wouldnt listen, I know her"

"So u decided to go on a path that YOU think is right, screw the world?" Sam asked

"I AM not the villian here, she is irresponsible with her money" R&B said

"U point it out to her by half killing her?"

"I am angry too... when I see my in laws mujhe bhi aata hai gussa, I am jealous of Tan R&B, I see him sitting between his parents in the evening," her tears flowed

"HUM TEENO ki isme  kya galti yaar? to lose Ma like that?" she asked him accusingly... He reached out and hugged her... "Ek bande ke paas baith sakte hain ab" (we can sit with ONE individual now)" "Usko bhi baar baar baar baar tu laatein maarta ja" (you keep kicking him)

"I can manipulate Tan and ban his parents from visiting, Ma lautegi kya?" she asked on his chest... "Dad ko bahar khara kar deti hoon" "Lautegi Ma?"

"I dont want to talk about that" R&B squirmed

"Research, investigate, dig up...DIG UP, FIND THE TRUTH... BRING IT OUT IN THE OPEN... azaadi de us insaan nu..chahe jail bhej...
qaid kar rakha hai 4.5 saal se, maut se bhi battar sazaa di hai toone" (free the man, uve imprisoned him in your hate)"

"Hes guilty" R&B gritted his teeth

"Then u must be too" (of abusing your wife) Sam said bitterly freeing herself from his hug

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Posted: 6 years ago
using rnb's wealth will be a lil difficult for II for some more time...though cant compare with ii and rnb,one of my cousins is too reluctant to use her husband's money...they had a typical arranged marriage and she is working...she says she dont know why but need some more time to feel ok with money II is so much worried about her class difference with rnb...and we know her character being independent always...only qn remains is whether the families will come to know about the prenup!!!that holds a power of a tsunami...
Posted: 6 years ago
nisha you will give me a heart attack!!!update now!!!should change battery of my clock...thanks a million!!!should read!!!!
Posted: 6 years ago
That was a wonderful update.Clap
Sam was a sixer Wink
Posted: 6 years ago
Yes Yes one of the best update Nisha.
Good to see Sam confronting R&B. He is acting blind from 4.5 years without putting any effort to find the truth.
Sometimes what we see from naked eyes may not be true. Before accusing someone dig out the truth. I hope soon you will bring out the truth.
This should be one of the luckiest day. We are getting back to back updates from you.
Posted: 6 years ago
You've stood R&B in the Witness box here.

It's like everybody has reached a saturation point and the dam's burst. Interesting. What does this turn to for each one of the players?

To wait and watch.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by dristi64

Originally posted by blue5sky

NISHA yaar if you get to read this...
Do throw in some language related guffaws.

My hindi challenged dude's first gift to me was a personalised TUMI bag that had 'SKY' on it. He had heard my mom call me Asma ( that's my pet name) and watched some old random hindi movie song and figured out that  Asma was sky  because the song featured zameen and asmaan.

I run wild thinking about how tamil sounds must sound to RnB. I really enjoyed his chinese dinner at II's with Vandu.Embarrassed

Hi Asma :) I so enjoy language related muddle. It's somehow very endearing, especially between a couple. N your own R&B tidbit sounded so adorable that I just had to let u knowDay Dreaming

I agree Big smile. i am living example of that Wink

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