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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by taramira

Sab mere dushman hain aaj. Bechare Ranjan ko crucify kar rahe ho. Cut him some slack...circumstances ka maara...Jane do. Anyhow what do you have to do with him, please engage yourselves with the son...leave him to me and other gushers. Pehle scandal ne watt lagai...Phir robber gang laga rahe hain aur ab rum log bhi.l ET TU BRUTUS! 

M nt in full support of I can undrstnd wher he's coming from (I postd a few pgs back abt might hav been my 1st evr serious post on here Tongue). 
Anu nd I r soul sistrs 2day 4 tht reason. U can join us nd we will become Ranjan's 3 musketeers. LOL
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Posted: 6 years ago
Ogle & Careful

II:What exactly did he say Ma?"

Amma: Umm... Appa paakara talk softly (appa is watching)

II:Fineee Sollu Ma (irritable) (tell me)

Amma:Appa said "do u think she can stay home until the baby is born. August 24th solra doctors, so maybe until the baby turns 6 months"


Amma:He said... no Mama we have to talk that through (Iyer son in laws address their FILs as Mama), 


Amma: He is over committed, the car he bought for himself though used, is still on instalment, the house payment, 
Thatha Paati's Chennai house, house tax, repair they are fearful they wont let Bala rent it out, Ambala Anna doesnt pay a dime for their support, when ever Thatha Paati go there, they care for them, which is once a year for two weeks"

II:Paavam ma Thatha Paati

Amma:Naa ennadi sonnen (what did i say?)

II:No... its like they are causing all this

Amma: He makes finite amount, Vandu makes finite amount, Thatha Paati cant watch the baby, 
Thatha cant hear, Paati cant watch the kid because she cant walk around much... after Maternity she has to go back, day care...

II:Amma how about you hire a nanny and have her watch the baby at D II, ask Selvi...

Amma:Enna velaydereya (are u kidding?) Athimber wont agree

II: We are not helping them directly no? We will pay the Rs. 10,000 a month

Amma:Day time nurse is usually male since there is no one at home, the baby needs to be watched by a 
woman, Selvi has 4 kids all in school, she travels from Trans Yamuna, she has to be home by 4, any new girl with a baby? Bala wont agree kanna

II:what are the Docs saying?

Amma: Sam's Doc's friend the Chief Doc says she can go home by Sunday... idu vera (hospital expenses)

II:Amma Bank la kuduppa ille? (they have medical plans at the Bank no?)

Amma:they have for nursing home... but Max is out of anyone's reach kanna... a Max baby is Rs.4 lakhs or something Bala Mami's neighbor, Rohini Mami, her grandson was born here, LOT OF MONEY

Bala's Mom limped her way to the Iyer women "Ponnu enna solra?" (what is the girl saying)

"Mami yen srama padra solra (why is Paati here, she shud rest at home)" Amma smiled removing her purse from a chair

"Aathla okandu irupen inge okandu iruken (I sit at home I sit here) kindly

"They are saying Sunday" (in Tamil) II said amused

"She is going to give me my grand daughter why cant I wait?" Paati chuckled

"Baala Paavam" Amma said

"Kozhanda late" MIL said wearily  (Baby is late, after 35 yrs)  "These days who has time? she wanted but God's will" Bala's Mom choked up

II:Paati coffee kudipela? (will u have?)

Paati nodded... smiling... "Onnoda raja kutti enna solran (What is your prince saying?)

"Sanda podran" II said smiling (he fights)

"Pollaadu, pollaadu, avan vaaye tarkaardu ille, avan sanda podrana? (naughty girl he doesnt talk how can he fight?) Paati argued

"ennoda podran" (with me he does) II smiled

"Edavadu vasiyam pannidu" (do some black magic) WILY PAATI

"Seri, solli tarela?" II (will u teach me?)

Amma hit her "ISHITA... SHHH" "Paavam di avan" (poor chap)

"Mami he was here the whole time yesterday" Amma informed paati

"Teriyume... paathene... avalaye paathindu irundaan" (he was looking at her only)

II smiled shyly... speechless... walking away to get coffee for all, Appa and Amma ate

"Paati said u were looking at me" she texted him
"When would that be?" he texted back
"Why? do u look at me many times?"Embarrassed
"No I never do" he sent a winkWink
"RAKSHASAN " she sent in a giant fontBlushing


Ranjan shut his door, requested Mrs Sagar to get him some coffee from the Perk.
R&B's room was locked, wonder where he was...
He dialed Harish... "Kidhar jo beta"

"Bhaisaab aur kahan karam kar raha hoon (duty)" bad joke

"Chalo changa, aa jao phir thodi der


"Jee"  "Samar ki koi khabar?" Ranjan prodded

"Woh Jha aur Chabey ke beech confuse hai jara" (incorrect English)

"Hmm... shaam ko laut raha hai na?"

"Bhaisaab subah kaha na maine... advance ki baat?" Harish sounded impatient

"Chalo aa jao, khana khaogey?" 
"Jee kha lenge, tangri shangri mangwa leejiye"  (Excuse me? your son is in danger!! alert!!!)

"Chalo vadiya" Ranjan hung up

Mrs Sagar peeked  "Ishita is here"

"Arey SEND her in... oh no... u stopped her?" Ranjan got up immediately

His daughter in law walked in "aa ja puttar khaana kha lo"  "Mrs sagar" he paged

"No no... umm... no Dad... Mr Bhalla"

"Arey... u are family now" Ranjan smiled

"No I am here as a KMPG employee sir" she said

"Oh! sorry, baithen aap... how can I help you?"

"U cancelled my Noon meeting with you... I came in to say we would like to deploy in the Ghaziabad, Dilshad Garden workshops"

"Oye shabash"  "kab?"

"Jab aap mmujhe waha ke GM se introduce karwa den" she nodded politely

"I will write an email soon after lunch putt... sorry Ms Iyer"

She smiled biting her lower lip

"How is the showroom? are there many fall outs?" he asked seriously opening a daily report

"Not in real time sir but a couple in batch transactions" she admitted woefully

"Hmm... mujhe report bhej deejiye its a busy showroom, lots of affluent buyers we dont want crashing SW u know"

She nodded...

We hope to begin deployment on May 1st, Ashwini will send training schedules for the accountants there"

He nodded... he admired her professionalism and smarts

"Umm... Dad... is Samar OK?" she asked

His face visibly relaxed at being addressed that way "Jee jee, puttar jee... aap kyon chinta karte ho"  "U are my child"

She nodded shyly

"Aap to us shaitan ko qaboo mein rakho" he ordered

She squirmed

"Jhaar mein se remote nikal kar maine oopar bhej diya" he winked

"Oh? Oh!!! Umm... I am sorry... I mean" she mumbled

"Agli baar  ridge (the green belt near Chanakya puri) mein phenkna hafta dhoondne do usko" Ranjan chuckled

"Will do" she nodded

"thank you sir"

He smiled leaning back

She bumped into Chachu... "Dekhkar beta" he scoldedAngry

"sorry" she said ashamedOuchCry

"Aage se dekhkar"Big smile he said sternly seeing his brother's face his stern expression quickly changed

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by harshita27

The fact that you went n checked, I think I achieved my aim!!ROFL
I checked for comments...
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Thanks for the lovely note and words of reassurance. This is probably my last message on the topic, thanks to ALL THOSE that say nice things

Nivi, my hope was I would be extended the SAME courtesy I was expected to follow on this topic:

Dont talk about Ishita Bhalla sharing her husband, we love her like that only.
Dont say anything about YHM because its our favorite
Dont talk about Ekta Kapoor churning out trash, we love it anyway
Dont talk about mean Desis DONT KNOW WHY, but Nisha must not
Dont talk about ridiculous plot twists in Bollywood movies because we love it anyway
Dont talk about Deepika's "my choice" video because Deepika wants us to live like that

I am thinking in the same breath, shouldnt SoSy be extended the same kindness?

I guess it wont beBig smile


  Please stop comparing yourself with Ekta Kapoor and your story with current YHM. You seem to think that you are a novice writer, but for most of us the quality of your story is much above the quality of most accomplished writers and they take years to come up with one story.
I guess the reason some of us react a bit strongly is we are very attached to the characters and if they behave in a way we do not expect them to behave, we tend to go in panic modeSmile. ( Ekta effect)
And as someone already mentioned , it is not possible to please everyone all the time. Some people like sensible drama ( me) and some body might like romance. It is obvious that you are trying to please everyone here, which is quite a feat. I amazed at the way you etched each character and how realistically delineated middle class struggle from high society problems.Clap
All we( readers) are doing here is reacting after the fact. I for one cannot guess what you would give in the next update.
For example, when Chachu told II about Samar situation, it did not even strike me ( I bet to most people here) that II is supposed to inform Raman or Ranjan about it ( probably because I do not care about Samar).
But when I read Chachu- Ranjan conversation in the next update, then it felt like II should have informed to R/R as it is politically correct thing to do. Leave aside that Chachu could have contacted Ranjan himself instead of making II a messenger, since II knew it she should have informed it. I just loved that conversation . It was a master stroke. It brought out Ranjan's insecurities so beautifully. This is just one instance I mentioned here that shows the quality of your work.
You must be very proud that the story and the characters you created is being reviewed, analyzed and critiqued by so many peopleClap. Hope you keep writing this beautiful symphony as long as you enjoy.

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by harshita27

Like R&B would WONDER... Does he not deserve it for being soo blind?!? I have no sympathy for manmohan singh kind zabardasti ka bechara

Manmohan Singh??? Ha ha ha he he he he hu hu...this is most funny! If Ranjan is manmohan then chachu is Modi- sharp!  Well he seems to be winning these days. So there! Subbu ko Rahul Gandhi banate hain - kabhi kabhi darshan deta hai. Lekin agar chup Rehne ki Baat hai to Tumhara pyaara RB bhi to manmohan hua!!!!
Posted: 6 years ago
Robber sach mein gadha nikla
He wants money and food
I hate robber
I hate Ranjan for inviting robber and feeding him Tangdi kabab

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by taramira

Sab mere dushman hain aaj. Bechare Ranjan ko crucify kar rahe ho. Cut him some slack...circumstances ka maara...Jane do. Anyhow what do you have to do with him, please engage yourselves with the son...leave him to me and other gushers. Pehle scandal ne watt lagai...Phir robber gang laga rahe hain aur ab rum log bhi.l ET TU BRUTUS! 

Aaj uski Watt lagane ka mann kar raha hai mera ROFL
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

I checked for comments...
42,44,47 pe nisha has no comments??! Am confident she has!! I cant post screenshots but she has!! Chalo ab iss baat pe lets debate!!LOL

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