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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by nividances

Not specifically related to this last chapter, but a little something for Anu because she asked for one in the last thread. Smile

I'd by mr fun" style="border: none !important; display: inline-block !important; text-indent: 0px !important; float: none !important; font-weight: bold !important; height: auto !important; margin: 0px !important; min-height: 0px !important; min-width: 0px !important; padding: 0px !important; text-transform: uppercase !important; text-decoration: underline !important; vertical-align: baseline !important; width: auto !important; background: transparent !important;">trade any day 
Just to be with you
Can we run away
Seulement moi et tu? (Just me and you?)

Far from here
Into the horizon
Without a fear
Completely brazen.

A tombee de la nuit (At dusk)
Let the darkness close in
The air smelling sweet
Your luscious locks I'm twirlin'

We'll trace the stars
Under the moon's crest
Try to find Mars
Towards the northwest.

Let's share midnight memories 
Name a constellation
Leaving behind these worries
It'll be our greatest elation.

So what do you say
Should we follow it through?
Can we run away
Seulement moi et tu?

Beautiful Nivi!!!
Posted: 6 years ago
Shruti wonderful name,even ishita love her shruti box.:-)with out shruti box ishita not satisfied as a signer,it is also one of the part in her life,
coming to my R&B ;-).HE IS NO NEED TO SHOW OFF..HE OBSERVES and actioned more.:-*appa always want a competition with R&B ABOUT HIS NAUGHTY DAUGHTER.:->
R&B assuring ishita family is touched me:-).vady akka so sweet ,she love her little sis alot.bala athim is wonderful person .hope ranjan not misunderstand II:-O.
Ranjan almost enjoying R&B,II fighting,love,care..and possessiveness of his son towards his daughter in law:-D.
I just hate chachu..chachu ka grahan kab uthrega ranjan par?;->Edited by janani_divan - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Seriousreader

I hope so!Confused

He has immense trust in her
He knows she had been worrying and deletion of information due to information overload is understandable (Especially such FALTU information) ROFL
Posted: 6 years ago
Lies & Goodwill
"Umm.. nahi, mainnu kuch nahi ..." Ranjan stopped midway.. "Kee gall?"

Harish began to narrate Samar's woes spinning it all out into a fine blanket of lies and goodwill criss- crossed with each other, 
about how the three realtors seem to have conned him, he was only trying to get a "good deal for YOU Bhaisaab, 
I understand your pain of trying to manage this business alone, I am doing the best I can looks like the circumstances got the better of us you know, rab di yahi marzi (God's will)

"WHAT HAPPENED TO SAMAR" Ranjan interrupted, drinking from his empty whiskey glass

Minion worked away quietly, shutting doors engaging alarms, turning off the regular lights leaving the motion sensor ones on... faithful, quiet and hard working

Savita's legacy, she found people like herself... the help didnt even want to take more than two weeks off a year...Ranjan had to send them away with a warning of being fired

"He is saying Jha wants us to close with him, Chaubey called me saying we better close with him. I am having to bargain like this for my beta, dekh lo" Harish whined

"Has he been kidnapped? Raman milkar aaya subah Bihar Bhawan mein Kautilya Marg, their Home Secretary and Industry Minister I think, I can have him call the DG of Patna" Ranjan paced nervously

Harish was flustered for a minute... "Umm os di koi lode nahi haigi" (not required)  "Bas mera beta laut aaye (As if he went on a space mission)

"Raman didnt say anything, he said they met three, Samar wanted POA I was drafting it this morning I spent the day at the Rohtak showroom, some encroachment issue"

"Please draft it and send it soon, do u trust him to take the decision of picking a lot?" "His life is at stake" he finished

"You JUST said he was OK" ranjan argued

"I told Ishita, he was in trouble she never told you?" Harish enquired

"Her sister is sick, how can she remember?"

"Bhaisaab this is about OUR house, u know Samar is a hier" Harish interjected
"I know I know... but she is worried for her sister" Ranjan voiced his support for the girl

"I dont know what will happen to my son"

"I TOLD you I will use my "agent" he is reliable, he helped me find the UP and Punjab locations, you insisted we can handle it, we shouldnt be paying exorbitant "agent fee" Ranjan lay back on the swing wearily

"Bhaisaab you do khoon pasina ek for this family, how can I allow you to go overboard with money, Samar is young, he can do it"
"His life is at risk, these are not good people" Harish was teary...

"I am not sure what to do, let me call ACP Central Delhi, he might know who DG Patna is" Ranjan offered

"Arey nahi nahi Bhaisaab I want my SON BACK, what are you talking about" Harish became irate at the very suggestion

"Let me wake R&B up anda sk him how we can do this, I dont know who is good and who is a crook" Ranjan muttered
"What do u mean I JUST TOLD YOU Bhaisaab, dont you believe me? Samar is an angel, he has two kids... faithful family man... he wants to do good for everybody" Harish listed the qualities

"I know all your boys are very good" Ranjan admitted with a twinge of sadness...

"they have to be, I mean, WHERE WILL YOU GO OTHERWISE? You had TWO girls and one boy... he is very hoshiyar but dont know WHY he is not interested in real business? Money lending is not good business" Harish slowly began to speak differently altogether about R&B
The other afternoon in the back patio the gushy compliments he eschewed for R&B somehow all gone...

"talk to him to be involved... I have 4 sons I can dedicate ALL FOUR in your seva" he said

"All that is fine... how do we bring Samar back"

"We wasted a lot of hours because of Ishita... I am trying to reach you but couldnt call, went to Spectrum, you werent there, I specially met her and told her (Lying ba----d!) but looks like she didnt, bache are so careless and negligent I tell you"

"they have been married a month Harish" Ranjan argued

"In one month Samar's wife was fully involved Bhaisaab.." he said smugly

"Hmm" Ranjan nodded... unable to disagree, felt a pang of disappointment and envy... maybe he was not as lucky? Maybe his brother was right? His brother had the "good sons and good daughter in laws?"Cry...He didnt enjoy Harish speaking this way about the sweet girl, Ishita hadnt given him one reason to worry or complain... such a sweet lovely girl

But his son was in trouble now and he had Ranjan cornered...

"Let me text R&B" ranjan said

"arey nahi nahi" Harish interrupted but it was too late

His wife was curled up on him, she clutched his Beats audio ear phone in one hand... as a prized possession... reward for love making... she was fast asleep, stressed after visit to Akka, "wanting to draw up new contracts for who owned which day for music"

He fought her every inch of the way... he didnt care if she played Hindi everyday or Tamil... but a combative wife aroused himEmbarrassed win win for him

He stirred and she moaned... "shhh" "i am here" he whispered

She turned, placing her left cheek on his chest, burrowing into him...

Her braid was undone... whatever she had worn after her shower an hour ago lay strewn on the bed... the fight over playlist had ended "well"

His phone lit up... it was Ranjan  "Are u asleep?" Ranjan asked

The time was 12:04 am

Posted: 6 years ago
Confused Ranjan? Divided it the beginning of another Ramayana or Mahabarath?
Lies and deceit...from Chacha instead of Shakuni Mama!
Edited by Seriousreader - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
I am sure the Robber is upto something!
Why would they want Ranjan NOT to call up the police Confused
The crook must be upto something...One crore ki maang and all ROFL

Please Nisha...UTHWALO usko ROFL
The angel he is am sure he will have his co angels fighting for him Embarrassed
Tayaji and RB are not needed to help him Embarrassed

Ab why ghaseeto II in this muck...Useless Robber Ouch

Ranjan is getting influenced now?? Why?? Does he not know his DIL's priorities??

I am sure kuch dhamak hone wala hai Approve
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Seriousreader

Confused Ranjan? Divided it the beginning of another Ramayana or Mahabarath?
Lies and deceit...from Chacha instead of Shakuni Mama!

If anything of that sort arises, I would advise Ranjan to clear his web of conceit first and then get back to saving Robbers and crooks Big smile
Posted: 6 years ago
And didnt I tell you he was sane enough to understand his DIL's position...
I knew robber would say something like this 

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